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This story is a sequel to The Wandering Star

1002 years ago, Nightmare Moon and Commander Bolt lead Equestria into a year long war which ravaged the lands and spread nothing but fear and pain to the ponies of Equestria. now, Princess Luna has returned to her life of leisure and peace... however her commander now lives his life with self pity and regret. With the weight of the world on his shudders, he hides his identity, ability, and past under rumors and speculation, hoping that the world will assume him dead, and leave him to live in peace. This lonely commander now finds a new home and new friend that make him forget his troubled past.
However, an ancient evil will soon return from its prison too... only this time, it wont be so peaceful for the survivors, of his last rein of death and destruction more than two millenniums ago. Now... the commander must set aside his pride and his anger for the crown. to try all he can to protect his former love... and his friends. when even the Elements of Harmony arn't enough. But what will happen to this broken heart... when his world is once again torn apart, from death and destruction.
(The Sequel to Tears of a Fallen Star and The Wandering Bolt)

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Comment posted by Flint Sparks deleted Oct 15th, 2013

Great work as always.


Thx :twilightsmile:
I can only hope it was worth the wait... but I can garentee, It will be awesome!

finally after all this time the continuation to a epic story :fluttercry::pinkiehappy:

Better make it as good or better than the first one or else !

i havint started reading yet this story is ware i go runing around the house and scream its here its here.:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

lol that was my first reaction when I posted it on DA. I immediately posted a journal saying ITS HERE ITS HERE! lol
hope you like it... so far I LOVE IT!!!

wooo for the 2ed time just finished chapter 1 i love it :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

you and me both... and that's only the beginning :raritywink:

Its Sombra isn't it :moustache: Also great job, when might the next update happen?:scootangel:

you'll just have to find out when it happens lol
from this point on ill have two parts to each chapter, what's happening with Star Bolt, and what's happening with the situation involving the princesses and the foretold disaster. either way don't expect anything because you never know what's to come until it arrives. this story is gonna be awesome. :twilightsmile:
next update will be very soon, I already sent ch 2 to the proofreader.
if you add the story to favorites then it will notify you when a chapter is added.

3357192 (exasperated sigh) ok.... also who where the farmers

the farmer and his wife were just random ponies. no real connection to the story other then instances prior to his interaction with the rest of the characters.

“Your majesty, is this new threat really as bad as you say.”

Should be a question mark there.


well that was unexpected:derpyderp2:

Well... I have officially just lost all doubt that Star Bolt will be fighting in some form as soon as the chapters reach the tens

Beautifully Executed chapter deserves a STACHE :moustache:

hope for more.

Um what's so bad about him he's helped alot of people from what they talked about at first so what's this secret she told spitfire

that will be answered later. stick around, its gonna get good :rainbowdetermined2:

Can not wait to see the shenanigens he gets into while in Ponyville.

nice plot im liking it pleas continue:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

that is all :moustache:

oh my gawd this is going to be awesome cant wait for chapter 4 :pinkiehappy:

I remember this from the preview you did on Devient Art.
As always, good work.

Imagine how different the movie Twister would have been if starbolt and rdash were there. :moustache:

I am always imearsed by the believable actions of the charecters in these fictional situations.
You are the best author I have ever read.

Thx, I was disappointed by this chapter, but it did cover the ground I needed for an increase in the stories plot. promise, the next few chapters will be interesting.

You don't need to bend over to try and impress me Priceless.
What you have been doing is good for my tastes and should have much more popularity then it has.

But that is what I like about you.
You are modest, and you go: "Oh, I did a bad job with this chapter, sorry guys."
But then us fans have to go: "No it is great! Get it into your thick head that your work is great and we enjoy it."
Just like how Star Bolt is with social interaction.

thx I appreciate it. :twilightsmile:
I did happen to find someone at Nightmare Night's this weekend that heard of this particular story which greatly increased my confidence. and im happy to not only you, but all my readers for your positive comments and words of inspiration. which is why I try as hard as i do to write my stories with such detail and clarity that can make it as good to the reader, as it is for me the writer.
Thx to everyone who has stuck with me this far. If you like this then I know the next wont disappoint, but ill still do my best to avoid that scenario. :raritywink:

good chapter man cant wait for the next one man

yay and d'aww discord so tuching:pinkiehappy:

You are a expert at the feels.

If this chapter was a weapon it would be a GAU-8 Avenger Gatling Gun with high explosive semi-armor piercing 30 × 173 mm 30mm ammunition, but instead of lead, it would have frozen lemon juice filled rock salt rounds soaked in Hydrogen Peroxide, and aimed right at the entire FEELS section of your body.I rate the chapter as a good 4/5 moustaches :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache: .

As always my special talent is to aim for that department. Thx :scootangel:

As we saw on the show, he does have a heart:heart:

you are a master at storytelling or a mistress I don't know but anyhow I give this chapter 5/5 mustaches and this story 5/5 pinkie grins

I love all of this.

This story along with it's prequels are incredible!

Looks like the crap is going to be hitting the fan really soon. And if the prologue is any indication. Star Bolt's spirit will have to endure trials far greater then the ones he experienced in his last war.

I can only hope that when it's all over. He will be able to settle down somewhere peaceful with his special somepony (who I'm really hoping is Roseluck) and maybe start a family.

thx im glade you like it so far. Star Bolt has pushed himself through quite a bit, but it isn't over yet so I hope you stick around for whats to come. :twilightsmile:

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