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Hello, Im Dark shadow. Yes I know bad name, but I love the dark no idea why though. I live in the UK and work in a university. I'm not much of the writer more a reader.

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Return and a lot of changes · 11:22pm Jan 10th, 2017

Hello all! I am going to be quite frank with you, I have been away for a long time. Like a year, not just from this site but the fandom as a whole. To answer I have been working on my career and my family and friends, plus girlfriend. Who I admitted I was brony and she actually took it well and is interested in the fandom. So I have been in and out of this site mainly because there are some good stories I can follow like a book. So at the start of Christmas I have tried to get back into writing

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It's behind due to stuff!:twilightblush:

1427059 Getting there, 1000 more words and I'll have 2 chapters :twilightsmile: How is pony coming along? :pinkiecrazy:

How ya coming on the Comedy?:twilightsmile:


Nice! I love it already!

1371508 Erm... I mean like the CMC how they are kids, I think that is what they call 'kids' in the equestrian world? Am I right? :fluttershysad: I think that using a young pony might seem cute. The CMC already seem cute (especially Applebloom), so the image of Pinkie trying to help a young pony with her problem by sticking by her seems cute. Like Rainbow Dash's bond with Scootaloo :pinkiehappy: That's just and Idea. :twilightblush:

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