• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - The Warmaster

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter 4: Zoe & Foxy

Foxy’s POV

Stop...making me...do this….!” I cried out in my own mind as I watched my body creak towards the small filly in the woods. Granted, this was a dream. But I knew from previous victims that whatever injuries happen here, they happen in real life. Those poor kids….

“But we are having so much fun! Why would we stop?” Foxy’s distorted voice asked cheerfully.

“Because this is wrong! It's evil! You're hurting kids!” I answered angrily.

“Oh, please. There's no such thing as good and evil. And kids are what caused me to be like this. They have no right! Not after what he did to me…” Foxy growled, and before I could reply, chains wrapped around my arms, holding me in place. Before I could shout out, rags of some sort blocked off my mouth.

“Just sit back, and enjoy the show!” Foxy chuckled, before returning to what he was doing. The filly looked around the dark forest, fear clear in her eyes, and Foxy chose then to strike. He lunged forward, jaw extended. The girl whirled around, and, seeing us, screamed in terror as Foxy bit down on her legs, before tearing them off. The girl cried out in pain, and vanished as she woke up. The dream vanished around us, and we were once again wandering the dream realm. The chains and rags around me disintegrated, and Foxy appeared in front of me.

“So, buddy ol pal, what's got ya troubled?” He asked, clearly already knowing what I was going to say.

“You are nothing more than a monster! You can't do anything but harm others, and you take joy from it! What the hell is wrong with you?!” I roared at him. He snickered.

“Hey, watch the language. There might be kids watching!” he sucker punched me in the gut, and I crumpled, wheezing for breath as he roared with laughter.

“You...bastard…” I growled between breaths.

“Oh, it's not that bad! So what if kids get hurt? They hurt me, and they have hurt you as well! And yes, I've gone through your memories. I know you as well as you know yourself!” He cackled, dragging his hook across my back.

“I hope someone stops you one day, Foxy. I hope you burn in hell for what you've done!” I growled.

“If so, I'll see you there, buddy. Because if I go, you go with me.” Foxy growled, kicking me in the gut.

“I'll..kill you..” I gasped, collapsing, and Foxy hooted with laughter.

“Hah! That's a laugh! You really are funny dude! And anyways, I'm already dead!” He chuckled darkly. “After all, I was stuffed in that suit, and you were crushed by the Springlock mechanism. We are stuck together now, buddy. And that kick was for calling me a bastard. Remember, kids could be watching!” he tisked.

“All...that you are… is the end of a nightmare…” I wheezed, as black seeped into my eyesight.

“This is no nightmare, my friend, and it will never end. For it has only just begun! This is the tale of Foxy. However, I'll keep you locked up deep inside me. I've got work to do, and I don't need you getting in my way.” Was the last thing I heard.


“Well, Ms. Do, the machine has been set up in the museum, and will be revealed in five days. I invited the princess's to the opening ceremony, and would like for you to join us then. In the crowd, of course. I know how you dislike being the center of attention of a crowd.” The museum director said over the phone audio recorder. The telephone was only a recent creation, mostly set up in the area surrounding Canterlot. I had decided to stay in Ponyville for a few days, mostly to visit a friend of mine, but this changes things slightly.

“...However, I feel the need to inform you that our security guard for the night watch has mysteriously disappeared. I am hoping that you might decide to work here in his place until we either find the missing pony, or hire a new one.” The message continued. I stared at it, before sighing. I picked up the phone, and called him.

“I'll work at your place for a bit. Need something to do after all. I'll be at the library at eight tonight.” I said, knowing it had recorded my message. Hanging my phone, I turned back to the door, and headed out. I stopped at the massive tree castle, and knocked at the door. For a few moments, nothing happened. Then a familiar purple alicorn stepped out, restless eyes looking around, before settling on me. Her eyes widened.

“A.K. Yearling! What are you doing here?” She asked.

“I'm here to visit Rainbow, but I don't know where her house is. Think you can help?” I asked sheepishly. She yawned, before nodding. She exited the castle, and began leading me through the town. Occasionally she fell asleep, so I had to jar her awake.

Author's Note:

Sorry for not updating. I've been kinda busy, and haven't had the time to work on this.

Hope you enjoyed anyhow!

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