• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - The Warmaster

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter Five: Bonnie The Scare Master

Bonnie’s POV

So, Bonnie, why exactly am I in a cage inside my own mind?” I asked, crossing my arms. The demonic looking rabbit glanced at me.

For both my and your protection.” Was all he said. I grunted.

“Look, Bonnie. I know exactly what you're planning on doing, and let me tell you. It's wrong, it's cruel, and it's evil. Scaring them like in the games is fine, but trying to outright kill them? That's like going up to a guy, stabbing him in the gut with a knife, and saying ‘it was for fun’.” I told him. He looked at me.

“Ok, so what exactly would you have me do? Walk around an empty house between two doors, let them hear me breath, and then allow them to either close the door or flash a flashlight?” He replied, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah, that would get boring after a while. Why not do something a bit like Slender? You know, chase them through the woods for a while, scream into their faces, let them run again, and change it up each time?” I offered. He considered this.

“Well, that does sound better… sure, I'll give it a try.” He said after a few minutes, and released me from my cage. I stood up, and our attention returned to the outside world. We selected our target carefully, making sure not to pick someone feint of heart. The target we chose was a colt with a brown coat, a lighter brown mane, and a cute looking propeller hat on his head. He was asleep in his room, and littered about was a bunch of gaming equipment. I shook my head in disbelief.

“They have video game consoles, but no helicopters, TV, or even cars?” I asked out loud. I looked back to Bonnie, before smirking, and together, we tapped our fingers on his head, and descended into his dream.

Button’s POV

“Oh Button! I got a new game for you!”my mom called out from the bottom of the stairs. I was in my room, playing a awesome fighter game that recently came out. As my mother walked up the stairs, she presented the game to me. I looked at it.

“Thanks, mom! I'll give it a go!” I said, hearing a achievement get noise in the background. I picked up the game, and went to my console. I removed the current game, after saving of course, and placed the game inside.

For a moment, the screen was blank. Then, slowly, the screen was filled with a dark screen, and a menacing looking rabbit stared at me. Creepy music echoed around the room, and I shuddered, before hitting ‘play’.

The darkness shot out from the screen, enveloping me in darkness. I tried to scream, but the shadows entered into my mouth, causing me to pass out.

When I regained consciousness, I was in a forest. Dead trees surrounded me, managing to block off all light from the moon. In my hooves was a flashlight, so I flicked it on. The trees seemed even more creepy now that the light illuminated the fog surrounding them. The wind blew by, singing a hollow tune as it flew by the tree in front of me.

“Hello? Wh-where am I?” I called out in a loud whisper. Only silence answered the question. I began to walk forward, glancing to the left and to the right. After about ten minutes, I ran into a metal fence, reaching higher than I could ever climb. I sighed, before turning around.

In my face was a blue demon.

I yelled, running to the side as the demon screeched a loud, metallic roar. I looked behind me to look at it as I ran. It's glowing blue eyes stared after me, and it's massive tooth-filled mouth grinned savagely. It's chest was missing, revealing a metal cylinder that I guessed was a spine. It's claws, unlike any I had ever seen, with metal spikes for fingers, curled into fists. It's blue fur seemed solid, with very noticeable holes, showing nothing but darkness beneath. Two rabbit ears sprouted from it's head, waving with the wind. As for it's feet, they appeared to be made out of metal, looking like the claws in many ways.

It charged after me, eyes hardened in a glare, as the monster chased after me. It caught up quite quickly, as my stubby and much smaller legs couldn't run fast enough. It picked me up in its claws, pulling me up to it's ugly face. It growled menacingly, and I gulped, smiling weakly.

“Uh….hi?” I squeaked, and it roared into my face, before trying to bite my head.

I all but leapt out of my bed, gasping for breath as my eyes darted around the room. I sighed, realizing it was just a dream, before getting out of bed and glancing at the clock. It was five in the morning. I walked down stairs and grabbed a juice from the fridge, gulping it down eagerly.

Bonnie’s POV

“You nearly killed the kid!” I all but yelled into the animatronics face, even though he stood a foot taller than me. He rolled his eyes, the blue orbs staring at me mockingly.

Oh please, I knew he would wake up as soon as I attempted. It was a fake attempt anyway, so why am I bothering explaining it to you?” Bonnie replied, crossing his arms and raising an eyebrow.

“Sure, I'm totally sure that's what you were doing. I totally believe that.” I said sarcastically. “Just don't do it again. Find some other way. Anyways, why do you have to scare people?”

“Finally, a good question. Me and the other ‘nightmare animatronics’ feed off of a living creature's fear. If I didn't eat it, and also if you didn't, we would slowly begin to starve and lose our powers, before death ends up claiming us. We scare to survive, though I guess me and my brothers and sister began to believe that we also needed to kill the victim as well for some reason. If we can find the others, I'm sure we can talk them out of it.” Bonnie replied happily, ignoring my sarcasm.

“Wait, the others are here?! Why didn't you say so!” I asked, glaring at him.

“I would have expected you to sense their energy, since you are apart of me. Seriously, can you not feel the five other dark energy signatures throughout this world?” He asked incredulously. I stared at him, before focusing. I indeed felt five unknown energies throughout the area, with most of them close by. I sighed.

“How did I not notice that?” I asked myself. Bonnie snorted.

“You tell me.” He replied. “Also, how did that weird Winged Unicorn not notice us?” I stared at him.

What winged unicorn?” I asked, my own eyebrow raised.

“Oh, you know, that weird dream travelling thing that passed us by while going after Fredbear.” He answered, staring out into the dream realm. I followed his gaze to indeed see a wine unicorn being forced out of a door. I backed away at the feel of her power.

“Should we run?” I asked Bonnie. He chuckled.

“Well, she attacked Fredbear, and is now glaring at us. I think the answer is yes.” Bonnie replied snarkily, picking me up before turning and running like mad.

“COME BACK HERE, FOUL CREATURE, SO I CAN SMITE THEE!” The Pegacorn roared, flying after us.

“I'd rather eat my own stomach!” Bonnie called back, and the chase continued.


Daring Do’s POV

I walked up to the museum, checking if I had everything I needed. Seeing that I did, I opened the door. Dusty Quill greeted me.

“Ah, Ms. Do! Glad you could make it. I hope you will enjoy your stay in the museum, and I hope that whatever happened to the previous guard doesn't happen to you.” He said, shaking my hoof. “Though, I doubt that whatever it is will be able to defeat the great Daring Do.” He added, chuckling. I nodded.

“If whatever took him is still here, I'll make sure it pays for what it did. I hope you find him soon.” I replied, my gaze wandering around the room.

“Yes, I also hope we find him. Alive, preferably.” Dusty said, before walking out the door. “Your shift will be until 6 A.M. I'll see you in the morning.” He called as the door shut.

I stood there for a moment, before walking towards the security office. “It's a museum, Daring, what could go wrong?” I told myself, but the sense of dread persisted all the way to the room.

Author's Note:

Hope you enjoyed! I'm now one of the official Displaced Editors, so PM me a link to the Google doc, as I won't be as free I bet to do everything. Also, please, in the PM, please tell me what it is you need me to do as editor.

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