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It is a strange time for those at Canterlot High. Magic is running rampant, creatures from beyond the cracks have invaded and worst of all, a strange, new being has been causing mischief. But aid comes in the form of a new teacher, one who can help Sunset learn about magic. Learn what it means to be a leader. For she is not a Man of Steel, nor a Dark Knight.

She's a wonder.

I OWN NOTHINGGGGGGGGG! Cover art by Renae De Liz.

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Odd. I thought Wolverine was next?

Hmm, which version of Wonder Woman is this? I hope its the Justice League version

Well Hades will have trouble prying the element from the Hulks hands. I bet this is what he is really after and is using this as a way to attract his real goals attention. Still I bet that Sunset will be able to prevent it from happening. Nice to see the final member of the DC Trinity getting their story!

MMM... Wonder Woman, now that I think, it was the icon for female hero when she appeared but also it's the first female hero ono is putting I think, let's see how it goes...

First we had Batman, then Superman, and now finally we have the third of the DC Trinity...Wonder Woman! :yay:

I was a little hesitant to read since i was never really into Wonder Woman, but then i saw a little Artwork by someone on DA that made me go "fuck it, She is a Badass".

It helps that im a fan of both Ono and Shimmer.

I guess Fate really exists.


It will possibly be posted tomorrow. Onomonopia usually does two stories at a time. This story started today and the next chapter will be up Friday. Wolverine's story will start tomorrow and have its second chapter up on Saturday. Both stories will follow this pattern until complete.

Another adventure awaits!!!!

Hey Ono, do you take suggestions? If so, I have a few:

*Batwoman, AKA Cassandra Cain, possibly bring in her wife for the ride
*Jon Stewart, the....second, or third modern Green Lantern
*Green Arrow
*Red Hood

I've already done John Stewart.

6969424 Really? Huh, I don´t recall reading that one. Jon is probably my favorite Lantern, probably because he´s the first one I saw, on Justice League. Though I like Hal, and Kyle...well, I´m not too well versed in his whole dealio. I do know, in Act of God, he wore the Green Lantern outfit for a few weeks after his ring stopped worked cause all people with superpowers, magic being the exception, lost them. Even though the Rings are technology if I recall

I know, I know, this isn't the same 'verse, but...I'm sorry, there's only version of Hades that I'll be able to picture in my head:

FINALLY! Been waiting forEVER for this!:pinkiehappy:

6969476 I kept thinking that too! That Hades is best Hades.

6969193 I feel cheated and haz teh sadz.

Wonder Woman will do..*sniffle*

6969724 Dude, don't be an ass. As Badninja said, this is probably the second of his usual 2 stories at once, like last time. The other one will be up soon.

6969243 Wonder Woman is like the Female equivalent to superman seeing how she's just as powerful and a big inspiration as well.

I am interested to see this play out...

A Wonder Woman story, by the best superhero author on this site? Count me in!

Oh, that dream that Sunset Shimmer had...gee, I wonder who told her that she's going to fail to save her friends and the world?

Ah, Hades. I'm sure that he has some secret agenda that he is using Wonder Woman for, magic lasso or no magic lasso. He probably knew exactly how to work around that truth magic, via the words he chose to use in response. And we won't even know until the Elements of Harmony have been obtained just what that is.

By the way, you've got a typo.

Her red and blue outfit was covered in the saliva of Hades the guard dog,

Since when was Hades his own guard dog? I'm pretty sure that's supposed to be Cerberus.

Is this post-Friendship Games?

First actual hero-from-the-start, anyhow. Trixie and Batmare needed to grow into the role first.

Okay, can't wait for the end so I can see how Hades tries to fuck over Diana, my money is that he's going to expand the Underworld, to the mortal world.

Also, before you get any ideas, I'm looking forward to the ride even more to the attempted screw-over.

Yes! Wonder Woman is Here!:pinkiehappy:

I wonder how many pants will be darkened by the end of this fic.

And...here...we...go !

6969738 I said a funny. Don't take what I say seriously. It's not my fault your funny bone was not tickled.

6970023 Are you telling that Captain America is not a hero? Samurai Jack is not a hero? Hulk is not a hero? Robocop is not a hero? Shazam, Batman, Superman, Green Lantern... They are not hero?

We were on the topic of female heros.
Thus, Wonder Woman is the first female hero who was already a hero when we encountered them in the story.

The Silver Mare died a hero, Trixie and Batmare were both met well before they became heroes, this story is starting after Wonder Woman became a superhero.

6970480 Yeah, sorry quantum, I misunderstand what you wanted to say.


that about sums up how i feel

let it be known the cmc shout it's dragon powered

That's alright. Thanks for the apology.

6970109 Hopefully none of them since we're following Wonder Woman and not Bonkers Betty.

Show of hands. Who wants to see Bonkers Betty and Crazy Steve get Sonic Rainboomed?

hmmm very interesting. cannot wait to see where this one will go.

Better yet I wish to see Bonkers Betty and Crazy Steve get beat up by WW and Batman for besmirching their images.

Well this just got interesting... Wonder what she sensed...

Five buck says Fluttershy is the first student.

PS: if Discord and Zecora aren't teachers here, I am going to sulk slightly.

She sensed one of the girls pony-up, surely it was rainbow dash with pinkie or Applejack, or hust her alone.

and so the plot begins to thicken. you have definitely got my interest so far

So Celestia is seen as a fool. As a human I would agree but I bet Princess Celestia would own Hades. Nice chapter I hope she gets to meet Sunset very soon.

6976264 Ha! Was that pun intentional or not?


That clip is useful for so many applications.

I thought for sure the cowboy hat gave it away.

You've...got some typos in this chapter.

So took in a deep breath

Should be she took in a deep breath.

Her angel was perfect

What angel? If she was taking flight, it should probably have been angle.

"I have a question for you Diana. "Why do want to teach here?

Whoops! Extra quotation mark!

So Hades wanted Diana to be a teacher. That kind of makes sense, since she would be in a good position to search for the Elements of Harmony.

Nice to see that Athena, at least, knew something was up and decided to assist Diana. Too bad those other gods simply don't have the common sense to care, in spite of how things have gone before when Hades obtained an artifact of great magical power!

O.o Looks like Sunset really hasn't been able to get a lot of sleep at night for a while now, if Diana's encounter with her was any indication. The poor girl's completely exhausted! I hope it doesn't take long for Diana to realize that no mortal method can help with this.

If they are then I have a feeling that Hades has something to make either of them indisposed.

6976957 may the pun be strong with you

I think Wonder Woman becoming Sunset's mentor would be very interesting. It would be cool if Sunset could learn fighting moves.

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