• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - Reiuji Laevateinn

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter Six: Night at The Museum

Chica’s/Elizabeth’s POV

“So, Elizabeth, why do you not want me to scare them? It would be fun!” The demon chicken asked, looking at me.

“Because, Chica, it's not nice to hurt people. Or scare them.” I replied, shaking my head. We had been having this argument for hours, and neither side was about to give in. I felt that it was going to be a few more hours until we finally came to an agreement of some sort.

“But it's Halloween! Everybody knows you're supposed to get scared on Halloween! Cmon, just one? Pleaaaase?” Chica whined. I sighed, facepalming.

Daring Do’s POV

I sat down, checking over the camera feed. Each one had been replaced after they had been mysteriously destroyed. These were a new model, and glitchy. Every so often one would flicker white with static. Seeing nothing, I sat back in my seat, lost in thought. My eyes slowly closed, and before I knew it I was asleep.

I woke up in a broken down room, with a old and rotting wooden desk in front of me. To the side there was a empty doorway, with a bear mask staring at me upon a stand. On the desk there were three little bobbleheads, one a blue rabbit, one a yellow chicken, and one a brown bear. The desk also held a metal fan, which whirled lazily. Next to me was some sort of vent, as well as a weird wall mounted camera screen. I flicked it over, and the screen lit up, revealing a faulty camera feed. To the right of the screen was a small map of camera locations. I tapped one, and the screen switched over. I flicked through each camera, before closing it.

I turned back towards the doorway, and shrieked when I saw a Golden Bear suit, similar to the one I found, except newer, staring at me. It was hunched over, sitting on the floor like it was dead. Arms hung loosely to it's sides, and it's head was tilted to the side, and it's eyes held nothing in them.

Then it moved.

It stood up, towering over me. It's eyes now held two white dots, which stared down at me. The bear walked over to me, before kneeling down. It opened it's mouth.

“Be...ware….Springtrap…..” It's voice echoed, as if we were in a cave. I backed up.

“What?” I asked, confused more than afraid. After all, it didn't seem to have any hostile intentions. It pulled up the camera, and flicked to camera 8. There, in full glory, was the yellow rabbit thing I had discovered.

Spring...trap…” The bear clarified. “Killed….night..guard…..” I looked up at him, confused.

“But the body inside is dead. It's nothing more than a rotten corpse.” I replied. He shook his head.

No….body….Is dead…. Soul….isn't….” He explained. I raised an eyebrow skeptically.

“You mean it's possessed?” I asked. He nodded.

“No...time...must….wake..” He told me, and screamed into my face.


My eyes shot open, and I sat up at the speed of a bullet, my heart hammering in my chest. Glancing around, I saw that nothing had changed. I checked the time. 2:30 A.M. I flipped through the cameras, and when I found the area where the rabbit was located, the screen turned black, with two words at the side

Video Error

I cursed, grabbing a flashlight and jumping out of my seat and onto the floor. I headed towards the new exhibit, where the rabbit was placed. When I finally arrived, I took a look. Inside, there was random items and drawings strewn about the area. However, in the main area, where the rabbit was supposed to be, nothing was there. I quickly turned around, flashlight flying swinging around the hallway. Nothing. I ran to the doors, and tried to pry them open. Locked.

“Why didn't they give me any keys?” I asked out loud, before freezing in my tracks. Slowly, I turned around, and looked behind me. There, at the other end of the hallway, was Springtrap. Two glowing white eyes glared at me, and it's hands curled into fists. It started walking towards me, uneasy steps turning into a uneven sprint. I jumped into a room next to me, and quickly hid under one of the various tables. I had dropped my flashlight in my hurry to hide, and now it sat outside. Then I heard a metallic crunch. There went my flashlight. The heavy footsteps of Springtrap slowly got louder, and I held my breath as he walked into the room. A mechanical growl uttered from his mouth as he scanned the room, and I got a good look at him.

His eyes looked a cross between organic and mechanical, with glowing white irises flickering left and right. His greenish yellow fur, dented in some places, and missing in others, seemed to look even worse in the darkness. Mechanical wires and beams stabbed into flesh at the legs, which had rotten away to reveal the robotic parts intermingling with flesh, making both a heavy sound as he walked by, and a squishy fleshy sound that made me sick. His ears twitched, as if listening for any sound. After a few seconds, and near the point to where I could barely hold my breath any longer, he left the room, and his heavy footsteps slowly faded as he walked away. I let out a breath of relief, and got up from under the table.

It was then that I noticed how obvious my hiding place was. It was so bad that I didn't know how he didn't see me immediately. Then an idea came to my head. It was a theory, but it might work. I pulled out a small rock, that I knew wouldn't be able to break the glass on the door, and carefully walked out the door to the hallway.

Springtrap was still in the hallway, his back turned to me as he looked left and right, his ears twitching like mad. Carefully, and without sound, I tossed the rock to the room in front of me, before ducking back into the room I had come from. I heard heavy footsteps walk towards the room, before they started to diminish. I took a peek. Springtrap was in the room where I had thrown the pebble, glancing around. I grinned.

“So, he uses sound to see, like a bat.” I said out loud, before catching myself. But it was too late. He turned around, and marched towards me. I jumped down the hall at a running pace, with Springtrap chasing behind me. I took to the air, flying up to the second floor. I dropped down, and hid. Springtrap stormed up the stairs, before looking around in confusion. He started to walk down the hall, periodically checking a random room. After a few minutes, he growled, before walking back down the stairs. When he was gone, I let out a breath of relief. I checked my watch.

4:50 AM.

I cursed.

Author's Note:

I completely forgot to upload this! Anyways, I hope you enjoyed, and I'll see you next chapter!

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