• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 1

Author's Note:

First of all, I began writing this story as a little pick me up. For I had not began writing on my other story, I thought writing up this one would help spark more inspiration.

I'll see to getting the next chapter of the brave and the butter out soon, it's been delayed long enough.


I woke up with an eagerness that knew no bounds. Rolling out of bed and sprinting out my bedroom door, I ran down the hallway with my small wings fluttering in excitement. It was when I reached the door to my destination that I stopped to take a breath in and then to let it out – just as mother said to do whenever I got too excited. Nevertheless, I reached a hoof upwards to open the doorknob but frowned immediately when I recognized a recurring problem.

I couldn’t reach the handle! Seeing this, I reared up onto my hind legs and let my upper body press itself against the door as I reached up once more. Straining my hoof farther and farther until the cold surface of the metal doorknob met hoof, I let loose a big smile as my hoof twisted the knob, and my body helped to push the door open. Though as the door swung outwards, I let out a small ‘oof!’ as I stumbled and fell from standing on my hind legs to landing face-first onto the carpet floor.

Lifting my head upwards, I craned my head around the room, glancing from the desk in the corner to the queen-sized bed in the center of the room. A devious grin formed as I saw the lump under the blankets. Using my forehooves to drag myself forwards, I made it to the edge of the bed; reaching up while grabbing onto the foot of the mattress, I grunted and lifted my body. Swinging my legs to the side a few times, I gained a bit of momentum and was able to throw my legs up onto the soft blankets with my upper body subtly rolling onto its stomach.

I giggled a bit before immediately pressing a hoof to my muzzle. Glancing back towards the lump in the bed, I gave a small sigh to see that I had not given away my presence. Giggling again, though this time much quieter; I turned myself in the direction of the head of the bed and faced the end of the lump; pressing my small hoof against the end, I lightly rubbed at it. A few seconds later of testing, I held back a bit of laughter as I pushed myself back onto my hooves. My wings parted and I bowed my upper body.

Counting silently in my head, ‘1... 2... 3...’, I used my wings to push myself upwards and propelled myself forwards with the intent of landing on the pony underneath the blankets, and I yelled “Wake up mom, wa—!”

My moment of triumph was cut short by a deep feminine chuckle ringing out from just above me, and as if things went in slow motion, I felt hooves wrap around my waist before the flapping of wings was heard. To be honest, while not expecting this, I braved it and assuredly didn’t let out a squeal that sounded very filly-like. While the world spun around me, I went to continue my very coltly battle cry. Before my yelling stopped, the flapping ceased, and I was belly up while laying on a soft and warm surface.

“Oh my little pony, you should know by now that the monster cannot be surprised!” The feminine voice would call out, and I giggled as I felt the vibrations of her voice tickling my back.

“Well, uh.. I—” I couldn’t finish my sentence when her muzzle pressed itself against the top of my head, and she let out an exaggerated ‘Mwah!’ as she placed a kiss upon my head.

“Now you know the price for trying to sneak up on the tickle monster, right?”

I widened my eyes as she said this; feeling her grip tighten a bit, I tried to wiggle my way out of it – letting out a gasp as I continued. It proved to be too late when I gained no freedom, and her hooves found their way down against my hips.

“Wait mo— Ahaha!”

My laughter filled the room as she started tickling my sides, her hooves moving from side to side as I let out laughter. Rolling from side to side proved to be unfruitful as I would just roll into one or the other of her hooves.

“Ahaha— I give— Aha!”

I strained to speak out in between laughter with my back arching up as I tried dodging her movements. Her attack would seem to continue going until finally I was given solace in the way of her hooves stopping the attack with my lungs immediately taking in the air that once was forced out of me. The effect lingered through small tired giggles forming in between my breaths.

“Ha.. ha.. ha..”

“I think my little colt had enough, hasn’t he? Look how tuckered out he is, and on his birthday too!” She exclaimed in a faux surprised tone. Her hoof found its way to the top of my head, and she rubbed. “Looks like mommy’s going to have to eat all his cake for him!”

I widened my eyes and immediately pushed myself up, rolling over so we were stomach to stomach. I placed both hooves against her muzzle.

“Noo! It’s my cake.. ha.. I want to eat it!” I protested as my actions caught up with me, dropping my head onto her chest as I breathed in and out.

“Of course sweetie; Mommy’s just messing with you! Now, why don’t we go and eat said cake?” She offered with a hint of amusement, patting my head lightly as she giggled.

“Yes, please... Carry me?” I asked, raising my head and pursing my lips, giving her the puppy eyes. It never failed.

Her blue eyes stared into mine for a few seconds before she gave a small sigh and relented, wrapping her hooves around me once again, lifting me. Raising herself to her haunches, she spread out her wings and hovered over the bed, keeping me close to her chest as she floated over towards the opened door.

“Curse your adorable foal powers! Mother dearest brought down to the lowest by the power of her lazy colt!” She dramatically explained while moving out into the hallway.

I giggled at her overly silly ways; mommy was truly one of the greatest ponies ever! She always played and joked around with me, and overall, she was the best mother I could ever ask for. I smiled brightly before moving out of my thoughts.

Playing along with her I said, “Truly a sad day indeed. The mighty foal takes over the helpless adult!”

I heard her let out a few abrupt chuckles as she descended the stairs; I kept the smile upon my face as I came to a glaring thought. ‘Four years of life as a small, child horse... and she still doesn’t know.’

My smile dropped a bit as she finally made it to the kitchen. Moving beside the table, she pulled out a chair and plopped me down on it before she landed on her hooves. She smiled down at me before turning and walking over towards the fridge before the sounds of things getting pushed aside rang out.

With the closing of the fridge door, her hoofsteps came closer until a cake was slid down from her back and in front of me. I looked up to her face as she parted her lips and started singing those faithful words.

“Happy birthday to—”

I was a human living in the body of a foal.

I smiled and pushed back that thought for now, focusing on her instead.