• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 40

Author's Note:


The big four-zero. I'm kinda shocked. Also, almost to ten thousand views? I'm kinda finding it hard not to get down on my knees and thank those of you who actually took the time to read this. :fluttershyouch:

Thanks friends.


Swimmy says hi.


I'm thinking of getting a friend for Swimmy. I think I'll name him Brock. Thoughts?

I felt a little more dead inside after the tenth round of the song that never fucking ends.


Mother was currently talking to some street vendor. I couldn't care less because I had an ice cream cone in my hooves and it was frigging cookies and cream. Because we're unhealthy like that and eat dessert as breakfast dont fucking judge me.

Mother had one too but she gobbled it up as if it were candy. Which is funny, since it practically is candy. Wait- are cows sentient here? They've gotta be right? Hold up. Do they give out their milk willingly? Do they have their own cow society? Because I've checked some books and some animals are colonized and some are just basic. Like one hundred percent of the ones on earth.



Man. I think the ice cream had too much of an effect on me, I have never had such a big brain moment like that in a hot minute. Unless you count me setting up a whole maze to keep a spooky scary princess of dreams out of my dreams as a big brain play. Then, shit I dunno.

Anyways. Enough of the nonsense that my mind likes to randomly pop into existence. Back to the matter at hand. Finishing this ice cream and then moving onto what's really important. Quenching my boredom. Like honestly, that trip to CelestiaLand is sounding funner and more interesting every moment I do nothing. Well I could hang out with Button. Or make some new friends.

Hm. I don't really go to school, dunno if I ever will. But that crosses out a good bit of social interaction opportunities, which once again. I'm still grateful I'm homeschooled. Schools are a bitch and will forever be a bitch. I was exhausted by the time I got into my senior year, only to realise I had another how many years in college if I wanted to pursue what profession I liked. I mean, it was fun and all. Made some friends and made some bad decisions, but still. I reaffirm my statement.

I'm literally such a big brain player right now, and I'm only four years old!

..well. Four years plus those twenty, almost thirty years as an adult and yeah. That statement sounded more egotistical and less depressing in my head.


Oh, distraction! Mothers trying to say something.

"Uh-heh? Sorry, I wasn't paying attention." I said to mask the actuality of what I was really thinking about.

She simply giggled through the bag in her mouth. Wait, bag?

"Hold this" she muttered through her clenched teeth and turned her head to offer me the bag, to which I learnt forwards and grabbed onto with one hoof. The other still had the unfinished ice cream. I brought the bag back and set it down just in front of me as she continued looking forwards. Intrigue now on the bag, I brought the ice cream to my mouth and took a lick before questioning.

"So. Uh, what's in the bag?" I said before forgoing the tentative licks and simply stuffing the whole thing in my mouth and biting down.

"Just some apples and a bottle of cider" she casually droned. "Yknow, since we have an empty fridge with nothing in it. Also because eating dessert for breakfast is not a good habit to have" she finished with a small shrug of her shoulders, making me press my hoof down onto the bag as to not let it slip off.

"Also, how did you miss that whole transaction? That nice farmer pony was rather boisterous in her manner of speaking" she butted in.

"I-" I started but she interrupted.

"-no, don't answer the question. I remember now." She said in an exasperated yet light hearted tone.

I mean, true. But going back to what she said. Dessert for breakfast, a bad thing? I can't believe it. The audacity!

"Pft. Mother, you wounded me. Dessert for breakfast is a wonder" I moved on and argued with a smile.

"Truly it is, but my cute little foal wouldn't want to become my cute chubby little pony, would he?" She retorted. Making me pause for a moment and subconsciously made me look down at my rather flat stomach.


"Well.. no." I admitted before I huffed. "Fine. I can't argue with that."

"Mother knows best" she said triumphantly, wiggling her body in a funny manner. It made me laugh. But you weren't here to see it so I could say It didn't.

"Yeah. Yeah." I said in defeat.

But speaking of mother knows best. It does remind me of the disney song with the exact same name. At Least I think it has the same name.

Anyway, Mother is a godsend and you cannot judge me for laughing and loving her as much as I do.

A Lot better than my other mother that's for sure. But that's another story for another day. Maybe when I'm old enough to drink. If they even have alcohol here.


I looked down and then looked back down for a single moment and were fast traveling like we were in fallout. Preferably New Vegas.

"Oh, we're at our doorstep." I offhandedly commented.

Mother simply scoffed and reached into her house, procuring the key to the house and unlocking it swiftly before taking us inside and shutting the door behind us.

"Don't forget to lock it." I said as she started walking further into the house.

"Oh! Thank you sweetie" she said before turning around and flipping the lock on the door. She looked at the deadbolt and contemplated it for a moment before shaking her head and turning back around.

"No probs. Speckles knows best of course" I joked.

"Speckles know best on how to get tickled." She fired right back at me as she walked over to the couch. Turning herself so I could slide off and onto the couch, I quickly fixed myself into a sitting position and watched her movements.

I was promptly ambushed by a kiss to my nose. Startling me into tumbling onto my back and making mother giggle madly at my situation as she set the bag down onto the coffee table. I simple gave her a pout in return.

"Oh, don't give me that face sweetie. It only fuels more of my motherly instinct. Which means more and more kisses!" She said with a close eyed grin.

In the spur of the moment I simply shot onto my hooves and pointed up at her.

"Hah! You're threats don't scare me because I love your kisses!' I said matter of factly.

"Oh, you do do you~" she started, beginning to move her body before a sudden noise interrupted us.


Mothers face turned into one of confusion as she stood back up and turned to look at the door. I also looked on in confusion. We still had a few days until Spitfire took her leave and I don't reckon button is out of school.

"Well. Who could that be so early this morning?" Mother said in an apprehensive tone. Approaching the door and peering into the peephole for a moment she than moved to open the door.


She cracked it open and greeted the person in a confused tone.


"Are you Hazel Snowdrift?" An unfamiliar male voice suddenly questioned. Which made me spring up from my seat and walk on over to the front door. Looking from the door to the kitchen with a bead of anxiousness building up. Would I have to go full on knife warrior on a bitch again?

Mother responded.

"Well, yes. But I would like to know wh-" she couldn't finish her question as she was interrupted.

"The royal sisters would like to have an audience with you and your foal." He finished.

Wait a second. I continued walking until I was behind mother, I could hardly see past her so I just went underneath her legs. Peering upwards to see two ponies with golden armor standing there.

This could only mean one thing.

'Well shit. I guess Luna got tired of my nonsense.'

To be continued.