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The Price of Harmony - Priceless911

While Star Bolt tries to forget his life of sin. An ancient evil sits and waits for the day that its prison will weaken so it can break free and finish its goal that was started 2000 years ago. The extinction of the alicorn race.

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Ch3 The Keepers of the Elements

The train slowly entered the Ponyville station as Roseluck and Lily sat waiting for the train to slow itself to a stop. As soon as the train stopped, Roseluck and Lily stepped off the train as Lily smiled, “Ah… it’s good to be home isn’t it Rose?”
Roseluck smiled, “Well… almost, I’m a little nervous about whether or not Daisy kept up with our gardens while we were gone, or if she forgot... again.”
As the two mares got their bags and left the train platform, Carrot Top and Daisy met them on the path from the train station, Daisy smiled as she spoke first, “Welcome back Lily, Rose, how was the Peddlers Peddles Competition?”
Lily hung her head in shame, “I lost again…”
Roseluck smiled, “Oh don’t be so negative Lily. At least you placed this year. Third isn’t so bad.”
Lily gave Rose a stern look as she added, “Easy for you to say… you got first place… again. Next time will you help me with my entry?”
Roseluck smiled, “Oh alright, I’ll give you some pointers when you come up with ideas for next year’s entry.”

As the group smiled at Roseluck’s kindness, Carrot Top got straight to the point, “Hey Rose… remember that stallion you told us existed but we didn’t believe so we denied his existence only to turn out he really did exist and the fact that we said he didn’t exist only disproved our claiming in his existence while he did in fact exist to disprove us?...”
Carrot Top gave an innocent smile as all three of her friends gave her look of confusion. Roseluck tried to respond, “Well… uh n-no um… ye-yea… um… w-wait… What now?”
Daisy sighed as she clarified for Carrot Tops confusing statement, “She is talking about your so called, spirit of the Thunder Grounds… you know the one you told us about nearly a year ago after our little scare in the Everfree Forest.”

After mentioning that, Roseluck sighed as she trotted past her friends in an irritated way, “If you’re going to start making fun of me for that stupid thing again… then stop wasting my time… I don’t care what you girls think… I know what I saw and I know that he was real. He was the bravest pony I ever met… and if you think I’m only making this up, than you can just shut up and leave me alo…”
Daisy tried to defend herself, “No, no Rose you don’t understand. What we are trying to say is that we believe you now.”
Roseluck stopped and turned around to look at Daisy, “What? You do?”
Carrot Top continued, “Yea… in fact he’s here in town right now…”
Roseluck looked at Carrot Top, thought to herself for a few seconds, then looked back at Daisy with an annoyed look, “You forgot to water my garden again didn’t you?”
Daisy took a step back in shock as she replied, “I... um… well… yea… But that’s not the point.”
Carrot Top stepped forward, “We are telling the truth Rose. He is here, and his name is Star Bolt.”

Roseluck couldn’t tell whether or not her friends were serious or if they were simply bringing it up to continue making fun of how much she talked about him. Nevertheless, the name did sound familiar, and the looks on both Carrot Top’s and Daisy’s faces were too serious to be a joke, so she sighed as she replied, “Fine… if you say he is here, then take me to see him.”
The two mares smiled as Carrot Top gestured to follow her, “Alright, then let’s go… he is working at Sweet Apple Acres.”
Still feeling unconvinced, Roseluck followed her friends onto the road, as the four mares made their way towards Sweet Apple Acres.

Meanwhile in the vast orchards of the large apple farm, Star Bolt stood balanced on a branch as he called to the stallion below, “Ready Big Macintosh?
The large red stallion looked back up at him and replied, “Eeyup.”
Star Bolt nodded his head then gripped his sheathed sword while focusing his strike. Then with one quickened swing, Star Bolt drew his sword and cut off a rotting branch that was growing on the top of the large healthy apple tree. As the branch fell from the top of the tree to the ground, Big Macintosh pulled the wagon into place as the branch fell onto the wagon. Shortly after the branch was secured, Star Bolt smiled and spoke, “Good catch Big Mac take that wherever you need to and I’ll continue with this area. I want to finish this wing of the orchard before I call it quits for the day.”
Big Macintosh nodded his head as he replied, “Well, call if ya need me again.”

As Big Mac trotted away, Star Bolt went to the next tree and moved some barrels into place. Then he unbuckled his sword harness and sat it beside the tree as he readied to kick the apples loose. Just as he reared his hind hooves to kick, his focus was broken by a loud voice, “HI MR. STAR!!!”
With his concentration broken, Star Bolt kicked the tree only to have all the apples fall on top of him instead of into the barrels as planned. As Star Bolt climbed out of the pile of apples, he looked to the side to see Sweetie Belle standing there with an innocent smile on her face. Star Bolt sighed and spoke, “Um… Sweetie Belle… aren’t you supposed to be in school or something?”
Sweetie Belle replied, “Um its four o’clock… school is out already.”
Star Bolt looked up at the sun, “Really? Wow the day just seemed to fly by didn’t it. But shouldn’t you be at home with your mother and father then?”

Sweetie Belle Started nudging an apple on the ground as she blushed, “Well… mommy and daddy are on vacation… and my sister is too busy working, so I decided to see what you were doing.”
Star Bolt gave her a look of irritation, “Um… I’m working too…”
Sweetie Belle sat down as smiled, “Well then just continue what you’re doing and I'll quietly watch.”
Star Bolt felt a little confused but since she wasn’t hurting anything he just sighed and replied, “Ok… but if you get bored then you’re welcome to leave.”
Star Bolt then Started loading the apples on the ground, into the barrel as Sweetie Belle looked at his sword and spoke, “Whoa… is that your sword? Can I see it?”
Without looking at Sweetie Belle, Star Bolt spoke, “There… you see it, just don’t mess with it.”

Sweetie Belle trotted over to the sword and looked at the cutie marks on its sheath, “What do these pictures mean?”
Star Bolt continued his work while he replied, “Don’t mess with that! It’s sharp!”
Ignoring his command, Sweetie Belle picked up the sword and pulled it from it sheath just far enough to see the cutie mark on the blade. “This is your cutie mark right?... then does that mean that the rest of these pictures are other cutie marks too?”
Star Bolt sighed as he stopped what he was doing, trotted over to Sweetie Belle, took the sword form her, and sheathed it completely as he spoke, “Sweetie Belle… I know you just want to help… but why don’t you go see your friends? Aren’t you three in a club to get your cutie marks? I just can’t focus with you here.”

Sweetie Bell looked at the ground in disappointment, “Oh… I’m sorry; I’m in the way aren’t I?… I just wanted to help you since you’re new in town and… I think you’re cool and all…”
Seeing the sad look on the filly’s face made Star Bolt feel bad, “… Well if you want to help so badly, then you can help by picking up a few of these apples while I work on the next tree… how’s that?”
Sweetie Belle smiled as she sat up straight and saluted, “Yes Sir! I’ll do my best sir!”
Seeing the little filly’s frown turn quickly into a smile, made Star Bolt smile back as he turned towards the next tree. As Star Bolt approached the next tree, he heard another voice, “Land sakes! When Big Mac told me you were this far on this field, I didn’t believe it. Yet here you are. Almost halfway done with the first field and only in twelve hours too. I ain’t ever seen any Pegasus work that fast before.”

Star Bolt looked up and saw Applejack as he replied, “Well I wasn’t kidding when I told you I worked in an apple field before.”
Applejack smiled, “Well I suppose you can call it a day then. I wouldn’t want to work you too hard on your first day out here.”
Star Bolt smiled, “Not at all… a good day’s work is something I enjoy out of my wandering lifestyle.”
All of a sudden, the two heard a scream as they both looked at Sweetie Belle who was lying on the ground with a barrel of apples dumped over on top of her. Star Bolt sighed, “Even if the help isn’t so… helpful… but at least she’s trying… I think…”
Sweetie Belle picked herself up and blushed, “Um… I’m okay… I'll clean this up.”

Applejack smiled as she continued, “Well, anyway I say you earned yourself the rest of the day off. If ya want, I can show ya round Ponyville since your new and all.”
Star Bolt smiled, “Sure sounds like a good plan to me.”
Sweetie Belle jumped up and added, “I’ll go too!”
Applejack shook her head, “Actually you should probably meet Apple Bloom back at y'alls club house. I think she is waitin for ya there anyways.”
Sweetie Belle lowered her head in disappointment, “But… I thought…”
Star Bolt smiled and patted her on the head, “It’s ok Sweetie Belle, go play with your friend… just be sure to come show me your cutie marks when you get it. Ok?”
Sweetie Belle smiled with joy as she replied, “Ok! I’ll do that… Thank you Mr. Star Bolt!”
With joy in her step, Sweetie Belle skipped away, as Star Bolt called to her, “And try not to kill yourself in the process!”
Sweetie Belle yelled back “Okay!”

As Sweetie Belle skipped away, Applejack smiled, “Well, ya sure do have a way with the little ones don’t you? But what was that about them killin’ themselves?”
Star Bolt nervously smiled, “Well, um… it’s an inside joke. Um… shall we?”
As Star Bolt and Applejack Started trotting into town, Applejack looked at Star Bolt and asked, “You said you’re from Canterlot right Star? I bet you know Twilight then don’t ya?”
Star Bolt recognized the name so he replied, “Well… I know of Twilight… but I don’t think I’ve actually met her before.”
Applejack smiled, “Well I’m sure you’ll get the chance while you’re here. She’s a good friend of mine so it’s a matter of time before I introduce you two.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Well I’ll look forward to it th…”

Before Star Bolt could finish his sentence, something bumped into him so he looked forward and spoke, “Oh, I’m sorry si…”
Star Bolt stopped himself when he looked forward to realize the pony he was apologizing to, was actually a small turtle that was hovering with a helicopter propeller. As Star Bolt looked at the small creature, he slowly tried to understand what he was looking at, “Um… it’s… a turtle… and… it’s flying.”
Applejack smiled, “Oh, that’s just Tank.”
Star Bolt continued, “Why is the turtle flying?”
Applejack replied, “Well that’s Rainbow Dash’s pet.”
Star Bolt was still confused as he replied, “Well yea… but why is the turtle flying?”

Applejack smiled at his confusion as a light blue pony dove down from the sky and landed in front of them, “Tank? What have I told you about flying off like that? If your rotor breaks down again and you’re not close by, then it could take weeks for you to get back home.”
The flying turtle turned towards the mare and licked her cheek as she blushed, “Well… as long as you stay close to me… then I’m sure you’ll be fine.”
Applejack smiled as she spoke, “Well speak-of-the-devil, howdy Rainbow Dash. I'd like you to meet Star Bolt. He’s workin part time for me during applebuck season.”
Rainbow Dash smiled, “Well it’s nice to see a new pegasus in Ponyville, the name’s Rainbow Dash, nice to meet you.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Rainbow Dash? WP2343? You’re the weather Pegasus in charge of the south by south-west sky in Equestria aren’t you?”

Rainbow Dash was surprised at Star Bolt’s reaction, “You were in the union? The Equestrian Weather Union?”
“Nah, I only worked part time in the south by central west area… my specialty was lightning storms. I’m sure you got a few of them that passed through my sector didn’t you? It was about four weeks ago.”
Rainbow Dash thought to herself, “Well a lot of lighting clouds pass through my area pretty often… but I do remember one that was about a month ago that made even my mane stand on end. Was that yours?”
Star Bolt smiled “Probably I had a knack for lighting… who knew right?”
Rainbow Dash smiled, “Well then maybe I’ll ask for your help sometime, I don’t think I’ll need it, but it wouldn’t hurt to have some back up from time to time. Well, I’ll see ya around Star Bolt; I gotta get Tank’s battery changed before it dies on him again.”

Rainbow Dash and Tank flew off as Applejack looked at Star Bolt, “Wow, you sure do get around don’t ya?”
Star Bolt shrugged his shoulders, “Well the life of a wanderer isn’t as easy as you think. Everypony has to eat, and the only way to pull that off is to have money. So wherever I go I have to get a job. From mining, farming, weather, even fishing. Then the change in season plays a roll too. Travel light for summer months but bundle up for winter. You gotta do what you gotta do.”
The two ponies continued down the road as Applejack spoke, “What about family? Don’t you have somepony to go to when you need help?”
When Star Bolt thought about that, his mood changed for the worst, “Actually… no, I don’t… anytime I found myself in a pinch… I would just move on to the next town… it’s not like anypony would notice if I vanished… I’m just like a passing cloud. You notice me when I’m here… but once I pass on; it will be like I never existed in the first place.”

Feeling like Star Bolt’s change in mood was too hard for him to talk about, Applejack looked ahead and changed the subject, “Oh look, it Sugar Cube Corner. Why don’t we go in for a milk shake or somethin.”
Star Bolt also wanted to get off the subject so he put the thoughts behind him as he replied, “Sure… a milkshake sounds fine.”
As the two ponies entered the building, Pinkie Pie and another mare with a light pink mane were sitting at a table as Pinkie Pie called to them, “Applejack! Hey Applejack! Over here!”
Both Applejack and Star Bolt approached the table as Pinkie smiled, “Hey it’s Star Bolt! See Fluttershy! I told you there was a traveling scholar slash royal guard in town. And guess what! He is related to Mikey Baits!!!... or was it Billy?”
Star Bolt sighed, “First of all, I don’t even know a Mikey Baits… and second, I’m just a wanderer…. nothing more… nothing less.”
“Wha?... But that’s not what you said yesterday?”

Star Bolt put his hoof on his face as he replied, “I didn’t say I was yesterday… you only assu…”
Star Bolt went quiet as Applejack put her hoof on his shoulder, “No need in fussin over this one Star… Pinkie tends to jump to conclusion way too soon.”
Fluttershy hid her face behind her long mane as she spoke softly, “Well… um… it’s… nice to meet you… Mr. Star… sir…”
Star Bolt couldn’t believe how familiar this mare seemed too, but since he didn’t know how he knew her, he just replied, “It’s a pleasure to meet you too Fluttershy… but please, call me Star Bolt or Star.”
“Oh… I’m sorry… Star… um… I’ll remember… next time.”
Star Bolt felt a little confused as to why the mare seemed so timid around him, but he only assumed it was the cloak since it did seem suspicious, so he only acted like nothing was wrong.

As the three ponies got better acquainted, a small purple dragon entered the building and approached the counter, “Mr. Cake? I was wondering if I could get that ancient recipes book back from you. Princess Twilight is in another one of her, everything’s got to be reorganized twice moods and she wants all the books back at the library so she can account for all of them.”
The stallion behind the counter replied, “Can do Spike, I’ll go get it.”
As the stallion went to retrieve the book in the back room, Spike looked at the groups table as he smiled, “Oh, hey everypony. How’s it going?”
Applejack smiled, “Smooth as fresh cider… but it seems like Princess Twilight has kept herself locked up more then usual lately… is everythin’ alright Spike?”
Spike nodded his head, “Yea, everything is alright. Twilight has just been a little distracted abo…”

Spike looked at Star Bolt, then put his hand over his mouth as he whispered to Applejack, “She’s been a little distracted about what Princess Celestia told her about you know who.”
Applejack nodded her head as she whispered back, “You know well as I do that Princess Celestia said that we shouldn’t worry ‘bout that till after the gala.”
Spike continued whispering as he replied, “Well she keeps saying that she has to find a way to stop it before it happens. You know how she likes to over react to this sort of thing.”
With a complete disregard in their whispering, Pinkie Pie spoke aloud, “Come on Spike! Why doesn’t she just relax, it’s not like we had a hard time against Discord or Nightmare Moon. We’ll be fine.”
As soon as Pinkie stopped talking, the other mares and Spike Started shushing her as Star Bolt Stared at her in shock, “N-Nightmare Moon?...”
Pinkie continued, “Well yea. We beat Nightmare Moon ages ago with the Elements of Harmony. Oops… I probably shouldn’t have said that.”

As Star Bolt thought about Pinkie’s words… it suddenly hit him. This town was the closest town to them when he and Nightmare Moon returned from their prison two years ago… and these ponies… are the very same ponies responsible for returning Princess Luna to her normal self, The keepers of the Elements of Harmony. Star Bolt immediately stood up, “Oh… I um… I just remembered I was going to meet a friend earlier… um… yea I’m sorry to eat and run ladies… but I gotta go. It was nice meeting you all, and I’ll see you at work tomorrow AJ.”
The group looked at him funny while Applejack replied, “Well… um… okay. I’ll see ya tomorrow then.”
Without waiting for a reply from the rest of the group, Star Bolt turned towards the door and left, as fast as he could without galloping. As Star Bolt trotted hastily up the road, he thought to himself, “Crap… of all the places in Equestria… I had to like the one place other than Canterlot that I never wanted to go to… now what should I do? Should I leave? And if so… where should I g…”

As Star Bolt turned a corner, he was suddenly stopped when he accidently bumped into another pony knocking her to the ground, “Oh, I apologies… I wasn’t paying attention t…”
Star Bolt went silent, when he realized that the pony he knocked to the ground was a purple alicorn. As the alicorn picked herself up from the ground, she replied, “Oh no… it’s my fault, I wasn’t watching where I was going. Wait, your new in town aren’t you. My name is Princess Twilight Sparkle, but most just call me Twilight… I’m not used to being called a princess yet.”
Star Bolt knew that the proper thing to do would be to bow in respect for the royal mare, but he swore he would never bow to a princess ever again so he just nodded his head as he replied, “Nice to meet you, my name is Star Bolt.”
Princess Twilight thought to herself, as she replied, “Star Bolt?... Star Bolt… I’ve heard that name somewhere before… but where? Hmm I wonder if it was in a book I read.”

As Princess Twilight tried to remember where she had heard his name, Star Bolt realized who he was talking to. This mare was the same unicorn trotting out of the palace of the alicorn sisters two years ago with Princess Celestia… in other words, one of the keepers of the Elements of Harmony. Trying to cover his tracks, Star Bolt thought up an excuse for his familiar name, “Um… Pinkie Pie told me you’re from Canterlot right?... Well… I was a royal guard a few years ago… maybe we crossed paths, a few times.”
Princess Twilight nodded her head as she replied, “Hmm… maybe… anyway I was looking for my assistant. He is a purple baby dragon with green spines…”
“Oh you mean Spike. Last I saw he was at Sugar Cube Corner.”

Princess Twilight nodded her head, as she trotted past Star Bolt, “Ok, thanks Star Bolt, I’m kinda in a hurry so I gotta go. I hope you like it here as much as I did when I arrived for the first time. Well, see ya.”
As Twilight trotted down the road towards Sugar Cube corner, Star Bolt thought to himself, “She didn’t recognize me… hmm… maybe I can stay a little while longer. At least until one of them finds me out. Nevertheless, I better keep my head low… I don’t need to be found too soon.”
As Star Bolt turned back onto the road, he looked up to notice that the sun was starting to set, so he decided to start searching for a place to set up camp for the night.

Further down the road, Roseluck was pouting as she trotted in front of her friends, “I just can’t believe you two… I haven’t said a single word about him in months, and all of a sudden you two bring him up out of the blue just to make fun of me… Some friends you turned out to be…”
Daisy tried to defend herself, “Rose… I swear he was there this morning…”
Carrot Top added, “He’s got to be here somewhere… maybe he got fired or something…”
Roseluck continued trotting as she turned and looked back at her so-called friends, “You know how much I liked him! I owed him my life and all you can do is joke abo…”
As Roseluck continued down the road, Star Bolt came from around the corner and bumped into her accidently knocking her to the ground, “Oh! Sorry ma’am… darn… I seem to be bumping into everypony tod… Wait… Rose?”

When Roseluck looked up and saw Star Bolt, she quickly stood back up as she blushed, “Um… hey… it’s you… um Star… right?”
Star Bolt smiled, “So you did hear me after all… I thought I'd lost you when I told you my name last time.”
Rose looked at her hooves ash she replied, “Actually… you did. Daisy and Carrot Top told me your name.”
Star Bolt looked at the other three mares and replied, “Oh… it’s the wannabe spies form yesterday. How are you two doing… still feeling staticy?”
The two mares looked away as Lily was still surprised, “Wow… dark coat, black cloak, yellow and black mane… and the scar on his ear. He is exactly as you described Rose.”
Star Bolt blushed a little as Roseluck continued, “So… um Star? How long are you in town?”
Star Bolt shrugged his shoulders, “Hmm I’m not sure. It depends on how well I can keep my current job.”

Roseluck Started scratching her roof against the ground as she continued, “So… um… where are you staying? You know while you’re here in town.”
Star Bolt shrugged his shoulders, “I found a place just at the edge of town… not a bad set up but I may need to relocate if it decides to rain on me.”
Roseluck was confused, “Relocate? Is it a mobile home or something like that?”
Star Bolt smiled in self-pity as he replied, “Well… it’s more like, a tent really. Or in this case, a tarp and a stick. As a wanderer I have to work with what I can carry.”
Roseluck looked at her friends then back at Star Bolt, “Well I found out how I’m going to repay you then.”
Star Bolt was confused, “… Repay me? For what?”
Roseluck explained, “Last time we saw each other you saved me twice, once from Timberwolves which I repaid you for by patching your wounds, then a second time from…”

Realizing what she was saying, Roseluck looked at her friends and continued, “Other events… so I still owe you. So from this point until you’re ready to leave Ponyville I’ll let you stay in my guest room.”
Star Bolt felt a little embarrassed, “Oh… um… I guess that’s alright but I don’t want to be a burden.”
Roseluck shook her head as she Started to blush, “Oh, don’t be ridiculous… actually, it will be a good change from being alone all the time. You see… if I’m going to repay you for saving my life… then I insist you stay with me. I couldn’t let you sleep outside when I have an empty bed for you to use. So… what do you say?”
Star Bolt thought to himself as he replied, “well… it would be nice to sleep in a bed every once in a while… alright… but if I catch even one hint that I’m overstaying my welcome then out I’ll go.”
Roseluck laughed, “Hey isn’t that my line?”
Star Bolt laughed at the comment as he thought to himself, “From the way she is acting, I’m guessing she kept the incident with the royal guards secret… so I would say this means that I owe her one now. Maybe this isn’t such a bad thing after all. Better to stay with somepony who trusts me then a complete stranger’s house. But still… I can’t get too involved here. Otherwise I’m only dragging everypony into my own mess”

Far away in a distant land, two equestrian royal guards entered a dark tomb that sat under a great castle. As the guards continued, the lower ranking one spoke to his superior, “Sir… I don’t think this is a good idea. Princess Celestia said…”
“Know what the princess said… bit new orders have come up from Canterlot telling use to double our security here.”
The guard replied, “What? But why sir?”
The superior got irritated as they entered the main portion of the tomb, “That’s what I want to know. As usual, the princess is being very secretive about it. So if she won’t tell me… then I know somepony who will.”

As the guards entered the large tomb, they looked around. The whole tomb was completely round with a dome like ceiling. In the center was a hexagon shaped paint marking on the ground and on each corner a large pillar that held a brightly glowing jewel on the center of each. And in the center of this perfectly arranged pillars, sat a pedestal with a chest bearing the emblem of the Elements of Harmony. As the two soldier looked at the chest, the subornment once again tried to convince his leader to turn back, “Sir… please. You know as well as I do that this place is pure evil. Talking to him is a death wish and you know it.”
The leader shook his head, “If you want to be a little filly about it then leave now! I trained a Stallion who follows orders! Not a little foal that doesn’t trust his leader’s judgment. Besides, you know as well as I do that the pillars form an invisible barrier. As long as I’m outside that barrier I’ll be safe.”

The leader trotted towards the edge of the hexagon and stopped only an inch from the edge. Then using unicorn magic, he tossed a pebble into the hexagon hitting the chest in the center. Slowly the chest opened only a crack as black sand began pouring out of the chest. As the sand bundled up under the pedestal, a dark voice could be heard, “Who dares to awaken thee?”
The guard replied, “I do!”
The guard Stared bravely as the sand bundled up and took the form of an alicorn that looked as if it were built like a sand castle. The alicorn with its white glowing eyes looked at the guard and spoke, “Courage… I assume thee to be a noble soldier. Nevertheless, every soldier needs a ruler. So explain to thee, who is thy ruler?”
The guard replied, “Princess Celestia of Equestria!”

The sand pony smiled in a wicked way as he spoke, “Thy little princess? Tis been two millennia since thou has seen thy princess… then thee must share her fate, if thee be a loyal soldier. Dost thee agree?”
The guard took a step forward in irritation, “What fate are you talking about? What are you planning?”
The alicorn continued, “A curious one… dost thou know what curiosity brings?”
The guard continued, “I’ll say again! What are you planning? Princess Celestia has ordered us to increase security on this city! But why!”
The alicorn continued to smile wickedly as he continued, “Foolishness… tis this what the future brings? Tis a foolish soldier to question thy orders from thy princess. Is thou sure that thy loyalty rests with thy princess?”
The guard took another step forward as he got even more angry, “You Disrespectful trash! I hold more loyalty for my princess then my own life! But if she chooses to keep secrets from me then I would like to at least hear your side of this!”

The Prisoner smiled in a terrifying way that showed the true evil of his being, “Disloyal one… thy goal is just… thy time is near… and thy fate to thee will be sealed… just as thy fate to thy princess, too will be sealed.”
The guard asked, “Fate… what fate? What are you talking about?”
the monstrous creator just stood there with a smile on his face as the guard took another step forward, “ANSWER ME!”
The Leading guard quickly realized that he had stepped into the barriers reach, so he quickly turned to run back to safety… but it was too late. A string of sand from the dark monster shot straight out and pierced the body of the fleeing unicorn before he was able to make it to safety.

Knowing there was no hope, the subordinate, yelled, “SIR NO!!!”
The dark creator used the pike of sand that was still inside the unicorns body to pick him up and bring him close enough to look him in the eye, “Thy fate?… Tis death of course. Death to thy princesses, death to thy soldiers, death to thy kingdom, and… death to the alicorn species. However, if thee really wants to support thy princess with such loyal indulgence… then thee will share the same fate”
The dying unicorn stared with horror into the Monsters eyes as the sand started to engulf his body causing him to scream in the most horrifying way that anypony had ever heard.

The remaining soldier stared in horror at the event before trying to turn and flee for his life. As the soldier ran, the sand made alicorn picked up the pebble from with his magic and tossed through the barriers with such speed that it pierced the pony’s body, killing him as if it were an arrow. As the pony laid on the ground dead, the creature tried to reach for his body, however as the sand Started to pass the barrier, it fell to the ground as if it were ordinary sand. The alicorn looked at the jewel that was embedded in one of the pillars as he smiled, “Soon thy queen… thou power will run out and thou magic will fade… then, I shall free thyself and make thou daughters share the same fate as thee… they shall die as thee did, two thousand years ago…”
And with those words, the creature turned back into a pile of sand, returned into the chest, and sealed it shut, leaving behind no remains of the loyal soldier who so foolishly entered his domain.