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He has faced the impossible...and failed against the impossible. He has had the chance to return to his home, only to sacrifice the chance for the sake of others. He is the prince of a fallen kingdom who has given everything to make up for the past. But now the samurai's journey takes him to a land of peace and friendship, where he has one more chance to make it back to the past. One more chance to undo the future that is Aku.

Written after season four. And yes, Jack will be a pony. In the past crossovers I've kept them as humans and for this one I wanted to try something different.

I own nothing.

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Going to be interesting to see how you do human turned pony. Usually not a fan of them as much, but I know you're going to do this great as with your other stuff :twilightsmile:

man, I haven't seen Samurai jack in ages. I can barely remember what the story was about. But who cares, I'm reading this!




(Bangs head on table) Good story, it really is, but I find it sad that I'm already complaining about Rarity. Of all ponies, aside from Twilight, she should know what the hell a kimono is. I mean, seriously, it was a fashion thing, and, as the resident fashion mare, she should know that!

"Written after season four. And yes, Jack will be a pony. In the past crossovers I've kept them as humans and for this one I wanted to try something different."

Oh boy! I think this vid adequately captures my reaction and the reaction of quite a few readers:

So far I have only seen one Samurai Jack crossover. Now we have a new one made by crossover master. Well done good sir.
Though does the author have read the comic one? From that comic we will know will Jack return back or not. Though that one episode on TV series did show what is his fate is.

Also, here else here called it that Applejack was gonna be a main character featured in the character list for this story?

Let's do this, fuckboys

"They call me...Jack."

Women's reactions:


Maybe it's too obscure even for her... as weird as that is considering how gaudy her costumes have been in the past.


Yeah! Let's jump good on those queers who are obviously gonna put Applejack's life in danger on her trip and who Jack is obviously gonna save her from!


Read my post below yours that has the intro. Samurai Jack was one of those shows where the intro PERFECTLY captured what the show was about. Not as good as Avatar The Last Airbender's, but pretty close.


Yeah, plus, it's not the weirdest thing Jack has been transformed into. I mean, crap, he was turned into a chicken once! A chicken! At least horses are mammals... though, he could manipulate things almost like a human when he was chicken and still only had two legs to work with. But still!

Just got done reading the first chapter. I am impressed. I've read some of your other works like the first one being A Survivors Guide to Equestria. I expect great things from this fic. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!


SOME! Nigga, please! You ain't an Onomon fan until you've read the MAJORITY of his bibliography... even if you're like me and never did read Her Father's Daughter and For Her Mistakes for some weird reason. :P


Oh! I get it! It's a Katana! I had to look at it from like, ten different angles, but I see it now!

My reaction to Applebloom being Dorothy and Winona being toto.


Would you say that you're, excited? As in, so excited?


Not just a new Samurai Jack fic, but a new samurai jack fic with:



And Samurai Jack likes to run really, really, fast, as these bounty hunters demonstrated with their lives.


If only we could have had Flutter the Pooh.

Did enjoy that episode a lot

6531874 yeah the one Onomato used as a break was bugging me because of the text sizing.


He was using one as a break? Huh. Didn't notice. Let me check.

EDIT: Found it! And yeah, I agree... yours was better. It looks more Katana-y.

Gotta get back
Back to the past
Samurai Jack
Watch out
Gotta get back
Back to the past
Samurai Jack
Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack Jack

Thank you so much for this story.


The one with the speed advantage, since Jack's sword can cleave through that dirty, bland, generic, and hilariously badly written and acted animoo knock-off that Hideous Kojima's puerile and pedestrian imagination came up and, admittedly, Raiden's sword could obviously cut through Jack even without his ridiculous (in the context of the Metal Gear Universe) super-strength, though, if Raiden and Jack's sword clash, Raiden's sword is going to get cut the fuck in half, and unless Raiden manages to get away from Jack's sword in time, he's going to get cut in half and his body parts are going to be used as Kenshiro's portable toilet in the wasteland in between him going ATATATATATATATATATAATATA!

So, yeah. Since they both could one-shot each other do matter how durable they are, whoever is faster wins.


One of the few good things Will I Am ever made.


Yes, Onomon, thank you. You are LITERALLY the first person to write AND FINISH a Samurai Jack story of considerable length.

does this tie in the your other stories or is it a standalone one?

And yes, Jack will be a pony.


... * Starts reading it.*

To be fair, I have nothing against ponification as long as there is a good reason for it.


This shall be brilliant.

Ok. Finished reading, two things.


he was wearing sandals

They are called geta(s).


They may not be trusting of one who looks like you.

I don't like this reason for the ponification, but I think that most of my dislike of this stems from knowing Jack's personality and how unlikely he is to cause trouble. Meaning that the Main Six or the CMC would have approached him, discover that he has no ill intentions and would convince the town that he is fine.

Glorious, noble Jack in the land of friendship and harmony, i can't wait to see how it will turn out!


No, Mr. Nihongophile, they're called sandals. It's the author's prerogative whether to describe what kind of sandals they are or not to describe what kind of sandals they are.

Your second point, however, does make a ton more sense and is both a valid AND sound criticism of this particular plot point. Why the heck would the ponies be so distrusting of Jack, especially since Jack, though as shrewd as a serpent, is as kind and tame as a dove, especially amongst obviously innocent and good creatures as the ponies. Perhaps, though, the reasoning is really primarily some other thing, perhaps a character development thing, that would be accomplished best by turning Jack into a pony.


For the bad guys?

I refer you to my vid of Jack performing a speed feet that leaves Raiden in the dust:


So simple curiosity when I was typing that comment makes me a Nihongophile?

I would never have called Jack's shoes "sandals" simple because to me all sandals are flat on the bottom. I might have called them clogs now that I think about it, but when I was typing my comment that never came to mind so I decided to look up what they were.


No, the fact that you were acting like a duck and quacking like one made me, reasonable so considering how Pocky munchers act, mistake for one, and the fact that you're complaining about it even though you should have known better makes you an annoying baby who probably still draws on the ceiling because you were raised in a barn and weren't taught any better. Also, your mother wears army boots.

Also, from wikipedia:

"They are a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base held onto the foot with a fabric thong to keep the foot well above the ground."

Check. And. Mate.

For some reason, I can't get past the whole being turned into a pony ordeal...
Don't you think a samurai trained in the art of the sword would really be handicapped by being turned into a pony?
Other then that, this story is really swell, I won't favorite it, but I will give it a well deserved thumbs up :moustache:

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