• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 6

I stared up at the now very familiar mare that stood just a few feet away from the both of us, her line of sight focused on me as she lightly clapped her hooves. I took a moment to get a good look at her and let out a mental sigh, yes of course she also was wearing one of the dumb backstage passes.

I bit back a groan and converted my slightly shocked and slight fearful expression into one of childlike innocence, hopping in place and looking up at the mare. Which was quite a hard feat mind you, she just kept that weirdly placed smile the whole time. It seemed as if her eyes were staring at me with a mixture of tones, I wasn't sure but to be honest I was unnatural.

"Hi, Mrs. Aurora! did you like our song?"

Though she'd already expressed her reaction earlier, I simply restated the obvious before turning my head backward to look at mother. Though she was too smiling, it felt a bit forced at the sight of Aurora in front of us. Now that was interesting to see, I turn back to the pony in question and waited for her answer.

"Oh why of course, darling! That little song was marvelous..!"

I gave her a small grin before shifting the weight on my legs and looking back at mother, now looking down at me and back up to Aurora. Of course, I'd also be confused and slightly concerned to be seeing my child conversing with a random adult such as her. I took a step to the side as mother stepped forwards, breaking the silence and giving out a greeting if a bit irked.

"Why hello...Aurora if I'm correct? I am speckle's mother if you didn't already assume"

The creepier one of the two then stared at each other for a few seconds before a response was given.

"Why yes that's is my name, though however, it is quite nice to meet the mother of this delightful foal!"

That statement was funny seeing as our only real situations where we've met were her bumping into me, then once again bumping into me. Now bumping into mother and me just outside of canter lot stadium, I let out a sigh through my nose.

I was happy that mother could also the see clear and unsettling presence of this mare, though a bit peeved that she would show up during our outing. So to move things along I butted in the conversation, hopping up on my hooves and letting my wings flutter about.

"Look mom, Mrs.Aurora has one of these backstage pass thingies too!"

I turned my full body around and glance upwards at mother, who had her lips pursed slightly before shaking her head. Peering down at me she replaced it with a smile, sliding a hoof underneath me and lifting me all of the sudden.

"That reminds me! We do have a show to be getting to, I take it you'll also be there?"

It was a rather obvious question though she got a response nonetheless, Aurora glancing up at the sky for a few moments before giving a curt nod. A blank expression was fitted upon her face before it quickly shifted into one of mock surprise, she gave a robotic wave and turned to walk off.

"Oh, dear! I completely forgot, It was nice meeting you darling. See you two there!"

I sat lifted in the air watching her wall further and further away from us before mother spoke up, sparking an eyebrow raise from me.

"Speckles dear, please keep away from that mare in the future okay?"

Not like I was going to persistently go out and try to find her anyways, so I agreed and shook my head with childish fervor. Tilting my head in a small display of confusion before shrugging it off, I hoped it gave the impression that my innocence thought nothing of it.

"Okay mommy, I will"

She simply giggled before pressing her lips against the top of my head, leaving a small kiss upon it before shifting me into a full cradle position. My small bubble of confusion dispersed once I heard the telltale signs of her wings flapping, with a tight grip around me mother told me to hang on before taking into the air.

"Hang on honey, I'm going to take a shortcut"


Seeing as we were currently a couple of feet above the buildings in Canterlot, another very notable song came to mind as we passed by a rather dome-shaped rooftop. Also with the fact that it would take us a bit of time to get to the stadium, which was not going to be long seeing as I could already make out the shape of a large structure in the distance. I decided to pass the time to cure my boredom and to provide a little bit of entertainment for myself.

The song was a rather morbid take on the prospect of flying, so I think I had probable cause to not say the lyrics out loud. What would you think if you were a flying magical creature carrying your child with you, then all of a sudden he starts singing 'come fly with us, come die with us' I mean, sounds reasonable to me.

So humming was the only real noise that was being projected by myself, humming and taking the time to look past the city borders of Canterlot and glanced past the clouds. Which there weren't many of, to be honest, it gave me a perfect view of a massive cloud in the distance.

When I say massive, I say it relatively. The mass of clouds was a pretty far distance away, though gave some rather cool insight as to what lies inside. For example, I could make out what seemed to be a literal rainbow trail that seems to be flowing from the cloud. That gave me another topic to search up when I got back home, I should ask my mother to take me to the library on our way back.

That's when my thoughts were interrupted by the sudden change in speed and the position we were in tilted downwards, I felt the grip around me grow even tighter as we descended. I peeked around the area we were landing at and was a bit blown away at the sheer number of ponies standing around, I'd have to say there were more than a couple thousand ponies here.

"There sure is a lot of ponies here.."

We successfully landed on the smooth pavement below us and I was plopped down right in front of mother, stretching out my hooves mindlessly while continuing to look around.

"Sure is! The Wonderbolts have many fans of all ages!"

That goes the same for the Blue Angel's, though minus the humongous stadium that lies in front of me. Well, they do tend to fly over a stadium when the Superbowl is happening, though on the regular you can see them flying around occasionally.

I take notice of my mother nosing me in a different direction and I take a few steps forward, now facing a rather long and saddening line. Even in my new life, the long line has once again come and decided to ruin my life! This brought back the memories of pain and suffering at Disneyworld, just because I didn't buy a Fastpass!

Meanwhile, mother took notice of the line and frowned. Then looked to her left and sighed relief, there was a sign that designated a line for people with backstage passes. She automatically grabbed my pained form and mosied on over there, stopping just behind a tall earth pony.


After reliving one of the worst nightmares I've ever had to go through, mother took notice of a shorter line for ponies with special access. That made me a tad bit happier as the regular enormous line watched us be let in first, it felt even greater to be on this side of things for once.

So having no trouble on our way into the actual stadium itself, we quickly found suitable seating at just the right distance away from the actual main area of the stadium. I sat in the oversized plastic chair on the right side of mother, looking around as more and more ponies were let in to find their seats.

It gave me time to appreciate and yet at the same time find the similarities in human architecture to pony architecture, it was a little bit of a sobering moment if that makes any sense. On another note, do ponies drink alcohol?

That thought floated in my mind for a bit of a while before finding myself startled at a sudden and loud voice, shaking my head and glancing around in confusion before the realization set in.

"Mares and stallions, please put your hooves together for..... the Wonderbolts!"

The immediate barrage of cheering ponies and the music seeping in made its way into my ears, watching as a sudden spotlight shined upon a floating circular cloth-filled object that brandished the Wonderbolts logo. Giving away as one by one, figures made their way through the fabric and high up into the sky. The spotlight would shut off and the main stadium lights kicked in once again, the figures now high up in the sky were what I was wondering how I didn't realize earlier, the Wonderbolts were now intertwining their hooves and rocketing back towards the ground.

Spinning simultaneously as one, the group of professional fliers formed into a multicolored cone of air that continued downwards, until they suddenly dispersed just a few feet away from the ground. The contrails left behind were an amalgamation of oddly selected colors, though what made it astonishing was the fact that it was how they all seemed to seamlessly float through the air. The wind seemed to just reflect off their bodies and let them be able to perform these by all odds, impossible tricks. It reminded me of otters.

Sadly the show had to come to an end and the Wonderbolts headed backstage, it wasn't until mother tapped me that my unblinking eyes jolted back to life, the only words I had to say were.

"That was awesome!"