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Celestia and Luna have ruled in Equestria for over a thousand years. Their age along with the unbelievable power that they wield to move the sun and moon has caused most ponies to see them as gods.

But as powerful as they are, gods they are not. For the being that has arrived in Equestria has powers that can rival and surpass their own. He is a deity millennia of years old, a deity who commands the thunder and lightning with an incredible might and a hammer that can shatter the sun and moon.

And Celestia and Luna will learn that they are not all powerful. That they are not as mighty as they believed. They are not gods.

They are not Thor.

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I wouldn't worry too hard I am sure that a certain god has seen your plight and possibly heard your request for aid.

back with the crossovers eh? lol i look forward to it

Wow, things are already pretty dire when the former Elements as well as Celestia and Luna together are outmatched.

But hopefully a certain God of Thunder will come soon. Let's see how the Mighty Thor fares in Equestria (and hopefully his trickster brother didn't follow)! This could be a good chance to bring in some more mythical creatures we haven't seen in the show and some cool Marvel villains.

8127838 let's just hope the otter god doesn't go becoming a meddling posterior...

And as powerful as thor maybe he is not immortal just ask Marvel heaviest hitter. The incredible hulk.

I prefer Raiden for Mortal Kombat, but you've got me interested.

YES! I've been hoping for years that you'd do a Thor story! I eagerly await more! :pinkiehappy:

By the hammer of Thor.

Comment posted by Mr Dorito deleted Apr 29th, 2017

I saw that a while ago, but I'm more of a Raiden fan than a Thor fan. Probably because I played a lot of Mortal Kombat.

8128128 I'm myself more of the Tekken fan and never really liked Mortal Kombat's plot. But in the end I prefer the Flash from all the heroes, with Hulk the close second.

Thumbs up, subscribe and i haven't even read the first chapter yet.

Iacs #14 · Apr 29th, 2017 · · 22 · Prayer ·

Sorry, not going to work( When you take some superhero with their strangely gained power they are outside of context in heavily magic Equestria dimention. So you can variate comparable power of characters and that is ok. It worked with Superman or Flash and others like them, It even worked with magic sourced Black Adam who gains power from several deities, but barelly.

Unfortunately in this case you inserted not some randomly powersourced superhero but essencially deity - Thor. And that calls for the questrion of what exactly ageless beings that move sun and moon are? Considering you just entered deities to exist in this universe answer could be only one - Celestia and Luna are deities themselves. And they are not that much younger and less experienced that Thor. It may have worked with his father who you could portrait as more ancient and powerfull, but not with Thor.

You now can't logically make Thor any more efficient with crisis then equestrian deities without turning all in bad comedy. And without making him more efficient it will only work until ttitans start to group in three. Hell, it may have worked with his brother if you put an angle of "Princesses fight, Loki thinks and tries to find source of problem", but with Thor...

They are not gods.

They are ageless beings that wield powers of sun and moon and move them around via magic. Exactly the same that Asgardians are. They are no more and no less "divine" then Thor.

I personally prefer simple check of is some charater a deity: 1) Is he/she ageless? 2) Does he/she have some massive scale supernatural ability preferrably connected to some aspect of world? 3) If he/she somehow ends on the ancient Earth and his/her ability will be known will humans worship him/her?

For Celestia and Luna all three checks are passed, as for Thor.

Sorry, no.

Awesome your Thor crossover is finally up! Of course the whole giant monster attack makes me think of that Kid Kaiju story arc from the comics. Anyway I'm interested in how the first encounter will turn out.

But again I AM curious about what comes next: Are you planning anything with the reformed Doctor Doom AKA the Infamous Iron Man? Or any other reformed villains? Any ideas involving Sunset and the Phoenix Force? Maybe one of the ponies or mirror world humans ending up on the Marvel Earth? Sorry if I'm annoying you with these questions but they keep popping into my head.

If this fic is going to be just how I think its going to be. Then its going to be a great one. Going to read this later. But one question.

Is this going to be Marvel Thor or Norse mythology Thor? And by mythology Thor I mean, no connection with the Marvel universe what so ever.

Just wondering.

can you do a story with the heckler or squirrel girl?


Depending on the line of thought, Celestia and Luna might "merely" be demigods or divine-blooded. Slepnir isn't generally considered a deity, nor we're Apollo's sun pulling horses...but they are powerful.

I hope to fuck that this isn't going to turn out like 'Damned Are the Guilty' in writing misshapen.

Iacs #21 · Apr 29th, 2017 · · 15 · Prayer ·

They move the sun and the moon around - that's full divine level in all pagan religions and nearly all fantasy world ones. You can make Celestia and Luna naive, or young (compared to someone more ancient) or even weak in battle, but unless you take sun and moon from them, they are fullscale deities.

In case of your words - Celestia is not horse from Helios's chariot - she is Helios's equal - one who moves the Sun around - solar deity.

Doom will be a villain in an upcoming story. I've never read any of his reformed works (and I love him as a villain)

8128359 ah, the alicorns. one of my favorite themes, so naturally let me throw in my two cents.

the main issue with your argument i see is, that just because certain cultures would consider them deities, doesn't automatically MAKE them deities. i mean, heck there are even a bunch of humans who would be -and in fact were- considered gods by many, even though they are anything but. tutankhamun, xerxes i, julius caesar, alexander the great and so many more, they all were considered gods by their subjects, even though they were anything but. so just because a culture would consider you godly, doesn't automatically make you a god.
oh and just to keep with your fantasy setting; i'm sure you are aware that there are a lot - and i mean a lot- of stories about powerful mages, posing as gods and impressing the masses with powerful magic, when in truth there is nothing godly about them at all. so here we already have our next point, just because someone is a strong mage and can do a lot of impressive stuff, that doesn't automatically mean they are gods.

there is also the issue that while certainly impressive celestia's and luna's power are nothing special. in equestria everyone can control the sun and the moon, provided they can create enough magical energy to do so. sure celestia and luna are stronger than average in order to do it on their own, but right at the start their supposed unique godly abilities aren't so godly at all.

they are also severely lacking in the strength department. even though gods technically can be vincible, it would be an herculean task to do so and it would take much more work and strength than anything that was ever needed to dispose of the princesses. the princesses have been defeated by chrysalis, tirek and even plants and bad weather. sure, as i said gods don't need to be invincible, but they should posses at least a certain minimal amount of strength, which the princesses don't do.

sorry, but honestly i can't find a good reason to consider them gods. there is literally nothing that would qualify them as actually deities except superstitions and misconceptions.

Tis' hammer time.


Ah, but Apollo (or Helios, or both depending on the myths) didn't have the power directly.

The chariots horses did. Thus Phaethon's story.

8127979 I now can't help but imagine Loki as an Otter...

8128359 Celestia and Luna move the sun and moon respectively, but before they came to be, the sun and moon were moved by ordinary unicorns. So sure moving the sun and moon might make them automatic deities by our human standards, but in their world, moving the sun and moon is something a group of capable mortals can do without issue. Considering Discord can move the sun and moon, and even Twilight moved the sun, rather than being a divine right, it seems anyone can do it as long as they have enough magic. So that would place Celestia and Luna at about say, 15 unicorns each at the minimum, the closest thing they have to divinity is their eternal youth, seeing as the requirements for moving the celestial bodies isn't all that grand. The x-men could probably take them, sending someone like Thor is like calling in an air strike to get rid of some mosquitoes. When your judging a fantasy characters power, you have to remember to look at it from the context of their own world, not ours. Sure when compared to humans who could only ever dream of such a feat, moving the moon is godly, but when you can grab a dozen people off the street and they can do the same, the feat has little value.

Looks interesting, will read later. But for now...

"We are not Gods! We are born, we live, we die, just like the Mortals."
~Odin Allfather, Thor: the Dark World.

Also, congrats on the feature! You're on the front page. :pinkiehappy:

Wow. Been a while since I made the front page with the first chapter.

8128812 Yes, it appears that moving the sun is something that is merely for those with enough magic. However, I disagree with something you said.

So that would place Celestia and Luna at about say, 15 unicorns on the power grid, the closest thing they have to divinity is their eternal youth, their power doesn't even come close.

You say they are as strong as 15 unicorns, magic wise? How much is Discord? 15, 30, 45? Then I suppose that, when Tirek absorbed magic, he drained 15 Unicorns and one Discord in order to defeat the combined power of four Alicorns. After all, they're just 15 unicorns, and Twilight and Cadance's magic must be weaker than them because they haven't been capable of building up strong enough magic reserves in the much shorter amount of time they've been alive. If the stronger Alicorns are both, combined, are equal to 15 unicorns, as your wording suggests, then that's all the power he would need to obliterate Twilight with all the Alicorn magic. In case you don't recall, Twilight only raised the sun and lowered the moon when she had the magic of all 4 alicorns. Unless you say Luna and Celestia are individually 15 unicorns strong, in which case, he drained somewhere from 15 to 30 unicorns or pegasi and one Discord, given that they all have innate magic and only the unicorns shown to specialize in magic or have a specialization that involves magic actually tend to learn spells beyond levitation or have strong magic reserves, and pegasi use their magic to fly and manipulate the weather.

Except he drained hundreds, if not thousands of Earth Ponies, Unicorns, and Pegasi, along with Discord, in order to go toe to toe with Twilight, and wouldn't have won without blackmailing her. If we judge judge them only purely the magical power alone, then their power exceeds a mere 15 unicorns to encompass an immense amount of the ponies in Equestria per Alicorn.

"Sister! Go for the legs!"

Why does it remind me of the first episode of Sanity Not Included... more specifically...



8129034 You're right, my wording was completely off to what I was trying to portray, and that's on me. In fact in hindsight, I absolutely butchered what I was trying to convey. What I was trying to convey is that moving the sun or moon is something that would require the power of roughly 15 unicorns, not to say that would be the limit of their power. That is my bad, thanks in fact for pointing out how badly I worded that. I'm glad you understood the main idea that moving the sun and moon is more of what equates to a stat check then some sort of inherent power of the princesses.

I can only say two things about this:

other than that, I'll be watching....

Was this made in honor of the upcoming Thor: Ragnarok?

I've actually planned this for a while, but only just recently got around to doing it.

8129749 Interesting... Will you be seeing the next Thor? I know I will!

So is Thor going to kick the princesses butt cuz it sounds like it in the descriptions and that would be cool

Yeah, the trailer completely sold me on it

8129388 I can certainly understand why in modern Equestria they would be considered gods, after all I would imagine the times before Celestia and Luna are pretty ancient history, and though there are stories from that time period like the hearth warming eve tale, that is a holiday story, so it makes sense to be passed down, where who moved the celestial bodies before the princesses is just ordinary ancient history which would be much less known. So to say that they can be considered gods is absolutely correct, but are they? Most definitely not. Think of Hercules, he had the might of several men, and a good heart, he accomplished several feats that were unthinkable for mortal men, but he wasn't a god. I'm sure many would have considered him as such, but that doesn't make him one. At least, that's what I think.

8130007 I didn't mention that you said they had a deep connection because I agree, they do have a deep connection, after all it is their cutie marks, to claim they didn't would just be plain wrong. The point I was making with mentioning Hercules is that they aren't gods, even if at times it can seem like it. The way I would define a god of an aspect is if they embody it, to the point of irrationality. They may be the best at moving the sun and moon, but that doesn't make them gods, not by my own definition of such. If the sun and moon had been wild like the everfree before they took the reigns I'd agree, but the fact that mortals are capable of the same feat puts a damper on it for me. Like I've said before, moving the sun and moon isn't a divine right granted to them, it's a stat check. Discord for example is far more powerful than the princesses, Discord I would classify as a god. He embodies chaos, he cannot be without it, it practically sustains him. He can also move the sun and moon with far more ease than the princesses can, shifting rapidly between day and night every few seconds with a snap of his fingers. The princesses aren't the embodiment's of their respective celestial bodies, they're just their shepherds. Their link to the bodies rejuvenates them, and that cannot be denied, but to claim they are gods of their respective celestial bodies when they aren't even the most capable at controlling them seems bogus to me.

8130059 I guess we will just have to agree to disagree, you feel they are gods, I don't really see it. Differing opinions thought we may have, I hope we can both agree we are looking forward to where this fic takes the concept.

8130072 Yeah that'd be a little much to just treat them as canon fodder, though I can't imagine the princesses having enough of an ego to declare themselves his betters, they are undoubtedly powerful. I can't imagine why they would get into an altercation with Thor though, then again I can't say how Thor will be depicted in this. I certainly hope this fic isn't just about Thor shitting on both Celestia and Luna, that would be kinda disappointing.

Cool premise. You've got a powerful army of unknown numbers with unknown intention, that have ravaged the nation for a while now, that not even the Princesses, which are the most powerful magic-users in Equestria, can easily defeat.

What we don't know is if the EoH have been used yet. They are literally the most powerful thing in Equestria. Obviously, this is a multiple-target situation and we don't know how the EoH deal with multiple targets, but still.

So, we have a nigh-unbeatable army ravaging a nation for unknown reasons. Morale is low, hope is fleeting. Assuming we're using Marvel's Thor, this will be a difficult, and long, fight.

Here's something to consider. Celestia moves the sun. Mjolnir was made within the core of a collapsing star/sun. Mjolnir can only be wielded by those that are worthy. Can Celestia lift Mjolnir?

The Hulk almost lifted Mjolnir, he was unworthy but his strength is fuelled by his rage.
Captain America almost lifted Mjolnir (While somewhat drunk, might I add), he was somewhat worthy. (Thor interrupted him though, so it's undecided).

Cap actually has lifted Mjolnir in the "Fear Itself" comic event.

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