• Published 29th Oct 2015
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The Nightmares of Equestria - Reiuji Laevateinn

Me and my friends get the Nightmare Animatronic suits from the Internet. We get sent to Equestria. Problem is, we can only interact with others in ponies dreams.

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Chapter Seven: Nightmare V. Fredbear

Author's Note:

The reason this took so long was because I had my qualms with this chapter. Didn't know if you guys wanted this to go down as it did, so I put it off for a while, and focused on other stories. But now, I've come back, looked at the chapter (Which at the time had been left at the first tow sentences of when Twilight woke up), said 'Screw it! They want a chapter, they are getting a chapter!' And wrote the rest of it. Probably why it's so short. Anyways, hope you enjoy! Also, happy new year!

Fredbear’s POV

“So, Fredbear, what are her odds?” I asked, my phantom body currently the original Golden Freddy. My compatriot, Nightmare Fredbear, thought about it for a moment.

I'd say she has a twenty percent chance of living. Springtrap is honestly more or less a bat at this point. I mean, he should have killed her at least five times by now.” Nightmare Fredbear answered. I nodded.

“We gave her as much info we could to at least make her alert. I'm actually surprised she found out about the noise thing.” I replied, chuckling. The yellow rabbit below us wandered, before glancing up. His metal eyes widened, before pointing a finger at us.

“Fred….bear…” His voice creaked. I looked at Fredbear in surprise.

“He can see us?” I asked. Fredbear nodded.

It would appear so. But of course, most machines have been known to be able to see ghosts, like us.” Fredbear answered, before floating down to Springtrap. I followed after him.

Fred...bear…” He repeated. We both nodded.

Yes, Springtrap. I am Fredbear. What is it that you want?” Fredbear said.

Find...food….water….” He growled. Fredbear chuckled.

“Springtrap, you can't.” He told the withered rabbit. Springtrap glared at him.

“Find...food...now….” Springtrap ordered.

“You can't eat or drink, Springtrap. Your body has decayed too much to sustain such things.” Fredbear replied, and Springtrap threw a punch at him, only to phase right through Fredbear’s body. “I'm a ghost, Springtrap. You can't hurt me. Goodbye for now.” me and Fredbear flew back up to the roof.

“I can't believe that that's what my friend has become.” I said, breaking the silence.

Indeed, he is broken, physically and mentally. I fear for the residents of this world. Our powers grow weak…” Fredbear replied, before floating down to Ponyville once more. I followed after him. When we arrived, I felt a presence.

“Do you feel that?” I asked. Fredbear nodded, eyes searching the nearby buildings, before landing on the Crystal Castle.

Yes, and it is coming from that castle. Shall we investigate?” Fredbear asked, floating towards the castle before I could say anything. Grumbling, I followed.

Twilight's POV

“Go away! You are not real!” I yelled, running away from the black monster. It charged after me, claws extended towards me.

Not….yet….soon…” It growled, gripping my wing and tearing it clean off. I screamed, tripping and falling to the floor in pain. Blood oozed from the missing appendage, and the Nightmare loomed over me, jaw wide open.

“No...please….” I whimpered. This had been happening for a week, but this was the worst. “Somepony...help…”

“Nightmare!!” A demonic voice roared, and in a flash of gold, the Nightmare dissapeared. I looked to the side to see the black demon being assaulted by a gold version of it. Instead of a yellow hat, this one's was purple, but besides the gold fur, that was the only difference. The Nightmare threw him off, roaring before charging after the golden bear.

Fredbear…” The black bear growled, smashing it's fist into the gold one's face. “How...dare..you try to take my food!” He roared, before clawing the gold bear in the arm. The golden bear howled, before grabbing the Nightmare’s arm and throwing him to the side.

Nightmare, you won't do this any longer. I don't know how long this has been going on, but it stops. Now.” Goldy growled, punching Nightmare in the gut. Nightmare chuckled, grabbing the clawed fist and bending it at an unnatural angle.

You haven't been eating right, Fredbear. I am stronger than you.” Nightmare bit at ‘Fredbear’s head. Fredbear teleported next to me, before snapping his clawed hand back in place with a grunt of pain. He snapped his claws, and my wing reappeared on my back.

You need to wake up.” He told me. “He has no power in the material realm. Go find your Princess Luna, and have her watch over your dreams.” He added, before charging at Nightmare again. A different version km Fredbear, more friendly looking than him, popped into existence next to me.

Look, girl, you need to wake up. Otherwise Nightmare will kill us both.” He told me, before slapping me across the face. Repeatedly.


I woke up, gasping for breath. I was back in the castle, with everything how I left it. I checked over myself. Nothing. No wounds. Not even ones previously made. I sighed in relief, before my thoughts wandered back to the dream. Those two golden bears….what were they? Why did they help me? How did they know that black demon thing? And why did they look just like it, only differently colored? Were they related? Aaaggghh, so many questions! Maybe I can ask Luna for help. But Spike is still asleep, and I don't want to wake him up….

“Well, I'm definitely not going back to sleep. I guess I can make a quick trip to Canterlot. Should leave a note though, in case it takes a while.” I got out of bed, before walking over to the table nearby. Picking up the quill in my magic, I dipped it in ink before quickly writing a note.

Dear Spike and friends,

I am heading to Canterlot to talk to Luna about a few dreams I've been having lately. Spike can fill you in on the details.

Your friend, Twilight Sparkle.

“Alright, now that that's done, let's get going!” I muttered sleepily to myself, before walking down the halls and out the door, before unfurling my wings and taking off into the sky.


“Fredbear, why do you listen to the human? They don't know how we function! They just want us to starve, so they can take full control!” Nightmare growled, his talons scraping against the golden bear’s chest, denting the metal badly but not piercing through.

Because, Nightmare, we can be better than what we used to be! We don't have to kill innocents, but instead scare them! It doesn't provide as much energy as killing, but it is still enough to keep us alive!” Fredbear snarled, kicking Nightmare’s feet out from under him. As he fell, Fredbear continued his attack, clawing at the Nightmare but doing no damage.

“Which is why you won't be able to win against me, fool!” Nightmare growled, teleporting behind him and stabbing his claws into Fredbear’s back. The golden bear howled in pain, before backhanding him and teleporting next to his partner, who had opened a door.

I don't need to win against you, Nightmare. I only need to stop you. Until we meet again.” And with that said, the two jumped through the door, leaving an enraged Nightmare within the Dream Realm.

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