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The Price of Harmony - Priceless911

While Star Bolt tries to forget his life of sin. An ancient evil sits and waits for the day that its prison will weaken so it can break free and finish its goal that was started 2000 years ago. The extinction of the alicorn race.

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Ch5 Truth and Lies

Star Bolt slowly opened his eyes as the light from the sun shined through the bedroom window. As he sat up, Star Bolt felt his side starting to ache, as he looked out the window. He started to think about his last memories, “The storm… is everypony ok? The winds stopped, and then…”
Before he could finish his sentence, the door opened as Roseluck pushed a cart into the room with a plate of food on it, “Star, you’re awake, how are you feeling?”
Star Bolt shrugged his shoulders as he replied, “Well my side hurts, but other than that I’m fine.”
Rose smiled, “Well the doctor came by earlier and said you had a pulled muscle. But other than that nothing was broken so that’s good, considering you fell from nearly a thousand feet.”
Star Bolt smiled, “And you caught me, didn’t you?... thank you Rose, looks like I’m in your debt.”

Roseluck blushed as she replied, “No…we’re even now. But please don’t do that again. I was worried about you. What if I didn’t come to help?”
Star Bolt looked at the plate of food as Roseluck sat it in front of him. He sighed as he replied “Then I would have died… nothing more to it.”
Roseluck was troubled by the serious expression on his face as she argued, “Yea… and where would that leave us?”
Star Bolt looked up at her, “Us?”
Roseluck blushed as she looked away and replied, “I wouldn’t be able to repay my debt… Applejack would feel guilty for not getting the chance to pay you for your work. Rainbow Dash would feel bad for dragging you into that tornado. And poor Sweetie Belle… she would lose one of her best friends. Just because you’re a wanderer, doesn’t mean that nopony would notice if you all of a sudden died… you’re our friend Star Bolt. And now… our hero.”

Star Bolt couldn’t believe what he was hearing. He knew that it wasn’t as pointless as he made it out to be… but when explained so vividly like that, he realized that it was a lot more complicated then he understood. Hearing her talk like that reminded him greatly of an incident during the Nightmare Crusade. And seeing the blushing seriousness that Roseluck’s face was showing, reminded him greatly of Gem Stone. Star Bolt sighed and put his hoof on her shoulder, “You’re right Rose… sorry if I seem to be too negative. It’s just been a while since somepony spelled it out for me, that’s all.”
Roseluck nodded her head as she turned around to leave the room, “Good, now finish your food and come down stairs. You have a few guests waiting to greet you.”
Roseluck smiled as she left the room, “I wasn’t the only pony waiting for you to wake up.”
After Roseluck was gone, Star Bolt got out of the bed, and went down stairs.

By the time Star Bolt was at the bottom of the stairs, he had already seen Princess Twilight, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, The Cutiemark Crusaders, and Zecora standing in the living room. Twilight Sparkle was talking with Zecora, “So you knew Star Bolt for a long time then? I didn’t know you two were acquainted.”
Zecora smiled, “He helped my past, with no problems to mend, because when I arrived here, he was my first friend.”
Pinkie yelled out, “HE’S HERE!!!”
Star Bolt smiled as everypony in the room looked at him, “Um… hey everypony… what did I miss?”
Rarity spoke first, “Only the most spectacular save I have ever witness in all my days!”
Pinkie Pie jumped in the air as she spoke, “YEA, you were like Shooom, and then you were like StZZZZZZZ, then we were like WHAAAAA! then you were like BOOOMMMM!!, then it was all like SHEEEZZZZZZZZZ. Then it went very quiet while we were like Whoooo and th….”
Applejack put her hoof over pinkies mouth, as she translated, “What she means to say is that we are all grateful you helped us out of that pickle… we didn’t know you had it in ya.”

As Star Bolt smiled, Pinkie Pie trotted up to him, “Ohoo you know what we should do? We should throw him a PART…”
Pinkie Pie stopped talking when she was interrupted by Rainbow Dash who was entering the front door, “I have a question for you Star? That is… if you’re not hiding anything from us…”
Star Bolt felt a little nervous, but he had a lot of practice in hiding his guilt so he replied without any suspicion from the other ponies in the room, “Sure, Dash… what do you want to know?”
Rainbow Dash asked, “Exactly what happened up there yesterday? How did you manage to attract all that lighting?”
Star Bolt replied, “I took a thick cloud and I used a very unique way of kicking lighting out of the clouds… only I fired it through the center of the vortex which made it attract lighting with the spinning wind surrounding it… kinda like an electro magnet.”

Thought it was a complete and utter lie, the surrounding ponies nodded their heads in agreement, but Rainbow Dash still had her suspicions, “Ok, then what about afterwards? How did the storm die after that one little trick?”
Without any hesitation to arise suspicion, Star Bolt replied, “The quick increase in temperature probably caused a strong shift in air pressure. Therefore, the cyclone was disrupted by that one event. You see it often like when the wind picks up because of the heat in the sunrise.”
with all the ponies looking at Rainbow Dash expecting a continuation in her argument, Rainbow Dash felt embarrassed as she tried to counter the debate, “Then… Then why were you exhausted? You expect me to believe that a stallion with your strength can get tired after kicking one lightning bolt out of a cloud?”
Star Bolt hesitated, but not because he was stumped, but to make it seem like he was embarrassed, “Well… the change in pressure got to me. From where I was to begin with, the air was thin. Maybe the change in pressure gave me an extreme head rush… and maybe I couldn’t handle it… so I lost consciousness. I’m not superpony ya know.”

Feeling like her argument was making her look bad, Rainbow Dash decided to try one more attempt, “Ok, that seems believable enough… but where did you learn a technique like that? I’ve never heard of such a thing and I doubt it can be learned in the royal guard… so how did you learn to do that?”
Star Bolt felt nervous, not only was this a question he wasn’t ready for… but he couldn’t think of anything in the spot like he could with the rest of the questions, “I… um… well… ya see…”
“He doesn’t remember!”
Everypony in the room quickly looked at The Cutiemark Crusaders as Scootaloo added to Apple Bloom’s comment, “Star Bolt Lost his memory when he was a colt, so he has no memory of how he got his cutiemark!”
Apple Bloom continued, “That’s right! He got amnausea so he doesn’t remember anythin’!”
Sweetie Belle added, “Well Amnesia… but yea, he told us himself that he lost his memories a long time ago so he doesn’t even know if that is his special talent or not!”
Rainbow Dash looked back at Star Bolt as he blushed in embarrassment, “Really?...”
Star Bolt replied, “Um… yea, when I was ten I lost all of my memories. To be honest, I don’t even know if I was ten when it happened because I didn’t even know my age.”

Rainbow Dash knew she was beat but she still tried to continue, “Well… um… then… uh…”
Star Bolt looked at Rainbow Dash and spoke, “Dashie? Is something wrong? You’re acting like I caused the storm.”
Rainbow Dash replied, “Well… I… I just don’t know what happened is all. You flew into the tornado then all of a sudden a bright flash, and then the storm stopped as if you hit the brakes. I just want some answers.”
Star Bolt replied, “Then simply ask… I have nothing against you, or anypony else in Ponyville.”
Rainbow Dash sighed, “Well… it’s not like I don’t trust you or anything like that… but it just seems suspicious, that’s all.”
Star Bolt smiled as he nodded his head, “I understand.”
“You do?”
“Of course, you have a good thing here Dashie. You have a good town that is very friendly to all who pass through. Good, trustworthy friends who will do anything to help you. I guess all I’m saying is, you have every right to be suspicious about a wandering stallion like myself who refuses to talk about his past, and who did something unbelievable to save a town that isn’t even his own. But… I guess that’s why I did it. I’ve traveled all over Equestria and I’ve been to places that most wouldn’t even know existed. And of all those places… this town and these ponies are the best I’ve met. I guess that’s why I helped you all. You all have shown me nothing but kindness and generosity. And for that… I’m happy I came to Ponyville. I’m happy I met you all… even you Rainbow Dash.”

After hearing his speech, Rainbow Dash hung her head as she replied, “Sorry Star Bolt… I guess I owe you an apo…”
“No need… you’re the one to praise for saving the town anyways. If you hadn’t gone to get me… then I wouldn’t have helped.”
Rainbow Dash blushed as she replied, “Well… I guess I did help out some during the storm didn’t I?”
Star Bolt smiled, “You sure did… now what was it that you said we needed Pinkie?”
Pinkie Pie jumped in the air, “A… wait… what did I say we needed… oh… right… A PARTY!!!”
Applejack spoke up, “And I know just where to have it. C’mon everypony! Let’s get down to Sweet Apple Acres! Time for a good old-fashioned hootenanny!!!”
As everypony in the room Started gathering at the door, Star Bolt noticed that Roseluck stayed behind as he asked, “Rose? You coming?”
Roseluck shook her head and replied, “Oh… no, I’m not feeling too well Star. I’m just going to stay here. I need to tend to my garden anyway.”
Star Bolt knew a lie when he heard one, but since it wasn’t his business, he replied, “Well… ok, don’t be afraid to come out if you feel better later on. We’ll be waiting.”
As Star Bolt Continued out the door, Roseluck mumbled to herself as she pulled out a letter that she had written to Princess Celestia, “Ok Star... I trust you… I hope.”

Not long after the group of ponies left the house, they arrived at a decorated part of Sweet Apple Acres where many were already enjoying the gathered festivities. The large party continued throughout the day with everypony present having a good time, even Rainbow Dash who was still sore about the morning’s argument decided to cut loose and enjoy the festivities. After a while, Star Bolt decided to go to the punch bowl to get away from the large crowd for a few seconds. When he got there, he saw Spike sitting and sighing as he watch Rarity who was enjoying herself at the arts and crafts table. As he sat there sighing, Star Bolt asked, “How it going little buddy? You ok?”
Spike Started swishing the cup of punch around as he sighed, “Yea… I’m fine.”
Star Bolt got a cup and sat down next to him, “Ya sure? You don’t look fine to me… what’s up?”
Spike looked at Star Bolt and replied, “It’s just…. No, a cool popular pony like you wouldn’t understand.”
Star Bolt looked at Rarity then back at Spike as he smiled, “Maybe… but in the end, does anypony ever truly understand love?”

Spike Started to blush as he looked at Star Bolt with surprise, “What? But… how did you know th…”
Star Bolt smiled, “I know that look anywhere. The look of longing, and hoping. What you should do is talk to her.”
Spike felt nervous, “Yea… but… what should I say?”
Star Bolt thought for a second, “Hmm… why don’t you tell her something sweet? I dunno… I’m not interested in what she likes so I’m clueless as to what mares want. However, if you leave her in the dark too long, then either she will look past you and find somepony else or something could happen and then you will never get your chance.”
Spike looked at Star Bolt, “What kind of something?”
Star Bolt thought to himself, but only one instant came to mind, but it wasn’t good so he dodged the question, “Just… something…”
Spike looked back at Rarity and tried to prepare himself, “Ok…ok… I can do this… I’m going to go right up to her and say… um… Hi… How’s that?”

Star Bolt put his hoof over his face and sighed, “Well… I'd say it’s a Start. But I think you should take more than just one step in this. Why not ask about something she enjoys… like, well you two both like gems right? Why not ask her what her favorite color of gem is, and go from there. Who knows, maybe you learn something new about her.”
Spike nodded his head and replied, “Ok… I got this… Hello Rarity, I was wondering, what’s your favorite color gem is… How’s that?”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Go for it… sounds like you got this covered.”
Spike finished off his punch then gave a deep breath as he started walking over to the arts and crafts table. When he got there, he taped Rarity on the shoulder, “Um… Rarity? I was wondering what your favorite rock was… Wait… Gem… wait, favorite color rock, GEM!!! I… um…”
Rarity couldn’t help but laugh at the bashful dragon as she put her hoof over his mouth and spoke, “Well Spikey-Wikey I would say its purple. But I think the heart sapphire you gave me is still my favorite.”
Spike blushed as he replied, “Oh… really… then I’m glad I gave it to you…”

As the two Started to continued their conversation, Star Bolt held his punch up in a manner to give cheers for Spike’s success, “Way to go little buddy.”
“That was a sweet thing you did for him Star.”
Star Bolt looked over to see princess Twilight standing next to him, “Well it was killing me watching him kill himself with his continued self-pity… I had to do something to boost his confidence. Besides, I’ve given that look too many times in my lifetime… and in the end; I never got my chance, to tell her how I felt.”
Princess Twilight replied, “Really? What happened? Did you leave town or something?”
Star Bolt sighed, “No… she died.”
Princess Twilight looked at the ground in sadness as she replied, “Oh… I’m sorry to hear that.”
Star Bolt shook his head, “Its ok… I’m over it, but I still can’t help but wonder what life would be like if she had lived. I guess it’s just one of those what if situations… like what if I had a little brother to take care of or something like that.”

Princess Twilight smiled, “I’m glad you’re so ok with talking about something like that. I couldn’t tell you how I would react if somepony I love died.”
Star Bolt shook his head and replied, “We all have our ways to mourn another. Some cry, some get angry, and others just ignore it.”
Princess Twilight nodded her head, “While the rest chose to abandon everything that remind them of it…”
Star Bolt didn’t show any expression to the comment; instead, he just finished his drink and began trotting away without a single word. Twilight stopped him, “I’m sorry if I went too far Star… I didn’t mean t…”
“No… the sad part is that you couldn’t be more right… Nevertheless, it’s my choice… and I have no regrets. Thanks for the party Twilight… but I think I’m going to call it a day.”
Twilight felt bad about what she said as she watched Star Bolt leave Sweet Apple Acres without a single word to the party guests.

As he continued down the road towards Roseluck’s house, Star Bolt stopped when he came to a fork in the road. Normally he would just continue on his path, but when he looked at the directional signs, he saw that the other path lead to the Everfree Forest. Thinking to himself about the hard conversations he had throughout the day, he started to wander, “Maybe I should go to the Thunder Grounds… clear my head for a few minutes.”
So, Star Bolt put the hood of his cloak on his head as he began trotting down the road leading to the Everfree Forest. Not long after that, he heard a nervous voice behind him, “Um… Mr. Star?”
Star Bolt stopped and turned around to see Sweetie Belle standing there with an uneasy expression on her face. Star Bolt turned towards her and sighed, “Sweetie Belle you need to go back to the party… there is no reason for you to follow me.”
Sweetie Belle asked, “Are… are you leaving? You know… for good?”
Star Bolt thought to himself as he replied, “Look I only need to clear my thought for a few seconds.”
“But you’re coming back… right?”

Star Bolt saw tears starting to build up in her eyes as he replied, “Sweetie Belle… why are you so concerned about this?”
Sweetie Belle looked at the ground as she replied, “Well… I just… I don’t want you to leave… that’s all.”
Feeling that this was the right time to talk to her about this, Star Bolt looked at a nearby hill with an apple tree and spoke, “Sweetie Belle… come with me… we need to talk.”
Star Bolt lead Sweetie Belle to the hill and sat down next to her, “Sweetie Belle, I know how you feel about me… and I’m going to have to tell you that you need to stop.”
Sweetie Belle started to tear up while she tried to deny it, “What?... I… I don’t know what you’re talking about…”

Star Bolt shook his head, “You can deny it all you want… but I know how you feel about me… and I want you to stop now before you get yourself hurt.”
Sweetie Belle started to cry as she spoke, “But… but why? Is… is it something I said? Something I did to make you mad?... am… am I bothering you? I promise I can stop hanging around you so much if that’s what it is?... did… did I do something wrong?”
“Sweetie Belle…”
“I promise I can do thing differently if that’s what you want.”
“Sweetie Belle!...”
“What did I do? Why do you not like me?”
“Sweetie Belle enough!!!”
Sweetie Belle looked at the ground in complete despair as Star Bolt sighed, “Sweetie Belle… I know you’re only doing what your heart tells you… but right now, you can’t be certain that your heart is right. Trust me… I was in love at your age too.”

Sweetie Belle looked up at Star Bolt in shock, “R-really?”
Star Bolt smiled, “Yep… I fell in love with the first mare I saw after I lost my memories. When first saw her I wanted to be with her all the time. In fact, that’s why I grew up to be a royal guard. I wanted to someday protect her and show her that my love was stronger than I could ever be. But… I was just a foal. And because of that, I never had any friends when I was young. All I knew was training and her, and because of that… I let my foalhood sift through my hooves.”
Sweetie Belle looked back at the ground in disappointment, “So… it’s because I’m a foal?”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Well that’s part of the reason. You have your whole life ahead of you; right now, you should leave your focused on your cutiemark, and your friends. If you try to rush through your foal years, then you will let the best part of your life slip by.”
Sweetie Belle nodded her head with her tears still on her face, ‘I guess I know what you mean…”

Star Bolt pat her on her head as he continued, “Don’t worry so much… one day you will grow up into a beautiful mare, then when you have all those stallions fighting over you, you will meet that special one that makes you smile and that you want to be with. You two will spend endless hours with each other, and never want to be apart. Then you will make the horrible mistake.”
Sweetie Belle looked back at Star Bolt, “Mistake?”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Yep, you’re going to make the mistake of introducing him to me… and I'll beat the endless tar out of him until he proves to me that he is the right pony for you…”
Sweetie Belle started to laugh through her tears as Star Bolt smiled, “Then… one way or other, he will prove me wrong, or strangle me in my sleep. Then he will be free to ask for your hoof in marriage. But until that day, just enjoy your foalhood while it lasts… seriously; don’t waste a single day of it.”
Sweetie Belle felt a lot better about the subject now, but she still had to ask… “But… why are you leaving? Don’t you like it here?”
Star Bolt looked at the sun as it began to set, then continued, “I never said I was leaving… you only assumed I was. Like I said, I’m only going to go to a special place that I use to think for a few seconds… that’s all.”

Sweetie Belle nodded her head, “Oh… I thought you were going to leave because I heard you and Princess Twilight talking. I thought she said something that would make you want to leave.”
Star Bolt replied, “It will take a lot more than that to make me want to leave.”
Sweetie Belle then continued, “So… what is it you’re running from? I mean what are you avoiding so you can forget about the pony who died?”
Star Bolt tried to think of a lie but the words came before he could think of a good one, “I’m… um… I’m just afraid of what might happen if…”
Sweetie Belle interrupted, “Rarity told me that if you’re afraid of something then you need to stand up to it, otherwise you will never overcome your fear.”
Star Bolt thought to himself for a second, “Overcome my fears… interesting… I'll keep that in mind.”
Sweetie Belle smiled, “Yep, that’s how I got over being afraid of the dark.”
Star Bolt could only smile, “I’ve heard the phrase before… but I didn’t think my situation applied to it. Anyway, I suppose this little discussion got my mind off my problems, so I'll just head back to the house and get some rest.”

Sweetie Belle felt nervous as she asked, “Um… Mr. Star? I know you said that I need to stop, but can I still come and see you when I want to? I promise I won’t get in the way.”
Star Bolt shook his head and sighed, “Well, I guess it doesn’t hurt anything if you do… just try to spend a little more time with your friends too… I don’t want them to think I’m trying to steal you away or something.”
Sweetie Belle smiled, “Ok… I'll do that…”
Then Star Bolt looked towards a nearby tree and spoke, “Is that alright with you Ms. Rarity?”
Feeling embarrassed she got caught eavesdropping, “Rarity stepped out from behind the tree as she spoke, “Well… I guess that’s fine. Now come along Sweetie Belle, it’s time to go home.”
Sweetie Belle smiled as she started trotting away, “Ok… Good by Mr. Star, I'll see you tomorrow.”

As Sweetie Belle trotted past her sister, Rarity smiled at Star Bolt, “Thank you Mr. Star… I have been a little worried about this since she started talking about you nonstop at home. So, I’m glad you let her down easily.”
Star Bolt smiled, “It’s my pleasure Ms. Rarity, her heart’s in the right place, but right now she is just too young to worry about that sort of thing. Nevertheless, with a sister like you giving her advice, she is only guaranteed to succeed in the future.”
Rarity smiled, “Anyways, if you ever need anything, feel free to ask. You’ve already done so much for us, it’s the least I can do.”
With that said Rarity turned around and began trotting with her sister back to their home as Star Bolt looked at the rising moon, “Face my fears… hmm.”
Star Bolt then turned around and trotted back to the place he was staying.

Shortly after arriving at the house, Star Bolt saw Roseluck sitting in the living room with a troubled look on her face. Star Bolt saw her look and spoke, “Rose? Are you ok? I was wondering why you didn’t come to the party… did something happen?”
Rose sighed as she laid a letter on the table and spoke, “Star… will you read this?”
Star Bolt felt a little unusual that he was asked to read a letter, but since he saw no harm in it, he replied as he picked it up and sat down, “Sure… may I ask what this is about?”
Roseluck looked at the floor in disappointment and replied, “Just read it…”
Knowing that whatever it was wasn’t good, he cleared his throat and looked at the leader as it read:
“Dear Princess Celestia

You don’t know me, but I’m a friend or your student Princess Twilight Sparkle. She asked me to write a letter on a lesson in friendship that covered the actions of a stallion who recently arrived at our town. About a week ago, this stallion by the name of Star Bolt came to our town in hopes of finding work. Since I knew him from an incident in the Everfree Forest, I already trusted both him and his actions. And as if I couldn’t trust him more, he was responsible for a heroic action that saved Ponyville from a devastating storm that would have easily destroyed our town. We all owe him our lives and he has taught me a lesson in friendship too. He has taught me, that friends can come in many shapes and sizes while at the same time, they can show us that you don’t have to be lifelong friends to share trust in each other. I know that with all the good he has done for this town, that he is 100% trustworthy. In addition, I hope he will continue to stay with us, here in Ponyville.
Your loyal subject,

After reading the letter Star Bolt sat it down on the table as he looked at Roseluck with an expressionless stare, “Rose… what is this?”
Roseluck sighed, “Star… that’s a letter I’m going to send to Princess Celestia soon… but I want you to be honest with me first.”
Star Bolt was confused, “Okay?”
Rose continued, “If there is any reason you have that I shouldn’t send that letter… then I want you to be honest with me. Who are you? What was that flash from yesterday and that day in the Everfree forest… and why were the royal guards chasing you that day?”
Star Bolt sighed, “I can’t say… not because I don’t want to… but it’s for your protection.”
Rose continued, “Star… I trust you with my life… and you’re going to just shoot me down just like that?”
Star Bolt replied, “I have to, there are things that I’m responsible for that would completely change your view about me… I wouldn’t be surprised that even after I told you, you would send that letter anyway.”
Roseluck continued, “Star… if anything will change my view of you, it will be the thought that I could never trust a pony who is hiding something important from me. Please, let me help you.”

Star Bolt sighed, “Fine… Remember that story I told you in the Everfree Forest. About the commander who made the Thunder Grounds… well. I’m him.”
Roseluck was confused, “You’re him? But wh…”
“Over a thousand years ago… when I was just a foal, I lost my memory after using a legendary technique called the Lightning Orb… everything, my name, my family, even my own age… was forgotten on that day. ”
“When you were a foal!?!”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Yes… right now, I’m one thousand twenty six years old… or that is if I was ten when I lost my memory.”
Rose put her hoof on her head in amazement, “But… is that even possible?”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Yes… it is.”
Star Bolt went on to tell her everything about him, from his training as a foal, to his entry into the royal guards. From his service in the Griffin Civil War, to his promotion to commander, into his involvement in the Nightmare Crusade, to his battle against his mentor and Canterlot itself. Even his love for both Gem Stone, and Princess Luna wasn’t left out, all the way to his imprisonment in the stars and his return to Equestria. The only thing he left out was the names of the ponies who helped him since his return.

After his story was told, Roseluck sat in silence for a few seconds as she pondered his situation. Then she quietly stood up, picked up the letter, and trotted to the fireplace, “Star? Do… do you still love Princess Luna?”
Star Bolt hesitated then replied, “I… n-no… I don’t.”
With her back turned away from Star Bolt, she closed her eyes and smiled as she mumbled quietly to herself, “You’re such a bad liar…”
Star Bolt herd her mumble but he didn’t hear what she said. Nevertheless, Roseluck crumbled up the letter and tossed it into the fire. As she watched the letter burn, she spoke, “I'll help you Star Bolt. However I can, but from now on… no secrets ok? If I’m going to let you stay here, I need your honesty to remind me that this is the right thing to do.”

Star Bolt didn’t like the idea, but he nodded his head anyway, “Ok Rose… but that means I’m going to need your help too. Everything you heard tonight… stays here… is that alright?”
Roseluck remained expressionless as she nodded her head, “Agreed. But for now, I’m going to get some rest… it’s been a long day.”
Star Bolt nodded his head as he got up and started leaving the room, “Tell me about it… my nerves can’t handle any more stress. I'll call it a night too… I'll see ya tomorrow Rose.”
Even though both ponies felt awkward about the whole situation, they continued into their rooms and went to sleep with no further discussion on the topic.

In the Capital city of Gryphus, Princess Celestia entered the royal hall of King Talon of the Griffin Kingdoms. As she approached the throne, she spoke, “It’s good to see you Talon. How have you been?”
The king smiled as he stood up from his throne and approached the princess, “Princess Celestia of Equestria… I didn’t expect to see you so soon. However since I sent that obnoxious draconequus away, I should have. So what brings you to my fair kingdom?”
Princess Celestia spoke with a serious tone, “You know why I’m here.”
The king sighed, “Ah yes… how could I forget. You’re here to talk about the dark alicorn aren’t you? When the draconequus started spitting out that nonsense along with his repugnant jokes and magic, I could only take it as such. To be honest, I highly doubt that alicorn is anything more than superstition and legend.”
The king started to trot back to his throne as Princess Celestia spoke, “Talon, you know very well that he does exist and that he will return soon. You need to start thinking about the future of your kingdom and su…”

The king angrily turned around and spoke, “How dare you enter my kingdom and tell me how to rule my subjects! I am thinking about my kingdom… and I think it would be better to spend their time improving our nation rather than fending off an old ponytale. Rumors like that will spread panic and I don’t need to calm millions of my own subjects simply because a pony decides to start believing in old stories of dark powers and fallen kingdoms.”
Princess Celestia continued, “King Talon I and my sister were mere foals as we watched our father die by his hoof. We watched as the ponies of Eden were reduced to ash. We even lost our mother to that monster! If you ignore this warning then Gryphus will fall just as Eden did! We must find a way to stop him otherwise both our kingdoms will fall and our species will become exti...”

Princess Celestia silenced herself as the king slowly sat back in his throne and spoke, “Even if he is real, and he does return… his goal will be to eliminate the remaining alicorn. So as far as I’m concerned… You are the only one who needs to worry, how dare you use my nation and my resources to save your own skin… This conversation is over; I would advise you to leave Princess. Though your stay has been brief, I will not allow you to corrupt the minds of my subjects with your talk of nonsense.”
Princess Celestia sighed as she turned around, “Fine… if you want to ignore this plea, then that’s fine by me. But know this, if Luna and I are his targets… then what will happen once he finishes us off? Eventually, he will seek out new targets… and I don’t think he will overlook your kingdom simply because you’re not ponies.”
As the princess left the palace, she trotted to her carriage as the guard waiting for her asked, “Any luck your majesty?”
Princess Celestia sighed, as she looked back at the castle, “No… as usual the griffin king is worrying more about himself then his own subjects… I just hope he isn’t proven wrong… I'd hate to see any kingdom fall, even the Griffin Kingdoms.”

Just as Princess Celestia stepped onto her carriage, another griffin approached her, “Hey Princess? You’re the princess of Equestria right?”
Feeling that the griffin could be a threat, the guard stepped between her and Princess Celestia, “Can I help you miss?”
The griffin rudely replied, “I’m not talking to you dweeb… I’m talking to the one in the crown.”
The guard sneered at the griffin, “You disrespectful little…”
“Stand down captain, let her speak. How may I help you?”
The griffin spoke, “Have you found him yet?”
“Him? Him who?”
The griffin replied, “You know… the pony who can use the Lightning Orb… Him…”
After hearing her remark the guard stepped forward again, “How do you know of Commander Bolt? Have you seen him?”
“Back off pony boy! This is between your princess and me… we didn’t ask for a comment from the metal wearing donkey now did we?”

Before the soldier could reply to the insult, Princess Celestia spoke up, “Do you know where I can find Commander Bolt? Please tell me.”
The griffin nodded her head, “So this dark Ali-whatever is the real deal then hmm. Well I don’t know where Commander Bolt is, but I know if you want his help, then I would explain to him in perfect detail of what you facing and he might help you… however if I heard his story right… then he won’t be persuaded so easily”
The guard was now enraged, “Hold your tongue!!!”
As the guard looked back at Princess Celestia, she hung her head and replied, “I know he is probably still holding a grudge… but I still have to try. We need all that we can gather, and I know that he and his ability can greatly increase our chances for victory. Besides, the fate of the world is at stake… so I must try.”

The griffin shook her head in hopelessness, as she turned around and replied, “Well suit yourself… don’t say I didn’t warn you.”
Before the griffin was out of sight, Princess Celestia asked, “How do you know of this anyway… if you don’t mind me asking?”
The griffin replied as she continued, “I only know what dad and the king have said about this… I guess it pays to have your father as a commander in the King ’s Counsel after all. Good luck princess, you’re gonna need it.”
As the griffin walked away, the guard spoke behind her back, “As if we needed her for such useless information anyway.”
Princess Celestia sighed and mumbled to herself, “Luck… I’m going to need much more than luck.”