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The Price of Harmony - Priceless911

While Star Bolt tries to forget his life of sin. An ancient evil sits and waits for the day that its prison will weaken so it can break free and finish its goal that was started 2000 years ago. The extinction of the alicorn race.

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Ch16 Canterlot's Genocide

Princess Celestia stood on the balcony as she watched Prince Armor, Spitfire, and Zecora train the soldiers below. Then she looked into the sky as she spoke, “It’s almost time to lower the sun. I wonder if sister and Star Bolt are awake yet.”
As she stared peacefully into the horizon, she saw something in the distance as it made its way towards the city. Princess Celestia watched in curiosity as the distant object got closer and closer to the city though it wasn’t long before she realized it was a lone griffin soldier flying their way in an alarming speed. As the griffin arrived in the skies over Canterlot, Shining Armor Spitfire and Zecora saw the griffin and rushed to Princess Celestia’s side as she landed in the courtyard to meet with the unexpected visitor. As the four stood in the courtyard, the winded griffin landed in front of them and quickly spoke up, “Your majesty! Sorry if I speak out of place… but I’m here to give you some troubling news.”
Princess Celestia replied, “Calm down solider… just let me know what’s wrong.”
The griffin soldier replied, “A few days ago, contact with our special Eden Guard was severed when our usual scout failed to report their status. So I and my soldiers decided to investigate. But when we arrived, the city was completely empty… none of the guards were present, griffin or pony.”

All of a sudden, Princess Celestia froze in worry as Shining Armor asked, “What about the tomb!...”
The griffin shook his head slowly, “My apologies… but one of the elements keeping the prisoner there, was destroyed, and the chest… is empty. As soon as I found out, I sent my soldier back to the king and came here on my own accord. As Commander of the Griffin Royal forces, I felt it was necessary to inform you as soon as possible.”
Princess Celestia sat down in shock as Shining Armor continued, “You did the right thing commander. We thank you and wish you a safe journey home. Please inform the griffin king that his city is in danger and they need to go on the alert as soon as possible. And who do we owe our gratitude for this critical information.”
The commander stood at attention as he replied, “Commander Thor Orem your majesty.”
With Princess Celestia still stunned with fear, Shining Armor replied, “Then quickly get home Commander Orem.”
As Commander Orem bowed in respect, he slowly backed away before turning around and flying into the sky.

Shining Armor, Spitfire and Zecora looked at Princess Celestia who was sitting with a terrified expression as she tried to think of what to do next, “He… he’s free…. That… monster… is free…”
Shining Armor asked, “Princess Celestia? What do you want us to do?”
With no change in her expression, Princess Celestia looked at Shining Armor and replied, “Prince Armor… gather our soldiers and put them on the full alert. Day… Night… Crystal… I want them all prepared for anything, then meet me on the northern tower balcony for further orders.”
Princess Celestia looked at Spitfire and continued “Captain Spitfire, Princess Twilight and her friends are with Niether and Roseluck in the library. Tell them to get here as soon as possible, then get your Wonderbolts from Cloudsdale and bring them to Canterlot. And Zecora… Wake Princess Luna and Star Bolt tell them to meet me at the northern tower. We will begin our defense as soon as we are all there.”

Spitfire stepped forward as she asked, “But… what about Discord? He’s still missing, and it’s been almost three days now.”
Princess Celestia sighed, “He’s been missing too long… we can only assume the worst right now… just get the others and get back here.”
The three nodded their heads as they each left to complete their task. As the three vanished from her sight, Princess Celestia started trotting back into the castle only to lean against the wall in worry as she sighed, “He… he’s free…. Mother… Give me strength. I’m begging… I need it more now than I ever have before. I worry that my kingdom will meet the same fate as Eden. I… I can’t let that happen. As a princess of Equestria… I will stand between him and my subjects… and the only way Equestria will fall, is if I fall first.”
The princess then continued on her path to the balcony to wait for the rest. Though her hopes for their battle were high, something inside continued to tell her that when this was all said and done, Equestria would be forever changed.

Later as Princess Celestia looked into the city to see, her armies slowly mobilized, Zecora, Princess Luna, and Star Bolt approached her from behind as Princess Luna spoke, “Sister! The city is in an uproar. What’s happening? Zecora would only tell us that you required our assistance.”
Princess Celestia sighed before turning to them and replying, “The Dark Alicorn is free…”
Star Bolt stepped forward, “Are you certain?...”
She nodded her head, “Yes… the griffin commander just left here after informing us that the guards in Eden are no longer there… and the chest is empty.”
Princess Luna immediately reacted as she started to turn around, “We must mobilize the soldi…”
“No need… Prince Armor and Spitfire are doing that as we speak.”
Star Bolt continued “Then we need to gather the ot…”
“They are on the way… I took every precaution necessary to the moment I found out. As soon as the rest arrive we will be…”

The four turned as they saw Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, Princess Twilight, and the rest of the element users. Princess Celestia looked at the group and asked, “Where are Roseluck, Niether, and Spike?”
Twilight Replied, “This morning I sent Spike back to Ponyville to get a few books for me, but Roseluck and Niether took a personal day, so I have no idea where they are.”
Star Bolt started to think to himself as Princess Celestia continued, “Have you seen Discord?”
Princess Twilight shook her head no as Applejack spoke up, “Now don’t you worry bout’ a thing princess. Discord may be a little irresponsible, but he is more than capable of takin' care of himself.”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “I can only hope so… Anyway, we need to find out where Niether and Roseluck ran off t…”
Star Bolt interrupted, “I have a good hunch as to where they went!”
Shining Armor added, “We didn’t ask for a hunch… but it’s better than nothing. What do you think Princess?”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “Then go get them… we need to have us all here so we run through what’s been prepared and what hasn’t.”

Star Bolt nodded his head as he stepped onto the balcony railing and opened his wings to take off, “Don’t wait up… remember they both can’t fly so it will be a little longer before they get here.”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “Then hurry as fast as you can.”
Star Bolt nodded his head but before he could dive from the balcony, Princess Luna spoke up, “I’m coming too!”
Star Bolt looked at her and replied, “It be better if you stayed here… I won’t be long, I pro…”
“The last time I let you go off by yourself, you ended up in a Canterlot cell… This time I’m going with you. You may not be my soldier, but you still can’t stop me from following you… I’m going and that’s final!”
With a serious look on her face, Princess Luna stepped onto the balcony next to Star Bolt as she opened her wings and smiled, “After you, Star…”

Realizing he couldn’t convince her otherwise, Star Bolt just sighed and smiled as he started to jump from the balcony, “Geez… one thousand and two years and you’re still going to hold that over my head. Well since your mind is made up, I’m not going to stop you… but you better keep up. We aren’t going to fly with elegance. We have to book it and I won’t slowdown for you.”
Princess Luna jumped first then hovered in the air as she replied, “Did I ask you to wait for me? I think you should realize that I’m no heavy winged noble… I’m an alicorn.”
Taking it as a challenge Star Bolt smiled, “Then let’s go already.”
With those words, Star Bolt dove off the balcony and fell a few stories before opening his wings into a high-speed flight. As he leveled out, Princess Luna had no problem catching up to him as she followed close behind him on their way to find Niether and Roseluck.

After Star Bolt and Luna were out of sight, Princess Celestia wasted no time in beginning their first order of business, “Prince Shining Armor? Use your protection spell to enclose the city, just like you did for your wedding.”
Shining Armor nodded his head as he stepped further onto the balcony and started to focus his magic. After a few seconds, the tip of Shining Armors horn started to shine bright pink as he pointed it to the sky and shot the light straight up. As the glowing light continued climbing, it finally reached a specific height before stopping and holding its place over the city. The immense light was so bright that the citizens of Canterlot who were unaware of any danger stopped their daily activities to marvel in awe at the bright light. However, they weren’t the only ones to see the light. In a dark alley, near a large plaza The Dark Alicorn stopped and watched the light, as his face slowly began to show a wicked smile.

The light hovered over the city for a few seconds before it finally it began to spread horizontally as it created a magical barrier that curved with the cities edges before meeting on the ground after concealing the entire city of Canterlot in a bubble shaped force field. Now, nothing of dark magic could get into the city… however, the dark magic that they worried about was already inside, and he was anything but impressed as he mumbled to himself while making his way to the center of the plaza, “A simple spell… but a pathetic one. I guess I'll show them what true darkness can do to such pathetic magic.”
After making his way to the center of the crowded plaza, The Dark Alicorn lowered his hood as he looked into the sky with glowing white eyes. A nearby stallion saw this unusual action and approached him, “Sir… are you ok?”
The wicked creature looked at the innocent stallion and smiled, “Never better…”
then The Dark Alicorn placed his hoof against the other ponies chest, only to have his sand quickly cover the unsuspecting stallion, “What! What is this!...”

The Dark Alicorn looked back at the sky and ignored the stallion as he frantically tried sweeping the sand off him before screaming in agony. The screams echoed throughout the plaza as the citizens of Canterlot turned their attention to the cries for help from the dying pony. The terrified residents watched in horror as the stallions screams resided and he melted away into the sand as The Dark Alicorn mumbled to the now dead pony, “This is your fate… the fate of you, your princesses, and everypony in this kingdom who so loyally followed the orders of the royal alicorn’s. And that fate… is death!”
With all eyes on him, The Dark Alicorn’s cloak melted away into sand as his large bat like wings opened up and the sand quickly bundled up below him. With the horror of what they witnessed mere seconds ago, all the residents started to back away from the creature of darkness as the pile of sand created by the alicorn continued to grow. With eyes that showed no concern for the nervous residents around him, The Dark Alicorn’s sand started climbing into the air in vine like streams that weaved through each other creating a thick pillar of sand that shot up with incredible speed straight towards the magical barrier above.

Without noticing the quickly rising pillar in the center of the city, Princess Celestia turned to the others and continued, “When Spitfire returns with her Wonderbolts we will be…”
Before she could finish her sentence, the large pillar colligated with the magical barrier with a loud crash that could be heard throughout the city. As soon as the two made contact with each other, Shining Armor dropped to a knee holding his head in agony as his wife tried to comfort him, “Honey?! What’s wrong? What’s happening?”
With Shining Armor on the ground, Princess Celestia looked at the magical barrier and gasped, “No… he’s already here…”
Elsewhere in the city, both Star Bolt and Princess Luna were landing in the Canterlot garden as they saw both Niether and Roseluck standing there looking at the flowers. When Niether saw them approach he spoke, “Commander, princess, what are you two doing here?”
Star Bolt started to replay, “The Dark Alicorn has escaped Eden and I…”
All of a sudden, the shockwave from the crashing pillar and barrier hit the area as the ground shook beneath them. The four ponies looked to the sky to see the cause of the tremor as Princess Luna spoke, “It’s him… he’s here in the city.”

As the entire city watched in worry, the part of the barrier where the pillar had crashed started to crack up. Soon the once solid barrier had a spider web crack on the portion that the pillar of sand had hit with incredible force, but then the crack started to spread outward until the entire bubble shaped wall of magic shattered and vanished into nothing, leaving behind a lone tower of sand that held its height at the point of impact. As the entire city grew silent, The Dark Alicorn stood at the base of his tower then smiled as he turned to the citizens who stopped to marvel at the recent event. With all eyes in the plaza back on him, he called out, “To all those who served under your princesses… I thank you. For thousands of years you have proven your gratitude to the immortals for giving you all that you hold dear! However… now, let your gratitude be rewarded… right here… and right now.”
With those words, the massive pillar that towered even above the tallest tower in Canterlot began shooting vines of sand into the city, hitting random ponies and devouring them in sand before retracting and shooting into the city a second time. With the entire city now in a state of panic, the ponies tried to flee for their lives, but even if they went indoors, they couldn’t escape as the vines shot through even the strongest stonewalls devouring everypony who happened to be its target.

The group on the balcony watched in horror, as the pillar started its genocide of the entire pony race. With his pain gone, Shining Armor was helped back onto his hooves by Princess Cadence as Princess Celestia gave her order, “Prince Armor! Gather the armies and begin attacking that pillar! The Dark Alicorn will be at its base!”
Shining Armor nodded his head as he started to turn around, “Got it!”
Before he was gone, Princess Cadence caught up with him and replied, “I’m going too… I won’t let you face him alone.”
The two looks at Princess Celestia as she nodded her head, “If you two want to face him together… then I won’t stop you. But don’t let your guard down.”

As the two went into the castle to do what they were told, Princess Twilight asked, “What should we do princess?”
Before Princess Celestia could reply, Rainbow Dash spoke up, “I don’t know about you? But I’m going to help Spitfire get the rest of the Wonderbolts. We need their help now more than ever!”
Zecora replied, “No my friend, for the problem this won’t fix, for the elements to work, we will need all six.”
Rarity spoke up next, “She’s right Rainbow Dash, without all of us here, these elements are nothing more then useless accessories, Fashionable ones, but useless all the same.”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “Correct, without all six, the magic of The Elements of Harmony can’t be unleashed. You six must stay together at all times. Otherwise, you will all be at risk.”

Princess Twilight repeated her previous question, “Got it! So what do you want us to do?”
Princess Celestia sighed as she looked at the base of the pillar and replied, “I want you all, Zecora included, to find my sister and Commander Bolt… and flee Canterlot.”
All the ponies on the balcony were shocked, “What!!!”
Princess Celestia replied to the outburst, “You heard me right… I want you to take them out of the city and keep them safe. I can only relax knowing that my sister is at a safe distance from this monster. And it would be best if Star Bolt was with her.”
Pinkie Pie spoke next “Are you loco in the coco? Don’t we need the commander to fight The Dark Alicorn thingy?”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “At first… yes. But now that I know that he will truly protect her from anything, I want him to be with her so she can be safe… and happy.”

Princess Celestia looked back at the group as Fluttershy asked, “But… if we will be with Princess Luna… then… um… what will you do?... I mean… If it’s not too much trouble to ask…”
Princess Celestia replied with a serious tone, “I’m going to meet The Dark Alicorn face to face. I can’t allow this senseless murder continue. I will make my stand here… and I will never retreat. Not now… not ever.”
Zecora spoke up, “But your majesty I plea, without us to protect, we can’t keep your actions safe, no matter how direct.”
Princess Celestia replied, “I don’t intend on it… I only want you to keep Princess Luna safe… I won’t lose my sister a second time. Now go… that’s an order, no… a command!”
With those words, Princess Celestia jumped from the balcony and flew towards the pillar as Fluttershy looked at Twilight and asked, “Um… Twilight?... Are we really going to let her face that big meanie alone?...”
Twilight sighed as she replied, “We have to trust the princess’s judgment… no matter how juristic it may seem. Let’s find Princess Luna and Star Bolt, we have to act now if we can get out of the city in one peace.”
With that said, the six ponies and their zebra companion quickly went to do what they were commanded by Princess Celestia.

In the skies just over the edge of the city, Spitfire, Soarin and almost one hundred Wonderbolt pegasi were entering the city as Spitfire saw the large pillar, The Dark Alicorn, and the destruction they were reaping on the residents of Canterlot. Seeing the horror-taking place on the ground, Spitfire called to the Wonderbolts, “There!!! At the base of the sand! That’s him! Wonderbolts! Swarm strike! GO!”
With that order, the large herd of Wonderbolts broke from their formation and started spiraling around the pillar in a randomized swarm as if they were bees buzzing around a hive. The Dark Alicorn saw this swarm and smiled, “The Wonderbolts I presume… this should prove interesting.”
As the Wonderbolts pullulated above, they each drew a short sword that they all were wearing on their sides, then leading the order, Spitfire dove down from the teeming ponies, as she swung her sword with the hopes of digging it into the face of their enemy. However, as the blade made contact, it only passed through the alicorn’s face as if she were swinging it at a haze of fog. Continuing her actions as if nothing had changed, Spitfire flew back into the sky and rejoined her Wonderbolts who continued their swarm above, while another random pegasus broke from the swarm and attacked The Dark Alicorn in the same way.

This continued random strike happened for about two more minutes before Soarin flew up beside Spitfire and called to her, “Captain, we aren’t doing anything to him… what now?”
Spitfire looked at the sand residue on her sword as she continued, “I’m… not sure… Princess Celestia should have her army here soon. Let’s just continue till they arrive.”
Soarin thought to himself then smiled, “Captain I have an idea. I know our thin blades don’t do anything to him…but maybe if we hit him with something a little thicker. Maybe there is a vital part of him that we have to hit directly.”
Spitfire thought to herself for a few seconds then replied, “It sounds simple enough… but I don’t know if it will work.”
Soarin nodded his head, “Well we won’t know until we give it a shot.”
With that said Soarin adjusted his angle of flight and began a straight dive onto The Dark Alicorn. After Soarin began his dive, Spitfire looked back at her sword only to see that the sandy residue on the blade started to spread and thicken as her blade started to turn from steel silver, to jet-black.

In a combination of fear and surprise, Spitfire released her sword and watched as it fell into the flight path of another Wonderbolt. As the random member of the acrobatic team accidently hit the falling blade, the black weapon exploded into sand as if it were made of sand the whole time. Spitfire continued to watch as the pegasus stop his flight and tried to brush off the sand. However, like the many victims prior, the sand didn’t come off. Like the others, it started to spread until the panicking pegasus was covered from head to hoof. Then he melted into sand and fell from the sky. Seeing this sight only terrified Spitfire as she realized what could happen to Soarin too. In a fit of worry, Spitfire called to her partner as loud as she could, “SOARIN STOP!!! DON’T!!!”
Though her cries to him were heard by the surrounding Wonderbolts, none of it was heard by the determined pegasus as the sound was overlapped by the rushing winds that flew by him as he continued his high speed dive towards his foe. When he finally reached The Dark Alicorn who was watching another part of the swarm, Soarin opened his front hooves in an attempt to tackle him by his torso. However as the fast pegasus colligated with his foe, The Dark Alicorn’s body exploded in a sandy mess as Soarin hit the ground and rolled a number of feet before realizing that his plan didn’t go as expected.

As Soarin picked himself up from the ground, he stumbled a bit as he looked back at The Dark Alicorn’s body, only to see the hooves and lower half of his torso still standing in his place. Soarin’s fear tripled, as the surrounding sand started running up the remaining portion of the alicorn and slowly rebuilt his body from the failed attack. As Soarin watched the now rebuilt alicorn open his eyes and look directly at him, he took a step back in worry as the dark creature smiled and spoke, “Very bold pegasus… however, very foolish…”
Soarin’s focus remained on The Dark Alicorn as the remaining sand both on and off Soarin’s body started to make its way to the ground he was standing on before solidifying into glass, which acted as both an anchor and a glue that held him in place. Realizing what happened, Soarin tried all he could to free himself, but no matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t break free from the glass that kept him stationary. With his victim now completely trapped, The Dark Alicorn slowly approached Soarin as he smiled, “You and the rest of the pony peasants who so value the light casted upon by the alicorn princesses will know my power. Feel privileged, for you will be one of the first examples of my wrath.”

Seeing her partner in danger, Spitfire began her dive to save Soarin however from her height she didn’t know if she could do it or not. As The Dark Alicorn continued getting closer and closer to his victim, the surrounding Wonderbolts continued their attacks that not only had no effect, but The Dark Alicorn continued as if they were nothing more them buzzing gnats. As The Dark Alicorn finally got close enough to Soarin, he held his hoof up as a small amount of sand gathered in his hoof and solidified into a glass dagger. Seeing the weapon in The Dark Alicorn’s hoof, both Spitfire and Soarin tried harder at what they were doing as The Dark Alicorn placed his other hoof against Soarin’s back, “Calm yourself… it will be over quick… I promise.”
With a calming look on The Dark Alicorn’s face, he plunged the dagger directly into Soarin’s heart, then he quickly removed the dagger, as the glass brace on Soarin’s hooves dissolved into sand and back into the alicorn’s hooves leaving the rest of his body to fall to the ground. As The Dark Alicorn stared at Soarin’s corpse, he sighed, “Such courage… in other circumstances I would have given you endless dreams… but not here… and not now.”

With no decrease in her speed, Spitfire yelled as she saw her friend fall to the ground, “Soarin!!! YOU!!! I'll KILL Y…”
Just as Spitfire approached The Dark Alicorn to tackle him, he quickly turned around and punched her with enough strength to toss her across the plaza and into a nearby wall. When Spitfire hit the ground, she struggled to stand as she glared at him with enough rage to show him just how angry she was. The Dark Alicorn could only smile as he looked at the enraged pegasus, “Captain Spitfire… now you, I know. However, my shadow didn’t remember your comrade’s name… pity. By the look in your eyes, he will surely be missed… that is… if somepony survives to miss him.”
With the anger still in her eyes, Spitfire spoke, “You’re a monster…”
The Dark Alicorn nodded his head as he started trotting back towards the center of the plaza, “My dear… I’m merely what my queen foresaw all those centuries ago. No more, no less.”
The Dark Alicorn then turned to look into the sky at the Wonderbolts who were hovering in the air staring in shock at the scene that had taken place mere seconds ago. Then he smiled as he spoke, “Captain… if you value your life… I would leave now. Otherwise you may find yourself a victim of my retaliation to your Wonderbolts’ attack.”

As The Dark Alicorn looked at the hovering ponies in the sky, a large amount of sand started to gather in front of him and piled up in a small pedestal that was about three feet tall. At first Spitfire was confused but then she looked at the towering pillar that was still wreaking havoc on the citizens of Canterlot. Knowing what was coming next, Spitfire frantically warned the rest of her team, “WONDERBOLTS RETREAT!!! GET OUT OF HERE NOW!!!”
With her fear apparent, the rest of the Wonderbolts quickly tried to do as she warned. However, as they turned to fly away, the pile of sand that was just in front of The Dark Alicorn shot up and scattered into many different strands that immediately homed into the fleeing pegasi. As the pegasi tried frantically to escape the pursuing strands of sand, a large number of them were hit while they flew and were instantaneously covered and consumed by the sand leaving not one feather amongst the sand that fell to the ground in their place.

Out of fear for her own life as well, Spitfire quickly flew into the sky and joined a group of Wonderbolts that were fleeing the scene. As she flew amongst the group, she dodged the perusing strains of sand, but one by one, she could see her surrounding team as they were being taken down by the threat. Spitfire continued flying as fast as she could to escape from the sand but no matter how fast she went the sand continued until she finally saw something that could help. Using a technique that she witnessed Star Bolt do in the past, Spitfire flew straight towards the window of a building as fast as she could. Just as she approached the window, she closed her wings and braced herself as she crashed through it and into an empty bedroom hitting the wall on the other side before falling to the floor unconscious.

As The Dark Alicorn looked into the sky that was once teeming with pegasi, he heard a voice come from behind, “YOU STOP!!!”
The Dark Alicorn turned around to see Princess Celestia as she landed in the plaza. Then as the small pile of sand that was attacking the Wonderbolts, melted away and receded into his hooves, The Dark Alicorn smiled, “Princess Celestia of Equestria… funny, for a second I wanted to call you, Celestia of Eden. I can see that you grew into a beautiful mare … greatly different from the young filly that you were back then. However, I must apologise, you missed the show, the Wonderbolts put up a life changing performance… Too bad, I don’t think they have the numbers to do an encore.”
Princess Celestia looked at Soarin’s corpse that was laying on the ground on the other end of the plaza and spoke, “S-Soarin… but… why… why are you doing this?”
The dark creature smiled, “The immortal family is nothing more than a crime against existence… Everypony knows that everything that has a beginning, has an end. In order for something to exist, it must first be created… then destroyed.”
Princess Celestia gave him a dirty look, “What are you talking about?”

The Dark Alicorn started to approach the lone princess as a large amount of his sand started to spiral in the air around them. As the spiraling sand thickened in a way that made it seem as if they were trapped inside of a tornado, The Dark Alicorn continued, “You know perfectly well what I mean… for mortals time slowly destroys the body until it dies then decomposes. But you immortals… time has no effect on you, and what makes it worse, you continue this blasphemy by surrounding yourselves with guards who protect your bodies so that nothing else will destroy you. But in the end… that’s not the true reason I do what I do…”
with The Dark Alicorn getting closer to her, Princess Celestia started to step backwards before being sand blasted by the spiraling sand that enclosed the two. As she stepped forward again, she readied her magic as she replied, “Then why… why kill my father… why destroy Eden? Why all of this senseless murder!!!”
The Dark Alicorn smiled, “When you referred to me to my shadow and your peasants… you called me and I quote… The Dark Alicorn… correct? So I’m not being too judgmental to assume you have no idea who I really am then… do you?”

Trying to catch The Dark Alicorn off guard, Princess Celestia didn’t answer. Instead, she tried to attack him by firing a beam of magic from her horn to immobilize him. However just as the beam hit him, his body deteriorated into sand as it scattered in all directions and joined the spiraling wall around them. “Sweet innocent princess… I now know that this beautiful rose you grew to be, has thorns… however you should know by now that magic has no effect on me… even the magic of a royal alicorn.”
As Princess Celestia looked around at the walls that enclosed her, she saw the spiraling sand as it created an image of the alicorn’s face at the edge of the wall. “Why! Why are you doing this? You say I don’t know who you are? Then explain it to me! TELL ME WHY!!!”
In a fit of anger, Princess Celestia fired another beam into the image of The Dark Alicorn’s face, but just as it made contact, the image vanished and the spiraling sand created a glass wall that reflected the beam back at Princess Celestia, hitting her and knocking her to the ground.

Slowly Princess Celestia struggled as she picked herself up from the ground, “Y-you monstrous...”
As the glass wall turned back into the spiraling sand, The Dark Alicorn appeared as he trotted out of the wall of sand and smiled, “Don’t take it personal princess… your mother foresaw this ages ago… I was there when she announced it to the world. And when she called us forth to find ways to stop it. I was even there when she and the king hoof chose me personally to stop it from happening.”
Princess Celestia stared in shock at The Dark Alicorn as she spoke, “W-who…Who are you?...”
The Dark Alicorn leaned forward and whispered into her ear, “My name… is Osiris… Professor Osiris.”
As The Dark Alicorn backed away from Princess Celestia, she couldn’t believe what she heard, “P-Professor?... but… that was the name… of the pony responsible for… creating…”
“The Elements of Harmony?... Yes… I created those wretched things. It’s too bad I miscalculated. They don’t have the power to destroy me.”

Knowing that there was no more need for the spiraling sand, Osiris made the wall dissipate as he watched Princess Celestia trying to ponder what she just discovered. When the wall of sand was gone, Osiris placed his hoof on her back as she continued lying there from the impact of her own attack, “There, there princess… in the end… you should have known this would happen.”
As both Princess Celestia and Osiris looked up, they saw Princess Cadence, Shining Armor, and their armies approach as she spoke, “Shining Armor… your fi…”
Before she could finish her sentence, a glass spike shot up from the ground and dug into her chest with a fatal speed.”
As Princess Celestia gasped at the surprise of the attack, the flesh around the glass spike began to change color from its normal cream to a dulled grey. In shock, Shining Armor called out, “NO!!! PRINCESS CELESTIA!!!”
With her final action, Princess Celestia looked up at the worried prince and his wife as the grey coloring continued spreading over her body and finally covered her face, turning her entirely to stone.
As the glass spike dissolved into sand, Osiris looked into the lifeless eyes of the now stone princess as he smiled, “Rest easy, and rejoin your mother princess… for your sister will join you soon. As will… your kingdom.”