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It is 1918. The Allies have defeated the Central Powers and now US marines and US army troops are being sent to Germany for occupation duty. Among them are the men of B company, 1st Battalion, 5th Marine Regiment. Gunnery Sergeant Nathan Blackburn has seen the war through from beginning to finish and is relieved it is over. But when a strange cloud transports him and his comrades to a strange new land where they themselves have taken on strange new appearances, Blackburn soon realizes that his fight is far from over.

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please do more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

fav cause i love anything that has to do with the world wars

pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze work on this more (but no rush (don't want story erors the sise of equestrian)I tried rushing a story once......I still have nightmares)anyway cant wait for more

5683068 I do too wana be friendsss?????????????????????????????????????????????????/

If y'all like world war 1 and 2 related story's, then give mine a try.:ajsmug:

Eh, things go a little too fast for my taste. Also, the language feels a tad off for the time period. A few minor grammar problems here and there, also some redundancy.

What the bloody hell are those marine pansies doing in Deutschland? I understand the Army as expendable as they're but the fricking navy? Come on dude, even at that why the MURICANS? France or Brittany would be better suited for occupation duties. That or have Rip van winkle rek them! Or the major give a war speech.


The marines were used for occupation in the Rhineland area until July 1919. I'm sure in other areas of Germany there were british and french occupation forces


I chose the marines pov because my grandfather's father was a marine gunnery sergeant during ww1

awesome story lol
I don't critisise (beacause I suck at it) cant wait for the next part! :) :) :)

I recommend you go revise the writing a couple of times before uploading. Nothing wrong with the story, just small things like grammar.

fuck! reading stories like this is like drugs to me! :pinkiecrazy:

Doughboys in Equestria huh? Lets see were this goes.:rainbowdetermined2:

5857849 (doughboys?) oh and by the way amasing story but too many things to say in a comment lol (the second statement was more for the author)

5867096 doughboys was a slang term for American troops in WW1.

This story is awesome! When will the next ch b out

denoutaden, hummed that song all day, then tapped my shoulders when I read first chapters title, I liked it. Little generic with the intro to Ponyville, but still fun to read.

Very interesting. Seems quite detailed.

Remember that in the time period when this story is set, the US President wasn't limited to two terms.

Glad to know that their are others who knew that :twilightsmile: and excellent choice in using historical figures in this story great work can't wait to c what happens next.:pinkiehappy:

Nice chapter can't wait to read the next one

around her neck she wore a spiked dog collar
She wore it in the springtime, in the merry month of may
and if you asked her why the hell she wore it,
She wore it for that soldier who was in to whips and chains.

When I saw the title and read that it's in ww1, I couldn't help but think of this song.

The Rhineland Occupation following the Armistice. The "MURICANS" occupied the area around Coblenz until 1919 and the area was then added to the French Zone in 1923.

Wow Allan poor kid. happens sometimes ptsd is a bitch.:ajsleepy::fluttershysad:

Excellent chapter can't wait to read more.

6287146 Ya it to :ajsleepy: you never forget the look they give when it happens.:fluttercry::fluttershysad:

6287374 It is very tragic. In the British army,(and quite possibly in all the armies involved, the British army is the only one that I have heard of documented cases where this happened) would treat soldiers who showed signs and the affects of shell shock as cowards and even traitors and many of the victims were executed for cowardice in the face of the enemy or desertion. :pinkiesad2: It was a different time. I believe that the British government actually did grant official pardons to all those who were executed for those reasons however.

In the United states during the Vietnam war the soldiers sent their that were coming back were attacked by protesters and couldn't find jobs for them having served. I had an uncle who served in that war. Loud noises or certain words used in the same sentence he would freak out. Anyone who fights in a war will suffer some form of ptsd and shellshock. Not all scars are visible but their there you just need to know where to look. the eyes tell all.

5683928 Cause Marines just didn't have enough action after Belleau wood.

Major George Smith Patton, 301st Tank Battalion at your service your majesty.

Well damn. Caught my attention.

6288137 You know, two of my favorite fanfics on this site is called 'A Colt To Forget' and it's sequel 'A Colt Forgotten' (or A Forgotten Colt, can't remember), in the first or second chapter of AFC, there's a line that says why civilians don't understand serving men and their mental scarring. You should check it out.

6318697 I have lived my entire life around veterans I know why they are misunderstood its impossible to know what they went through, unless you have been through it as well. That is why I've always thanked and respected those who have served or are serving in the military.

we wore born in France in '17
in the hail of the first world war
with infantry and proud marines,
we bravely fought amidst the cannon's roar,
the warriors went across the Meuse and river Marne,
our name and our fame were won,
with heads held high as we go marching by,
and they called us second to none!acimg.auctivacommerce.com/imgdata/0/1/2/4/1/7/webimg/7938103.jpg

This story is like crack to me.

Keep up the fantabulous work, my friend. I'm also loving the attention to detail. Grammar is also improving hapter by chapter, so I don't think it's necesary to tell you to look at it! Really though, good work so far.

The ships are far out to sea by now, 'tis to be expected though.

Yep. I have plans :trixieshiftright:

But I don't plan on rushing it. For the moment they all will simply be friends. I'm not the kind of guy who deals with love at first sight married tomorrow type of stuff.

Hope you all are enjoying it though. :pinkiehappy:

I'm still happy my old unit is the one that ended up i n equestria. 2nd ID Second To None!

*sees in unread tracking list, immediately starts humming the song

You hope correctly. There's not a whole lot of stuff on fimfiction that tackle WW1 alone, even less so in an interesting way, so there's that.
Good on you!


If you are asking if the story is dead, I am working on the next chapter right now.:pinkiehappy:

the Lord is pleased

Might have glossed over it, but do any of them possess automatic weapons? (i.e. the Hotchkiss M1909 Benét–Mercié machine gun)

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