• Published 15th Oct 2013
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The Price of Harmony - Priceless911

While Star Bolt tries to forget his life of sin. An ancient evil sits and waits for the day that its prison will weaken so it can break free and finish its goal that was started 2000 years ago. The extinction of the alicorn race.

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Ch6 Letter from the Princess

“Ready… Set… PULL!!!”
As soon as the order was given, Star Bolt, Big Macintosh, and Applejack pulled on the ropes as hard as they could until the rotting tree stump finally came out of the ground. As soon as it was out, Star Bolt trotted to the stump. Drew his sword and began cutting the roots that were still holding the dead tree in the earth. As he did, Applejack approached him and wiped the sweat from her brow, “Whoo-wee, that thing sure was in there. Now that it’s out of the way, we can plant a new tree and have it ready to grow more apples next applebuck season. I appreciate your help Star Bolt, I don’t think Big Mac and I could have handled that without ya.”
Star Bolt smiled as he cut the last root, “Well what good is a farm hand that won’t work when work needs to be done? Besides it wasn’t like I had better things to do today.”

As Big Macintosh started picking up the now free tree stump, Applejack looked at Star Bolt and replied, “Well either way, you’re done for the day. Head home and get some rest, we’ll be seein’ ya tomorrow. Same time and place.”
Star Bolt sheathed his sword and smiled, “No problem AJ, I'll see you then.”
Star Bolt trotted over to a nearby tree and picked up his cloak that was hinging from the branch, then he trotted out of the orchard and down the street. As he approached, the outer edge of Ponyville Star Bolt heard a very faint voice come from behind, “Um… Mr. Star… sir… I, um… I hope I’m not interrupting something… but um… can I talk to you for a second…”
Star Bolt turned around to see Fluttershy standing behind him trying to avert her eyes, “Oh, good afternoon Fluttershy. What’s up?”

Fluttershy continued to avoid her eye contact as she continued, “Oh… um… nothing in particular… I mean… I hope you’re not busy… or something…”
Just then, a little white bunny hoped up to her and tapped her on her hoof, then stood as if he was waiting for her to say something as she continued, “Oh… I mean… if it’s not too much trouble… could you help me with something… if you’re busy… I understand…”
Star Bolt smiled, “I’m not busy at all… if you need my help, then all you have to do is ask. You should know that by now. I’ve been in Ponyville, what? One month now?”
Fluttershy hid her face behind her long mane as she replied, “Oh… um… I’m sorry… I should have known…”
Star Bolt put his hoof on her shoulder and replied, “Fluttershy… you need to stop apologizing. You did nothing wrong that requires any apologies. Anyway, what is it that you need?”

Fluttershy smiled at his sympathy as she replied, “Ok… well… my friend Beary is in trouble and… um needs your help… um… can you?... please?...”
Star Bolt smiled, “Sure thing, please lead the way. I don’t know if I can, but I'll do what I can to help him.”
Fluttershy smiled as she turned around to lead the way, “Beary is a full grown female grizzly bear.”
“Grizzly what!?!”
Fluttershy flinched at his outburst, “Oh… um… that isn’t a problem is it?…”
Star Bolt shook his head, “No, no, it’s fine… I just didn’t expect that?”
Fluttershy smiled with joy, “Oh… ok then please follow me…”
Fluttershy then turned and continued leading Star Bolt to the meadow near her house. Shortly after arriving there, she led Star Bolt to a large tree at the very end of the meadow.

As soon as they got to the tree, Star Bolt looked around and asked, “So… where is this female grizzly bear?”
Fluttershy trotted around the other side of the tree and pointed out the large grizzly bear that was stuck inside a hole in the side of the tree. As soon as Star Bolt saw the bear he spoke, “Oh… wow… that really is a problem isn’t it? Can I ask how this happened?”
Fluttershy replied, “Well… um… ya see… for some reason, she was angry at Angel so she was chasing him around and he tried to defend himself by jumping in that hole. But when she tried to get him out… she got stuck. So… um… can you help her?”
Star Bolt looked at Angel as he asked, “So… what did he do to anger her?”
Fluttershy thought for a few seconds then replied, “Um… I really don’t know…”
Angel looked at the stuck bear and smiled in an evil way as Star Bolt sighed, “Actually… I could probably guess…”

Fluttershy looked around on the ground, then hovered just above the bear as she looked at how she was stuck, then she asked, “So… um… do you know how to get her free?”
Star Bolt also evaluated the situation as he replied, “Well… from her arms up are completely inside the tree, and the tree is tightly pressing on her torso, so she probably won’t come out if we try pulling her… I could try cutting her out with my sword.”
As Star Bolt drew his sword, Fluttershy quickly jumped between Beary and Star Bolt and held her hooves out to stop him, “NO!!! You might hurt her! There had to be a less dangerous way!”
As Star Bolt sheathed his sword, he started thinking to himself, “Well, we could try… no… that probably won’t work. Then again, we could also… no... That would probably kill her. Hmm… we the only other way I can think of that might be safer, would be to split the tree.”
Fluttershy gave Star Bolt a confused look, “… Split… the tree?...”
Star Bolt smiled, “Well yea, I’m going to stab the tree with my sword just above where Beary is stuck and then I'll hammer the blade in till the wood starts to split. Once it splits wide enough, Beary can use her grizzly bear strength to push the tree apart from the inside. The tree will probably die… but Beary will be free.”

Fluttershy hesitated, “Stab the tree… oh no… I can risk putting Beary in that kind of danger… she is far too delicate.”
Star Bolt mumbled, “Delicate?”
Not realizing he said that out loud, Star Bolt replied, “Oh… nothing. Don’t worry Fluttershy, the blade will be too far up for it to hurt her. And in any case, I'll make it my primary objective to keep her safe during this whole ordeal, you have my word.”
Fluttershy looked at Beary then back at Star Bolt as she sighed, “Well… um… ok… if you say she will be safe… then I trust you. But please, please, please be extra careful.”
Star Bolt nodded his head as he drew his sword again and flew into the air above the tree, “No problem Fluttershy. She will be safe.”
As Star Bolt looked at the tree from above, he guessed at the perfect place to start then he flew close to the tree and stabbed it as hard as he could while Fluttershy cringed in anxiety on the side. After shimmying the blade a few times, Star Bolt pulled it from the tree and jammed it back in just a few inches above the hole left over from the first strike.

After repeating this process numerous times, Star Bolt found a place that was in between the first and last hole and jammed the blade into the tree one final time. Then Star Bolt kicked the pommel of his sword as hard as he could until the whole tree above the stuck bear split straight down the middle leaving a long crack on the wood. Star Bolt called to the bear, “Hey Beary! If you can hear me, push against both sides of the tree as hard as you possibly can!”
Star Bolt could immediately tell that she understood since the crack on the tree got slightly wider, however it still wasn’t enough to free the strong bear from her tight spot. So with one final tension filled kick, Star Bolt kicked his sword again causing the tree to split into two along the line that his sword had carved into it. With the force of the tree’s explosive splitting, Star Bolt’s sword was tossed a few feet away as the bear raised her now free torso into the air and gave a loud and terrifying roar.

Fluttershy smiled with glee as the monstrous bear grabbed Star Bolt by his shoulders, held him up to eye level, and glared at him from this extremely short and uncomforting distance. As Star Bolt stared at the bears expression which to him seemed nothing short of angry, Star Bolt shifted his eyes to his sword that was laying on the ground, and immediately started thinking of ways to break free from the beast’s grip, “Um… Fluttershy?”
The bear continued to stare him in the eye until her expression went from angry to joy, as she pulled him against her chest and gave him a literal bear hug. As the ferocious grizzly bear was holding Star Bolt tightly cutting off his oxygen, Fluttershy smiled in joy, “Aww… she likes you…”
Trying to speak through the tight grip, Star Bolt replied, “Ya… don’t… say… can… can she let… me go now?...”
Almost immediately, the bear dropped Star Bolt as he fell to the ground twitching as he started to regain his breath, “Whoa… my life flashed before my eyes for a second… I’ve been through a LOT haven’t I?”

Fluttershy smiled as she picked up the dazed pony and hugged him too, “Oh… thank you Mr. Star… you really are a good pony…”
As Star Bolt regained his balance, he could only smile, “Well if you can’t trust a friend for help, then who can you trust?”
Fluttershy smiled with glee, “Pinkie Pie?...”
Star Bolt was a little confused at first, until he realized that Pinkie Pie was trotting up behind him wearing a fruit hat, “Oh, hey Pinkie… um… why are you wearing a fruit hat?”
Pinkie Pie gave him a strange look as she replied, “I think the real question here Star Bolt is, Why aren’t you wearing a fruit hat?”
Being in Ponyville long enough to understand Pinkies randomness made Star Bolt smile, “Well… I guess I can’t argue with that logic now can I?”

Pinkie Pie looked at Fluttershy as she started to ask, “So what brings you two out he…”
All of a sudden, Pinkie Pie’s entire body froze except for her tail, which started to twitch, then she called out, “Oh ho… Twitchy twitch, TWITCHY TWITCH!!!”
Both Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy took cover under one-half of the split tree while Star Bolt stared at them in confusion, “Twitchy what? What ar…”
Before he could finish his sentence, a grey pegasus fell from the sky and hit him from the side knocking him to the ground. As Star Bolt picked himself up, he rubbed his head as he spoke, “Ouch… what was tha…”
When Star Bolt realized what had happened, the grey mare picked herself up from the ground and smiled, “Oops… my bad. I lost focus for a second. I’m sorry.”
As Star Bolt looked at the mare’s uncentered eyes, he could only think to himself, “… A second?”

The mare quickly stood up straight and saluted Star Bolt as she spoke, “My name is Ditzy Doo, Pegasi Postal Service… but friends call me Derpy.”
Star Bolt could only give the unusual mare a strange stare as he replied, “… Derpy?… well okay. Are you alright Ms. Doo? You took a nasty fall… or it felt like one anyway.”
Derpy smiled as she replied, “Nope I’m fine. I just came to deliver a letter… and here ya go…”
The mare reached into her mailbag as she pulled a letter out and gave it to Star Bolt. Then she smiled as Pinkie and Fluttershy came out from under the tree. Then Pinkie asked, “Ooh! Ooh! Who’s it from!?!”
Star Bolt looked at the letter and nearly panicked, “P-Princess Celestia!?! But who…wait a sec, this letter is addressed to Princess Twilight Sparkle.”
Derpy looked confused as she took the letter and looked at the addresses, “What… but isn’t that you?”
Star Bolt replied, “No… it isn’t.”
The confused mare then looked at Star Bolt and spoke, “Wait a sec…”
She began to squint her misaligned eyes as she began concentrating very hard on the pony she was looking at. Then her eyes slowly started to align themselves until both eyes were directly focused on Star Bolt.

The grey mare smiled as she felt embarrassed, “Oh… sorry. I mistook you for somepony else. Um… I’m a little behind today, so can I ask you to deliver this to her for me?”
Feeling a little awkward about handling somepony else’s mail, Star Bolt replied, “Well… I do know her… so I guess I could. But, aren’t there rules about this sort of thing?”
Derpy smiled, “Well yea there are… but we’re friends now, so consider this just a favor. And there is nothing in the rules about letting somepony deliver a letter as a favor now is there?”
Pinkie Pie nodded her head as she replied, “Welp, she has a point!”
Star Bolt smiled as replied, “That’s a really smart way to look at it. No room for arguments here, consider it done Ms. Doo.”
Derpy smiled, “Please call me Derpy. And thanks again, Bye bye.”
As Derpy flew away, Star Bolt thought to himself, “Well… that was interesting. And yet another resident of Ponyville crosses my path.”

Fluttershy approached Star Bolt and spoke, “Um… I wonder what Princess Celestia sent? It’s uncommon for her to send anything through the normal postal service.”
Pinkie Pie started hopping around Star Bolt as she spoke, “Ooh it’s gotta be something extra special like, like, a letter made entirely of candy…”
Star Bolt looked at the scroll and shook his head, “No, I don’t think so… either way it’s not ours to open, so let’s just get it to the princess.”
Pinkie Pie nodded her head and added, “I think she went to meet Rarity at the Carousel Boutique.”
Star Bolt placed the letter under the strap that held his sheath on his side as he replied, “Ok then let’s go.”
The three ponies started trotting down the road until they reached the Carousel Boutique.

As they entered the building, they saw Applejack, Spike, and Rainbow Dash watching as Rarity took measurements on Twilight as she was trying on her unfinished dress for the Grand Galloping Gala. As soon as Rainbow Dash saw them enter, she spoke, “It’s about time you two showed up, how are you doing Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie… Star…”
By now, Star Bolt was used to the tension between him and Rainbow Dash, so he replied with little interest in her attitude-filled comment, “Dash…”
Fluttershy spoke next, “I’m… sorry… are we disturbing something… it’s just… um… we brought a letter for Twilight.”
Applejack turned and asked, “A letter? From who?”
Pinkie quickly swiped the scroll from Star Bolts sheath strap as she held it up, “From Princess Celestia.”
While still standing still for Rarity’s measurements, Princess Twilight used her magic to take the letter from Pinkie Pie and unroll it in front of her, after reading it; she pulled a number of golden tickets from the letter and spoke, “Well here you are girls, this year’s tickets to The Grand Galloping Gala.”
As she passed out the tickets, she gave one to Spike and he could only shake his head, “Sorry Twilight, the last time I went I spent my boring day sitting and waiting for that dull thing to end, Here Star Bolt you can have it if ya want.”

As he started to give Star Bolt the ticket, he shook his head, “Thanks, but no thanks. I’ve been to those galas before. Big borefest, while half the time I spent mustering up the courage to ask the pony I liked to dance.”
Twilight stretched out her wing so Rarity could measure around her wing’s base as she added, “Well why don’t you just go for the fun of it then… I wouldn’t mind telling Princess Celestia about your heroism during that storm a few weeks ago.”
Star Bolt tried to make excuses, “Princess Celestia should have received the letter from Rose that she sent that evening so she knows about me. I just think it would be better if I stayed out of it.”
Rarity looked back at Star Bolt as she added, “If you need a suit then I could make one for you… dresses are usually my specialty but when it comes to tuxedos… I also have a special touch to make any well respected gentle-colt shine like a prince.”
Before he could continue his argument, Rainbow Dash jumped in and spoke, “Look if he wants to be antisocial then I see no reason to get him to come with us.”

Though he knew her intent was to insult him, Star Bolt paid no mind to her comment and agreed, “Yea, I’m good… I can find something better to occupy my time anyway. Thanks though.”
Spike put the ticket away as he replied, “Well… ok if you change your mind then let me know.”
As Star Bolt nodded his head, Twilight silently stepped down from the pedestal in deep thought as Rarity asked, “What’s the matter Twilight? Is the seam too tight?”
Princess Twilight shook her head, “No, the dress is fine I’m just wondering why Princess Celestia sent the letter the old fashion way instead of using magic. It’s not like her at all.”
Spike thought to himself, “Well maybe she isn’t at the castle. You know that she can’t use the spell properly if she is traveling.”
Princess Twilight thought to herself, “Yea… maybe your right.”

Feeling as if he overstayed his welcome, Star Bolt started to turn towards the door, “Well I guess I’ll see you ladies later.”
Rarity stopped him, “Mr. Star, you don’t have to leave on our account. Feel free to stay if you like, a stallion’s opinion on a dress, is always appreciated here.”
Star Bolt shook his head, “Thanks, but no thanks, fashion is your forte, not mine. The sun is already setting outside anyway so I'll be seeing ya.”
Fluttershy smiled, “Oh… ok… well, thank you so much for helping Beary again… it means a lot.”
Star Bolt smiled, “Not a problem.”
As Star Bolt started to leave the room, he overheard Applejack as she asked, “Uh… Pinkie Pie? Why are ya wearin’ a fruit hat?”
Star Bolt started to laugh as he called back, “Why aren’t you?”
Pinkie Pie looked at Star Bolt as the door began to close behind him, “HEY! That’s my line!”

As he traveled down the street, he started to think about everything in Ponyville. For once, he felt like he had actually made friends that he could trust in this town. However, he knew that unless something was done, he would eventually have to leave this town just like all the rest. So he stopped and began thinking to himself about what he could so, then he finally made a final decision, but for his plan to work, he was going to need both time, and resources. Then while thinking over his plan he started to look up as the moon began rising, “… I know what’s next… but how will she take it? This will be harder than any battle I’ve ever faced. But if I’m going to come out of this unscathed… then it has to be done.”

The moon shined brightly as Princess Luna trotted through the vast Canterlot Garden alone. As she continued on her route, she stopped to look at the beautiful blue roses that Roseluck won the Peddlers Pedals Competition with, “These are truly beautiful, a fine addition to the garden… I… I wish you could see them.”
Feeling unhappy, Luna turned back to the trail and continued trotting down the lonely road as she started mumbling to herself, “No… I have to forget about him. It’s been two years; I can’t keep beating myself up over him.”
All of a sudden, Princess Luna looked at the pedestal where Discords statue was standing it the same pose that it sat in for a thousand years as she sighed, “Why are you here? You know I want to be alone.”
The statue began to move as Discord replied, “Would you believe I got so used to being in this pose that I can’t sleep without being like this anymore? I should blame you and your sister for that thank you very much?”
Princess Luna gave him a dulled stare as she sarcastically replied, “You’re welcome… now go be annoying elsewhere.”

Discord vanished in a big puff of smoke and reappeared behind Luna as he started massaging her shoulders, “So much tension in you dear princess… can I ask why you dislike me so?”
Princess Luna nudged her shoulders out of his hands in a disrespecting manner, as she turned towards him, “You know to reason! Now leave… I want to be alone.”
Discord sighed, “Then can I ask why?”
Luna looked at the ground in sadness as she replied, “I don’t want to talk about hi… I mean it.”
Discord sat back on his now empty pedestal as he replied, “I know what it is… it’s that stallion isn’t it… what’s his name? Star Bolt?”
Luna continued looking away in silence as Discord could only sigh, “I know you didn’t get the chance to tell him how you feel princess, but it’s no reason to keep beating yourself up over it…”
Princess Luna glared back at Discord, “And how would you know how I feel?”

Discord laughed a little as he made a TV guide appear in his hand, “It wasn’t hard to tell… I was right here for a set number of months watching you two make goo goo eyes at each other every night. You two were worse than a soap-opera, but since nothing else was on I decided to watch anyway, waiting for either the season finale of you two announcing your love for each other, or when his half step-brother named Enrico would wake from his coma with multiple personalities to take you back from him…”
Luna gave Discord a confused look as he opened the TV Guide and added, “Or am I thinking of another soap… Anyway, finally the two partter of the finale began when you told him what was bothering you and he was interrupted before admitting his love, but I guess the show was canceled after that… you became not-so-Innocent Nightmare Moon and he your trusty sidekick, as you two brought all sorts of chaos with your eternal eclipse thing.”

Princess Luna now kept her face hidden as tears rolled down her face, but as Discord saw her sadness, he sighed, “I think I said enough… as much as I hate to say the S word… I’m s-sorry, I'll leave you alone now princess.”
Discord rolled the TV guide up then crumbled the whole book in his hands only to open it back and reveal a blue rose. Then he gently placed it on the ground in front of her as he spoke, “Even if I never personally met him… he will truly be missed.”
Then Discord patted Princess Luna on her head as he vanished into the darkness behind her. As Luna looked at the rose on the ground, the tears started too pure from her eyes, “St-Star Bolt… I… I should have told you first… I should have said what I had known from the very start… I… I’m sorry… I… I’m responsible for everything wrong with your life… even… even your death…”
Princess Luna spent the rest of her night in the Canterlot Garden, and though she overlooked her duties as princess of the night, Princess Celestia didn’t say a word about it. Especially when she heard ponies talking about the large number of shooting stars that was seen that night.