• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 8

Author's Note:


After that whole rather funny ordeal, well funny in my opinion at least. I was now standing on the back of the wonder bolt
I demanded to know the name of, found out her name was Spitfire. Pretty cool pony if you think about it, captain of the wonder bolts and has a cool name to add onto it.

We stared at each other for a good feed seconds before I grinned, her gaze also turning into a grin. I took the moment and commented on her statement, though I was confused as to why everybody else was busy staring at the two of us with wide eyes. I started with a very serious question.

"I know I'm awesome...but by the by, between the both of us... do you spitfire?"

I saw her raise an eyebrow before opening her mouth, though I didn't give her time to respond as I moved first.

I took a step closer and glanced up at her, I mean her coat did look as if she could breathe fire. Turning into a small circular movement to get a full rounded view of her, or rather the suit she was wearing. My small footsteps were the only noises being heard due to the rest of the room's occupants resigning to a shocked silence. Excluding spitfire, she just followed my movements with her head in slight amusement.

Midway through the three-sixty, I found myself unfurling my wings and flying up to get a better view of her, in all honesty, I couldn't get a good view of her since she was still in uniform. So I just decided to circle back around and hover in front of her, pursing my lips slightly as I thought of what to say next.

"Hmm... oh yeah! Can I get an autograph? On this shirt preferably?"

I motioned towards the garment j was wearing with a hoof before looking back up at her, she still had that small casual grin on her face.

"Well kid.. you're pretty nonchalant about this whole thing, it's a nice retraction from the usual fans coming back here"

"Though maybe its because I don't know who you are, or rather I do- I just didn't five minutes ago"

She rolled her eyes, which then made me roll my own eyes just to challenge her eye-rolling due to me making her eye roll and so forth. It was a whole back and forth for a few very tense moments before we both found ourselves cracking a smile, she reached a hoof down and simply ruffled the mess of a hairstyle I call my mane.

"Still find it kind of surprising y'know? Seeing as I know your mom and everything.."


Hold on what? My train of thought completely derailed and struck straight through the imaginary orphanage, my gaze immediately snapped around and landed on my mother. She didn't notice me at first, seeing as she was now speaking to another member of the wonder bolts. Though my laser-like gaze seemingly pulled her attention and away and down to me, I pursed my lips and gave her a scrutinizing look.

Her reaction was to simply rub the back of her neck and glance at the rest of the people in the room, who up until now were going from a quiet and surprised to an amused and slightly more surprised look. The tilt of her head and a small chuckle was were the noises she made before signing, she then proceeded to walk over to where Spitfire and I were.


I looked from either mare while drawing out the question I was going to inevitably ask, my curiosity growing in deuces.

"You know each other?"

They both looked at each other for a good few seconds before they both grinned, a chuckle came from mother and she simply placed a hoof on my head. Seemed as if it was a recurring trend-

"Well.. we did know each other, back In our college years that is"

"Yep, your mom and I were the best of friends! Still are, though it's been a while since we caught up with each other.. eh Hazel?"

"Yeah Spits, just been a little busy with this bundle of joy and some other things...but I thought "hey, why not take my son to his first ever flight show?" Then I got these backstage passes.. so I call this an absolute win."

My attention was caught when she let her sentence trail off before she immediately caught herself, though I'd muse about It later. Yet a sense of nostalgia did pass over me as that last little tangent came out, yet nonetheless. It was time to make light of the situation and to see if I could score a few points with Mrs.Wonderbolt over here.

"Soo.. you mean to tell me on top of being like, the coolest mother ever? You know a celebrity.. and like went to college with them?"

It was at this point I was hovering in the air just mindlessly doing circles around the length of both of them, the little buzz of my wings went unnoticed by me as I continued. Ignoring the look the two shared, I continued with my laps and continued with my statement.

"On top of that, I get to die happy knowing that mom has friends!?"

"Hey! Just because it's TRUE doesn't mean anything-"

That little last part was a bit harsh, but it was completely true. She didn't hang out with anyone of her age, I knew because I already had her weekly and end-of-the-week schedule saved in the recesses of my mind!

"A famous one on top of- eep!"

While flying around the front of Spitfire, I found myself being grabbed and plucked out of the air. Of course, it did make me let out a very frightening and manly exclamation of myself being spooked. But alas, she was braver than I thought, and instead of being scared of my voice, she laughed. How dare she-

"Pfft! Hazel, why haven't you introduced me to this little guy sooner?"

She then very faintly, and I'd like to specify that she did not say it faintly. Asked me if she was misgendering me, I mean was it that hard to tell!?

"You are a dude..right?"

"O-of course I am! I wouldn't be this bodaciously radical if I wasn't."

A rather odd Choice of words on my part, but it did the job and she fixed herself into a laughing position. Wait, there's more than just her laughing-

I let out a gasp as I witnessed mother letting out small giggles herself, that traitor! I simply sat in resignation as they laughed for what seemed like minutes before mother found a respite.

"..anyways Spits, this is the joy of my life Speckles!"

I gave the horse version of jazz hands as to give off a more joking tone to it, well the best I could do while in spitfires grasp.

"Well, I'll be, good to know the both of us did some good in our lives."

I was set back down onto the floor and turned back around to face her, interrupted in my attempt to look up at her by her hoof connecting with and ruffling my hair once again. I poured and glared up at her, she gave me a cocky grin.

"But I hate to cut this short but the boys and I have another show in Las Pegasus, in about the--"

She turned her head to a pony dressed in a black t-shirt and a clipboard in their grip, who proceeded to nod at her question.

"Three hours give or take.."

"Well I guess that's too bad, though it was nice being able to talk to you again"

I went to question the possibilities of them getting to somewhere like Las pegasus in a matter of two hours, seeing as if it were anything like back on earth. I'd still be hundreds of miles away by air, though I could see them going as fast as an airliner. But if I took anything from their show, it was the fact of not questioning the impossible and just enjoying it.

"Well, then I guess I can scratch getting an autograph?"

I butted in with what I wanted way before I even walked in here, resorting to using the greatest weapon in my arsenal; initiate kicked puppy mode.

Watching her break was slightly pleasing.

"Heck kid.. since your my friend's kid I'll do you one better!"

She lunged at me.


After the whole "I'll do you one better" scenario, I was now resigned to being slumped over on my mother's back. Spitfire thought that it was such a good idea to scare the living hell out of my foal body, and proceeded to plop me down on her back and fly as if she was trying to outmaneuver an F-16 fighter jet! Makes me wonder if these horses can hone their skills to the point of being able to match human ingenuity, might be something worth keeping in my thoughts.

But on the bright side, I did score some sweet merchandise from her after we landed, though I'm not sure what I would do with this Wonderbolts costume. Halloween maybe? Though I hardly ever celebrated it back on earth, so maybe just when I'm playing pretend. Don't judge me, I have no friends here.

Also, she was kind enough to give me her goggles. You could tell it was the real deal due to them having the telltale signs of constant use and the cool flame decals on it. But I couldn't express my signs of excitement due to me being completely worn out from tornado spitfire over there, just giving off a small groan much to mothers amusement.

"So what did we learn?"

"Using the kicked puppy look on a daredevil is not something you should do"


"It was worth it..."