• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 14

Author's Note:

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I was startled into the waking world, being immediately met by the soft and pleasant feeling of the assumable bed beneath me. Also, for the pleasant embrace I was in, peeking my eyes open, I could see the slightly blurry figure of my mother sleeping next to me. Her eyes closed and hair drooping down, though I knew she was prone to snoring... I felt safe. Though my dreams would like to say otherwise, it's good to know that when I passed out once more from the shock, I wasn't waking up in a hospital bed. Don't ask why, just know that hospitals are off limits.

I closed my eyes and let out a drawn out yawn. Shifting slightly, I positioned myself in an awkward sitting position, well as much of a sitting position I could do when someone ten times my size has their arms around me. While my eyes were adjusting to the nicely lit bedroom, I tilted my head as I spotted something out of place. Or rather everything was out of place, this isn't even our own room. did mother rent a hotel room or something? No, it's way too homely to be a hotel..

I was once again startled today, eyes widening as my gaze immediately snapped over to where the door to the bedroom was suddenly kicked in. Scooting closer to mother, who was now returning to the land lit consciousness. While on the other hand, the person who kicked said door waltzed in like she owned the place. Wait.. is that-

"Captain Spitfire?"

I found myself slightly asking out loud, watching as her gaze shifted over to me, and the already mischievous smile on her face deepened. She brought a hoof up towards her muzzle and silently shushed me, making me confused as she closed the distance between her and the side where mother was sleeping.


She said buck instead of fu- Anyways.

I was about to voice my concerns when she decided to voice her own concerns rather loudly. Too loudly. I jumped up and out of mother's grasp at the sudden statement, landing a few feet away on the surface of the very soft bed. Is this a tempurpedic? Never mind that! What was really interesting was the way mom's eyes snapped open and she somehow teleported on the ceiling. I simply blinked at the situation.

Mother let out a small exasperated noise of irritation before dropping back down onto the bed, sending a wave through the covers. The force made me bounce in the air for a few seconds. I couldn't help but let out a small giggle as I landed on my stomach.

Spitfire gave me a glance and returned the smile I had on my face, before immediately flying over to a closet in the room and opening it. Pulling something out before just as quickly turning around and tossing a piece of clothing at mother, who in turn caught it with a sigh.

"Good morning to you too Spitfire... though I didn't really expect you to wake up before me."

"Pftt. like I'd miss a chance to jolt you awake like I used to!"

Mother of course wasn't amused and simply shook her head, dropping the piece of clothing onto her lap.

"Look, even the squirts laughing!"

Guilty as charged.

Mother immediately widened her eyes and turned to look at me, the sleep immediately pushed aside with a smile directed towards me. My giggle fit died, and I met her glance, tilting my head before giving out a greeting.

"Morning mom!"

I sorta still had that knowing feeling that yesterday's events still floated around as a constant stress inducer, so I wanted her to just focus on me being happy. Or rather seemingly unaffected by the changeling's advances, though I still did have a bit of a hard time wondering if I actually killed that one or not. Nonetheless, mother smiled and pulled me closer to her. I made contact with her fluffy chest, and she made contact with the top of my head.

Some nuzzles and a few kisses were laid on me before she finally pulled back and let her grip slack. I leaned back and looked up at her. She sighed before deciding to ask me the question I'd been knowing she was going to ask.

"How are you sweetie? Are you alright? You scared mommy when you suddenly passed out like that"

Yeah, that was probably due to me asking too many questions and building up the panic that was ready to be instituted during the situation. So in terms, I had a panic attack and passed out. But that answer would make mom even more worried.

"I'm fine mom... now that you're here at least!"

"Are you sure sweetheart? I could always stay and call in sick at work?"

Though I did mentally agree with the idea of her staying here with me, I knew that it really wasn't a good idea in the long run. She really did need that job, and I wasn't about to ruin ourselves financially by being a crybaby, so I decided to shake my head.

"No, it's fine mom. I'm fine staying here-"

Now that I think about it, I suddenly stopped and turned my head to look at our surroundings one more time. Glancing over the awkward figure of Spitfire just standing there and watching us, kinky.

Though this clearly wasn't our own house, why would it be? I'm pretty sure it counts as a crime scene. So I let that be my next question, trying to move away from the still icy topic.

"By the way mom... where are we and why is Spitfire here?"

She simply blinked and sighed, before patting me lightly on the head. I heard the sound of Spitfire laughing to herself over where she was standing. Mom and I both gave her a look.

"Well sweetie.. After the whole situation with the changeling breaking into our house, which almost gave me a heart attack when I got there"

I frowned at the remembrance of me holding a knife at her, before quickly shaking away the thought.

"But as for why we are here. well Spitfire was kind enough to let us stay with her for a while"

That's when Spitfire decided to cut in, tossing herself onto the bed roughly. Making the both of us jump in surprise as she landed and rolled over onto her back next to us, way too casual about the whole thing.

"I would've done it anytime if you just asked me, we're the bestest of buddies after all! Plus, a nice change of scenery really would do you guys good"

I nodded in slight agreeance and in understanding, though now that I had context, it was back to the topic at hand.

"Well that explains the very soft bed. and the spacious room and the very working lights-"

I turned from Spitfire to look back at my mother's face.

"Done appraising the room sweetie?"

I went to give a rebuttal before the loud voice of Spitfire, but in once more, though directed it towards mom.

"Well, not to butt in on the little mother and son fun pack... I do believe you got to get to work pretty soon-"

At the mention of work, mom's eyes widened further than I thought they could, before she immediately let go of me and flopped out of bed, moving to head toward the door before glancing back at me. I smiled brightly at her and nodded, she returned the smile before continuing on her very swift pace.

The captain of the wonder bolts and I were left on the bed looking at the door where she zoomed out of. I looked over to her prone form, and she looked back at me. It was like that for a few seconds before the sound of thudding and mother's cursing filled our ears. I was the first to break, mouth curving into another grin and ready to laugh. Clearly having an effect on Spitfire, as she seemed to be in the same situation, though in the end we both failed and started laughing.

It was only when mother stepped back into the room looking as presentable as she could in a matter of a few minutes did we stop, both taking in her panting form as she trotted back into the room. Stopping at the edge of the bed and motioning me closer, I stood up and walked to the edge of the bed. I was then brought into a quick and tight embrace, before getting a kiss on the cheek and being sat back down onto the bed.

"Love you Speckles"

"Love you too mom!"

She smiled before grabbing something from the bedside table and moving to hustle out the door, though stopped when Spitfire spoke.

"Hey! Don't I get a goodbye kiss?"

Though I assumed it was in more of a joking tone, I was a bit surprised to see mother snap back around and walk up to her. Bending down and pressing her lips against her check for a split-second before immediately snapping back and going out the door, giving a passing goodbye as she did.


After a few seconds, the sound of the door opening and shutting down stairs sounded when I looked over at Spitfire. Who was a bit red in the face? I decided to make light of it and spoke up.

"So. just roommates right?"

She turned to me and denied my thoughts immediately. I still laughed, mind you.

"Yes of course! I didn't even think she'd do it!"

I simply shook my head in a jovial manner, before watching Spitfire sigh, before settling back down onto her back. I crawled my way over to her side before letting my head fall down onto her stomach, a bit forwards, but I was a kid. Who was she to immediately think of it as weird?


"Well, you did sorta wake mother and I up at like. whatever time it is now"

"I mean... yeah, but it was funny huh?"

"It was funny, now I'm tired."

"Well then go back to sleep"

"I was planning on it"

So with that, I decided to push myself up and onto Spitfire's stomach, moving around before finally finding a comfortable position laying on her. Of course, it didn't go without notice, and she almost immediately started spewing out flustered tangents.

"Hey uh squirt! What are you doing?"


"Yeah, I know that, why aren't you sleeping on the bed?"

"Another pony is more comfy...and it makes me feel safer"

"...well, I guess you can sleep there, but just for today okay?"


"And you won't tell your mom?"

I simply nodded. Then almost immediately fell asleep.

“You’re lucky you’re cute kid”

To be continued..