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Apparently someone upstairs found some sort of pity within themselves and decided that I was worthy of a second chance. At least, that's what I assume. Since I've magically been dropped into another world, in the body of a baby horse no less! 

That was four years ago. Everything was all fine and dandy, my life was going good.

Too good apparently. 

Since that's when everything sort of went to shit.

Mega ultra super duper props to: FunkyFresh for helping this story get to how it is today.

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I'm curious...

Look interesting..
Make more

This certanly is a great start. :twilightsmile:

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Very cute so far, I wonder when the HiE element will come into play, and what's his pony name?

Also, if you are looking to commission a cover art for it, you can contact me, I have done a good number of cover art here on fim, here is my youtube channel and here is my DeviantArt page, PM me if you are ever interested.

And good luck on your story:twilightsmile:

Very strange pacing.

Still cute so far, keep it up.

... ok... this was adorable and I love it! Keep up the fantastic work!

Hmm, cute so far. But...what's his mother's name? You need to work on names for the characters, my good friend. Otherwise, it would get confusing as to who was in the scene. Speckles, I get, but not his mother's. Maybe you can be a little more informative on who the character is, that'll help readers understand the character and maybe what can motive them in the future.

An alright start for the story so far. I'm expecting more once you get to work on it again.

Oh, I do have a name thought out for the mother and a few other characters, I have a tendency to withheld names for the most part. Though I appreciate the feedback, I'll work on that if the waves of laziness dont drag me under once more.


I have a tendency to withheld names for the most part.

I have a similar habit of not giving out a character name until the point of view character knows it. Just feels more real to the character to me. With this story, the point of view character's world we've been shown is really just their house, so it makes sense not to know many names. That and it is uncommon for a child to know their parent's name at such a young age.

"since cheese has the most holes it is quite possibly the fastest food."
This just keeps reminding me of the Simpsons where Homer is putting speed holes in his car XD

this is really good! :twilightsheepish: i look forward to the next chapter!

Nice to see an update on this story again, keep it up

I'm confused. I feel like I shouldn't be, but I am.

Anyway, continue on.

I got a bad feeling about her, and something bad is gonna happen soon.

hmmmmm very interesting, i wonder if shes a changling lol
anyway, great chapter! i look forward to the next :twilightsmile:
Merry Christmas!

"What is a small colt like you doing wandering around the streets of canterlot?"

changeling seems like an interesting path

but also might be child protective services, or rather a 'very concerned citizen'

Like the read! Excited for more!

Oooooooh the suspicious one returns! lol
great chapter bro! =)

Oh looks like he is going to discover what are the Wonderbolts and actually see all of what a pegasus can do. nice chapter, eep it up. I wonder if the other mare was a changelling in disguise?

I get the feeling that Aurora is a changeling, and she can sense something's different with him.

Looks like the Wonderbolts got a new fan, I wonder if her will start asking for all their memorabilia from now on? I wonder if he has gone through flight camp yet? I wonder if the mare is just a potential pedo or a changeling in disguise? Fun chapter, keep it up.

:pinkiecrazy: lings and hypnosis, shes always around you'd never know~

Well my theory seems confirmed, now I wonder why a changeling would be interested in Speckles in particular, can they detect that he isn't a normal pony or do they plan to do the same a the changeling myth with replacing him with one of their own? Not quite as enameler with the Bolts as I would have expected, at least in the less technical terms, maybe his mother wanted him to have more pegasus colts like him and that would be a way for him to get more of an interest in flying before going to flight camp during the coming summer? Nice chapter looking forward to see another one almost as soon as this one came, keep it up.

Lmao at what happened at the end because a kids voice overshadowed all the adults in the room. Now i'm curious about which wonder bolt he's addressed?

very interesting! i look forward to read what happens next! :moustache:

...by the " all gone quiet", I'd say - captain Spitfire

Jest #31 · Dec 27th, 2020 · · 15 · Chapter 8 ·

"Life gave me another chance, i took that chance and dedicated myself to make sure i made whoever gave me it happy with their decision."
Is a masterclass on how not write. The I's arent even captalized. It is down right confusing to read and generally leaves me even less interested then when I started. If ya'll cant even spell check your short description I am not holding out much hope that your story looks any better.

After that whole rather funny ordeal, well funny in my opinion at least. I was now standing on the back of the wonder bolt o demanded to know the name of, found out her name was spitfire. Pretty cool pony if you think about it, captain of the wonder bolts and has a really cool name to add onto it.

Probably supposed to be
Wonder Bolt I demanded
I am quite enjoying the story and look forward to reading more as it comes out :)

[...] as if she was trying to out maneuver an F-15 fighter jet!

While I do love the F-15 Eagle (or F-15E Strike Eagle) , it's not exactly hard to out maneuver one. The aircraft used in the USN Blue Angels is the F/A-18 Super Hornet (which the Wonderbolts modelled their color scheme from). The F-16C Fighting Falcon (used in the USAF Thunderbirds and also the naming scheme used for the "Wonderbolts"), however, is far more nimble.

That's pretty interesting and nice to know.

I widened my eyes and was about to turn around and try to do something about it, but the very manly scream that made its way out of my mouth halted all of my thoughts and processes.

Im sure it was... Very manly

Well waiting for the next chapter it is... oh and also popped onto tracking and favorites

While the spelling gets me a bit, the story itself is quite good my friend! With the absence of an info dump readers are left with wondering the exact time the setting is placed in up until Spitfire is introduced. Otherwise there is also some nice cutesy moments and I do wonder about how much the main character's body is affecting his mind for he does seem to display actual childish tendencies and has a easily disrupted thought pattern at times.

Snapping out of another mental argument that I was running myself into, I placed a hoof to my chest and glanced around the now empty room and wondered where did that pegasus get off to, looking from the muddy brown couch to the clock on the wall, it was a grandfather clock for some reason. I shook my head and turned back towards the coffee table where I saw mother put the cake earlier, shrugging off the chilly feeling rising up in my spine. I took a few hesitant steps forward towards the cake. Each step towards the sugary goodness that was the chocolate Cake was another feeling of anxiousness running its way down my back and off of my conscious, a few more confident steps later and I was looking up at the cake sat atop of the table.

Remind me to tell you about the Chocolate Suicide Cake. Pm me.

Sorry, been very busy couldn't comment on it any sooner. Once again nice chapter, it was interesting to see that his mother was a friend of Spitfire, and that he got her flight goggles and that it at least go him to be interested in flight even if just a little. I wonder when his human experience will really come into play in the story?

But who knows, could be truthful seeing as this whole new world I'm living in is magical in it of itself. A certain page did catch my interest, it was about the ruler of this whole place princess celestia. Says here that she was one of two users of the elements of harmony before a divergence between the two users caused the elements to lose their bond with them, though on the next page it just contradicts itself and says that the elements of harmony were used by princess celestia against the other user. In this case they called her princess luna, or as her apparent counterpart nightmare moon and was sent to be banished on the moon for about a thousand years.

Which brings to mind...

Damn, if only I'd been given some sort of entertainment system from my planet when I crossed over to pass the time, because pony world lacked a lot of modern technology.


Yup in think he will be sent to fight school this summer after that stunt in the house. I wonder why he is homed school, wouldn't his mother think he would need friends for his personnel development social skills? I could guess that school was boring for him and he couldn't relate to the foals, but still what is she hopping to gain by doing that? Could it be heath issues about him or is she planning to send him to and she doesn't want hit to mess up that chance?

I wonder why he is a target for the changelings and why take the risk of taking a foal, and how will they cover their tracks, did they replace him with another changeling how do they make sure he doesn't blow his cover mind control mental suggestions? Could the fact that he is home schooled be the reason he got the attention?

If this is a changeling, then what is quite strange, the eyes can sometimes sparkle, but the cutie and fangs about this is a sin for any scout to forget, especially Chrysalis. I will wait, I wonder who it can be, like his daily life with the desire to live life differently but without the abnormal study of everything in a row and full of confidence in his actions, although he could be a little more polite to others he is not small :pinkiehappy:

Wait... last chapter he was passing out from a concussion. This chapter he's suddenly playing Stre-Pony Fighter II like nothing happened.

I'm confused.

a sharp transition, and washing machines are also there for example s6s11, and movies too, but not everyone has a washing machine they appear where you have to wash a lot, and why? most ponies do not wear clothes and therefore often do not need to be washed. the old ways were shown more in some villages and small towns.:duck:

Hup we have a time frame now this is at least late or post series with button having finally his cutie mark, this said the changeling queen isn't reform so it must be another hive that somehow are too stupide to realize that it's less hassle to reform their hive then to endlessly hunt for love and in a perpetual state of hunger. Okay, there is something in Speckles that is at least very poteen that most ponies don't have as strong and changelling crave it but can harvest, wonder what that is.

Oh dear, are you alright speckles?

ara ara intensifies

Something tells me he's about to be kidnapped by a unknown changeling hive. I wonder what it is that's watching over our protagonist.

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