• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 7

I excitedly followed the large crowd of ponies exiting the main area of the stadium, or rather mother did as I was standing upon her back. Slightly able to see just above the sea of ponies and where we needed to go, to where? The backstage of course.

I might have not shown interest in pony worlds little blue angel duplicate flight time before, but believe me, you had to be there to experience it. Though I was slightly disappointed that none of them broke the sound barrier, which I quite enjoyed watching jets in the human world so from time to time. Nonetheless, I really couldn't find myself further disappointed by this, it's like..they're ponies! Total game changer.

Mother diverted our path and moved to break through the sea wall, giving out small and minor apologies as she squeezed and pushed before finally. We stood right in front of a door that presumably leads backstage, if not for the huge bodyguard guarding the door then what else could it be? Or the sign right next to him, that would work too.

These ponies did have decently human casual clothing, if not for the black t-shirt that tightly fit around the unicorn. Along with some cool sunglasses, maybe aviators, or something along the lines of that. It was pony world, after all, I could hope to expect a pun with a horse-related object.

Though regardless, mother simply stepped up to him and presented the lanyards that we both wore around our necks. He gave a simple grunt before stepping aside and opening the door with his horn, mother taking the initiative and walking inside.

"Head straight for a few than on your left you'll see the meeting area.."

With those short yet clear instructions we were on our way, I took the time to glance around the hallway's decor. Which fit the whole random backstage hallway vibe I always see in those Hollywood movies, random trolleys, and crates that sat upon them. They followed the whole silver outline and black center and everything, I guess that was just something synonymous with humans and ponies alike.

The hallways proceeded to follow the same random scattered boxes pattern for a few more minutes before mother spoke, making me turn my gaze over towards the left turn we had to make.

"Well sweetie, remember to be respectful and not to ask too prying questions with the Wonderbolts okay?"

I mean I wasn't going to do that, but alright I guess. I only wanted to ask them a couple of questions about how they can reach such speeds, also about how they can fight the constant g-forces without passing out. Along with how they can keep their lungs in good condition while rising into the higher altitudes- and mothers giving me a stare.

"I know that pensive look on your face.. simple questions not a full-on interrogation, okay honey?"

My ears fell flat against the top of my head and I found myself sporting a rather sheepish grin, settling back down onto my haunches on her back and pouting.

"Okay.. but I just wanted to know the theory behind being a Wonder bolt is all!"

"I'll buy you ice cream if you stop that train of thinking"

I paused and looked over at mothers face, a smug grin now prematurely placed on there. Of course, she would play that card with me, so I relented and gave a curt nod. The grin turned into a grateful smile before she finally turned back around and started walking forwards, shifting directions to account for the left turn.

Which lead us to another hallway, though before I could complain I found it to be much smaller and straight to the point, unlike the one we just came from. A door sat just at the end of the hallway, mother and I took a second to glance at each other before shrugging simultaneously. She closed the distance and went to put her hoof on the handle-

"My my, fancy seeing you two here!"

Seemingly coming straight out of nowhere, mother took a quick one-eighty turn and was met face to face with none other than Aurora. Well, now that's nice, meeting the very creepy mare that seemingly likes to disappear and reappear at will. I felt myself holding back an exasperated sigh before forcing a smile upon my face, choosing to speak first before any of them acted any further.

"Hi there Mrs. Aurora! Are you here to meet the Wonderbolts too?"

Her all too smiley expression twitched before she locked eyes with me, staring for a few seconds before speaking.

"Why yes my dear Speckles, I am also here to mingle with the Wonderbolts.. oh! I also brought this-"

Is it just me or did her pupil flicker for just a split second? Not flicker in a blinking sort of way, more like flickering between her normal eye color and a pupil-less blue color. Either those were some weird magical eye contacts, or something else... though I quickly shifted the focus back to the creepy mare and what she hoofed out of who knows where.

"A little wonder bolts t-shirt for you to get autographed-"

She stopped momentarily and eyed mother, who was by now full eyebrow raise and tensing up the bit of muscle I was sat on. Before addressing her, a grin popping up once more.

"Well, if that's alright with you miss.. quite sorry for not asking your name earlier?"

As I took a moment to look over the t-shirt in her magical grasp, I debated whether or not I wanted it. It was orange, with much darker shades of orange spiral upwards and encompassing a wonder bolts logo.

Mother on the other hand was much less flattered by it, seemingly eyeing the suspicious mare before turning her head to look at me. Our gazes locked briefly before she relented, smiling at me before turning back towards Aurora.

"Its...Hazel snowdrift, and we would be glad to accept this little gift"


The shirt floated towards me and I stretched out my hooves to meet it, gingerly grabbing it out of the air and setting it down on my lap. My eyes slightly raised at how dope it looked up close, I'd one hundred percent wear this in the human world.


Though a thought did float through my head after the little exchange. Hazel Snowdrift? Now that was a lot simpler than Auroras full name, like I for real thought even mother was going to have a ridiculously long name...

"Now what do we say Speckles?"

"Oh uh, thank you, Mrs.Aurora!"

I give out a small form of thanks before returning my focus to the t-shirt, tilting it in my hooves a few times before finally taking a look at the tag. Reading that it was made in 'Neighpan' made me grin a bit before moving onto the size, it was an extra small from what I see. Though it still looks like it's fit me, so that's what I did, I went to put the shirt on.

Weirdly enough, it fit too well on my body. Though I held off from quickly assuming how she got my shirt measurement since don't wear clothes anymore. Rather I focused back on the shirt I was wearing, a weird smell having caught my attention. I assumed it was that usual smell you got from buying a shirt fresh off the clothing stand, yet was put off by the rather off-putting and soft hitting odor.

Glancing back up and past mom's gaze, I watched Aurora put a hoof to her chin and locked eyes with me. Her giving me a wide smile with closed eyes, giving me a nice view of her sharpened teeth.

That was interesting, seeing as ponies are strictly herbivores, and all of their teeth should be flat.

Then mother spoke up once more and broke the silence, prompting Aurora to switch out of the creepy smile and opt for a small grin.

"Well Aurora, we both deeply appreciate the gift..but we should be getting to meet the wonder.....bolts?"

Her statement finished off in a bout of confusion, also confusing for me seeing as I was just staring at her. How could she disappear without me noticing?

"That's not creepy at all.." Mother muttered to herself.

I gave a nod of agreement as mother turned to face the door to our destination, closing the distance and putting a hoof upon it once more. She gave a deep breath of her own before finally pushing the door open, giving me a full view of the spandex-wearing mares and stallions that made up the Wonderbolts.

So I did exactly as my mother told me, kept a polite tone, and only asked simple questions.

I seem to have been caught in a clear lie, having not followed anything that mother told me and instead immediately hopped off her back and approached the one who my shirt resembled. I pointed a hoof upwards at her and commented.

"Hey, hey miss- I don't know your name... I don't know any of your names, this is my first time coming to a show likes this!"

"Please tell me who you are so I can get an autograph from you, very awesome looking female wonder bolt!"

The room was silent for a bit as they all stared at me with confused looks, mother on the other hand was sweating bullets. I dropped my hoof back down before glancing around the room, much of the excitement was lost when Aurora showed up. So I was fixed to simply that single-out burst, pursing my lips as I waited for an answer.

It was then broken by the one I had addressed during my outburst, her look of confusion shifting into an amused grin. Glancing around at her teammates before looking back down at me, she opened her mouth and spoke.

"I like this one guys."

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