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Nopony has heard from Fluttershy for three months. Not Rainbow Dash, not Rarity, not even Pinkie Pie. Her friends have been tending to the cottage and her animals, keeping it clean and organized, but even with Twilight's constant magic scans and a semi-constant guard search Equestria-wide, no hint has been found of where she went, how she vanished, or why she didn't tell anyone. Some ponies even think, in their darkest nightmares, that she might be dead.

Then she shows up one day, very definitely not dead, but just as definitely not the same as she was.

And does she have a story to tell. Boy, does she ever...

Coverart by Paladin.

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I'm definitely interested to see where this goes.


The plural of butterfly is butterflies.

I actually Own the Game system.. just havent run a game for it yet.

I wanna see how this plays out...

With a start like that, you'd better make this work! Looking at the end note, I hope it's all past tense and you've written the story or at least outlined it. If not, with the foreshadowing you layered on, I expect it to be an interesting ride for you and I. Go Charles Dickens! I await the next installment with baited breath.

Aaah yeah this is gonna be good.

Now this ought to be an interesting crossover ride... :rainbowlaugh:

Which tabletop RPG?

"That... that actually sounds pretty good."

Interesting how Fluttershy's tone has changed. Is it just me or is that a slightly sarcastic remark?

Here's to hoping this is an alternate character development fic, not a "Robo-fluttershy to the rescue."

7130063 He says in the author's notes at the bottom that he's not gonna say.

Also, welcome to the Featured box.

Pity this type of story is not more popular.
There was a decent one where Rarity was retelling her time in the Capital Wasteland...
Pity it was cancelled just as the culture shock was getting good.:raritydespair:
It is always interesting to see paragons of innocence and propriety dragged through hell...
Even better when we see what comes out the other side...

Takes a bit of skill to explain how Rarity could plausibly become a quick triggered death dealer.

I suspect Fluttershy will take even more.

The cover art has already hooked me to this story and reading this first chapter has fused me in the screen, almost....

I can hardly wait for the next chapter :pinkiecrazy:

Also what is the crossover?

Can't wait to see more

Comment posted by Bliss Authority deleted Apr 16th, 2016

What an explosive start! I'm looking forward to reading this fic :)

7130063 IF I COULD REMEMBER WHAT IT WAS CALLED I WOULD SAY IT..... I actually played this version I think over the summer with my coworkers.

Hmn. Not familiar with the crossover material (Google knows), but looks interesting.

Tabletop RPG; ah yes, something Masterweaver would do.

Reminds me of ITB: Mare's Tale, this intro. Tracking. :twilightsmile:

Only three? I've noticed a lot more than that! It's just that there are only three popular ones.

This is going to be awesome.

we kinda sound similar

Andrea Libman much?

Yup Twi seems to like Xcom lol but in one of those stories fluttershy goes over and well. We all praise our fluffy overlord

7130448 this Tabletop sounds like Shadowrun

seems interesting...

Definately got my attention; that's for sure. Got no idea what the RPG it's based on is :rainbowhuh: But Mayhap it comes to light in time!

Now… how will Flutterbot's tech deal with the spa? :raritywink:

7130643 No the one i'm thinking of had something to do with space and was very open ended on how chacters could be formed and interacted with eachother

Hmm. Stars Without Number, perhaps?


Reminds me of something like this.

Also, liking the story so far!

7130822 Same, and nice to see someone else who knows about that rpg. Been trying to get a game of it going.

7130643 Most likely Hc Svnt Dracones. It's very similar to shadowrun but occurs across the solar system in the future after Earth has been declared a quarantine zone where you play as a vector, a being that was created not born, who were first made by humans by combining animal dna with human dna. It's a great game and has a lot of variety with some creepy enemies, including a race of aliens that act like the xenomorphs and the Thing combined with their actual bodies being made from blood.

Uhm.... Never hear of this type *crossover* before.

Well, this sounds interesting. I can't wait to see where this goes.

So I've noticed no less than six stories where Twilight Sparkle is thrown into a harsh sci-fi world. Three of those are X-Com stories, one of which is a sequel to another, and the remaining three have varying levels of cybernetics.

I did it before it was cool.

As one who likes his tabletop RPG's and likes running futuristic settings, I'm going to guess the following.

Alternity, d20 Future, Shadowrun, GURPS, RIFTS, BESM, and I am going to COMPLETELY IGNORE THE POSSIBILITY OF WARHAMMER 40K! Unless that happens to be what it is...

OH! so it is a fic about HC SVNT DRACONES! awesome! And just a couple of weeks after the first novel is release :) This is promising

Ah, I love ponies getting thrown into situations like this. I always see humans thrown into the pony world, but the opposite is such a treat for me. It really needs to pop up more often. Well, I'll be reading it. Paragons of benevolence and altruism waking up to nightmares? I've got to see what happens next.

7131093 it was onaly 3 monthes for twilight and the ohers for fluttershy it was over a year

Ok, seeing someone doing an HSD cross over might be interesting. Also the 5 cuili teleportation transcendent event entrance is an interesting way to start.

Well, this is an unexpected crossover.

This has caught my attention. I will watch for more

Following for the picture alone lol

Interesting I wonder were she's been?... Please continue.
Also. How the fuck do you pronounce that title?! ci.memecdn.com/137/2687137.jpg

One can never have enough bad ass ponies in their life...

I was thinking of writing a crossover of that game with Zootopia, but MLP hadn't occurred to me.

Funny since I used to think up all kinds of MLP crossovers.

7131598 That game? What game?
(Also please don't do that. A Zootopia/ MLP crossover would be too much cringe even for me to handle)

7131118 Fluttershy's brow furrowed. "Three months? No, I'm... pretty sure I was gone for more than a year. Then again, I was in a whole 'nother universe--"

Oh I wasn't suggesting a crossover between MLP and Zootopia.

For whatever reason I thought I could do a crossover between Zootopia and the RPG that inspired this fic we're commenting on.

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