• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 3

Author's Note:


Today was a rather quiet day in pony land, it seemed as if all the excitement from two days ago just up and disappeared. Though it might have to do with the fact that it's probably what these ponies call a school week, yet I think humans call it the same thing. It's whatever, more or less I'm just trying to say that it's been obnoxiously boring.

Mother has had me homeschooled for the longest time though bless her heart, she'd found it troubling as it conflicted with her rather busy and extensive work schedule. I feign the thought of how she powers through it all and still raises a rather happy child, human inside of a child or whatever suits it.

Though with the already expansive knowledge I possessed before coming to pony land, it's safe to say that it was alright for her to leave me alone at home for a quote on quote homeschooling. Not to say that I didn't like homeschooling, I'm just saying it leaves a lot to be desired.

So here I am laying strewn across my mother's bed because it's the biggest bed in the house mind you. A book on the "guide to the elements of harmony for the impending destruction of ponykind" I don't know why mother has this book, or why I was reading all of this malarkey.

But who knows, could be truthful seeing as this whole new world I'm living in is magical in it. A certain page did catch my interest, it was about the ruler of this whole place princess Celestia. Says here that she was one of two users of the elements of harmony before a divergence between the two users caused the elements to lose their bond with them, though on the next page it just contradicts itself and says that the elements of harmony were used by princess Celestia against the other user. In this case, they called her princess Luna, or as her apparent counterpart nightmare moon, and was sent to be banished on the moon for about a thousand years.

I think I need a little breather after that mouthful, so I set the book aside and rolled over onto my stomach before getting to my hooves and promptly jumping off the bed. I stumbled a bit before catching myself, it was rather hard to maneuver these legs when it came to jumping around.

I opened the slightly ajar door to the bedroom to its fullest extent and walked into the small corridor connecting each room, passing by the pictures that were scattered all over the place of yours truly. I stepped into the living room for a few passing moments before entering the interconnected kitchen.

Now mind you I wasn't going to try and cook anything, seeing as I hardly trusted myself with anything electrical in this body. I instead stopped in front of the fridge before standing on my hind legs and pulling it open, planting myself back onto four hooves and stepping around the door, and stopping just in front of the spacious interior of the fridge I pursed my lips.

I quickly resigned to pulling out a half of a sandwich that was left on a plate, taking a small bite before shrugging before turning and closing the fridge. I held the sandwich in my mouth as I walked back through the living room and back into the corridor, stepping back into Mom's room and took a few moments to get back up on the bed.

I rolled over a few times before I made it to where I had set down my book. Lifting myself and shaking my hair out of the way, I reached a hoof up and removed the sandwich from my mouth. The day-old peanut butter and a jelly sandwich had diluted in flavor but were satisfactory nonetheless. As I snacked on the small refreshment, I focused back on the page I was reading. Scanning downwards until I finally found the exact word I left off on.

Right, so basically the two princesses both used to bear the elements of harmony for what seemed like two thousand years before the banishment, apparently it's believed that jealousy is what caused the rather sudden shift in their relationship. The sister of the night and the dreamscape felt as if her night was subjected to less adoration by the populace than her sisters' sun, so she decided to one day try and overthrow her sister and bring..eternal night?

I found myself chuckling slightly at that, that has to be one of the dumbest things a villain has ever wanted. Not even kylo ren in the sequels was this terrible! Eternal night, could you imagine the repercussions of it constantly being night? First, there would be the fact of plant life slowly wilting and dying off, secondly, there would be chaos when the farmers lose their livelihoods and towns lose their tradable food and goods. Thirdly, y'know I'm not even sure why I'm trying to reason against this tall tale. I sighed, taking another bite of my sandwich.

The princess of the sun seeing her sister falling prey to the advances of a dark presence seemed to have ostracized her sister instead of trying to get closer to her. Leading to the dark presence to grow stronger while inhabiting the lunar princesses landscape, leading to the actions once mentioned.

Alright, I think I've had enough of this book for today.

I reached up to the corner of the page I was on and lightly creased the edge of the paper to remember where I was, before gently closing it and tossing it onto the floor.

Honestly, there was a lot that was stupid in that book and a lot that seemed to have nothing to do with the elements of harmony. I found the actions of the previous bearers stupid, to save myself a migraine I'll just agree that there was a lot to be desired with that book.

With that thought out of the way I realize I'd finished the rest of the sandwich, leaving small bits of peanut butter on my hoof. I of course licked the residue off of my hoof before allowing myself to fully sprawl across the bed, staring up at the ceiling in a growing fit of boredom.

Damn, if only I'd been given some sort of entertainment system from my planet when I crossed over to pass the time because pony world lacked a lot of modern technology.

Though no matter what, I agreed that I'd take this new life and go somewhere with it, so sitting here in my boredom was not helping. My wings slightly flexed from the lack of use throughout the day and I felt like hitting myself, I was a pegasus. A horse with wings that could quite possibly break the sound barrier if willpower was something to go off of, now that was not boring.

A smile found its way onto my face as I quickly jumped to my feet and let my wings extend to their great length, which was a few inches give or take. But I would most certainly attempt to fly faster than the speed of cheese since cheese has the most holes it is quite possibly the fastest food. Maybe that or I'm still hungry, anyways I gave my wings a test flap before looking at the edge of the bed.

My eyes narrowed and I gave a small huff of an agreement to myself, I would jump off the bed and simultaneously spin around in mid-air while flying out the door and successfully curving around the obstacles in the house before landing gracefully on the couch. Seemed a little far-fetched, but what's a little danger to a small adorable foal like myself?

Though what I forgot was the fact that this was around the time mother came home from work.

I chuckled before moving into position, bending my knees downwards as my body went downwards In preparation for- except all of my actions halted as I heard the front door jiggle. My eyes slightly widened and a smile made its way onto my face. I had completely forgotten what time it was, forgetting everything I was just doing and throwing myself off the bed before running into the corridor. I curbed around the couch and came to a sliding stop just in front of the door, tentatively looking up and waiting for my favorite person to enter.

The doorknob jiggled for a few painstakingly long minutes before the door was pushed in and the lovely voice of mother filled the room, or it would've If I didn't ambush her with a hug.

"I'm ho- oof!"

"Mommy, welcome home!"

Her being the quick and snuggly mother she is, caught me as soon as I lunged at her, though I seemed to have surprised her I couldn't bypass her motherly skills. Nonetheless, I proceed to wrap my small hooves around her midsection as her own larger ones wrapped around my whole body, props to being a child.

The sound of the door closing behind her mixed into the mirthful giggles she let out, I turned my head upward just in time to receive a kiss to the forehead. My giggles were slightly off base as we were both suddenly on the couch, my vision flipping as I landed onto mother's fluffy stomach as she lay on the couch.

I met her smile with a smaller one on my part, crawling upwards a few inches before dropping my head into the crook of her neck and giving a content sigh. She gave another giggle and moved to stroke the top of my head, breaking the silence.

"Ohh how I missed you Speckles, my baby!"

I playfully rolled my eyes before pushing off of her neck and relaxing into a sitting position on her chest, her cerulean eyes gazing lovingly into my own.

"I missed you too mommy, it was boring as usual with you gone today... but I understand you have to work" I finished while smiling back up at her.

She responded by bringing both of her hooves up and wrapping them around me once more, bringing me in closer for a nuzzle. "Oh I know baby, but now that I'm home we can have some fun!"

"After a nap?"

She simply giggled and nodded "after a nap"

Of course, I wasn't going to immediately drag her into playing and entertaining me on the bat, I know how strenuous working is so whenever she comes home from work I've made it a ritual for the both of us to take a nap on the couch.

I smiled brightly once more before repositioning myself and letting my head rest against her soft belly, don't knock it till you try it. She sealed the deal and proceeded to wrap both her hooves and wings around me, bringing me closer to her as we both slowly drifted off.

Life is good, I hope it stays like that.

But, life has its other plans.

To be continued...