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Hey, my name is James and everything was going great for me. I had a nice job, great house, loving family and the bestest friends you could have, but it all changed when I went to comic-con dressed as the legendary purple dragon himself, Spyro.

There I was checking out the different booths when a man called 'The Merchant' came literally out of no where and tried to sell me a power crystal from the Spyro games. I hesitated at first, but the price was reasonable so I bought it, but right when I grabbed the crystal I started to feel dizzy and that's when everything went black.

Now here I am stuck on a strange world, not knowing if I am ever going to find a way back home. Did I mention that there are also technicolor ponies that may or may not try to kill me?

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The first installment of The Hybrid Multiverse

[Displaced Story]
(Under rewrite. Chapters will say remastered)
(Third-person and First-person Transitions)
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I was wondering when I was going to see a displaced spyro story. Happily you did an amazing job with this first chapter and I look forward to seeing more; hopefully soon.

I can definitely say, without a doubt, I like where this is going. Please continue.
Side note: Have a follow.:twilightsmile:

This will be good. Quick fetch me a bag of popcorn

Interesting. Looking forward to the next chapter. :twilightsmile:

That was a great first chapter

Get a proofreader. Or double check your work.

So far not a bad start just a few typo issues that need fixing. Otherwise keep it up :twilightsmile:

Hey, great job. If you need an editor, shoot me a pm.

Talk about Minnesota Timberwolves'.




Agreed! :twilightsmile:

Also, you spelled ate, at , near the beginning, and forgot to capitalize one I near the end. Also, I'm not sure if it if "bursted" is the right word to use.

Also, I feel James was too quick to simply accept what has happened, but other than that, I love where it's going.

6120199 Fixed!!:twilightsmile:

6119209 Thx for the follow and glad you like it:pinkiehappy:

6119811 Even though I am a Miami fan


And just when I started a Displaced Skylanders Story, I find this. Nice Job!!

More soon please!

nice ^^
what Spyro will you use?
Should they really be afraid of a purple dragon? (why is there no sad Spike smile XD)
well see you next chapter ^^

:rainbowkiss:Oh my god yes, finally a displaced Spyro.:pinkiehappy:

6121101 Are you talking about what kind of powers he will have?

6121306 I'm thinking he meant which of the two versions of Spyro you're going to use, the older version from the original Spyro games, or the one from the reboot trilogy of "The Legend of Spyro". :twilightsmile:
The two versions have considerable differences. :ajsmug:

6121408 If you want to be technical, there's three versions of Spyro. To me, I think it'd be fitting if he had the potential of all three Spyros, honestly.

Oh yeah, Spyro crossover! We're overdue one of these. This is going straight into many of my book-shelves!

DotD Spyro is when he's at his most powerful. Is also best Spyro. Cynder is best PTSD patient.

6121445 That is all a matter of opinion. Which, I shall not make into an argument over. But, due to the matter of opinions, that's why I suggested he has powers from each version of Spyro.

What's Skylander's Spyro like? Never really seen much of the gameplay.

6121412 mixed feels regarding that actually. I prefer legend, but he IS a purple dragon, so it's natural that he'd be able to learn all the elements if necessary. He's already got dragonfire, so that leaves magic and the other elements... but wherein lies the difference between magic and a dragon element?

So many things to ponder...

6121564 insulting in comparison to both the original saga and Legend trilogy, but good enough on its own.

6121564 Well, for Skylanders, each character has two move-set paths to choose from, and some later re-releases have new moves to go with it. For Spyro, he can do a running ram attack that gets more powerful the longer he runs, gaining energy enlargements to his horns. He can do a flying headbutt into the ground for a shockwave. He can shoot a spread of three fireballs and down one of his paths also gain a brief fire barrier each time he uses that breath. And, he can also charge up a massive fireball that, while flying, sucks in enemies for an implosion. And in some of the later re-releases, he can also shoot a spread of fireballs beneath him as he flies. And, his charge can gain a projectile that continues after he stops charging, said projectile in the form of a homing explosive energy head.

Also, in the 3DS, his Dark Spyro form has new moves too. Dark electric energy balls that leave a harming shock zone in its wake, and if he walks through it, he gets buffed by it in terms of attacks and speed. He can also do quite the melee combo with his head, tail, and wings. ...and forgot the rest. Been a while since seeing that.

We need a return to the LoS games or the original series.
Spyro is tied with Mario for my second favorite game series.

6121589 Thus, why I said to just include all the versions of spyro. After all, not like his costume specified which Spyro he'd be. But, having the potential to learn such is one thing. Actually knowing how is another, eh?

I shall watch until I see which spyro it is, but I'm hoping for Legend.

*see a Spyro displaced story* Baby, you're my idol now. :yay:

You mean which design of Spyro this human has become? Does it really matter when it's just some schmuck from comic-con? I suppose the powers could be different, since I only played the old Spyro games and don't know what Sky-lander Spyro and the like could do, but I'm guessing it's the default multi-element dragon breath along with things like earth bending and time slowing.

In the end though, this isn't a Spyro in Equestria story. It's a human-turned-uber-magical-dragon in Equestria story where he'll either become a villian through sheer dumb-luck and pony stupidity, or a hero.
There's not a whole lot of variance in the Displaced genre.

This story is amazing. Thank you for writing

I loved that Balto movie.

6121798 You're right, It's either unluckily villain, Evil Conqueror on purpose or Two Goodie Footshoes.

so will there be classic Spyro elements like breath types to time control? Mix Spyro

I'm gonna read this one.... When you have more than one chapter up.

6121306 yes, will he have the powers of the first games or also the powers of the Dawn of the dragon trilogy?

Awesome! I'd love to see Spike's reaction! :)

Gotta say... you need help with your grammar there. Want some help? I'm a pretty big fan of Spyro, so I'd be interested in offering my aid if you want it.

Definately cant wait to see more of this!

6121893 Well there's a few chaotic neutral types out there (no alliances but themselves and their few allies) and some people who dance on the whole 'good/bad' line. But yeah there seems to be a few key archetypes most Displaced fall into. I myself try and do my own thing but I still have some of that in my own writings.

6121646 Dragons eat gems...All those diamonds must go somewhere.:rainbowderp:

I hope this doesn't end up like the last Spyro crossover i read. It ended with Spike defeating the villain out of nowhere, and that's when i abandoned the story with the last 2 chapters still unread.

something else i despised in that fic was that the author didn't know that the contraction "you're" existed, and he frequently had two characters speaking in the same paragraph. I plan on reading this, but if i see noobish mistakes that can be fixed by just proofreading solo, i might drop this one as well.

No pressure or anything. i just have high standards.

6121641 same here. classic's nice, but i prefer the Spyro who's clearly shown to be the more powerful incarnation.

I've seen a number of Errors in the story but other then that it seams like an interesting tale! Keep it up!

6119605 Well, funny meeting you here.

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