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This story is a sequel to He Who Wields The Lightning


This may be my only chance to save them, if they can be saved. I pray that Celestia is not yet consumed by the power or that Luna has not completely given into her hatred yet. But they have put Equestria at war with itself. And then there's Black Adam...I know that I cannot save them, but hopefully my champions can. And if they cannot save them and attain their Elements...then we will all face destruction.

If you have not read my other stories you will be confused as heck. But don't let that stop you from diving on in. Warning. MAJOR multiverse. If you don't like that thing, odds are you won't like this.

Banner, Adam and Ryan will be in the spotlight more so than the other characters as they are the one's whose character arcs need finishing. That's just how this turned out.

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Hell Yeah here we go!

Edit: Wow of all the times to get first post it happens to be on the conclusion of the most epic series on FIMFiction.

Get ready because this is going to be fucking amazing!
I can already tell that Ryan is going to be my favourite of the group. Him being the 'underdog' of the group and his pessimistic attitude is going to make this just bloody fantastic. :rainbowlaugh:

Yes, all the yes, soooooo much yes!

I coulda swore batman and superman were supposed to be part of this

Heh, I've been waiting for this moment.

5626076 Lets see. I know who the hulk is, Batmare, Captain Marvel and Trixie. The others I don't have a clue about.

It begins, but will the lack of Mr Freeze cause problems? Who else can take his place? Will Ryan stop being an ass? (probably not)

I shall enjoy this...

Ryan is an OC depicting the last survivor in a Nuclear Apocalypse of the near future and Big Daddy is from the Bioshock games.

5626517 Mr. Freezes element seemed to be about letting go of his past and moving on with his life. Ryan has one hell of a past to overcome don't he?

I see. I got a lot of research to do.

5626076 You and me both, brother. *stares into the oncoming onslaught* Good day as any to die.:trollestia:

Is Hulk in Green Scar mode now? I hope we find out where Ryan has been, it sounds like he has been to a few reality's since we last left the ass. Why do I get the feeling that Mr. Bubbles knows Batmare is Scoots.

Finally, the epic conclusion to my favorite series on Fimfiction! :yay:

Welp. Time to go read the rest of those stories.

This is going to be magical.

And now we wait for next chapter of the epic conclusion... oh god the wait is so long go faster time

Hmm, I do wonder if the champions are going to figure out the truth about ryan?

So Celestia has her own 'Champions', Spike is clarly there, but Tinker and the others I do not recognise.

5632966 Going on a hunch here, but I think the staff wielder is Zecora.

Yep. Ryan's definitely the most interesting out of the group. But I wonder who the shadowy group was?

5632966 Tinker may be a ponified Marvel villain named The Tinkerer. From what I've seen it's similar personalities and way of speaking.

Eh...this story might not be updated every other day due to me making sure EVERYTHING in every chapter is correct. I will do my best though.

Eh, half and half. I tried to make it so that the individual stories explained why the characters are chosen to wield their Elements. But I will do my best to get their personalities and some of what happened to them across in this one.

5635347 Didnt think of that, perhaps this is a result of Adams universe jumping.

I'd sort of be surprised if Black Adam was using super villains to help him. Even though he is the villain, this whole thing is mostly born out of a misunderstanding, and Adam is trying to be a good guy. I wouldn't be too surprised if Adam ends up joining with our heroes to fight a greater evil in this story.

5636991 Even while defending Equestria in He Who Wields The Lightning, Black Adam turned to Lex Luthor for help. And that was when Equestria was relatively peaceful. Now, Lunas a traitor, the army are basically Dead Space engineers, and Celestia is falling down the rabbit hole of evil pretty badly. I'd say it's perfectly within reason for him to go to other villains for help.

I jut thought: What if they are all being played by this dark force? If all of them fought Adam and his team then the ensuing chaos might unleash this creature.

Banner catching on to Ryan. Luna going a little Nightmare. Banner pointing out that Adam's not as bad as cannon Adam. And more hints towards Ryans universe hopping antics. What are they gonna do? Friendship the Destruction to death?

I can't side with Luna at all. Celestia is helping black Adam turn good.

This version of Adam is different from Billy's Adam. In his mind, he does wish the best of the people he protects, but doing it all the wrong ways.

Why does this have a gore tag, but not a dark tag?

Reason is any blood or severe wounds count as "gore" such as when the Hulk break somepony's bones and I have to categorize it as such.

For starters I'm glad I was right about Sombra and Trixie. Next, character development with our champions and the CMC. Finally, Teth is as disillusioned as ever. I mean come on.

"But why would creation fight against us?"

"I know not."

Plus, thinking Captain Marvel is here to kill anyone is pretty dumb. (Understandable due to Teths hatred of him, I guess.)
With Celestia taking mysterious liquid, guessing it's Venom or something, I'm starting to think SHE may be this force of destruction. At the very least possessing her due to her rage and power-lust.
Either way, shit's going down and I can't wait to watch.

I should be routing for the six champions, but i'm actually routing for the evil unicorns that have the Sphere of destruction because i want that solar bitch and her fuck buddy to die horribly. so yeah GO BAD GUY'S!!!

what about have them have a MASSIVE "reason you suck speech" leaving them as sobbing whimpering wrecks?

Yeah, I know it's douchey and it's essentially rubbing their faces in it, but both Teth and Celestia deserve getting humiliated and their noses rubbed into it.
nah, its perfectly ok for them to do that.
.... i wonder if there is some way to give the m the penance stare?

This is not going to end well...

I find Starswirl's use of the word 'worthy' to be significant.
Darkseid seems like the most obvious choice. That Old God can pass for the force of destruction all on his own.

Totally called it!


They are all being played by the evil one, destructuion and death will unleash him on an unsuspecting world and chaos will fall in his wake! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :pinkiecrazy:

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