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The Green Lanterns, guardians of all life in the galaxy. Hal Jorden, Kyle Rayner and John Stewart are some of the most well known Green Lanterns to this day. But there are many Lanterns out there, each with their own story to tell. This is the story of a dragon who gained the power of a Lantern and how he grew from a simple housekeeper to a hero that would one day fight the greatest of evils. But green is not the only color that is in Equestria at this time. For just as there will be the brighest of days...there must also be the blackest of nights.

Due to the many different stories and different ways the powers can be interpreted, I will be doing my favorite versions of the powers.


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GREEN LANTERN! YESSS! I love you so much...

GL's gettin' some love here? I'm so on this.

So you picked Spike. Interesting. Anyway, you mentioned other rings being drawn towards the planet. Were there only the four or were there more than that? I'm not sure how Green Lantern rings work, but I would think that with a massive space battle above the planet that more than four rings would find their way to the surface in search of new bearers.

*sees that it's Green Lantern*

Instant fave!:rainbowdetermined2:

Spike is the Green Lantern? That's one we should of saw coming. Sweetie Belles' role can be a multitude of things, but I'll figure her role out eventually. Twilight is going to pissed she lost a chance to read the biggest book in the universe (aka: the Book of Oa).

please continue to make awesome crossovers till the end of time:fluttercry: that is all:derpytongue2:

You would think Spike fall under the category of
being a Orange Lantern. :rainbowhuh::trixieshiftleft:

Well, this is shaping up to be quite the story. Not only is Green Lantern at the core, but this time, it's Spike who gets to be the hero.

Of course, he's probably not going to even be able to try the secret identity routine. After all, how many dragons his age are seen anywhere in Equestria?

4296333 Well, I think I know what role Sweetie Belle's going to get. After all, a blue ring was also mentioned falling to the surface of Equestria.

4296355 He was only in a state where that ring would have chosen him for one episode, so no.

Looking good... looking real good :twilightsmile: Can't wait for more.

Spike is GL? This story just began and you have gotten my full attention.

Teach me your secrets.

Why would you expect hate for this; this is awesome! I'll admit that I did not see Spike coming as a choice for a Green Lantern, but this curve ball makes the story even better already. He finally gets a chance to be the hero that he has always wanted to be and if he is the final choice for the Silver Mare League, I will be ecstatic. :moustache:

On another note, I thought only those wielding the ring of love could reject their rings. I may be wrong since I don't keep up with the comics, but I was fairly sure of this element. I am not complaining, just wondering out loud.

4296370 I disagree, she's going to be a red lantern. As shown by the foreshadowing of raging at Diamond Tiara, which added absolutely nothing to the story except as a reason for the red ring to choose her and for a moral crisis of whether Sweetie should take vengeance on DT.


"Some ponies just like to watch others suffer," Twilight said with a shrug. "Some ponies are just bad."

Yes Twilight, some ponies are just born evil. Zero chance of ponies like Sombra being corrupted by dark magic, or Chrysalis being raised in an environment where ponies are looked down upon, like how humans look down upon flies. Nothing to due with how they were raised or any traumas.

Also, looking at the tags in hopes of guessing who gets what ring, I see Owliscous. That would probably be the last character I'd expect to get a ring. And are you seriously using Sombra as a villain again? (That's rhetorical, since you already said in your Trixie story that there's only one good Sombra, and this ain't him).

4296403 He expected hate because of the pairings of rings to ponies. For example, some people will rage when Sweetie Belle gets a red ring. And he already said that since lantern rules are constantly being changed, he's choosing his favorite rules to use.

4296428 ...Sweetie Belle a Red Lantern? I would not have made the connection between her hate of Diamond Tiara and the red ring until you pointed it out, but that would make for a more interesting story element. Not only would she hate Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon for their constant teasing, but she may also show hate towards the adults who, in her eyes, don't seem to do much to try and stop it from happening.

Also, I don't know if Owlowiscious will actually be a ring bearer or not, but I do see him being more of a conscious for Spike as he gets used to his new role as a Green Lantern.

Okay, I'm liking it so far. Spike's in for a big shock tommorrow. It's time for the dragon to be the hero.


First, if you're using one moment where Sweetie Belle was overcome by her emotions due to excessive bullying as a basis, by that logic it would make more sense for Spike to have been chosen by an orange ring. Remember Secret of My Excess? Of course, it's possible that we're both wrong, but unless Sweetie Belle is overcome by anger on a regular basis in this story, I'm not going to believe your theory unless I see it actually happen.

What's more, how many times have we seen one of the characters close to the Elements be portrayed in a villainous light? Once, in Whenever You Call, and only because Celestia was under one type of mind control or another for most of that fic.

Second, it's possible for some characters to be mean without anything that could be viewed as a Freudian Excuse. Just look at Diamond Tiara, the pony Spike and Twilight were talking about in the first place.


In future, I would suggest you be careful what blades you try to use on others in this manner, because at best, you'll find them too dull to wound your opponent, and at worst they might betray you, like a double-edged sword.

However, I feel that instead of wasting time and energy in a pointless debate when it's possible we might both be wrong, it would be smarter to wait and see what twists and turns Onomonopia has in store for us with this story. That way, whoever is correct can let the evidence do the talking for them.

So if Spike is Green Lantern and Scootaloo is Batmare on this coming Silver League, I have to wonder what Captain Marvel is gonna think when he sees two radically different version of of his friends.
Keep up the good work :pinkiehappy:

I can't help but wish for a one shot chapter showing just how Twilight would have used the ring and how powerful she'd be with it and being an Alicorn.

But Spike is a great second choice, I can't wait to see him in action. Sombra I can see getting either of the red or yellow rings... can't wait to see which.

4296565 All your arguments are flawed.

1. I'm not basing it off of Sweetie Belle's bullying in the show, I agree that would be stupid. No, I'm basing it off her bullying in this fic. If I'm right, then it's a great piece of foreshadowing. If I'm wrong, then it's a bad way to set up that some ponies are fundamentally evil.

2. The author not using close friends of the Mane Six as villains very often only strengthens my point. He's trying something original so the readers do not get bored by him rehashing the some plot several times. Although he still is rehashing the same plot of Sombra being a villain, so maybe I'm wrong about him being against using the same plot multiple times.

3. I don't actually understand your sword metaphor.

4. I'm never wrong. :raritywink:

4296748 1. You lack any incontrovertible proof to support your argument. Without evidence, you cannot hope to possibly judge something correctly.

2. I, for one, think it is a little too soon to accurately judge whether or not the plot of this story will be anything like his previous works.

3. You obviously haven't played Phoenix Wright: Dual Destinies, where Prosecutor Simon Blackquill, also known as the Twisted Samurai, is almost constantly using sword metaphors when talking about the case that the defense is making.

4. Those are bold words, but the sad truth is that everyone is wrong at least once in their life. Therefore, I feel that by saying that, you're either denying one of the truths of life, or you're just being a troll. Either way, I have a feeling you're setting yourself up to be proven wrong on a massive scale.

4296533 Wait... Didn't the ring go to twilight? Would a ring even work on a pony? Is sweetie getting a ring, or is this just spike? Why am I asking you this?

4296810 1 and 2: We can go no further on these points until more information is presented.
3. I've been meaning to play more Pheonix Wright, but my iPod crashes a lot.
4. I'd be pretty damn happy if this argument was the one time I was wrong in my life.

4296862 Well, Dual Destinies is actually exclusive to the Nintendo 3DS, although you can only get it by downloading it from the Nintendo eShop.

4296846 It did but the ring thought that she didn't want it and ran out of power. When Spike picked it up it scanned him and though he had a lot of potential.

Maybe on their horns but unless they can get bigger and put on their hooves I doubt it.

Maybe since three other kinds of rings went to Equestria as well.

And I don't know.

And apparently the rings forgot that beings need sleep..and that disturbing said beings means they make rash decisions. but its a interesting direction still, I wonder what will happen

The Green suit is made of the same material as Clark's glasses.

HE'S JUST TOO MUCH DAMN FUN TO WRITE!:rainbowlaugh: Oh, you'll see why.

4297158 I see.

Could you help jeray2000 and I settle who's right about Sweetie Belle's role in this? Because he thinks, just because in her first appearance she was in a bad mood, that she's going to get a red ring, while I'm hoping she gets a blue ring. And yes, that pun was totally intentional.

4297164 As long as you aren't make him the villain in the Me and Mr. B story. Unless if this Sombra somehow has the ability to switch between dimensions, and the exact same Sombra is the villain in both stories, but no one besides the Silver Mare knows it and she decides to go back to be ominous. That'd be pretty epic.
Speaking of the Silver Mare, when did she decide from speaking a couple times a story in a very ominous manner to only one character as to avoid detection from Teth, to communicating with multiple characters every chapter and directly assisting in combat?

Which combat story are you talking about? She's fought in a few.

I don't want to spoil the future chapters, but the answer will be clear in the future. Very clear. No room for doubt.

Awesome, it feels just like when Whenever you Call and The Strongest There Is were posted on the same day!

Yellow spider leg constructs...? Aw man, I'm really hoping that that battle was not Sinestro and Hal. I guess we'll find out, since Spike is probably going to have to attend that "Orientation" thing. Kilowog should train him. :raritywink:

Heh. Betting that GL Spike and Captain Marvel will still get along when they meet. Some things never change, regardless of dimension.

:ajbemused: Sombra is going to wield Fear now, isn't he? Darn it.

Spike as a Green Lantern. Hmmmmm. Sounds interesting.

4297247 I refuse your statement of 'no room for doubt'. Even if you give the red ring to Sombra and the blue ring to Sweetie then end the story, I will stubbornly cling to my argument and say you're going to write a sequel where Sweetie gets the red ring, even when you specially state there will be no sequel.

That is fine. And I maaaaaaayyyyyyyy do a sequel. Very far in the future though. Not certain. Much room for doubt.

I would've completely but out the scene where it tried to be twi's ring, but regardless, it was a good read for what it turned out to be so far

In my opinion, if this story is going to be mainly about Spike as a Green Lantern then you probably shouldn't have Twilight as the ring's first choice. Also, considering the fact Twilight pointed out that she has royal duties to attend to now, the idea of the ring choosing her over Spike probably won't help your story very well, I'm not saying that Twilight is weak willed but it's just that she already has a duty to her subjects and can't be both a princess and a Green Lantern so it's almost pointless to have the scene I just mentioned, but I'm not your editor so I'm not going to gripe about what I don't like unless I'm being constructive about it.

There is hope and potential for this one, I can feel it. My decision is made: I'm so watching this

Ok, now that I've full read the chapter. I got a few questions.

1. Asshole/Dumbass/Wrong Genre Savvy Smurf (aka the Guardians of the Universe) will get what's coming to them, right?
2. Is Spike a poozer?
and 3. Ion is going to show up, isn't he?

I found this to be a pleasant surprise today. I have a particular love of Green Lantern, so this will be interesting to read through in greater detail when I have the time. Though I'd like to offer a bit of advice.

The first part of your story involves several very long paragraphs in a row. I'd try to break up those paragraphs a bit more. As far as writing mechanics it is recommended to alternate between long and short paragraphs to avoid tiring the reader from continuous long paragraphs, and to also avoid looking like a five paragraph essay with short ones.

I don't really mind Spike as a choice, though it is certainly different. Personally I too would have picked him for the Orange Corps, but not because he is greedy, sort of. While Spike has definite problems with greed, he has been staying away from feeling particularly greedy. So if an orange ring were in active search mode, I'm not sure Spike would register as an attractive target. And Larfleeze ensures all the rings made by his Lantern are NOT in active search mode. Now if Spike were to just find a ring that's different, since the orange light is addicting and would emphasize his weakness to greed.

As far as Twilight being too busy to be a GL, I'd like to mention Princess Iolande, a GL from Sector 1417 who runs her entire planet and yet still manages to serve, though she does have problems balancing the two jobs.

And as for the possibility that Sweetie Belle could be a Red Lantern in this, my only concern is believability. I get that she feels very angry about her bullies, but is that enough? Not every person that suddenly feels anger is a target for a red ring. It has to be extreme anger, anger and rage and red light strong enough to catch the attention of a ring.

As Kyle said of the green ring, the energy in the ring is multiplied by the user's willpower a million times over. The rings look for those with strengths of emotion strong enough to use them to their full potential, not every little blip. That's why all the RLs have backstories involving loss and murder, because that usually makes them angry enough to catch a ring's attention.

Still, I'll be interested to see where this goes.

HEY GUYS! I'm just a random Red Lantern fan boy here, but Sweetie can't not just turn into a Red Lantern because of bullying. MOST MAYBE ALL Red Lanterns become by great hate towards one or a group of people. For example, Rankorr is a human Red Lantern. He became one after witness the police brutally killing his brother. Rankorr let his rage take over and killed the police officer who killed his brother. Other events in his life that also trigger his rage was bullying. Bully can be a small reason for becoming Red Lantern.

There are other reasons to become Red Lantern, just look at Dexter the Cat, Guy Gardner, Bleez, and Atrocitus. WELL it's not my story so I can't do anything about it. Just remember that Red Lanterns cannot get near to love...they will die.

4297396 Answer me this. Does Sweetie Belle have a backstory that has caused her to feel intense amounts of anger her whole life? Because if you can't answer yes, the chances of her becoming a Red Lantern just because of one outburst are extremely slim.

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