• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 29

Author's Note:

This one was just a little reprieve from the other chapters. More fun stuff will happen soon.

The two sisters were currently sitting at their dining room table, each looking down at their respective cups. There was an acute silence between the two of them before Celestia cleared her throat, garnering the attention of a tired Luna.

Hiding her expression behind her teacup she fixed her gaze on her sister.

"Luna, I do believe the colt chopped our heads off."

Luna stared at her with her increasingly narrowing eyes until they were finally so narrow, the dark bags under her eyes were more pronounced. She wasn't in the mood to deal with her sister.

"Sister, we think this is the part where we tell you to shut the fuck up?"


She snapped her head upwards.

"Alas thee! no more brain than stone wench!"

"What did yo-"

Mother and I were currently lazing on mothers new bed in her new room, of the new house that Spitfire was kind enough to leave for us. Gonna have to find a way to repay her for that, but that could come later. For now, I'm focusing on how I dont really want to move from this spot.

Mother seemed to agree as she shifted her position and let out a content sigh. I could get used to waking up like this every single say. But who knows? Maybe some shit will happen here and we'll have to move again.

Though I couldn't just sit around and do nothing all day, as much as I wanted to and could actually afford to do. There was still a manner of getting ourselves settled into our new living situation.

So with reluctant motivation I pushed myself up into a sitting position on mother's chest and stared down at her relaxed face. Eyes once closed now opening up and looking back at me, she gave me a smile so I returned the favor with one of my own.

"Well, look who's up and at em' at last."

"Psh.. sleep is a gracious gift... and dont think I didnt see you enjoying not having to wake up early anymore." I teased and stuck my tongue out at her.

She laughed lightly and let her head fall against the pillow, admitting defeat to me.

"Ah.. guilty as charged, honey."

I grinned victoriously before taking a moment to glance around the room, I had forgotten to do that when I first woke up. With a first glance I could really see how decent the room looked, a bit bigger than mothers original room but who was I to complain?

But my attention focused back onto her once more, putting my wonder into words because if just kept them in my head, you'd end up with like a whole thesis. So anyways.

"So mom, what's the plan for today?"

She was silent for a moment before a grin grew on her face and she lifted her head back up to look at me. The devious expression stared at my slightly confused and suspicious expression. I noticed her arms lifting from her sides very very slowly, and she was- my eyes widened as I realized what was going to happen.

'Its a trap!'

I tried flapping my wings to immediately get out of there but was caught as she wrapped her arms around my body and laughed. She lifted the rest of her body up and into a sitting position, looking down at me with her ever present grin. I squirmed in her grip but stopped after a few moments, for she was too strong.

"First, were going to take a bath."


"Yes, gasp little one. For you will face the wrath of the scrub brush!" She scooted us closer towards the edge of the bed and unfurled her wings, pushing up into the air and floating over towards the exit. Laughing deviously as she did.

I dangled there in defeat as we went into the hallway and started downwards, a pout was the only thing I could muster. Because if it wasnt already obvious, I hated taking showers. Or for a better fact, I hate getting my hair wet. It's one of my pet peeves.

I don't really know why I dont like that, though it just irks me whenever I feel my hair we- "oof".

I was dropped back into reality, literally. I looked around and noticed that we were now in the bathroom, looking over to the open door with hope. But frowning as mother shut it with her back hoof, giving me a curt smile before moving over to the spacious bathtub.

Sighing as I got up from the piece of carpet I was sitting on, I watched as mother bent over the tub and started turning the water on. She smiled before taking a step back and turning to look down at me, tilting her head as I had now gotten into a kneeling position.

Giving my best pout as I begged.

"Mother, I believe it would be best if we didnt take a bath?"

Though she shrugged off my begging and smiled even wider, lowering herself down until we were eye to eye. Her eyebrows creased into a playful glare, making widen my own eyes in surprise.

"We are sorry sir. We do not follow your orders anymore."

My mouth gaped and I stuttered out my best response.

"T-then it is treason."

"You bet your brown flank it is, come here!"

She lunged forwards and I quickly dodged to my left, sliding forwards but quickly getting back onto my feet.


I dodged another one of her grabs and flapped my wings to push myself into the air. I laughed as she face planted but was immediately caught off guard as she pushed herself up and turned around in one quick movement.

I swear I let out the most intimidating and fear striking scream ever.

"Caught you!"



So there I was sitting in mother's lap as she hummed happily to herself while running a brush over my head. Where she got It from, I don't know.

"Brushy brush brush~"

I sighed and tilted my head downwards too look at the soapy water, mother ended up catching me after all. But I was an idiot for trying to flee in an enclosed area, I should've booked it for the door.

"Wow, your mane is so long when it isn't all curled up!"

My attention turned back towards mother as the sensation of the brush on my head dissapeared and she started talking. Running a hoof down my hair in astonishment, I grinned before responding.


"Honey, can I braid your mane just this once?"

I paused for a second. Braid my hair? Wouldn't that look a little weird considering I'm a dude and al- no wait never mind, I've seen my cousin braid her horses hair before and that dude was huge. I thought about it for a few more seconds before agreeing, why the hell not? If it makes mother happy than sure.


I heard mother squeal before giving me a hug., than returning back to brushing my hair. I smiled for a few moments before pausing. Hold on a second, how exactly was she going to braid my hair with hooves?

I looked down at my own hooves and started imagining it.


After a bit of brushing and braiding from mother, I was plopped onto the bathroom sink and saw myself in the mirror. She asked from above me "what do you think?" Before reaching over and grabbing a towel.

I turned my head from side to side before nodding to myself.

"I like it."

Elsewhere, there were two voices talking back and forth to each other. One with increasing panic and worry, and the other with increasing anger.

"Will you can it already!"

"But sir! The queens in a fucking coma! What are we going to do?"

"Dont ask me! How am I supposed to know?"

To he continued.