• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 11

Here I was once again in the company of the overly happy Aurora, staring up at her with a slight glance of discontent. Though she just gave that smile, that damned smile. As I went to push myself back up onto my hooves, a sudden cold limb was placed underneath me, and I was suddenly on my feet following the movements of her hoof as she retracted it. I shuddered lightly before moving to take a step, she did the same and matched my pace.

"Hello speckles dearie.. Rather, funny how we keep bumping into each other, isn't it?"

Coincidental? No, funny? Not at all, very creepy? Yes, one hundred percent. Though I didn't express my very out of left field internal statements, I simply gave a half-hearted chuckle, taking in her appearance for the better part of the interaction. She was exactly the same as when we first interacted with each other, seemingly as if she'd never taken off that singular pseudo dress thing.

Nonetheless, I gave her a verbal response.

"Yeah, pretty funny! Like that time, you showed up at the wonderbolts show, surprisingly"

There was a bit of a silence as we stared at each other for a few more moments, I swore I saw her smile twitch for a second.

"Well now, that was a coincidence! I'd never expected you to attend such an event"

I smell a lot of cap in the air.

Though despite that, I had to get going. I was already out longer than I needed to go be, and I had to get home before mother arrived. Which was not too far along, seeing as if I've been able to read the sun correctly, it was still about two hours until she did.

"But it was nice seeing you Ms... Aurora! I really have to get going now, moms making waffles!"

A casual lie just thrown in there to make the whole innocent and dumb child persona work even further, it always did seem to work on most people here. So with a forced smile, I took a step around her and moved to continue on my way.

Though only to once again be blocked off by the unicorn, prompting an eyebrow raise from me, and I tensed myself.

"But Speckles dearie, why don't I walk you to your house?" We could stop to get some ice cream on the way!"

Alright, that's even more fuel to the fire, trying to lure me in with my favorite dairy item? Or rather any kids favorite dessert, she was planning something and I wasn't about to follow along with it.

"But my mommy says I need to be home now, and I can't have ice cream until I finish the waffles she's making!"

So once I again I persisted and took another step around her, this time turning my walking pace into a speedier one. I seemed to gave made it a few feet before I could hear the sounds of her much larger hooves walking after me. I turned my head to the side as she walked alongside me now.

"Well...mommy doesn't have to know that you ate ice cream before dinner, you know?"


"We could go to the ice cream parlor and be right back in front of your house real quick, I promise it won't take long!"

I even noticed her looking off to her sides for a fee moments, often times taking sparing glances at the few alleyways we pass by. Seeing as we've traversed into the quieter and empty parts of Canterlot, it just boosted the growth of the ball of worry in my chest.

"Uhm.. I'm fine Mrs. Aurora, but thank you anyways"

She was one hundred percent trying to lure me away, just, so she could quote on quote take me to the ice cream parlor, but jokes on her. I'm not as naive as she thinks, she's trying to lure in an adult. a human nonetheless. And we have a major distaste for predators trying to pull a facade on young children.

But on the other hand, I was in the body of a young child and a body that isn't even that familiar to me. She also did know where I live, along with her having a recurring tendency to show up pit of thin air. She was also a unicorn, I was a pegasus, there was a slight disadvantage on my part if she were to try something. I was about to act on these thoughts when I was stopped, or rather physically stopped by the unicorn placing a hoof on my back.


"How about we buy you one of those video game doohickeys you like?" I'll even let you get whatever game you want! You like pony fighter right?"

How did she even know - you know what? I'm not even going to question the logistics of how she knows that. I'm gonna focus on trying to get away from this pedophile.

An idea passed through my head, an idea that would work one hundred percent in my favor. I proceeded to shrink underneath her touch and let my ears plant against the sides of my head.

"Uhmm.. You're making me uncomfortable"

Her hoof immediately pulled away from my back, and she started spewing out an apology, trying to sound very sincere. Truth be told, it was a really good attempt, though I knew better.

"Oh.. I'm so sorry! I didn't mean to make you feel that way, please forgive me? I'm sorry, how can I make it up to you?"

"Can you leave me alone?"

"Uh...heh.. Speckles, that.. That would just make me feel even worse!"

"But it would make me feel better...isn't that what you were trying to do?"

"Yes but, going away isn't as good as buying you something.. Listen my friend is good friends with one of the wonder bolts if you come with me, we can get you an autograph.. You'd like that right?"

She started motioning towards the alleyway that we stood next to, once again disregarding what I said and placing her hoof back on me, trying to encourage me to walk with her. I refused and planted my feet into the ground, shaking my head as tried to take a few steps back.

"Uhmm no.. I just want to go home, I'll just-"


Her voice startled me, it sounded completely different from what she did sound like it was if she were using a distortion filter. It just added in to the creepiness and possible danger that she posed, so I doubled my efforts and turned around. Pushing away her hoof and speed walking away.

She must have realized what she'd done, and tried apologizing once again, though I was having none of it and getting the hell out of ther-


My world suddenly came to a rough halt, and I was hoisted up into the air, my ability to move was being hindered, and I could only manage a noise of shock as I was pulled backwards.

"Don't walk away from me speckles..."

"Let go of me!"

"Oh no speckles.. I won't be letting go of you anytime soon.."

I was left helpless as when I turned my head around, the unicorn was looking at me with an evil grin as she stepped backwards into the alley, floating my struggling form right behind her.

That's when I realized something.

"RAPE! RAPE! HE-gurk!"

I was successfully able to let out a few screams for assistance before I was violently yanked backwards, the grip on me vanishing as I crashed onto the floor deeper into the alley. Pain immediately flooded my senses, and I instinctively tried to curl myself into a ball, grunting as I pushed past that instinct and forced myself onto my hooves.

Only to be immediately forced back down by someone putting pressure on my back, as I was pinned against the floor, I felt shivers run down my spine as Aurora chuckled.

"You think you're so smart don't you Speckles? Screaming won't help you in this situation, you'll be gone before any pony comes running!"

My eyes widened at the threat, and my struggles resurged, trying in vain to squirm out of her grasp.

"But before I bring you to the Queen.. I'm going to try and crack that dreaded barrier around you and have a little taste for myself"

Queen? Taste? Nope, nope. I started kicking my hind legs back, trying to make contact with her hooves. Her amusement seemed to only grow as I quite helplessly struggled to get away, my eyes scanned the area around me and made contact with a glass bottle that was already broken in half. Offhandedly thanking the person who dumped this useful object here before moving to reach for it, I made contact with the neck of the bottle and pulled it towards me.

Ignoring the pain as I pricked myself with the edges of the bottle and reaffirmed the grasp I had on it, before not wasting anytime and bending my arm backwards at as hard as I could.

"Now hold st- agh!"

Her hoof pulled back as she cried out in pain. I took the chance and pushed myself onto my hooves and flipped my body around. Immediately shifting into a sprint and running through her legs, ignoring the sounds coming from behind me, and stepping back out onto the streets. Taking a sharp left and running as fast as I can, all the while screaming at the top of my lungs.

Though I finally let my voice come to a rest as I saw some ponies start to emerge from their houses that I passed, yet I didn't let up until I was on the path home. Never failing to check behind me, as I now knew what her intentions truly were, also knowing that she knew where I lived.

She wanted me.. Or her Queen apparently wants me, this just made things a lot more complicated.

To be continued.