• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 2

Author's Note:

In all honesty, I didn't really expect this story to get a good reaction out of it, I appreciate it. Originally, this story was written on a whim but since it turned out like this, I guess I'll continue developing this story.


“—Tooo you!”

The final words of the faithful happy birthday song were spoken, and mom looked down at me with a smile. Minus the candles, this was probably one of the best birthdays I’ve ever had— Except for my nineteenth birthday; that was wild.

“Ohhh, my baby is turning four years old! I’m so happy!”

Her voice would draw me out of my thoughts and back up towards her smiling face. I smiled right back at her and reached out my hooves. She took the cue and took a step forward, wrapping our hooves around each other as she let out a little hum full of contentment.

I thought about the past three years at this moment, closing my eyes and taking a quick moment to distance myself from the fact that it was my birthday. It just leaves me in awe how in control of her situation she is: dealing with the less than a fruitful job, suitors, and in general, our financial situation. I’m not complaining about anything but more the fact that she was able to so effectively raise a child in the conditions we were living in.

I had forgotten what it takes to be a single mother in these types of situations, and it just made my love and respect for my new horse mother grow with each thought. I used what strength this body gave me to try and tighten the embrace until finally parting after a few seconds, and I looked up to her.

“Thank you, mommy... I just want to say thank you for all you’ve done for me... I love you!” I finished with a smile, feeling the tips of my cheeks flush with the slight embarrassment of what I said.

“Ohh.. Honey!”

Though it did result in me getting another hug and being smothered with kisses; it was quite the heartwarming experience. Once I was freed from the tasting by an overly loving mother, I gave her an even bigger smile before turning back towards the cake.

“Now we shall share this cake, oh mother of mine?”

I of course decided to lay the first claim of the cake and generously gave mother dearest the offer of ten percent of the cake while I gorged myself on the other ninety percent. Craning my head back over to look at mom once more, I caught her rubbing a hoof against her eyes and breathing in and out, I went to respond before she immediately shook her head and chuckled.

“Oh my little speckles.. What would I do without you...?” Is what I caught her saying to herself before she abruptly reached forwards and grabbed the whole cake in her hooves.

My eyes widened in shock as I glanced from the empty spot on the table to the now smug-looking mother floating in the air with the cake – my cake!

“Muahahaha! How foolish of you to think that I would settle for nothing less than one hundred percent of the cake, my adorable foal!” She exclaimed in a slightly deeper, dramatic tone which kind of reminded me of a certain one hundred an— What am I doing? She has my cake and I need to get it back!

“Oh yeah.. well.. hm!”

Though, what I chose to do was not quite the greatest idea. I raised my hoof towards her and stuck my tongue out, leaving no inclination that I was secretly charging up my laser beam! Mentally counting down the seconds I watched mother’s response.

Her smile grew even bigger as she tried to fight back what I could tell was a giggle at my display, but she would be wrong in about five more seconds. Watching her hold the plate tantalizingly close in front of me, she lowered her head towards it and let out a long drawn out sniff.

“Mmmmh.. chocolate, the best type of cake to steal from a helpless foal!” She cackled.

“Say that to my laser cannon!” I shouted out, mentally cringing at my own words as I positioned my outstretched hoof to be leveled with her chest while letting out an exaggerated – and might I say fantastic – laser sound effect. I watched as mom widened her eyes and dodged away from me, but I frowned as I remembered that she could fly!

The imaginary laser blasted against the corner of the kitchen as my head snapped towards the direction she went. Fumbling off the chair and down onto the ground I quickly chased after her.

“Oh my little foal, go back and train another one thousand years! That laser was truly too slow to defeat me,” she outwardly laughed.

I made my way into the living room where she floated in the air. My cake was in her hooves as she grinned down towards me. I raised my hoof once more and shook it playfully towards her.

“Darn you! You got lucky dodging my awesome laser! But now I won’t let you get the chance again!” I said, charging towards her.

My wings were gaining momentum while starting a slow but gradually rising buzzing noise. I watched as she set down the cake on the nearby coffee table. Turning her body towards my charging form, I suddenly disregarded the cake and continued on my mission.

“Oh, you’re approaching me? You’re approaching me, my little foal?” Her voice took on the demeanor of a certain someone I might have introduced and referenced around her.

It made her out to be a fun mother when she decided to pick up a few of the words and phrases to play along with me. As I quickly made short work of the distance between us, I laughed loudly in my head, and without missing a beat, I immediately responded.

“I can’t collect my cake if I don’t get closer!”

Honestly, I wasn’t sure why I said this very specific reference in this situation where references would all of a sudden come out of my mind and mouth. Alright... This tangent was going on for too long, and I’m not sure why I was still trying to reason with myself as to why the reference was justified when— And mom had disappeared from in front of me.

When I was able to pull myself out of the little mental back and forth, I was able to see that the huge, adult pegasus had disappeared in front of me where I should’ve been able to see where she went. Snapping out of another mental argument that I was running myself into, I placed a hoof to my chest, glanced around the now empty room, and wondered as to where that pegasus went off to.

Looking from the mud brown couch to the – for some reason wall mounted – grandfather clock, I shook my head and turned back towards the coffee table where I saw mother put the cake earlier. Shrugging off the chilly feeling rising in my spine, I took a few hesitant steps forward towards the cake. Each step towards the sugary goodness that was the chocolate cake, the feelings of anxiousness fell off my back from my consciousness. A few more confident steps later and I was looking up at the cake which sat atop of the table.

I let a small grin appear on my muzzle as I reared up on my hind legs as I once again placed both of my forehooves atop the table which were just out of reach of the chocolate cake that I was soon to take and enjoy for myself. Taking another glance around just to make sure I was safe, I let out a small sigh of relief before gripping at the sides of the plate holding the cake. Moving to pull it towards me while pressing my face forwards it, I took a sniff, grinned, and sighed.

“Cake always tastes great, no matter the flavor...”

“And my little foal always thinks he’s safe when in reality—”

As I heard the same voice call out followed by the rhythmic sound of wings flapping, my eyes widened, and as I was about to turn around to try to do something about it, the very manly scream that made its way out of my mouth halted all of my thought processes and actions.

“—He fell right into my trap!”