• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 49

Author's Note:

Sorry for the wait!

There was a brief moment of silence immediately after I decided that verbally assaulting the guy with my very elaborate vocabulary, was a somewhat bad idea. If it wasn't already obvious to myself and looking at that guys expression as he also took a moment to register what I said. I had a split second to choose whether or not I'd play it off and chalk it up to my nerves and the main fact that I was physically a kid and I'd be prone to reacting a specific type of way. Or I could.. uh, do something else.

I'm not really sure because I am definitely not feeling all up to speed and trying to think things out while also risking getting sneak attacked by a very prominent changeling threat was just giving me the beginnings of a migraine. So instead I would just try to get his mind off of me completely barraging him with curses, I'd focus on trying to get us moving. Seeing as now that I made the choice to actually save his ass, I had to keep going with it.

As the quick decision making state of mind started honing itself back into reality, I blinked and started improvising. First, by letting my eyes widen just a tad bit in a pseudo realization at what I just said before shaking my head fervently and removing my hooves from his shocked face. Then, I brought my hooves down to my own face and spoke. Letting an antsy persona wash over me as I apologized.

''Sorry.." I stuttered as I did so. Letting out a sigh as I rubbed down the length of my muzzle before raising my head back up towards him "It's just all so.." Pausing as I mentally grasped for words as I did so.

"Scary?" His voice answered out for me. Keeping in line with my quieted demeanor ss to not garner any attention. Though he wss oddly calm for the circumstance he was in not even a few minutes ago and for the moments where I wasn't there and where he was getting stuffed in that cocoon.

"What?" I found myself unconsciously answering as my current thought process was interrupted. Now finding myself focusing intently on the dude I just so happened to save on a whim, taking another moment to take in his appearance. Which now sported a sympathetic expression.

"I said it's scary, isn't it?" He responded.

"Well.. yeah." I agreed with a small nod. Before shaking my head and adding a small remark that I couldnt help but add in.

"I mean.. I would've said something along the lines of stressful."

He simply grinned before shaking his head "you and me both Speckles.." and looked back down at me with those now suspiciously looking green eyes.

I felt my eyes narrow as those words left his mouth, dropping my hooves completely and fixed a glare at him. The name drop caught me slightly off guard, but luckily. I'm not that big of an idiot to let my discombobulated self not register that in my head as very suspect.

So I started. Tone without suspicion, instead a bit of faux innocence. Attempting to make my voice as unassuming as it could be.

"How do you my name?" I stated. Before tilting my head as he widened his eyes as if he realised something before shaking his hand.

"Oh, oh! Buck, I'm stupid" he said while pressing a hood to his forehead. "Sorry, that seemed a little suspicious, right?"

I nodded. "Still is".

His ears dropped a little as he brought both hooves up, instinctively making scoot backwards as I watched his movements. Ready at a moments notice to use my little secret weapon if he tried anything.

"You may not recognize it, but I'm a royal guard!" He said with emphasis.

"Royal guard?" I said in disbelief. Because sure, moving ten steps ahead and placing a disguised changeling inside one of these eggs. Would then make it so I stumble upon them thinking they were another pony, free them. And then escape together under the guise of him being a royal guard, does sound a little farfetched.

But you never know with these guys..

"Yes! a royal guard, I was one of the ones escorting you away from danger" he said matter of factly.

Admittedly, I sort of scoffed at that. Thinking back to how the two of them shit themselves when queen cheese legs showed up.

"How am I supposed to trust that?" I questioned. Before feeling my ears subconsciously perk up as the guy was busy trying to formate a response. I tuned everything out for a second before turning my head to look behind me. Listening in closely this time.


'Was that clicki-' my own thoughts were cut off as my attention was drawn back to the guy talking to me.

"I doubt the changelings would go the extra mile just to try and trap you like that!" He exclaimed.

I grimaced at his loud exclamation and pushed myself forwards, pressing both hooves against his one of his legs as I did so.

"Alright, fine. But you gotta remember that were still stuck in a presumably changeling infested hive!" I whisper-yelled right back at him. Fixing him another glare as his lips parted to form another retort.

"We-!!" Before I shut him up once again by leaning up on two legs and pressing both of my front legs on his mouth. While also managing to get some of that disgusting goop on myself as I did so.

I looked behind me towards the entrance I came from and listened as the clicking turned from muffled to audible. As if it was right around the-

"We've got to start moving" I tersely whispered as I made eye contact with him.

I would deal with those suspicions later. For now, I've gotta avoid this.

I waited for him to nod before I let go and dropped down onto all fours, then moved a few steps away as I scanned the ceiling for the hole I saw those changelings use to get out of here.

I could hear the soft impacts of his hooves against the squishy floor as he presumably stood up. Though chose to ignore it as I continued walking and scanning for the- aha!

My eyes landed on the opening and I spun on my heels, before immediately taking a step back at how close he was when I did so.

Like for real. Way too close. But anyways.

I had to crane my head all the way upwards to meet his gaze as he looked back down to me.

An apologetic expression looked back down at me as I shook off the small heart attack and pointed where I was looking at. He followed my hoof and looked at the exit as well. Before looking down at me and nodding.

"Hold on" he whispered.

Great, he understood. So now he can just follow me lead as I fl- wait what did he sa-

I paused mentally as he wrapped a hoof underneath me and pulled me up before plopping me down onto his back. Only being given enough time to wrangle my thoughts and grab onto his neck as his wings spread and started flapping. Bringing us up into the air and closer to the hole in the ceiling and away from the incoming threat.


"Yes Luna?"

"Why did you remove Hazel from the room?"




"..because, I couldn't bring myself to tell her that I have no inclination as to where her foal was taken."

"We have Chrysalis in custody, surely-"

"That's the idea, Luna. This wasn't orchestrated by Chrysalis, she was found incapacitated with two of her drones in the wing where Mrs.Snowdrift was found."

"What are thou insinuating..?"

"..somepony else used Chrysalis as a distraction to get to Speckles. Presumably without her knowledge."


"And succeeded, Luna."


"Now please, help me get a hoof hold on this situation."

"..okay sister."

To be continued.