• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - The Warmaster

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter II: Twilight's Nightmare

Twilight's POV

“Spike! I'm heading to bed early!” I shouted, trotting up the stairs of the castle. The purple dragon nodded, before continuing to clean up the rest of the library area. I snuggled myself into my comfy bed, and checked the time. Midnight exactly. Yawning, I closed my eyes, and drifted off to sleep.

12 A.M

I gasped, jumping up to see a unfamiliar room. A few toys scattered the floor, most of them oddly purple. I noticed a flashlight next to me, as well as a strange stuffed bear. I grabbed the flashlight with my magic, and got up off the bed, before trotting towards the door to the left. I opened the door an inch, and turned on my flashlight. As the hallway lit up, a massive figure appeared in front of me.

It's fur was black, with it's most prominent thing to notice was it's red glowing eyes, filled with malice, and insanity. It's massive mouth was filled to the brim with demonic teeth, and a second set behind the first. It's claws were reaching towards me, the white talons contrasting with the black fur. I processed this all in a second, before slamming the door shut with my magic and running back to the bed.

“W-What in Celestia's name was that?!” I wheezed, my back to the edge of the bed. I could hear an eerie tune being sung from behind the door.

After a few short moments, the voice faded, the monster trudging back down the hall. I let loose a breath that I didn't know I was holding, before checking behind me with the flashlight. The disembodied head of the creature was there, glaring down at me.

1 A.M

After an endless barrage of appearances from the strange bear like demon, I had begun to notice a pattern. Every so often it would appear in the closet, and then go to one of the halls, before reappearing behind me on the bed. My sensitive ears made it easy to figure out which door he was at. I tried keeping the doors closed, but they didn't have any ability to close entirely. The doors were one of those ‘slide in and out’ doors. Like at Canterlot High School in that other world.

“You have nowhere to run….so why not join the fun?” The monster’s voice called out. “At night we come to life…”

Suddenly, I felt something breathing down my neck. “Come closer we don't bite!” I whirled around to see the black bear creature just as it lunged for me.

“Tomorrow is another day….” was the last thing I heard before it's jaws clamped down on my head, and red filled my vision.


“AGGH!” I screamed, flying out of my bed, and slamming into the ceiling. I fell back down onto my bed hard, before flopping down to the side of it. Spike, who had come in at some point during my panic attack, snapped his claws in front of my face.

“Snap outta it!” He demanded, and I refocused.

“Sorry Spike… just had a nightmare. That's all.” I apologized. He glanced up.

“If it was enough for you to wake up so badly you flew into the ceiling, it must of been one heck of a nightmare. You wanna talk about it?” He stated, looking back down at me. I shook my head, my hoof idly scratching my neck. I felt a large spike of pain, and my hooves gave out under me as I cried out in pain. Spike grabbed me before I could hit the ground, his claws digging into my fur.

“Twilight?! What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!” Spike asked, holding me up and placing me on the bed.

“Spike… get a doctor…” I groaned. He nodded, before staring at Owliscious, and nodding, before running out the door. So then I sat there, waiting for his return. Twenty minutes later, he bursts back in, Nurse Redheart right behind him.

“I was the only one on duty. What's wrong?” She asked, pulling up a doctor's medical bag. I pointed to my neck warily. She nodded, before carefully checking the area around there.

“It looks like you got… bit, by something. There are patches of fur missing, and multiple bruises around your neck, as if something tried to bite your head off. Were you attacked recently by a animal?” She analyzed. My eyes widened.

“Well, I just woke up from a terrible nightmare of a giant black...bear thing. It had indeed tried to bite my head, but it was just a dream! Right?” I asked, my eyes wildly glancing between Redheart and Spike.

“It...could be possible, but I don't know enough about the power of dreams. I suggest asking Princess Luna about it. Perhaps she might know more.” Redheart replied, a hoof to her muzzle.

“Thanks, Redheart. Maybe you could use some painkillers or something?” I asked. She nodded, and pulled out a bottle of pills. She tossed me one, which, with some conjured water, I swallowed greedily. After ten minutes, the pain began to ebb away. I sighed in relief, before turning back towards Spike.

“Spike, can you take a letter to Luna?” I asked. He nodded, holding out a piece of paper.

“Already done Twilight!” He declared, before turning it into dust, and it flew to it's receiver. I promptly collapsed onto my bed, and passed out.


“Ms. Do, this is an amazing find. This ‘Rabbit’ seems to be a sort of combination of ancient technology and organics, almost like it was crushed by the suit it wore. Perhaps it was a sort of torture device for an extinct species, to deal with their criminals?” The owner of the Canterlot Historical Museum, Dusty Quill, said, marveling at the tall and decaying relic. “I want to put it up near the science wing. Later, we can get a science team down here and figure out how this thing works.”

“Sure, Dusty, just don't let them take it apart. We didn't find it and bring it here for nothing.” Daring Do replied, also examining the rabbit. Something about it unnerved her, but she couldn't put her hoof on it.

Meanwhile, inside the Machine, a decaying mind slowly began to awake.

Soon….” It whispered around it's head.

Author's Note:

The song was made by JT Machinima. I do not own it.

Also, a little heads up. The first seven or so chapters will be introducing the seven Nightmares of Equestria. Each one does not fully involve the other chapter at the moment, except for Springtrap. Most of them also appear throughout Equestria's cities and towns. Then I have to find a way for them to meet, or not, I'm not sure, and yeah. Best part about this, they can't be turned to stone, except for Springtrap. And no, he will not be turned to stone. Hopefully.

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