• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 30

Author's Note:

Thirty chapters in. :yay:

Thanks for continuing to read my subpar story. :]

I sat in the living room with a blank stare. Already having soaked up how the new fixings looked I couldn't find anything interesting to look at and just blanked. The couch was comfortable, so that helped with the idea. But I wasn't focused on that right now, I was waiting on mother. Who said she had to go get something before disappearing back down the hallway.

I glanced over from my position on the couch and over to where the hallway met living room. Giving a small sigh I turned my head back and took another look around the room. It was furnished, but not too furnished. Sure there were everything you pretty much needed there to be considered a fully fledged living room. But it was still missing a few key details that would make it one hundred percent home.

What am I talking about? Hell if I know, I'm bored.

I couldn't be bothered to go into the stuff that happened last night, or even consider thinking about everything that has happened until now. I wanted to stop worrying about things and just live normally, albeit for as long as I can before shit starts to fly again. As it inevitably does.

For now I could think about what exactly were going to do today, maybe we could visit that library thing I saw the other day? I would have to note that down, just in case I for-


I was spooked by the sudden appearance of mother popping up in front of me and I fell backwards onto my back. Looking up at the ceiling as I felt my heartbeat start to normalize, all the while mother was giggling her head off over there. Lifting myself back into a sitting position, I fixed her with the meanest pout I could.

"Awww.. honey, you know I couldn't resist spooking you like that. With you being all adorable and unaware, it was the perfect chance!"

She tried defending herself with an innocent smile, but I saw through that and responded with nothing. I simply crossed my arms and looked off to the side, taking cues from how an actual child would. The pout I was sporting was quickly failing to keep itself down as my lips wanted to prick upwards as I tried not to grin.

Seeing as I wouldn't be listening to her, mother let out a hum before letting out an overdramatic gasp. I turned my head slightly at her reaction, watching as she draped an arm over her face and lamented.

"Oh, how the poor darling left himself open like that! Pretending to be mad just made him prone to a...tickle attack!"

Wait a second- my head snapped to her direction fully as soon as she lunged forwards at me, not giving me any time to react.



As I lay on the couch defeated and humiliated, I cant help but smile. I look over at mother who was occupying herself with her own laughter, at my expense of course. It reminds me that I'm still able to recreate those child hood memories that I really couldn't have back on Earth. The quick mention of the memory sting at my eyes for a moment before I rubbed it away with a hoof. Shaking my head and deciding on focusing on something else, I pushed myself back up into a seating position.

"Echem.. mother?"

"Yes, Speckles?"

I simply outstretched my arms and tilted my head to the side slightly, giving her the best 'hug me' expression I could.


She didnt respond at first and just inched forwards and scooped me up from the couch and into her arms, where I quickly wrapped my arms around her and buried my head into her neck.

"Of course, honey."

She completed the embrace by bringing me close and pressing her muzzle down onto the top of my head. It was a nice feeling of comfort being held like this. The feeling was making me feel a certain type of way, the added in childish instincts helped boost that.

Damn, who's cutting onions?

I didn't notice the tears forming until after we parted and mother looked down at me, her smile turning into a small frown. Giving her a sheepish grin of my own and reaching up with a hoof to rub at my eyes. I attempted to shrug it off but I guess mother wasnt willing to do just that.

"Oh.. what's wrong honey?"

"N-nothing, just give me a moment." I titled my head down as I rubbed at my eyes to try and stop the tears from coming down. While also trying to get ahold of my own emotions at the same time. Damn this childish body sometimes..

"Honey, no. Tell me what's wrong."

She gently pried my hooves away from my face and placed a hoof on my chin, tilting my head up until I looked into her worried eyes. I tried looking away but she gently kept my head in place, making my eyes look everywhere else until finally I gave in and looked at her.

"I was just thinking about stuff that's been happening.. and I guess I just got too emotional. I'm sorry.."

She let out a shush before bringing me in close, I buried myself into her once again because it felt weirdly necessary.

"No baby, never apologize for crying. Bottling up everything would just make you feel worse, and I would hate for that to happen."

"So let's just focus on the happy thoughts Hm?"

I felt a pang of guilt in my chest at the mention of bottling things up. It wasnt really my intention to do so, I wasnt really good when it came to talking about this kind of stuff. It's why I really liked skipping these kinds of emotional responses over and continuing on with the happy gig.

But I guess it wouldve happened either way. Though, I'm thankful it did happen with someone who actually cares about me. I sniffled a bit before managing out a response. I had to flip the emotion of the room.


Mother interrupted me instead with an upbeat tone of her own, garnering my gaze as I looked back up at her.

"But we've already discussed why there's a reason to be happy right? A certain little outing we have planned?"

I thought for a second before realizing. Right, she said that she would take us to this places equivalent to DisneyLand later on. CelestiaLand right? Wonder how much they had to pay to name it after her. Or if it wasnt a random person who created it, instead the crown was just monopolizing on her popularity? Wait.

Never mind.

That little anecdote slightly raised my mood, but mothers overly infectious and upbeat personality was already affecting me. My gaze formed into a grin and I rubbed gently at my eye.

"R-right. CelestiaLand?"

She nodded before leaning in close and smirking.

"Hey guess what?"

I rose an eyebrow and lowered my hoof.

"Spitfire agreed to go with us.. How's that sound?"

Honestly, it sounded awesome. Not because we were going to an offbeat DisneyLand, but because the three of us could hangout without anything eventful happening. Plus, the amount of indirect teasing I could do was astonishing when I thought about it.

My emotions did a complete one eighty and I found myself forgetting about the remains of tears and smiled.

"Yeah. That does sound fun.. I honestly cant wait!"

She giggled ruffled the top of my head.

"I thought so! Now, let's dry those tears. We've got a big day ahead of us!"

I'm sure we did. Now that mother was out of a job, by her own volition. We had more time to spend together. That was a major bright side to all of this, well, that and finally having a break from all this nonsense. Honestly.

My conscious thought was broken when mother suddenly lifted us both into the air and held me in an outstretched position. The flapping of her wings was the only thing heard for a few moments before I smirked. She smirked right back at me, because she knew that I knew what she was trying to do.

It wasn't long before we both fell into a laughing fit at the ridiculousness.

Funny how we can switch from an emotional situation to a silly one like this right? I guess that was a benefit of being in the body of a child, children generally switched topics at the blink of an eye. Hell, you could even ignore them falling on their face and they wouldn't even notice until you mention it.

"Alright, sweetie. Let's go comb your hair and we can head on over to the sugar cube corner." She said before lowering me back down and turning to hover towards the bathroom.

"For breakfast?"

She simply giggled as we turned a corner and entered the bathroom. Setting me down onto the sink and looking at me in the mirror.

"No silly, it's too late in the day for breakfast"

Huh. I guess we slept in, but food is food I guess. I adjusted myself on the sink and scooted forwards, giving myself a once over in the mirror as mother pulled out a brush from seemingly nowhere. I honestly didnt really see the need to brush my hair, we already took a bath right? And I look hella fresh with the rugged and untamed hairstyle.

But besides that, back to the topic of food. I forget that the sugar cube corner has an endless possibility of items in the menu from the last time we were there. Which was yesterday.

"Oh. I guess lunch then, besides that, yay!"

I made a motion of raising both arms in the air in celebration, simply eliciting a small smile from mother as she began with the brushing.


She was muffled by the brush. But I could tell she was also giving a yay of her own.

I sat there and just looked at myself in the mirror until she was done. Which didnt take as long as I expected, for only what seemed like ten minutes passed and the sensation of the brush on my head left. Also with her setting the brush down next to me, proclaiming.

"All done!"

I blinked back into reality and looked at what she'd done to my hair. Which was nothing really, besides coming it all to one side so it would droop over on eye and hang over my left shoulder.

I blew a puff of air at it like those emo teens I would see sometimes. It made me giggle.

"Dont move honey, I've gotta go get something!"

Before I could question It she landed back down onto her hooves and trotted out of the room. Leaving me to my own devices for a small amount of time before trotting back into the room.

"Close your eyes honey."

I did so without hesitation. Thought not without any inkling of curiosity. What exactly was she doing? She placed both of her hooves on top of my head and fumbled with something. She wrapped it around the top of my head and tightened it at the back, though not too tight.

"Alright, you can look now."

When I did open my eyes I was surprised to see the goggles Spitfire had graciously donated to me sitting atop my head again. I stared at myself before feeling a smile start forming, I had completely forgot about these things! I felt complete in my appearance with them on. Though when exactly did she get them?

"My goggles? When did you have the time to get them?"

She grabbed my body once more and plopped me down onto her back as she turned to walk out of the room.

"Oh, Spitfire happened to give them to me before she left."

Oh, I'd have to thank her later.

"Well I'm glad she did, now I'm all dripped out!"

Mother stopped abruptly at the front door, causing me to tumble forwards and get a mouth full of her hair. Yuck.

"What? Dripped out? You're not wet are you? In pretty sure I dried you off pretty good.."

Oh yeah. I forgot these ponies didnt know what human slang was. I spat out mother hair and sat back down on my butt, I cleared my throat and she focused on me.

"No, no. I'm not wet. What I mean is that I looked mega fresh with the goggles."

She opened her mouth in understanding.


Skipping over the fact that I had to explain to mother how the word 'drip' is used in a sentence. By using a few hypotheticals. But than I also mistakenly used another slang word and she questioned me on that one. So I spent a good amount of time explaining a joke to her.

But on the bright side. I was rewarded with a large cookies and cream milkshake that was seemingly calling my name when I looked at It on the menu.

Mother on the other hand, or hoof. Opted for coffee and a donut, which was very surprising and confusing to me. Why would this place be selling coffee? The donut I could understand but also, why was mom drinking coffee at this time of day? Too many questions, yet this milkshake was telling me to ignore them and focus on enjoying it, and enjoy it I did.

I simply closed my eyes in contentment.


I opened my eyes and looked across the table at mother. Though she wasn't looking at me but to my right, I tilted my head and looked to where she was looking. Spotting no one until I looked down and spotted a familiar propeller hat wearing colt.



The one eyed changeling meekly stared at his comatose Queen. His superior had ordered him to stay by her side until she woke up. But that was seeming more and more unlikely to him as the days went by, seeing as they copied do absolutely nothing about her broken collar bone. The best they could do was give her a neck brace, because they alarmingly couldn't fix it with their limited amount of magic.

The changeling brought his gaze down to his thin hooves before looking over the Queen again. They'd been pressed to direct most of their love reserves into keeping the Queen stable. Which meant that there wasn't a lot to go around for the rest of them.

That was mainly why the hive was In a buzz and his superior was currently trying to calm everybody down.


He looked down at his stomach with a frown. He was starving to say the least.

From out of nowhere the door to the room burst open and shut just as quickly. A large yet thin looking changeling walked in, muttering to himself before fixing his gaze on the meek drone.

"Any sign of conciousness?"

He shook his head.


The drone shrunk back at his tone and sighed.

"What exactly are we going to do sir? Everypony is going a little crazy..and with all the infiltrators having to come back... there hasn't really been much love going aroun-"

"I know! I know everyone is starving! What do you want me to do about it? I can't just magically make her wake up!"

"But maybe somepony else could?"

The large changeling paused and looked at him, nodding his head for him to go on.

"W-well. You know how the Queen has ties to another one of her sisters from a different HIV-"

"Cut to the chase."

He nodded.

"Maybe we could get her sister to help wake her...up?"

To be continued...