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The Price of Harmony - Priceless911

While Star Bolt tries to forget his life of sin. An ancient evil sits and waits for the day that its prison will weaken so it can break free and finish its goal that was started 2000 years ago. The extinction of the alicorn race.

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Ch2 The Ponies of Ponyville

“Welcome to Ponyville…”
With the sun hanging overhead, Star Bolt stood looking at the welcome sign as he thought to himself, “Well this is it… I guess I should find out how to get to Sweet Apple Acres now.”
Star Bolt began trotting past the sign and into the town. As he continued down the road, he looked ahead at the town and smiled, “Looks peaceful… not very big, but very homely. I hope I can stay here for a whi…”
all of a sudden, a mysterious pink flash flew out of the town, passed Star Bolt and vanished somewhere down the road. Star Bolt turned and looked behind him, but after he didn’t see anything he mumbled, “What… that was that?... hmm… just my imagination I guess. Maybe I should find an inn and get some sleep, it’s almost noon now and I haven’t slept since yesterday morning.”

Star Bolt turned around and continued into the town, but after three steps, the pink flash returned a second time, only this time, it flew in from behind and went into the town. Thinking that the flash could have been a projectile from some kind of attack, Star Bolt quickly turned around and gripped his sword as he looked down the road leading out of the town, “Who’s there!”
Star Bolt stood still while he waited for some kind of response, but when nothing happened he released his sword and put his hoof on his head, “I couldn’t have imagined it twice… could I?”
Star Bolt stood facing the outside of the town for a little bit longer before starting to turn around, “I really need to get some slee…”
Just then as Star Bolt turned back towards the town, then trotted into a solid wooden surface that somehow appeared while his back was turned.

The ex-soldier immediately thought he was under attack, so he jumped backwards and gripped his sword as he got a better look at whatever it was he trotted into. After realizing what the object was, he once again released his sheathed sword and sighed in relief. It was a large wooden wagon with a tarp covering the top, so Star Bolt began trotting around it examining the wagon closely. Star Bolt was confused, something of this size would have made some kind of noise being placed in his path… but how did it get there without him noticing, and furthermore… who put it there. As Star Bolt took a good look at the wagon, he saw on the side, written in big pink letters, W.W. Star Bolt started to think to himself about what the letters mean. However, after thinking for a few seconds he started to laugh at the only thing he could think of, “What is this? The Welcome Wagon?....”

Just then, the tarp on top of the wagon flew off as a pink pony jumped out with a lot of balloons and confetti following her, “THAT’S RIGHT!!! Oooh how did you guess… are you a genius? Oh and if so do you know Twilight Sparkle? Well, now she is called Princess Twilight but that was after she became a princess back when she was a unicorn… oh… I bet because you have that cloak, you’re a traveling scholar! I bet that’s what you are, why else would you travel all over the place… wait you have a sword? That must mean you’re a traveling scholar and a royal guard, then you must know Princess Twilight that’s the princess from Canterlot but not like the other princesses, ya see Twilight was a unicorn first before beco…”
As the pink pony continuously talked herself into circles about the same subjects, Star Bolt put his hoof on his head and mumbled to himself, “Well somepony is excited… who is this mare?... and… why is she still talking?”

The mare continued talking as Star Bolt sighed and put his hoof over her mouth, “Um… sorry if I seem rude… but, who are you?”
As Star Bolt moved his hoof, the pony replied, “Oh… that right how silly of me, I’m Pinkie Pie.”
As the mare gave Star Bolt an enormously big smile he replied, “Pinkie Pie?... well ok, my name is Star Bolt.”
And before he knew it, she was off again, “Star Bolt? Oh that’s a good name… wait does that mean your related to Berry Bolt? Or you could be related to Kelly Bolt… WAIT, THUNDER BOLT!!! You have to be related to Thunder Bolt. You could be his brot… wait no, no. he was an only foal… and when I think about it I think his name was Thunder Bait… wait… Teddy Bait? Mikey Bait?... … Billy?”
As the mare got trapped in her own thought, Star Bolt took this perfect opportunity to speak, “Well… it was nice meeting you Pinkie Pie, and I’m sure your very busy you know, putting spaces between your words… but I have to get going. There is someplace I have to get to before…”

The mare immediately snapped out of her trapped thoughts as she replied, “Oh! I can show you how to get there! I know all the places in Ponyville you got the courthouse though I hope you don’t have a date there. Then the Carousel Boutique… but you don’t look like you’re into fashion… Oh, I know! You wanna get something yummy to eat! Well you’re in luck Sugar Cube Corner is the place for you! They have all the sweets you could ask for. In fact, today is special because today is the day that I’m supposed to be in charge of the register! Yep I’m su…”
The Mare immediately realized what she said as she froze on the spot. Star Bolt looked in confusion at the frozen mare as he waved his hoof in front of her face, “Pinkie? Pinkie?... uh… is she broken?”
All of a sudden Pinkie Pie snapped out of it, “Gotta-Go-Bye!!!”
And with that quick reaction, Pinkie Pie darted away in the same pink flash that he saw earlier.

As soon at the mare was completely out of sight, Star Bolt mumbled to himself, “Well… that was… interesting. If that was the first impression of this town, then they better be grateful I don’t judge on first impressions.”
Star Bolt continued trotting into the town until he reached the market place. While he was there, a mare approached him and asked, “Good afternoon sir, I was wondering if I could interest you in a dozen of our finest flowers, nothing says I love you like a fresh bouquet of beautiful daisies, and they’re fat free too.”
as Star Bolt looked at the mare, the mare got nervous looking at his face from under the shadow of his cloaks hood, “Or… um… you don’t have to if you don’t want… I… um…”
Star Bolt realized the mare’s fear of his shadowy appearance so he put his hood down and spoke, “Sorry miss, I know it must seem strange to be wearing a hood when the sun isn’t that bright today.”

After his hood was down, the light pink Mare got close to him and started to study his face, “Hmm… dark coat… black cloak… Yellow and black mane… mysterious… and scar on one ear?”
Feeling uncomfortable with the mare’s excessive staring, Star Bolt started to back away, “Well, thanks but no thanks miss…”
The mare continued examining him from a distance as she replied, “Daisy…”
“Right, right, Daisy… well I gotta go, so I’ll see you around.”
Star Bolt then turned around and quickly trotted away from her as he mumbles to himself, “Well that couldn’t have been creepier.”

As Star Bolt Continued through the market place, Daisy approached one of the produce carts and tapped the orange salespony on the shoulder, “Hey Carrot Top?”
Carrot Top turned to her and replied, “Yes Daisy what is it? Can’t you see I have some customers here?”
Daisy pointed at Star Bolt and spoke, “Would you mind describing that pony to me?”
“Describing him to you?”
“Yea, if you had to describe him to somepony who wasn’t here what would you say?”
Carrot Top sighed as she looked at Star Bolt and replied, “Well he is a dark grey stallion with a black cloak. He looks a little buff, with a sword on his side… he has a yellow and black mane… deep dark red eyes… and a scar on his ear?... wait… is that?”
Daisy nodded her head, “He fits the description perfectly. That is definitely the stallion Rose told us about.”

Carrot Top thought to herself, “But I though we all agreed that Roseluck imagined the whole thing?”
“Yea, but that doesn’t explain why we are standing here looking directly at her imagination does it?”
Carrot Top nodded her head, “Yea… you’re right about that.”
“So… what should we do?”
Carrot Top smiled as she replied, “Let’s tail him. Since Roseluck and Lily are in Canterlot for the Peddlers’ Pedals Gardening Competition. We should see if he will be in town long enough to see her when she returns tomorrow morning.”
With the decision settled, the two mares closed up their stands and began following Star Bolt hoping to find out more about the mysterious traveler.

As Star Bolt continued out of the market and into the deeper portions of town, Star Bolt decided to go into one of the nearby shops and ask for directions to Apple Lane Rd. He decided to go into the closest one to him that looked like a gigantic carrousel. After trotting inside and hearing the customer bell that hung over the door, a cream-colored unicorn came out of the back as she spoke, “Welcome to Carousel Boutique where every garment is chic, unique and magnifique. How may I assist yo… oh… well I must certainly say you do require my assistance.”
Star Bolt was confused, “Wait… what?”
The unicorn approached him and held up a part of his cloak as she continued, “This outfit… though it matches your coat, it’s too dusty and dirty… not appealing at all.”
The unicorn used her magic to remove his cloak as she turned and approached a rack with numerous types of fabrics on it, “Hmm… perhaps something following a raven… no gotta be Navy blue… the color just seems so… you. Now about the fabric… what style do you want this for?”

As the tailor turned to look at Star Bolt, he was still trying to keep up with what was happening as he replied, “Well… actually miss I…”
The mare looked at him then nodded her head, “Ok so a gold or navy cloak then… I’m guessing that what royal guard wear nowadays… and too keep your appearance amongst your princess presentable, you should wear silk, or satin… which would you prefer sir?”
Star Bolt spoke up before this turned into an unnecessary transaction, “I’m sorry miss… but I’m not here to order a new cloak… and I’m… wait? Why did you call me a royal guard?”
The mare smiled nodded her head, “Well, I saw your sword and I could only assume you work for the princess. However, I could be mistaken. May I ask why you are here then if not for a new outfit?”
Star Bolt got back onto his original goal, “Yes I’m looking for Apple Line Road. Could you tell me how to find it?”

The mare thought to herself for a few seconds, “Hmm Apple line Road?... ah, yes… that is the road that Applejack lives on. Just head down Mane Street for a few blocks then you will reach it in no time at all.”
Star Bolt nodded his head as he picked up his cloak and put it back on, “Thank you miss?”
The Mare smiled, “Oh... How rude of me. My name is Rarity, I own and operate the Carousel Boutique and if you ever need a new suit… or a new cloak, then feel free to come by. I like to give a discount to royal soldiers since they work so hard to protect the princess.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Thank you Ms. Rarity I’ll be sure to do that.”

As Star Bolt exited the building, and began back on his path with better knowledge of where he was going, he sighed as he mumbled to himself, “I don’t see what the problem is… this cloak has been fine the whole time. I know it isn’t meant to stick out… but it isn’t that bad. Though it is funny how she thinks that the color best for me is navy blue… if she only knew how often I used to wear that.”
As the stallion made his way down the road, the two ponies who were spying on him looked at each other as Daisy whispered, “Why did he go into the Carousel Boutique? Did he buy anything?”
Carrot Top replied, “No… but it is strange why he would stop in there. I wish we could have heard the conversation between Ms. Rarity and him… I wonder if they knew each other. Let’s keep following him and find out.”

After about thirty minutes of traveling, the road that Star Bolt was on connected to another. Star Bolt read the sign, and nodded his head, “That information was good. Here it is Apple Line road, now I just need to…”
As Star Bolt looked up the next road, he started to see a trail of dust climbing from over the next hill. As he looked at the dust with curiosity, he realized that it was a small wooden cart that was throwing up the dust, but as it flew by him with great speed, he noticed that there were three screaming fillies trying to drive it, but as they passed by, he heard them scream, “WE’RE OUT OF CONTROL!!!”
After seeing and knowing clearly that the three fillies were in trouble, Star Bolt took off into the sky to catch up to the cart as it continued flying down the road at a dangerous speed. As Star Bolt flew through the air, he could see that the road was about to make a sharp right and on the other side of that turn was a wooden fence and a thick apple orchard. He knew that he had to stop the cart before it reached that point.

Star Bolt flew as fast as he could until he managed to catch up with the three fillies. As he grabbed onto the side of the cart he looked at the three fillies and yelled, “There is a sharp turn ahead! You gotta jump!”
Two of the three fillies looked at each other in confusion as the earth pony gestured, “You first Scootaloo.”
Scootaloo smiled as she pointed off the cart, “Hey what’s that?”
The earth pony looked, “What? I don’t see nothin.”
When the earth pony was distracted, Scootaloo pushed her off the cart as she hit the ground rolling.
As Scootaloo jumped second, Star Bolt looked at the third filly and yelled, “You’re next! Quickly you gotta get off this thing!”

The third filly had her helmet on backwards from all the panicking so she couldn’t see as she desperately tried to get her seatbelt off, “I… I can’t get out! Help!!!”
Star Bolt braced himself as the cart went over the turn and crashed through the wooden fence on the other side, losing absolutely no speed as it continued into the orchard. Star Bolt quickly climbed to the front of the cart where the last filly was sitting. When he tried to get her seatbelt undone, he noticed that the buckle was stuck. Looking forward and seeing a large tree quickly approaching, Star Bolt quickly drew his sword and dug the blade into the seat where the belt connected to it. Then with the filly now free, Star Bolt picked her up and jumped off the cart leaving his sword behind still stuck in the seat. As Star Bolt was flying off the cart, he used his wings to protect the young unicorn as he hit the ground and rolled into a tree to the side.

Mere moments after Star Bolt was stopped by the tree, the cart at its dangerously fast speed collided with a large tree and shattered in pieces as Star Bolt’s sword was thrown out of the wreckage, digging into the tree he was against mere inches from his face. As Star Bolt opened his eyes and looked at his cutie mark that was painted on the blade, he sighed in relief, “Wow… that was close … in more ways than one.”
As Star Bolt took his wings from around the filly he protected, the little unicorn stumbled and tried all she could to move the helmet back to where she could see, “What happened? Did we die?... can we save the racer?”
Star Bolt picked himself up from the ground and approached the filly, “Here let me help you with that.”

Star Bolt grabbed the filly’s helmet and turned it around so she could see, then when he saw that it was straight he let go and smiled, “There… now even the least of your worries is over with.”
As soon as the filly looked at the face of her savior, she started to blush as she spoke, “… Um… I… uh… hi.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “I think we are well past that, but hello to you too.”
Just then the other two fillies came running up as Scootaloo looked at the cart’s remains and sighed, “Well looks like we are back to square one.”
The earth pony approached the unicorn and asked, “Sweetie Belle, you alright? I though you bit the dust for sure… or the tree.”

Star Bolt looked at the fillies and asked, “Exactly what was that?”
Scootaloo replied, “Well that was our soapbox racer… but I think it’s totaled now.”
Sweetie Belle looked at Scootaloo and asked, “You made the designs for that thing… how could you forget the brakes?”
Scootaloo replied, “Don’t look at me… Apple Bloom put it together!”
The two fillies looked at Apple Bloom as she shrugged her shoulders, “You’ll said you wanted it to be unstoppable.”
Star Bolt sighed, “Yea… but unstoppable almost got you three killed. You’re lucky I came along when I did, otherwise you three would be applesauce right now.”

The tree fillies looked at the ground knowing that they were in trouble as Apple Bloom spoke, “We’re sorry, we only thought that we might receive our cutie marks for soapbox racing. We didn’t mean to hurt anypony.”
Star Bolt pulled his sword from the tree and sheathed it as he replied, “Well… since I didn’t get hurt at all and none of you died, I'd say we can keep this our little secret… but just try to be careful in the future.”
Sweetie Belle started to blush as she spoke, “Um… Mr. Pony… can, can you tell us your name?”
Star Bolt looked at the shy filly, “My name?”
“Um… yea, well it would be nice to know who to thank. You know for saving us and all.”
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom looked at each other in confusion as Star Bolt replied, “Ok… well… I’m Star Bolt.”
The filly smiled, “Star Bolt… such an awesome name. I’m Sweetie Belle.”

Feeling a little awkward at how the young filly was staring at him, Star Bolt changed the subject, “Well, since you three put me in this mess, I guess you can repay me by telling me how to get to Sweet Apple Acres from here. I kinda lost track of where I am after the whole, let’s not crash into an apple tree scenario.”
Apple Bloom smiled, “Sure… that’s an easy one, since I live there I'd be downright happy to show you how to get there.”
Star Bolt smiled as he stepped aside and replied, “Then feel free to lead the way little lady.”
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom began trotting back up the road as Star Bolt followed them, and Sweetie Belle followed behind him still giving him that strange smiled.

As the four ponies began up the road, Scootaloo sighed, “So… what can we do about the cart?”
Apple Bloom replied, “Well I'd say we won’t get our cutie marks driving that thing… considering we crashed it on the first try.”
Star Bolt overheard the ponies talking and added, “Well it’s very common to fail on the first try… so I would say to never give up.”
Apple Bloom smiled as she replied, “So you think we should try again?”
Star Bolt shook his head, “I said, I would say to never give up… in the concept of not dying at a young age… I think you should probably try something else.”

Scootaloo looked at Star Bolt and asked, “Well… what did you do to get your cutie mark?”
Star Bolt didn’t expect to be asked that so he hesitated before replying, “Well… I… um… I don’t know.”
The two leading fillies looked at each other in confusion as Scootaloo replied, “You don’t know? How could you not know how you got your cutie mark?”
Star Bolt looked at Sweetie Belle who was still awkwardly following him with a smile on her face, then he looked back and replied, “Well… I have amnesia?”
Apple Bloom looked at Star Bolt, “Am-whatta?”
“Amnesia… it’s a condition where a pony losses his or her memories after a terrible accident. My memories before I was ten… all gone.”
Sweetie Belle spoke next, “Aww, that’s so sad.”

Star Bolt looked at the unusual filly as Apple Bloom replied, “Wow… losing memory of how you got your cutie mark. That sure stinks.”
Scootaloo continued, “That must be pretty harsh. To know your talent and then forget it like that.”
Star Bolt smiled, “Actually it’s not so bad… I may not know anything about my past, but what I do know is where I am now… and where I hope to be in the future. Besides, a cutie mark only tells what you’re good at, it will never tell who you are, and that’s what really matters in life.”
Sweetie Belle nodded her head, “And that’s what I’ve been saying this whole time.”
Scootaloo gave her a funny look and replied, “But you said yourself that we need a cutie mark to prove who we are in this world.”
Sweetie Belle defended herself, “What? When?”
Apple Bloom replied, “Just this morning, you said and I quote… I hope we get our cutie mark for this, we need one to show everypony who we are in this world. Now pass me the helmet, I’m driving. End-quote…”

Sweetie Belle blushed as she replied, “Oh… that’s right.”
Star Bolt smiled at the three as he spoke, “Wow you three are really good friends aren’t you?”
Scootaloo replied, “We aren’t just friends… we are members of a secret organization that strives itself in finding out what makes us special and gives us our cutie marks.”
Star Bolt replied, “Secret organization hum… and what’s it called?”
Without thinking Sweetie Belle replied, “The Cutie Mark Crusaders.”
Scootaloo gave her a disappointed stare, “Well… so much for secret.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Well that last time I dealt with crusaders wasn’t very pleasant. Nevertheless, I see what you’re doing and I think it’s good that you three are connected as tightly as you are. The best goals that you will ever achieve are the goals achieved with your closest friends.”
Sweetie Belle replied, “I always say that too…”
The other two fillies rolled their eyes as they continued leading Star Bolt to Sweet Apple Acres.

When the four ponies arrived at the farmhouse, Apple Bloom spoke, “Welp, here we are. Home sweet home. Can I ask why you wanted to come here?”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Well I’m answering an ad in the newspaper about a helper in the orchards during applebuck season.”
Apple Bloom smiled, “Well with all the trees we have, we could use the help. But remember our deal… we led you here… so the broken fence and smashed up racer?”
Star Bolt smiled, “What fence… and what racer? I don’t know what you three are talking about.”
Scootaloo and Apple Bloom nodded their head in agreement to the secrecy, then the two turned around and started to leave while Sweetie Belle sat smiling, “Well… goodbye Mr. Bolt… it was nice meeting you.”
Star Bolt replied, “Ok… well its nice meeting you too Sweetie Belle… I wish you three luck in getting your cutie marks.”

Then Star Bolt turned and started trotting towards the front door. As Sweetie Belle sat there with a love struck smile on her face, Scootaloo and Apple Bloom turned back as Apple Bloom spoke, “Um… Sweetie Belle? Are you ok?”
Sweetie Belle replied, “Isn’t he awesome?...”
Scootaloo replied, “Well… he was a little cool, but it’s not like he is the awesomest pony in the world or something like that?”
Without breaking her smile, Sweetie Belle replied, “That’s not a word.”
Scootaloo replied, “What are you a dictionary?”
Apple Bloom spoke next, “Well either way we need to get to the cart and clean up the mess before anypony finds it.”
As the three ponies nodded in agreement, they all turned around and began trotting up the road as Sweetie Belle looked back at Star Bolt one last time as they trotted away.

As Star Bolt approached the house, he was stoped just before he got close enough to knock on the door, “Well howdy doo, what can I do ya fer?”
Star Bolt turned to the side of the porch to see an old mare sitting in a rocking chair, “Oh… I didn’t see you there, are you by chance Granny Smith?”
The elderly mare smiled, “Ya darn tooten.”
Star Bolt nodded his head and replied, “Well Ms. Smith, my name is Star Bolt, I’m here to answer your ad in the newspaper.”
The elderly mare gave Star Bolt a funny look, “Answer my wha?”
Star Bolt replied, “Um… your ad… you know, the one you put in the newspaper? I have a copy of it here is you want to see.”

Star Bolt pulled the newspaper clipping from his saddlebag as Granny Smith looked over it, “Hmm… well I don’t recollect… um… welp just because I don’t remember placing such a thing doesn’t mean I didn’t, my mind ain’t as sharp as I used to be. Well before I agree to hire ya, I only need to ask ya one thing sonny, have ya ever worked on a farm before?”
Star Bolt nodded, “Yes Ma’am. I’ve worked on apple, pear, orange, grape, and dairy farms.”
The mare gave him a funny look as he added, “Oh… the dairy farm, I delivered the milk to the market. Not what you’re probably thinking.”
Granny Smith nodded her head as she continued, “You said you worked on an apple farm before didn’t ya? You know the owner’s name?”

Star Bolt thought to himself then answered, “Hmm… I think her name was, Apple Rose…”
“Cousin Apple Rose! Shoot I ain’t seen her since the apple family reunion.”
Star Bolt smiled, “Well what a coincidence, she hired me to help look after her farm while she was away for a family reunion.”
Granny Smith then agreed, “Then you’re the kind stallion who did such good work while she was away. She told me about you in her letters, course I thought she said Stair Colt… but she ain’t the best when it comes to readable hoofwriting.”
Star Bolt lowered his head, “Oh… did she tell you everything about me?”
Granny Smith thought to herself, “Actually no, all she said was; there was a kind and handsome young stallion who looked after her farm while she was gone and then shortly after she got back he up and disappeared without so much as a whisper of where he was going.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “Yea… something unexpected came up so I had to leave town quickly, call it a family emergency.”

Granny Smith smiled as she stood up from her rocking chair and approached Star Bolt, “Well, family first I s’pose, that’s all I need to hear. I’d say ya got the job, you can start tomorrow morning bright and early.”
Star Bolt nodded his head, “That’s fine Ma’am, thank you.”
As Granny Smith trotted off the porch, she spoke, “Now hush up all that ma’am stuff. You can call me Granny Smith or just granny, it don’t make no difference to me. Now come on, I want to introduce you to my granddaughter Applejack; she will be workin with ya in the fields. Plus… she’s single, hint, hint.”
Star Bolt blushed at Granny Smith’s remark as he replied, “Oh… um… sorry granny, I um… I’m not looking for anything like that anytime soon.”
Granny Smith nudged his shoulder as she laughed, “Aww I’m just joshing ya. I wouldn’t see you as her type anyhoo.”
Star Bolt couldn’t tell if Granny Smith was serious or just plain coco… but he knew that he needed this job since his money was running short and he was running out of towns to run to.

After a few minutes of trotting through the vast apple orchard, Granny Smith and Star Bolt came across a mare who was setting up apple barrels under a tree then she looked up and smiled, “Yep… that’ll do it.”
The mare the turned so her back was against the tree then she very precisely tapped the tree with one hind hoof, before bashing the tree as hard as she could with the other. Right after the tree stopped shaking from her kick, a large number of apples fell from the tree and fell perfectly into the barrels. Then she smiled as she looked back at the tree, “Perfect each and every time.”
The mare looked towards Granny Smith and Star Bolt then smiled, “Well howdy granny, what brings ya way out here?”
Granny Smith smiled, “Well pudding pie, I’m out here to introduce your new worker in this year’s applebuck season. This here is Mr. Star Bolt”

Star Bolt smiled and spoke, “Afternoon Ms. Applejack, nice to meet you.”
Applejack smiled and gave him a friendly nod, “How do you do Mr. Bolt.”
Star Bolt corrected her, “I’d… prefer you just call me Star Bolt.”
Applejack smiled, “Likewise, Applejack is my name, ain’t no miss necessary. So where ya from Star Bolt?”
Star Bolt replied, “Just about everywhere, but I started traveling when I left Canterlot.”
Applejack nodded her head, “So you worked in apple orchards before?”
Star Bolt smiled, “Yes I have.”
Applejack nodded her head, “Well then meet me at the farmhouse early tomorrow morning and we can get started. I hope five o’clock isn’t too early for ya.”
Star Bolt smiled, “That sounds good, five it is.”
Applejack nodded her head as she looked at Granny Smith, “Well, I’m gonna call it a day granny. I’ll have Big Mack collect these barrels in a little bit. It was nice meeting you Star Bolt, I’ll see ya tomorrow.”

Granny Smith and Applejack then trotted past Star Bolt and back to towards the farmhouse as Star Bolt smiled, “Well I guess I better find a place to camp for the night.”
Then Star Bolt trotted towards a tree, leaned against it, sighed, then asked, “Did you two get all that? Tomorrow morning bright and early. If you want to keep following me then you can do it then.”
Star Bolt leaned against the tree waiting for a reply but when he didn’t get one, he turned away from the tree and kicked it with one of his hind hooves. All of a sudden, the two earth ponies fell from the tree and hit the ground with their mane hair standing on end. Star Bolt turned towards them and spoke, “The reason that hurt you two so much, is because I just shocked you through the tree… next time I catch you two spying on me, I won’t be so forgiving... I’ll hit you directly with lightning. So… how clear am I?”
Both Daisy and Carrot Top didn’t reply, instead they were still stunned by the jolt of electricity the felt so Star Bolt sighed, “I’ll take that as a pretty darn clear.”
Star Bolt then turned and left the two mares in the apple orchard with nothing more to say to them.

By the time Star Bolt traveled back to the road, he noticed that the sun was already setting on his first day in Ponyville. Therefore, he traveled up the road until he found himself at a small clearing where a meadow and the Everfree forest connected. Star Bolt then pulled a tarp from his saddlebag and staked it on all four ends, then he used a long stick he found to prop up the center of the tarp to create a teepee style tent. With his new shelter set up and ready, Star Bolt laid his cloak out on the floor of the teepee, laid his sheathed sword on top and laid down to get some rest. As Star Bolt laid there in his minimalist teepee with enough of an opening to see the moon rise over the horizon, he thought to himself, “This town is very unusual, first Pinkie Pie and her… randomness, then the strange spy wannabe flower salesponies. Next you have your, you must look perfect tailor, and your I’ll die trying to get my cutie mark fillies. All the way to your master apple farmer and her kooky old grandmother… this town has no bearing, no discipline, and makes absolutely no sense what so ever… I can get used to living in a town like this.”

Spitfire was returning to her office at the Wonderbolts academy as Soarin nervously approached her outside of her door, “Um… Spitfire? You have a visitor.”
Spitfire replied, “Ok who?”
“Princess Celestia, she is waiting for you inside.”
Spitfire sighed as she approached the door, “I should have seen this moment coming a mile away… she is a lot later than expected though.”
As Spitfire opened the door to her office, she entered and closed the door behind her, “Sorry to keep you waiting your majesty. I hope it wasn’t too long”
Princess Celestia smiled, “It wasn’t, in fact I just got here.”
Spitfire trotted over to her desk and stood behind it, “Really that’s good to hear.”
Princess Celestia gave her a serious look and continued, “I’d suppose you know why I’m here, don’t you.”
Spitfire looked out the large window at her students below as she replied, “It’s about Commander Bolt… isn’t it?”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “It’s been six months, and from what I hear, you did find him. Then you confronted him, but for some reason after that, you called off your search and let him go… Care to explain?”

Spitfire sighed as she turned back to princess Celestia and replied, “I had a chat with Commander Bolt. From what I understand, he served his time for the crime he committed, and he isn’t a threat to Equestria anymore. So I see no reason to continue pursuing him.”
Celestia continued giving Spitfire a suspicious stare, “Is that all?”
Spitfire nodded her head, “Yep… that’s all.”
Princess Celestia sighed, “Ok… I take it he saved your life in some way and you’re defending him… aren’t you?”
Spitfire was shocked, “What… but how?”
Princess Celestia smiled, “He hasn’t changed a bit… Star Bolt can always claim the upper hoof in a fight and use it to his advantage… so may I ask how he saved you?”

Spitfire blushed as she replied, “I’d… rather you didn’t… I don’t like to talk about it.”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “That’s fair enough… however; I want you to continue your search for him.”
Spitfire looked princess Celestia in the eye as she replied, “With all due respect your majesty… I refuse. Commander Bolt only wants to live a peaceful life free of persecution. And I, like most, want him to live that life too. So if you want the Wonderbolts to bring him in, then you’ll need to explain to me why you want him so badly.”
Princess Celestia nodded her head as she replied, “Very well… but you cannot tell anypony else… not even your Wonderbolts.”
With that said, Princess Celestia used her magic to lock the office door, and closed the blinds on the window, making it so that nopony outside the room could see or hear what was going on inside the office.

Just outside the office door, Soarin was talking with another Wonderbolt, “Come on! You cannot tell me that there is nothing appealing about Spitfire.”
“Sorry, but she just isn’t my type.”
“Well I don’t know what your type is, but you most definitely don’t understand what makes a fine mare…”
Hearing the yell from inside Spitfire’s office killed the two stallion’s conversation as the door flew open and Spitfire came out, “Soarin! Gather all the Wonderbolts and tell them to reestablish our search for Commander Bolt.”
“Commander Bolt? But I though you said tha…”
“I know what I said, but new information has risen that now makes him a high priority target.”
Soarin nodded his head, “Right then, I’ll gather the Wonderbolts and start searching for him as soon as possible.”

Spitfire added, “Just the Wonderbolts… leave the students out of it. The less who know, the better!”
As Princess Celestia trotted by Spitfire, she spoke, “Thank you Spitfire… I will also need your help when the time arises. But please, if you do find him, don’t let Princess Luna know… I want her to find out about Star Bolt when the time is right.”
Spitfire nodded her head before she asked, “Your majesty, is this new threat really as bad as you say?”
Princess Celestia nodded her head, “For the first time… I’m actually worried that this will be the end of Equestria, and the world as we know it.”