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The Everfree is loaded with dangerous beasts and critters. From manticores that could end a life with one injection of its tail venom, to towering hydras that could swallow a pony whole.

To the ponies, this is a nightmarish land to never, ever set hoof in.

To a hunter, it is paradise.

When Fluttershy nearly gets mauled by another dangerous inhabitant of the Everfree, the deadliest, unknowing to him, ends up saving her from death. Fluttershy realizes too late, that the one who had saved her was nothing more than the kinds of people who she has the lowest of low opinion on.


And she has just met the most dangerous one of Equestria.

Crossover of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and League of Legends

Art credit to: dethfalcin.

Take caution when viewing comments in case of potential spoilers.

Chapters (25)
Comments ( 431 )

How dare you to come up with this do you know what you have done
Well this is going to be interesting. Great story so far too. But just the slightest of complaint is that there is not really an explanation as to why he got there or anything of the sort except Because Yes

Looking down at the scroll with his only one useful eye, the other covered with a leather eye binding,

Rengar has a special binding, probably with enchanted gem, what allows him to see as if his eye was not damaged.
This is pointless argument, if he is different version of Rengar, but I'm sure in Equestria he would have found an enchanter or artificer pretty easy.

6092688 Rengar in this fiction has separated himself from the ponies, as their customs range far differently than Rengar's. In short, he would mostly not bother himself with the ponies, or most of the species in Equestria.

But again, this fic will delve a bit more on that.

6092677 That will be addressed. Do not worry.


The jungle does not forgive blindness.

Good eyesight is pretty important for predator. Without one eye Rengar lost his sense of depth and has a giant blindzone on his left side.
A good hunter like him shall know this and zealously pursuit returning his left eye's functionality to get back his hunting potential.

6093128 That is true. I will need to make some adjustments.

Anyways, thank you for your time and critisism. It is greatly appreciated.

6093128 Talk about being blind to Lee Sin. Then again, wards do save lives. :P

6094393 Let's not turn this into a Lee Sin Jokefest.

6094720 League of Legends, The picture shows Rengar

Let's see what you can make out of this. You peaked my interest. :twilightsmile:

6094720 So sorry, I should have made that more clear.

Never played League, but I'm curious to see how this'll go. Good work so far!

Being who he is I'm hoping he'll treat her broken wing. I've tried playing League of Legends but the noob trollers just don't give a break. Worthless punks.

Knowing the rest of the mane 6(mainly Rainbow Dash), they'll jump conclusions, try and "rescue" Fluttershy, which will ether get them killed or sent to the emergency room. Cause really in a fight who would win? The leagues greatest hunter who can match strength with a creature from the void, or 6 candy colored ponies who have never taken a life or been in a REAL fight?

6096948 "League of Legends? I laugh out loud at League of Legends"?

Well, I thank you for your comment on Tonight, We Hunt.

Keep on Renko Ganko-ing.


6096501 Don't worry. All Summoners have been disconnected in this fic.

Nice update. Rengar seems to be quite the interesting character. I look forward to reading the future interactions between the hunter and the caretaker. Got a few things to nitpick at, though.

I think Fluttershy warmed up to Rengar a bit too quickly, with not much explanation behind it. I mean, sure, they have some degree of common ground, but their respective dispositions toward animals completely contradict each other. Last chapter, Fluttershy kept finding reasons to dislike him even more than she initially did, and now she seems to like him on the grounds that he knows about animals, he doesn't kill entirely for sport, and that he's sapient?

I dunno, the characterization just seems a bit rushed, in my opinion.

The same low growl that had come from the lion that slew the cargadile had come in front of her.

"Care for some? I heard that cradadile alphas taste fantastic this time of year!"

Two misspellings of cragadile here, just saw it fit to point out.

Also, try not to reach too far for "complex-sounding" words, for risk of the sentence sounding a bit forced. My reason for saying this is that some of your word choices come off as a bit strange at times (I would know, I often word things strangely in my stories as well, no matter how hard I try to refrain from doing it). What I usually do is imagine the character's voice in my head, and read what I wrote in their voice, to see if it sounds natural. Works like a charm when writing Pinkie. :pinkiesmile:

"I will fulfill my promise to you. Here's a little diddy one of my friends taught me:"

I think you mean ditty?

Anyway, that's pretty much the bulk of my feedback on this story as of now. I hope I didn't sound patronizing at any point. I like this story so far, keep it up! :yay:

6099098 Thanks for your comment. The tricky thing about the dialouge was that the further I drew it out, the "deeper" complexity that Rengar would dig himself into, until the dialouge would eventually make no sense the direction it was going.

In complete honestly, dialogue isn't too much of my strong suit. :fluttershyouch:



I think Fluttershy trying to be friends with Rengar happened WAY to quickly, espessially after finding out he killed the manticore she tamed. Polar opposites like them can't just be friends just like that, that kind of thing needs time and character development to actually work.

6099523 Thanks for your input. I will have to revise that chapter, but "unrushing" things is something rather difficult for me to do.

6099572 Your doing great just don't rush things, because relatively even though it's been 3 chapters, in your story's time, Fluttershy just met Rengar in less then a day. Someone as innocent and against violence as her wouldn't want to be friends with someone they just met, espessially if that person takes pride in something that's she's against.

Well I think Fluttershy is about to learn just how true hunters are. Being one I understand Rengar in many ways.

Definitely not a bad start. It's well written, and the plot has plenty of potential. Just remember to not rush the story development. I think Fluttershy warmed up to Rengar a little too quickly. Maybe if you kept them at this sort of verbal conflict for a little longer, you could remedy it.

A great beginning, keep it up!


Dolores -<)-

6100680 Don't worry, certain things will be explained in the next chapter.

Thank you so much for checking out my latest fiction.

And yeah...regarding the rushing, I'm a bit out of practice with development...:twilightsheepish:



I think your rushing things again, instead of telling them completely about Rengar. She could just say she couldn't see what he fully looked like, or where his lair is, just that she promised not to reveal him to anyone. This way she doesn't completely break her promise to him.
Now that's out of the way, I got a strange feeling that Celestia will find out about him 1 way or another, and her paranoia will send her guards to fetch him. Rengar will naturally beat and fatally wound them, but not kill them, and leave 1 speared to tell Celestia that he WILL kill that next batch of guards she sends after him.

6107714 Jesus...I can't keep a good pace in this story.

6108267 Sure it will.


I think.

Probably not.

Well this just got in the "oh crap" level of things. Shouldn't be to bad. Rengar does have a level head.

Rengar fanfic..... so much yes :rainbowkiss:
Rengar my favorite champion. :derpytongue2:

A white blur flashed out of a tree, combining and mixture of a white mane and grey armor. Fluttershy managed to catch a glimpse of the figure as it leaped out of one of her planted trees.

The tiny trees areally considered a bush. Rengar passive is activated. :rainbowlaugh:

6110176 You could say that...

Rengar ganked the cragadile.

In case people wants an overview to Rengar. This is a perfect summary

Nice story.
But if Rengar does not hold on to his wow, I WILL be slightly more than mildly upset. As he is, he is a honorable cat. Without a good reason he won't just go against what he said...
tl,dr:Rengar kill/maim pony=> I like

When is the next one pleeeeeeaaaaaaassssssseeeeee this is the first LoL story I saw and thanks to you this is the only LoL character I like

And the hunt continues...

having her life saved by some mystery stalion

Stallion, there are some other mistakes but this one I feel needed the most attention.
And does Twilight and Fluttershy REALLY think they can take on someone like Rengar, are they THAT ignorant/arrogant? What are they even gonna do, use the Elements of Harmony? Rengar may kill animals but he's not exactly "evil".

6226415 The Elements of Harmony have the power of multiple forms of imprisonment, such as petrification and banishment. Of course, they don't know about Rengar's past with the League of Legends, so I would feel that with six of the most influential and with combined strength, powerful ponies existing right now, that they would be able to take on one lion.

But of course, they would be wrong with their assumptions.

As for Rengar killing animals, of course he's not evil, but remember that the law was recorded saying animals in the Everfree Forest are indeed endangered, though that may not be true anymore. Therefore, punishment should still be inflicted.

And...whoops. Sorry about the spelling error, I shall get to that.

Thank you for your time and dedication to help me improve.


The thrill of the hunt...

New Quest:
The Hunt Is On!

6226809 Thank god this isn't a Ranked Game.

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