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Equestria has seen their fair share of dangers and threats made to their land by gigantic monsters and power-crazy lunatics. From all of these threats, the Elements of Harmony have been at the ready to combat them through the unbreakable bonds of the magic of friendship.

However, a new enemy bearing incredibly lethal weapons threatens to leave the Elements helpless against unprecedented violence. When one Element and two others are taken hostage, a group of elite soldiers contact Princess Celestia to offer assistance. They're professional and more than capable, but Celestia fears they may have ulterior motives. Not to mention, there's the fact that they come from another world.

Proofread and edited by: totallynotabrony

Rainbow Six belongs to Tom Clancy, Rainbow Six: Siege belongs to Ubisoft/Tom Clancy, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic belongs to Hasbro.

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Yes, someone is making a Rainbow Six Siege fic again!

7189793 Really? I thought I was the first.

Darn it.

You have my attention.

7190322 I hope I can keep it. :raritywink:

Oh, this is genius! :rainbowkiss:

7191644 A BUH.


You're here. On my story.

First totallynotabrony, and now you.

This is a dream come true.

Thank you all so much.

7191733 Haha, that's so adorable! :heart:

You're welcome, but hey! You deserved it!

If Tachanka is in this though I might be upset.

Hmmmm... I'll track and see where this goes.

Disappointment would be ill-advised:pinkiecrazy:

7191737 Tachanka is the best operator in the entire game and holds great strategical value to his team and is not at all a burden or countered by all attacking operators.

Why wouldn't he be?

I'm a Tachanka main. I'm not kidding. I'm so sorry.


>not choking people out with Smoke
>not 1v1ing Glaz with your OP SAS smg


Ever noticed that Smoke defies the Geneva convention by using chemical weapons meant to kill other human beings?

7192348 Nah man we're the good guys whatever.


>not staring at IQ's butt as you climb a ladder

>not groaning when it's a map other than House

>not headshotting Blitz in the earmuff

>not sniping a Glaz with Frost's shotgun


>not laying down Welcome Mats around the hostage

>not liking House


>not killing a downed enemy by placing barbed wire around and electrocuting him

>not kicking a guy down when you swing through a window

>not using your Nitro Cell as a pocket nuke


You haven't lived unless you main Sledge and bash heads and nuts with your hammer of justice. The sound is so beautiful.

7192479 Or if you put Thatcher's balls in their face.

a good chapter. :moustache:

7203139 Plenty more will come.

Great chapter, this story has been absolutely amazing so far and I hope you can keep updating.

That threat was unnecessary, Ding only used it to intimidate in the book, and even if he was seriously thinking that, he would not say it out loud.

I'm currently happy with this story, but i fear it will follow the other one, and repeat too much book dialog, and stuff that try to remind us of the book.
I'm going give you a link to the story, so you'll know what i mean. http://www.fimfiction.net/story/129646/1/rainbow-six/the-memo

7206764 I've never even heard of this other fic, but I get your concerns.

Which threat? Could you please quote it?

7206757 I'm very glad to hear that. :heart:

7206814 This one: "I would like to personally go down to that private island he’s living in right now and cut his balls off."
It's an unnecessary throwback, that's in this situation inappropriate and/or out of character. No-one in a ctu, at least in this age will probably say that in front of his comrades.

7207028 Though Ding threatened an IRA guy right in front of Clark in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six and actually came close to removing his valued private part in front of him.

I can understand your concern, though.


> not telling the enemy team "I'm gonna do it" then jump off of the roof

7207076 I didn't understand he actually considered it.

7207238 Nope. He literally had his knife on his junk and was REALLY close to cutting it off had it not been for Clark telling him to stop.

I'm talking to my editor on this matter.

Welp... Good to see the guards are as useless as ever...

What an interesting kind of crossover.Rainbow Six Siege and MLP...keep up the work.:pinkiehappy:

7214991 Be prepared to see more soon.



YES! :rainbowkiss:

Keep doing what you're doing, it's great!

7224921 It's going to get even sweeter.

...we need some buck and frost up in this bitch!

Are the rest of the team going to join? Kapkan is going to have a fun time hunting White Masks and their pony allies.

I. Am. Loving. This. Keep it coming!

I saw a couple of errors down at the bottom where I didn't get to review.

7226028 Shoot me a PM. I'll reopen editing.

7225759 Expect most, if not all team members to at least make an appearance.

7227152 Expect less than a week.





Please tell me I'm going to see more operatives from Rainbow Team storm into Equestria with the three already there :rainbowwild:

Excellent... we finally get to see these bastards taken down...:pinkiecrazy:

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