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A gamer for as long as I can remember, and always willing to help my friends; gamer or non gamer; Xbox, Playstation, or PC: if I can help, I will.

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A break from my Displaced and crossover fics. · 12:47am October 26th

It's as the title suggests. I'm taking a break from writing my Displaced stories. As of now, they aren't cancelled, so don't worry about it. I've just lost the drive for them right now is all. The same for my crossover fics right now. Again, as of now, they are not cancelled, and I don't feel like putting every single one on hiatus right now. I'll still be writing-right now, a rewrite of my Shadow Guard story to be more an origin story for my main OC is looking like it'll be the main thing.

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2411405 'Course. If you need an editor, let me know.

2411050 A few.
1:Plan out the major points. Believe me, it'll help out.
2:Don't do something cool just because it'l be cool. Sometimes, practical is the best thing in a story.
3:If possible, go through the show, watch a few episodes that focus on the characters if they're canon characters, and study how they act. It'll help write them.

i'm going to write a story is there any tips you could give me?:applejackunsure:

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