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Long ago, before Equestria was ruled by ponies, there was a race of dragons that had magical abilities that enabled them to fly, heal, create special gems, and even revive the dead. However, the gems they created, drew the attention of greedy, fire-breathing dragons, causing a terrible war that lasted decades. After the war was over, the greedy dragons took the gems for themselves, leaving the Healing Dragons for dead. However, one managed to escape and vanish into myth.

Rated T for use of violence.

Gore tag for use of blood.

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When will more be made?????

7045194 I'm gonna try and put this story together as fast as I can. But it might take some time.

7045249 I am more than happy to wait:pinkiesmile: especially with this story...never have I ever read a fic with a healing dragon

7046033 There's a first time for everything.

well fluttershy...you just brought your friends into a dangerous forest...when a dragon that can heal things and most likely kill things told you to go home...and twi...remember those things can BURROW!!!!

Very interested to see what happens next :)

Wow, but I don't get the sad part...


Awww.....how adowable

"What's his problem?" there are not nearly enough facepalm emos for this...

7091870 Obviously, Lazarus simply can't take a joke! <___<

So cute.....too cute.....IMMA DIE FROM CUTE!!!!!!

....and it is no, right? RIGHT?

When he roars, I kinda think tehs ound of the T-Rex from the Jurrassic Park and World series.

Changelings must have very different thought processes from mine. I'm pretty sure "attack!" would be the last thing to come to mind if I suddenly found myself staring at a huge, angry dragon. :rainbowlaugh:

Spike will play a major part in this story, right?

7193579 Just because I don't have him tagged as a main character, doesn't mean he's not important.

Wow, nice nudge to christianity. (as in Lazarus, which was a human who was revived by god himself. most of the things about that i do know since i had to read the bible once or twice.)

7091870 actualy there is...
:facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: X 100,000,000
(i did try though.)

I only have one thing to say, THESE CHANGELINGS ARE IDIOTS!!! FACEHOOF FOR THE LOT OF THEM! :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof: :facehoof:

Just as long as Chrysalis stays in-character and bungles everything because of a musical number and gloating... :rainbowlaugh:

7196235 I'm not very good at musical numbers. Every time I try, it turns into a headache. So, instead, I focus on how a villain might act, without any songs.

when I saw the name of this chapter my mind had the skyrim theme song playing in it


One changeling in the back slips away going.

Okay! This fic inspired me to do something in my own fic! And thanks to this, I know exactly how!

I like how this story is going, keep it up!


7252780 You didn't watch the episode "Bats!" in season 4, did you? They do have flashlights in Equestria.

7252780 They also have arcade machines, as shown in the hearts and hooves episode.

The dragon roared loud and long, before jumping into the air and sailing through the sky, towards a mountain. Leaving Fluttershy and her friends, awestruck by how forceful and frightening the words he had spoken were.

"I hope that whoever did this," Twilight said, looking at the mountain the dragon had flown to, "doesn't meet him."

Woah woah woah woah..wait.. I thought this dragon was wingless either that or im reading this wrong.

encrypted-tbn1.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcRa6IXmtQCgFl3cZMxcvVZ1kMH6e1-0Nx_LHGJ0yBuzbbs50JJK lol great pic :rainbowlaugh:

The possibility of him dying on the way there, was becoming a reality with every drop of blood that hit the ground.

is it bad that I almost read this as "derp" ? heh heh... :twilightsheepish:


hmm lemme guess someone gets a hold of the gems and becomes evil destroying the dragon lord thus killing Lazarus because the curse is broken and mane six have to fight him/her on their own. OR someone gets a hold of the gems and the dragon lord and him/her team up deciding to be evil together and Lazarus and mane six struggle to defeat these two though one of the bad guys has evil plans and near the end where they both are near the point of wining one kills the other weakening his/her power and the 7 good guys defeat him/her and live happily ever after.. (unless the dragon lord dies and Lazarus dies too but that would be sad.. :fluttershbad: nah that probably wont happen... or will it? Future chapters.. yes future chapters... :twilightsmile:

my longest comment ever victory dance! woot woot!

"Every other species, expect the 'Healing' Dragons. Weaklings, the lot of them."

isn't this supposed to be except?

Finally a new chapter of a faved story of mine thank god i was getting bored as hell

couldn't Crimson Fury be used for good? I mean based on the description he gave it does WHATEVER the user wants it to. so in theory it could be used to help others instead of evil right? maybe I'm just overthinking it but i believe it could work that way.

This is a person way in the past and who will have no effect on the future: personally I'm reticent about people adding changelings in any story like this because I usually find that they do very unoriginal things with them (there are only so many plots you can do and have one of the stupider villains remain in character as a stupid villain). The main problem I've had is that they seem to throw in changelings when I'm more interested in another plot, usually just to add a third faction for no good reason other than to add a third faction that throws a wrench into things. Meh, I'll see where this goes when I actually continue reading this at a more decent hour (Past midnight my time, currently).

7338721 It all fits in the end, trust me. It's getting there, that's the trick.

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