• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - The Warmaster

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter 1: Meet The Fredbear

Austin’s POV

“Come on, man, hurry up! We need to find something for the Comicon!” My friend Brent whined, as I searched Ebay. We had finished making plans for the upcoming Comicon, but we had not gotten our costumes ordered. The only problem was, we had yet to find any.

“Huh… take a look at this!” I told him, pointing to the screen. In it was a picture of six animatronics, with razor sharp teeth and claws. Parts of them were caved in, looking like holes in the suit. It was a perfect replica of the Nightmare Animatronics from Scott Cawthon’s Five Nights at Freddy's 4. And apparently they were wearable. I looked at the price.

“Wow… only a few hundred bucks….” I muttered, realizing I had enough money for it all. I quickly hit ‘purchase’ and filled in the information needed to complete the purchase. I then noticed a small tidbit.

‘Buy now to receive a bonus ‘Springtrap’ suit!’ it said, and I smiled.

“There, now we have enough for the entire group. It'll take a three months to arrive. That leaves another two months for getting used to the suits.” I said, mostly to myself. Brent nodded.

“Yep. I'll text the others.” He replied, pulling out his phone. I checked the name of the seller.

“Huh… Your Friendly Merchant?” I muttered in amusement.

Three Months Later….

“Alright guys, so now that these beauties are here, who gets which?” I asked, as we all watched the delivery guys remove the seven giant boxes.

“Well, since you bought them, why don't you take Fredbear? I'll take Freddy.” Greg asked, and I nodded.

“Alright, then I call Bonnie.” Jerry said.

“I'm calling Nightmare.” Joe said, smirking.

“I call Chica.” Elizabeth said, looking at one of the boxes.

“Foxy.” Zoe called.

“Then I guess I get Springtrap.” Barry sighed. Once all the boxes were placed, I signed the paper, and the delivery guys left. We then burst into action, tearing into the boxes. Five minutes later, seven Animatronics stood proudly. Then came the hard part of actually getting in them. That took about fifty minutes.

“Well, Fredbear, let's get a picture of all of us together.” Joe said, his black costume standing out in the room. I nodded, grabbing one of those stupid selfie stick things. We all got close together, our masks over our heads. The suits were quite stuffy, and sweat poured off my skin. I raised the stick, with my phone attached, and snapped a picture. One moment later, seven very loud snaps rang out, and for a moment, we all looked at each other, confused. Then the suits compressed onto us. What we didn't realize was that each of the suits had that thing that Springtrap had, and we all accidentally set them off.

“AGGH!” I screamed in pain, the suit’s metal parts crushing my body. I felt beams stabbed into my body, impaling me inside the suit. I glanced up, and could have sworn I had seen a creepy looking hooded man staring down at us, eyes filled with glee. Then I passed out from the agonizing pain.


Ugh….” I groaned, my eyes flickering open. Glancing around, I saw that I was in some sort of field, with a small town in the distance. I stood up, gears grinding. I glanced down, before leaping up into the air as I saw that I was now a golden bear. I then remembered what had happened. I glanced down at my hands after calming down. For some reason, they were slightly transparent, the claws stretching at my command. I glanced up at the sky. It was nighttime, the moon high in the sky. Midnight.

Gr-Gr-Great.” I groaned. No one would be awake at this hour. And they especially would run if they saw me like this. Groaning, I trekked towards the settlement, and occasionally seeing a strange creature run through the forest next to me. I mostly ignored them, except for a few wooden wolves, their bright green eyes glowing in the darkness. Unlike many other creatures, they stared at me, before whimpering and running deeper into the forest. I shrugged, the new mechanical joints slightly protesting from this.

When I arrived at the town, I saw it was in fact still awake, with little equines in costumes running around, baskets full of candy in their mouths. I had been a Brony during my time before becoming Fredbear, so when I saw those little fillies running around, it immediately clicked.

Great… I'm in Equ-Equestria.” I facepalmed. Sure, I was excited, but I didn't want to be here like this. For some reason though, they completely ignored me. In fact, when one ran towards me, she little unicorn merely passed right through my leg, not even flinching except for a small shudder.

I stared at the filly. “So I'm also a ghost…. This sucks.” I groaned again, and felt a small pressure at the back of my head. When I lowered my claw, I felt a tidal wave of uncontrolled rage towards the little filly. I somehow controlled it, staring at her quizzically.

Kill..kill...killl…’ a small voice whispered in my mind.

“What the heck? Where is this anger coming from?” I asked myself. I then shrugged it off, guessing it was just from me not able to talk to them, and walked towards a wall. Testing my luck, I reached my arm out. Sure enough, it passed right through. I moved forward, my body phasing through the wall. Inside was a sleeping filly, the colt snuggled happily in bed. I looked at the kid, before feeling that strange anger again. I subconsciously reached my arm towards the kid, and the moment one of my claws touched him, I was sucked in.


Title Spinner’s POV

I cracked my eyes open, feeling out of place. I raised my head, before seeing an unfamiliar room. I burst up, my wide eyes scanning the room. Scattered around the floor were strange toys, like a weird, purple bot walking on two legs. I noticed a flashlight next to me, and quickly grabbed it, flicking it on. Next to me was a small stuffed bear, with a tiny hat and bow tie placed upon it. Suddenly, I heard very loud footsteps to the left door. I got out of bed, slowly crawling towards the door. I grabbed the doorknob with my hoof, before slowly pushing it open. I looked outside the door, and activated my flashlight.

Standing in the hall was a massive, two legged golden bear, with a purple hat and bow tie strapped to it's head and chest. Razor sharp teeth jutted out of it's mouth, and equally sharp claws replaced it's paws. I immediately closed the door, gasping for breath.

“What was that?!” I asked myself. I turned around to see the monster standing before me, and before I could blink, he scooped me up into his claws, talons scratching my sides. It's red eyes glared at me, before it opened it's mouth.

“Who… are you, little one?” It asked, a deep, rusty voice echoed from it's mouth. I gulped.

“My…. My name is Tike Spinner.” I answered, heart racing.

“Well hi there, Tike.” The monster said. “My name… is Fredbear. I hope I did not scare you.” He put me down. I looked up at it in fear, and it sighed. “You are scared of me, aren't you.” He stated.

“Umm...yes, Mr. Fredbear.” I replied. He lifted a claw to his face.

“I knew my entrance would scare the living daylights outta him.” Fredbear said to himself, before returning his attention to me.

Do not worry. I am not a monster, despite my appearance. My job is to entertain kids.” He told me.

“Then why do you look like a monster?” I asked, confused. He looked down at himself, before transforming into a golden bear, minus the claws and teeth. Instead of sharp teeth, massive flat teeth now donned his jaw. Two white dots appeared in his eyes.

“Better?” He asked. I nodded. He sat down.

“So, Mr. Fredbear, why are you in my dream?” I asked. He glanced at me.

How do you know this isn't reality?” He asked.

Luna’s POV

I sensed… something. I looked up from the Apple bobbing activity, and focused on where the energy I sensed came from. I homed in on a small house. I walked away from the activities, walking towards the house. My horn began to glow, and I entered the dream realm.

I glanced at the dream door where the house was. Hesitating, I opened the door and stepped inside.

I stopped in place, seeing the golden bear with a small filly. I could sense the strange power emerging from the large bear.

“Halt, monster!” I roared, causing the golden bear to turn around. Upon his head was a comically small purple top hat, with a purple bowtie on his chest. I could see two different versions though, so I stripped away the illusion, showing the monster for what he truly was. Small paws turned into sharp claws, and bright gold fur turned dirty, with patches missing, revealing an empty shadow inside. Flat teeth turned into row upon row of Shark teeth, and it's once white soulless eyes became red pupils, with black surrounding it.

“Foul Nightmare! You shalt not harm this young child!” I roared, my horn blasting it out the door. I charged after it, not noticing the confused look on the child’s face. When I exited the dream and reentered the dream plane, the beast was already standing back up, red eyes burning with rage.

“Freddy?” The colt asked, before the door slammed shut behind me.

“I am quite frankly angered, Luna. Just because I look like a monster, doesn't mean I am one.” it growled, claws balled into fists. I growled right back.

“I could sense your foul energy from Canterlot, beast. You cannot lie to me!” I replied, firing another magic blast. The golden bear teleported to the side, the energy missing him entirely.

“Oh, Luna Luna Luna. Do you really think that I, Fredbear, could be defeated by the likes of such a pathetic blast?” it growled, it's eyes becoming even darker at the name Fredbear.

“You are quite the powerful entity, but you are no match for the Princess of the Night! I control the dream realm!” I shouted, warping the area around us. Fredbear chuckled, his voice changing into something demonic.

“What a coincidence. So can I.” He growled, and I felt my control wrested from me, and the endless abyss of the dream realm was replaced by a door, with a small office inside. I was flung into it, hard. When I landed, I glanced behind me. The door had disappeared. A ringing sound pierced the silence, and I looked around, confused.

“Hello? Hello? Princess Luna?” Fredbear’s voice called out from a small box. “Good, you're there. Welcome to my establishment, Fredbear’s Family Diner. You're trapped here until the clock reaches six AM. Your only job is to survive ME. Well, me and my clones. You only have a limited power supply, so use it wisely. You can look around the establishment with that little pad at your hooves.” I picked up the small pad, and yelped as it flickered to life, revealing three golden bears on a stage. The one in the middle looked like the monster I had attacked, while the other two looked like more… friendly versions of him.

“You die if you get caught.” The box beeped, ending the conversation.

“I am a princess of Equestria! You have no power over me!” I yelled down the right hall, only to see one of the Fredbears start to walk down the hall. I yelped, before shutting the door. The metal door slammed down, sealing that entrance.

Mike/Fredbear’s POV

‘What the hell am I doing?! Why am I doing this?!’ I thought to myself, trying to open my mouth.

‘Because she attacked us, and we are returning the favor.’ a dark voice sounded throughout my mind. I mentally pulled back.

‘Who the fuck are you?!’ I asked. There was a chuckle.

Who? I am you. I am Fredbear. I am the nightmare that haunts little children.’ The voice replied. I growled.

‘Well, too bad, Fredbear! She thought we were a monster! That means we need to prove her wrong!’ I shouted inside my mind, for now ignoring the fact that this thing just called itself ‘Fredbear’, like the actual character.

‘She attacked us! This is teaching her a lesson!” Fredbear replied, getting angry.

‘It's a misunderstanding you idiot!’ I roared, wresting control from him. I teleported into the office, and forced open a door.

“Go!” I shouted at Luna, before practically tossing her through the door. It slammed shut after she went through, before fading completely. One of the Golden Freddies walked up to me, it's eyes red.

“What did you do that for?! She needed to be punished for attacking us!” Fredbear roared from inside it.

“No! That is not how things work! We could have tried to explain to her, but you took control, and made her see that we were monsters!” I shot back, and Fredbear stepped back.

“But-” He tried to reply, but I cut him off.

“No! You have ruined any chance of us ever becoming something more than a nightmare to her, and she definitely won't keep this a secret. Soon, we will be hunted!” I told him and he stood back up.

“They can't.” He replied, making me stop.

“What do you mean, ‘they can't’?!” I seethed.

“Remember, while we can be attacked in dreams, we cannot be seen OR touched in the real world. They cannot harm us.” Fredbear explained, and I blinked. He was right.

“And then what? She’ll be checking for us in dreams.” I asked.

“Then we make sure she can't track us.” Fredbear replied, somehow grinning. “We make doubles, and send them to other dreams. While she is hunting those ones, we can try to make others see that we aren't monsters.”

“...Fine. But if this doesn't work, it's your fault.” I gave in. His smile grew wider.


As Daring Do and her team went through the ruins, she felt like something was watching her. She shrugged it off as old phobias, before continuing to trot forward.

“Hey, Ms. Do! We found a hidden door!” One of the team said, pointing to a now open secret room. Daring stepped inside, and smelled a foul smell.

“Guh! What is that smell?!” She asked, holding a hoof to her muzzle. She glanced around, before her eyes landed on a sitting figure next to the wall. It was a faded yellow, and nearly blended in with the wall. It's eyes were closed, and it vaguely looked like a rabbit. It had multiple holes in it's body, with red fleshy substances beneath. The top of one of it's ears was missing, and it looked bipedal.

“What is that?” She asked, edging closer to it. She tapped it, but there was no response.

“Tartarus if I know. Maybe we should bring it to the museum?” the head of the team, Quick Script, replied, sending some of the others to get boxes and other stuff for transport. I glanced back at the obviously dead creature, before smelling the air again. Definitely the smell of a decomposing corpse.

“Yeah. Let's take it with us. Just, maybe use a spell to make it smell better.” She grumbled, turning around. As she turned around, the weird rabbit creaked open one of it's eyes, the glowing orb staring at her as she left. When the others came back, it slammed it's eye shut.

Author's Note:

Well, there's the first chapter! My other story will be out soon, so don't worry about that.

Also, I did 'Your Friendly Merchant' as a way to not quite use the actual merchant. It says that he's A merchant, but we don't know if he IS The Merchant. For all anyone could know, this merchant could be an entirely different guy or girl all together!

And, as another note, I would like to explain the Springlock Mechanism.

It was a piece of equipment for the 'Spring' Animatronics, enabling the user to compress the mechanical parts into the sides of the suit, enabling someone to climb inside the suit and wear it. However, it was a very bad system, and user's needed to be taught on how to operate the mechanism. Breathing on the Springlock could create moisture, causing the Springlock to compress, crushing the user inside. After multiple and simultaneous Springlock failures, the suits were scrapped, and replaced with the better fully on animatronics. In animatronic mode, the suits were set to follow sound to stay where the children are. They do not have the capability to think and interact in this mode, resulting in a kid being placed inside ones mouth by his brother, which then resulted in the kid's head to be crushed.

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