• Published 29th Apr 2017
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Truly Divine - Onomonopia

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Lights flashed across the sky as twin streams of magic bombarded the lands below, signaling a desperate attempt by those who were sworn to protect their land to bring down a foe that was beyond what they thought possible. A beam of solar magic combined with a burst of lunar power, which then collided with a colossal monstrosity that was in the process of decimating what was left of the city of Delemare.

The monster was the size of a skyscraper and more than capable of bringing one down in a single strike. It's main body was made up of thousands of crystals, all of which were as hard as diamond and able to take extreme amounts of punishment without so much as a scratch. But it was the personality that had caused it to become hated by the rulers of the land. For the monster was merciless and crushed any in its path. But the worst thing about it? It was one of many.

"Sister! Go for the legs!" the princess of the night, Princess Luna, cried out as she dove underneath of a strike by the colossus. The titans blow was slow enough to be easily avoided, but the burst of wind generated by its strike nearly sent Luna spiraling into the torn apart streets below. She managed to keep herself aloft and cycled around behind the titan, but as she did so she had to take in the state of the city.

Multiple buildings had been toppled, lining the streets with thousands of tons of rubble. Ponies were either running for their lives or trying to save the lives of those that were wounded. But only a few were wounded. Most had passed on. Dozens of fires caused by the creatures rampage had forced the fire department to be everywhere at once, which was something they couldn't do. And then there was the second titan, off in the distance, causing even more damage.

'First thing is first. We must deal with this one,' Luna forced herself to think as she tilted to the side and went low, firing all of her lunar power into the back of the titans knee. The titan let out a bellow that could shake the city as it slowly lowered onto one knee, the back of which was now cracked and blackened by her magic. Luna let out a sigh of relief before a ray of solar light tore through the other knee of the titan, bringing down completely.

"It seems that these beings do have a weakness!" Celestia, the princess of the sun, called out to Luna as she circled by overhead. The white alicorn reared her head back as she channeled all of her power into the horn on her head, before unleashing all of her magic in a scream of rage and anguish. The magical blast struck the titan in the side of the head, drawing forth another bellow as the titan collapsed into the side of a building.

"Perhaps they do! Let us strike and strike hard!" Luna agreed with a roar before she and her sister rocketed towards the stunned titan. The being slowly turned its head to face the oncoming alicorns, its bright blue eyes glaring them down as they approached. The beast then opened its maw, which, to the horror of the princess, was filled with magic that shined like the stars.

"MOVE!" Celestia roared as she and Luna threw themselves out of the way, just in time to avoid a laser of magic that erupted from within the titans maw. The blast cleaved through the heavens and pierced through the clouds, blasting them away and allowing moonlight to shine down on the burning city.

Celestia and Luna regrouped a good distance away from the titan, which was beginning to push itself back up to its feet. The two princesses flashed a glance at the other as their foe rose back up, both of them realizing that the other was breathing heavy and looked to be near their limit.

"We are out of practice, aren't we sister?" Luna asked with a small smile to Celestia, trying to alleviate the situation as best she could. Celestia looked from her sister to the titan, and then to the burning city behind her.

"Indeed we are. And our subjects have had to suffer because of it," Celestia said in a somber tone, before gazing at their colossal foe who was lumbering towards them once more. "We need to attack it together. Attacking limbs, trying to divert its attention...none of that is working. All we can hope for now is that a combined strike will be enough to pierce its crystal armor and bring it down."

The titan opened its maw once more and fired another beam of magic into the sky, just narrowly missing the two sisters. The two sisters nodded to each other before hurling themselves towards the titan, the both of them glowing like stars in their own right as they combined their magical powers.

Both princesses let out a bellow of rage as they unleashed the both of their powers into the head of the titan, consuming it in both solar and lunar magic. The building behind the creature was practically knocked over as the power of the magic shook the landscape, but more importantly tore apart the head of the titan. The titan let out one last bellow of rage before its head finally disintegrated, allowing the sisters to end their combined attack.

Both princesses let out a tired sigh before they slowly descended to the ground, collapsing the moment their hooves touched the destroyed cityscape. Celestia fell to her knees while Luan keeled over onto her side, gasping in as much air as she could get in each lung full.

"It's dead. It's actually dead," Celestia said in-between breaths as she gazed at the now headless titan, half expecting it to regrow its head at any moment and resume its attack on the city once more.

"Sister, I'm trying to die over here and your talking is making it hard to do so," Luna wheezed out as she forced herself to sit up, smirking at her sister. Then the sound of another building being knocked over reached the ears of the two princesses and they gazed over to see that the second titan had brought down another skyscraper. Celestia and Luna channeled what little magic they had left to push themselves back up to their hooves, while drawing what rage they had to glare at the titan.

"So, think we have enough in us to bring down another one of those things?" Luna asked Celestia, both of them extending their wings to take to the skies.

"Most likely not. But we will have to bring it down anyway. We have no choice," Celestia replied as she kicked off the ground, Luna following her a moment later. The sisters sailed towards the titan with their horns glowing with power, both of them doing their best to not think about how tired they were.

The titan saw their approach and swung an arm towards the approaching alicorns, trying to swat them out of the air before they could get close enough to do any real damage to it. The princesses were forced to dodge, but the titan followed up its arm swing with a blast of magic that would have killed the princesses had they not erected a barrier of magic to protect themselves.

"Think Twilight and her friends are doing better?!" Luna called over to Celestia as the two split apart, weaving around the titan and attacking it from both sides. The titan roared at their attack, while the princesses flew straight up and positioned themselves over its head. The combined their magic once more, to a much duller light they noticed, before taking aim at the top of the creatures head.

"I pray they are, sister. We are the only hope these ponies have."

And then the two struck.


Autumn Breeze had almost got used to the cries of pain or the smell of those dying all around her. She was used to her mother rushing around to save as many as she could or how she couldn't get to sleep at night if she couldn't feel the ground faintly shaking beneath her. After months of having lived in terror that the titans might kill her and everypony she knew, she had gotten used to being afraid all the time. But what she couldn't wrap her mind around was that the princesses and Ambassadors hadn't managed to defeat them yet. That was too much for her.

The small pony whose coat and mane matched her season weaved around the legs of the doctors and nurses that were hard at work trying to save those that had been wounded in the attacks by the titans, trying to ignore the fact that where they had sent up a field hospital used to be the town where she lived. She had a bucket with dry bandages gripped in her mouth and knew that the faster she got those to her mom the sooner she could get back to her other tasks.

Their village was a secure location in the center of Equestria, away from where most of the titan attacks had taken place. The princesses had chosen it as a place to tend to the survivors of the attacks, so nearly every doctor in the nation had been teleported in to lend aid to those that needed it. But even though their town was a good size, eventually the number of wounded filled up the homes and the streets.

Autumn tried not to look at the hundreds of wounded as she ran, knowing that if she saw a pony that was badly injured she'd stop for a few minutes and stare. She had to keep herself focused and on task, so that the dark thoughts that had been plaguing her ever since these attacks began wouldn't come back. She spied her mother knelt down next to a pony covered in bandages with two doctors flanking her side.

"Hey mom!" she managed to get out as she skidded to a halt next to her mother, dropping the bucket next to her hooves. Autumn's mother flashed her a quick smile, which was the most amount of joy she'd seen on her mothers face in weeks, before her stone like features returned and she pulled the bandages out of the bucket.

"Thanks dear. Now can you run these canteens of water over to the south section. They've almost run out and they're going to be getting some new arrivals soon. Rumor is last night Delemare was horribly ravaged by the titans," Summer Sky said to her daughter, placing numerous canteens over her daughters back.

"Was the entire city lost?" Autumn dared to ask, surprised when her mother flashed a bitter smile.

"No. Luckily for them the princesses made it to the city in time, but the casualties were still high. Not to mention that the princesses exhausted themselves bringing down the two titans that attacked."

"Two?" Autumn asked in shock as both of her eyes went wide with horror. "But the titans have never teamed up before. It's only been one of them attacking a city at a time! If they're starting to realize the power of teaming up..."

"You are not the only one that realizes the terror of what this new development means, but right now there is nothing we can do about it," her mother replied before leaning over and gently kissing Autumn on the forehead. "Now go drop off those canteens and go to bed. Get some rest and get ready for another hard day of work. These titans are the most destructive force that our land have ever seen, meaning that there will only be more causalities. Go rest, sweetheart."

Autumn smiled at her mother, trying to show her that she was fine, before she started to shift the canteens on her back in a way so that they wouldn't fall off. But as she adjusted the canteens a doubt began to gnaw away at the back of her mind, one that had been trying to get her attention for weeks.

"All those casualties. And those were caused with two princesses of Equestria there to stop the titans," Autumn said to her mother, getting Summer to look down at the scared face of her daughter. "But if they can't stop these monsters, if the Ambassadors can't stop these things, then what chance do the rest of us have?"

Summer was silent for the longest time after Autumn asked this, working in silence as she tried to think of an answer. Eventually she just let out a sigh and moved her head back to stare up at the sky, which was shifting from day to night.

"We just have to pray that the princesses will be strong enough to deal with this threat. They've dealt with so many threats for thousands of years now, so I guess all we can do is hope that they can deal with this one as well," Summer said to her daughter, but the mare's eyes showed that she was starting to lose faith. Autumn snuggled up to the blue coat of her mother, smiling up at her while trying to keep her moms golden mane out of her eyes.

"At least we have each other. Right mom?"

Summer smiled down at her daughter before reaching over her back and grabbing the canteens. "How about you go get some sleep and I'll drop these off for you? You're still a growing filly and you need your sleep." Autumn wanted to argue, but when she let out a small yawn she realized that her mother was right. She hugged the side of her mother before heading off to her quarters, knowing that her mother would most likely work through the night.

'I hope my mom is right and that the princesses can deal with these titans. They've always protected us in the past, so I hope they can do so now,' she thought as she walked, but the doubt hung around her like chains, dragging her down. Eventually it got so bad that she had to stop and stare at the heavens, which were now brimming with an uncountable number of stars. One of the stars shone brighter than all the others and seemed to be right above her. Despite knowing that it was just something little foals did, Autumn closed her eyes.

"If anypony is listening, if anypony is up there, I need help. My home, my family, my nation is under attack. And...I'm scared. Every day I'm scared that that day will be my last. We're trying to stay positive, trying to believe, but we're running out of strength and faith. Please...if anypony is there...help us. I beg of you."

Autumn waited for five minutes after she finished her prayer for some kind of sign, but when nothing happened she let out a dejected sigh and walked into her tent. She laid down on her cot and wrapped herself in her blanket, her heart sinking into the depths of her chest as she felt the faint tremors of the titans off in the distance, destroying anything they came across. And she was terrified she would be next.