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So, me and my friends decided to plan to go to a convention. We wanted an awesome costume for each of us. We luckily found a decent price for some extremely good and we'll made Nightmare Animatronics from Five Nights at Freddy's 4. Then, when we put the things on, we get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we are practically ghosts here, and can only speak to others in their dreams. Oh,and our minds are slowly being driven insane by our new bodies.

(A Displaced story. If you dislike, then go away.)

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I'm liking this already...

Just be careful, I noticed a few double spaces while reading, other than that it seems fine

6580976 yeah, that normally happens due to Google doc autocorrect

Interesting...(There should be an emote of Pinkie in her Sherlock Holmes hat:applecry:)

I look forward to this story good luck! :pinkiehappy:

Originality and displaced fics put together. I applaud you, dear sir.

Soooo how often will this story be updated:trixieshiftright:

6581981 at best once a day. If not, whenever I can get to it

Which one is this? And I thought they wanted to be friendly? P.S. maybe you could take these into account.

6582595 The animatronic of this chapter is Nightmare. And his 'alternate personality' is much stronger than Fredbear’s. And it took over.

this is my load of things to talk about

“Well, Fredbear, let's get a picture of all of us together.” Joe said, his black costume standing out in the room. I nodded, grabbing one of those stupid selfie stick things. We all got close together, our masks over our heads. The suits were quite stuffy, and sweat poured off my skin. I raised the stick, with my phone attached, and snapped a picture. One moment later, seven very loud snaps rang out, and for a moment, we all looked at each other, confused. Then the suits compressed onto us. What we didn't realize was that each of the suits had that thing that Springtrap had, and we all accidentally set them off.

it only sets off from water not a selfie stick

“Well, since you bought them, why don't you take Fredbear? I'll take Freddy.” Greg asked, and I nodded.“Alright, then I call Bonnie.” Jerry said.“I'm calling Nightmare.” Joe said, smirking.“I call Chica.” Elizabeth said, looking at one of the boxes.“Foxy.” Zoe called.“Then I guess I get Springtrap.” Barry sighed. Once all the boxes were placed, I signed the paper, and the delivery guys left. We then burst into action, tearing into the boxes. Five minutes later, seven Animatronics stood proudly. Then came the hard part of actually getting in them. That took about fifty minutes.


6582345 yay yay hurray a story that might be updated every day this is a new year of STORYS TECH IS GROWING AND I LIKE TURTLES!

6585272 Yeah, they were all accidentally breathing on the hidden springlocks.

6585280 working on the next chapter right now!


Five fingers jutted out of the palm,

sorry to say but golden freddy has 4 fingers sorry to say.... here ill send a pic as well to prove it img4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20150724023908/freddy-fazbears-pizza/images/5/5a/NightmareFredbearExtra.jpg and now looking at it it has 5 fingers the nightmare has 5 fingers... well normal freddy has 4 fingers just to say

6588948 he noticed it after, at the bottom of his comment

Springtrap has no "host" right? In that case will the true Displaced battle him?

6589756 Springtrap, unlike the others, wasn't a 'Nightmare' animatronic. Unlike the others, he has a physical body, and can feel actual pain. He also didn't have a alternate personality. The Springtrap there 7 the displaced guy, driven insane from the pain of being crushed inside the suit and slowly decaying for years, as well as dehydration and starvation.. He has no need for a host, and can go anywhere. Some of the suits functions still work, like being attracted to sound and such.

And for the true displaced thing, I don't know what you mean by that

6589996 not exactly. He's like the other nightmares. Each of them move around in a ghost like state, and locate their victims, before entering their dream realm and warping it to how they want it to. I just felt that we all know the usual reaction to being displaced, and decided to skip it for them, so it doesn't become stale

6588948 well fuck you to maybe you should read the entire thing

6590099 im srry i said that i must of skipped it srry for calling you a dumbass

chapter a little short but ill exuse you because you almost upload everyday

Yeah. I wanted to get this chapter done as soon as possible due to the sheer amount of requests for crossovers on my other displaced fics. Right now I'm juggling three at once, and I still have others to get to.

6597940 now you at the lvl of forgivnise that you can rape my sister and be forgived

Is it okay that I want to feed Foxy into an industrial strength woodchipper?

6599046 Yes, yes it is.

He is a demonic child soul that is driven insane, and must be put down at once. Like a rabid puppy. On steroids.

6599054 Okay, you bring the woodchipper, I'll bring the gun to shoot him with.

What do you think, not enough?

6597940 I don't see what this story has to do with the Bionicle group you put it in :rainbowhuh:

6607379 Wait I did what?
*Looks at groups thing*

Oh, I thought I had put the Piraka one in there....oops....:twilightsheepish:

“It's a museum, Daring, what could go wrong?”

Answer: Plenty.

6621868 I think the actual answer would be: Everything

6621868 :rainbowderp: ...............................HEAD FOR THE HILLS!!!

Elizabeth says to Chica "this pony is so sensitive that own shadow can scare her" and merely bring fluttershy into the game and feed on her fear of her surroundings.

“Well, Ms. Do, the machine has been set up in the museum, and will be revealed in five days. I invited the princess's to the opening ceremony, and would like for you to join us then. In the crowd, of course. I know how you dislike being the center of attention of a crowd.” The museum director said over the phone audio recorder. The telephone was only a recent creation, mostly set up in the area surrounding Canterlot. I had decided to stay in Ponyville for a few days, mostly to visit a friend of mine, but this changes things slightly.

“...However, I feel the need to inform you that our security guard for the night watch has mysteriously disappeared. I am hoping that you might decide to work here in his place until we either find the missing pony, or hire a new one.” The message continued. I stared at it, before sighing. I picked up the phone, and called him.

“I'll work at your place for a bit. Need something to do after all. I'll be at the library at eight tonight.” I said, knowing it had recorded my message. Hanging my phone, I turned back to the door, and headed out. I stopped at the massive tree castle, and knocked at the door. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then a familiar purple alicorn stepped out, restless eyes looking around, before settling on me. Her eyes widened.

~chapter 4

Daring Do’s POV

I walked up to the museum, checking if I had everything I needed. Seeing that I did, I opened the door. Dusty Quill greeted me.

“Ah, Ms. Do! Glad you could make it. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the museum, and I hope that whatever happened to the previous guard doesn't happen to you.” He said, shaking my hoof. “Though, I doubt that whatever it is will be able to defeat the great Daring Do.” He added, chuckling. I nodded.

“If whatever took him is still here, I'll make sure it pays for what it did. I hope you find him soon.” I replied, my gaze wandering around the room.

“Yes, I also hope we find him. Alive, preferably.” Dusty said, before walking out the door. “Your shift will be until 6 A.M. I'll see you in the morning.” He called as the door shut.

I stood there for a moment, before walking towards the security office. “It's a museum, Daring, what could go wrong?” I told myself, but the sense of dread persisted all the way to the room.

~chapter 5

“It's a museum, Daring, what could go wrong?”
You jinxed it dumbass

“COME BACK HERE, FOUL CREATURE, SO I CAN SMITE THEE!” The Pegacorn roared, flying after us.
“I'd rather eat my own stomach!” Bonnie called back, and the chase continued.

ILL HELP KEEP THE PEGECORN AT BAY! *keeps throwing mini nukes*

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