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Welcome sit down and I'll tell you a story...

about me

hi I'm the American wastelander and this is to fill in a few blanks about me
age: 28
country of origin: United States of America
language: English with and southern American/Irish accent with bits and pieces of Russian,German,Italian,and French mixed in. (don't ask you will only get confused)
height: 6 ft
build: average
hobbies: hunting,fishing,gaming,and guns.


Favorite ponies

Ok I want this out there for a reason.

Rainbow dash: strong,loyal,A daredevil, and athletic.

Applejack: honest,hardworking,rational, and devoted to family.

Twilight sparkle: smart, and adorable.

Vinyl scratch strong willed, wild, and awesome with dubstep.

Octavia: sophisticated, talented musician who prefers classical music.

Princess Luna: understands what it's like to live in st he shadows of an older sibling.

Oc characters

Color: dark orange coat with a
Gender: stallion
Race: Pegasus pony
Color:orange coat white mane and tail with red streak in center.
History: desertjack is a sharpshooting mercenary of the equestria. Originally of the fo:e universe. His favorite weapon of choice is is a modified bolt action anti-machine rifle! a pair of .45 revolvers, and a 12 gauge shotgun. Though he is good natured he will beat anyone, to a messy pulp, who causes problems for innocent ponies nearby often taking bounties on raiders for free if they are a big enough threat.
Cutie Mark: purple crosshairs with coins at the sides and a white shield behind it.
Special talent: has miraculous gift of accuracy and prediction. Gift of ricocheting bullets to hit his target.
Other identifying marks: left eye has three cuts from a run in with a hellhound as a teenager.

Gender: stallion
Race:Pegasus pony
Color: orange coat with purple mane and tail.
History: pyro has long been a pyrotechnic operator until he was kidnapped and tortured by changelings because of this he has severe trust issues and is labeled insane. Lost the ability to fly due to his injuries he now builds mechanical devices.
Cutie Mark: explosive cloud with fireworks and gears to the side with yin/yang stumble at the cloud center
Special talent: is mechanically gifted as well as gifted at pyrotechnics and explosives.
Other identifying marks: left hoof is cybernetic and left eye and ear are cybernetic as well.

blast damage
Gender: mare
Race:unicorn pony
Color: gunmetal grey coat red mane and tail.
History: blast damage is a royal guard who lives in the town of ponyville she, along with her parents, hold a tradition of military service. Although she is in the guard Her clumsy and sometimes shy nature get the better of her
Cutie Mark: grey shield with a exploding fireball impacting it.
Special talent: is extremely versed in explosives and traps

Gender: stallion
Race: unicorn pony
Color: maroon coat. Grey main and tail with cyan highlights.
History: whiskey is the odd product of a broken home his father was abusive and his mom was to coweredly to stop it which lead to the paralyzing of his father by his hoofs. He is happy and jovial most of the time even when intoxicated he still knows how to make others smile. Proned to be random. their are times he slips into a more dangerous side. The only times that happens is when he sees children getting hit or stallions hitting mares.
Cutie Mark: half bottle of whiskey with two crossed swords in background with musical notes circling it.
Special talent: is musically gifted and vocally able to mimic others voices.
Other identifying marks: he has a special headset he uses for music and will not part with them.

iron hammer
Gender: stallion
Race: earth pony
Color:dark green coat. Black mane and tail
History:Blount is a hardworking pony who has a brilliant mind he can act as a counselor to others and is known for keeping what is said between him and the other pony. Will stick up for those being bullied.
Cutie Mark: clipboard with glasses and sledgehammer pen.
Special talent: is able to read the emotional level of ponies and provide appropriate advice to help.
Other identifying marks: he has a scar that runs the right side of his jaw from a bar fight he tried to stop.

honest soul
Race: earth pony
Gender: stallion
Color: white coat with cyan mane and tail.
History: honest is a timid pony who tries to stay out of the way, due to his years of abuse by his parents, but often gets thrown in the middle of things he has nothing to do with. Proned to nervous breakdowns he is often sitting alone and when confronted by anyone will either curl up in to a ball and cry or run away in fear.
Cutie Mark: a broken heart with a cracked halo
Special talent: has a natural gift in medicine.
Other identifying marks:scar on left side of lip from a baseball as a colt.

anvil strike
Race: unicorn pony
Gender: stallion
Color: black fur with golden mane and tail
History: born and raised in trottingham, anvil was always big, standing taller and bulkier than his other class mates. During a school fair anvil was introduced to a recruiter, who wowed young anvil"s mind with stories of life in the royal equestrian guard. From that day anvil worked and trained for the guard, on the day he arrived for training he found out that guard life he was told was a lie. From day one he found out they were never going to train to fight only to look good. This caused him to train and study in secret how to fight thus giving him the edge to beat anything in his path. One I'll fated day a new recruit challenged anvil to a fight and he subsequently annihilated the recruit. Due to this fight anvil was discharged from service under the pretense that he was "unstable" after he started taking jobs earning. The name devil's anvil. He is to this day a mercenary.
Cutie Mark: a shield with a anvil on it with a comet hammer Stirikng it.
Other identifying marks: had a scar in the shape of the anarchy A on his front right hoof from a job that he took.

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Looking forward to seeing how this story plays out.

Thank you for adding The Rising to a temporary storage lol
Hope you've enjoyed the story!

Thank you for adding An Equestrian Witcher to your Library!

I honestly didn't think you would like it though I especially love your grey jedi story

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