• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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chapter 25

Author's Note:

Well. Was this expected or unexpected? Anyways uh. Here.

I'm still working though. My document is over forty thousand words of me making notes and changes with the grammar.

Just know I can be a lazy bastard at times.

Also. Sheesh, how long has it been?


There was a time in a man's life. Well, 'colts' life, where you need to realize that a single place has to outright destroy the competition when it comes to candy or anything sweet related. When I realized it was the Sugar Cube Corner, I shit you not, is like the king of diabetes came down from his plane of existence and sprinkled his mystical sweet sauce al- I should shut up now. That sounds weird the more I play it back in my mind.

All I'm saying is that PonyVille has risen higher on my list of favorite places for this specific reason, nothing else. Don't look at me, I have priorities.

Nonetheless, I was currently sitting in content with a just as amused mom staring at me from across the table. I turned away from the absolutely divine tasting milkshake and looked at her completely. Finding a rather poignant grin creeping up, I then couldn't hold the withdrawal and immediately went back to the bendy straw. I'm sorry I'm an addict, but if you had the chance to go back like twenty or thirty years, give or take my birthday was like two days before I died. But that's not the point right now, but since I'm physically a child, I'm happily enjoying being able to eat all of this again.

Dang. What was I originally talking about? I immediately derailed my own train of thought, and just went off on how good this place was, and I forgot what I was originally doing. I went to slink back into my seat from the raised position I was in, the bendy straw coming with me as I let butt meet the cushion.

"Some ponies satisfied huh?"

I responded with a muffled agreement; the straw now being fiddled around with in my mouth as I waited to see if a conversation would spark.

"That's wonderful.but I do dread the thought of you being super hyper at the end of the day."

She finished her statement with a tone of regret, though all in good fun it was. A smile already cracking through the facade as I returned the grin with one of my own. To be honest, it was nice having moments like these, where it was just mother, and I am enjoying life for once. Though now it's just one climactic event after the other, it's really getting less exciting and blander and more boring. I was one for fun in my life, but having seemingly people trying to kidnap and rape you is really putting a tear in that train of thought.

My pondering form was immediately jolted into one of stupor as mother seemingly slid all the way around her table and was now standing next to my chair, a small smile looking down at me with concerned eyes. At first, I thought it was mother's intuition, but finally, the feeling of my ears pressing themselves against the sides of my head was enough.

In a swift motion that seemed all too practiced, which really was. I was swept up into her hooves and onto her lap as she sat back down on the chair, the straw falling out of my mouth from the sudden movements. I was about to say something, though it was interrupted as Mother muzzle reached down and nuzzled the top of my head, softly whispering.

"Are you still thinking about what happened?"

I internally sighed, but nodded. The grip around me was tightened for a moment before she loosened it. I gave a sigh and put a hoof on hers, it was really easy to be dragged off my downward thoughts by mother. But there was always that moment where the thoughts came back, no matter how much I try to suppress it, it just sucks you know?

"Yeah… but I'm trying not to."

She also gave a sigh of her own, a tired one at that. The situation being exhausting for the two of us alike, a moreover on the latter. Mother was presumably the only adult that really had to take all of this in bulk, there was Spitfire. But, I'm not sure what to think at the moment.

"That's good honey, just try to think happy thoughts, okay? This situation will pass by, and we can take a trip to CelestiaLand, how does that sound?"

I smirked at the prospect of going to CelestiaLand, and then chuckled once I registered it, CelestiaLand. Pony version of Disneyland. What's next, six hoofs? Or maybe pony island? Whatever, I'm getting off-topic.


Though maybe I shouldn’t have really asked her to promise that, you’ll never know what’s going to happen in the future, and from the situation at hand I don’t even know. Nevertheless, mother was always the upbeat one, which still surprised me at times. I for a fact knew that she knew herself that a promise wasn’t something that you could make all the time, so when she reaffirmed her statement after a few seconds, it was clear to me, from experience, that it wasn’t a promise I should keep my hopes up for.


I gave a small chuckle as she nuzzled the top of my head once more, eyes drifting around the establishment we were in, and pausing at the sight of a pink mass out of the corner of my eye. Pausing myself for a moment, I fully turned my head to look at whatever it was, eyes landing upon an overly pink pony standing there looking like a crackhead who’d found a twenty. She was bouncing in place with a mad grin, the curls of her pink hair going absolutely crazy with her movements. I narrowed my eyes much less in apprehension, but more in amusement.

It seemed as though this place did have crackheads, or at least ponies who like to indulge in drugs, I guess. Or she’s just on a constant sugar high, and her special mark, or whatever, makes it so candy is like an energy source? Listen, I don’t know. My mind likes to focus on one thing and overanalyze it before moving on to something else completely and going off on it too. So while going to turn my head away from the interesting pony, I noticed her lock eyes with me for a good few seconds. I was confused and then befuddled as she jumped into the air and let out a huge gasp, and bolted off.


Looking down to where my empty milkshake glass stood, then back to where they’d disappeared from.


“What is it, honey?”

“Nothing, just. Wondering about the effects of atropine on a pony.”

Mother paused mid sentence and I felt a grin start to form. Before it immediately fell at what she said.

"Effects of...what? Where did you learn about that?"

I merely shrugged off the rather obvious display of concern.




We left the Sugar Cube Corner shortly after mother interrogated me over the subject of what I read in my books, it was a rather scary interrogation. Mainly due to the fact that mother is a master of the passive-aggressive technique. So my childish instinct compelled me to give her the truth, and nothing but that, but I didn’t. For reasons, I didn’t want to be suspicious, and I didn’t want a whole lecture over drugs. If they existed here, but I wasn’t willing to take that chance.

What exactly were we going to do now? I’d assume we’re going to wait for Spitfire to come back. I had half a mind to ask mother if she could take me to that tree house looking thing to check if my library theory was true, but stopped when I remembered what happened just moments ago when I spoke about the contents of what I’ve read. Ugh.


Oh! Wait, did I say that out loud? Quick think of a response! I looked to the sky and internally sighed in relief.

“Uh. Oh? Hey, there’s Spitfire!” I was saved by the bell in the form of the one and only Captain of the Wonderbolts flying towards us. I stopped moving and turned to face the direction she was coming in full. She performed a circle in the air before finally landing down right in front of us, kicking up a cloud of smoke as both of our attentions were drawn towards her.

I started off the interaction, of course, and had to keep up the appearance after all. Bounding up towards the unaware wonderbolt and only giving her a moments warning "think fast!" Before opening my wings and using them as extra leverage to leap up towards her.

Though much to my disappointment, she was able to grab me mid jump and bring me face to face. Grinning smugly all the while "I thought fast." She refuted.

"Awe." I frowned, as she easily handled me as if I were some stuffed animal, turning her attention towards mother. Meeting her grin with a grin of her own.

"So?" Mother started.

"Ah, right! Yeah, I was talking to Mayor Mare about leasing a house underneath my name."

Although that was surprising news, I was more attracted to the name I hear come out of her mouth. 'Mayor mare?' Like, what?

Well, that doctors name was Dr.Stallion, so I digress. But anyways, onto the more important news, leasing a house here? I thought that we were here to just get a feel for the place instead of actually staying, but I guess I was wrong.

So with that newly gained piece of information, I twisted myself in Spitfires grasp and made as good of eye contact as I could with mother and waited until she notice. Giving me a small grin as I let my own expression fall into a squinted accusatory look, she didn’t tell me anything about this. But then again, she has her reasons. So with a mental sigh I dropped the look and returned the small she gave me. But of course since I was known by the two of them as the very oddly cute and perceptive colt that I was, I of course interrupted their muffled conversation by this point.

“So..uh. We’re living in Ponyville now?”

They both stopped and looked at me, well one was able to. The other was subsequently subjected to me rearranging myself in her grasp and making my way out of her hold and crawled over onto her back. Turning back around and popping my head up over fiery mane, dropping my head down and raising an eyebrow for a response. Spitfires comments we’re falling upon deaf ears as she simply sighed and gave in.

“Hazel, how do you deal with this little guy all the time? All this self confidence mixed in with the sheer..adorability-”

“Oh please. You love me!”

What? I couldn’t let myself be disrespected like that, even if she was doing it in a jovial way I still internally felt a childish instinct to retort. I’ve had a lot of these instincts surface recently, they’re not like an overbearing presence. More like a part of my brain that wants to act a certain way and the other, which is my adult mind. Is keeping those thoughts away and keeping me as bodaciously radical as my adult self was back on earth.

“We both do honey, now leave the old wonderbolt alone. She especially hates it when her hair gets messy.”


I pouted as mother made her way forwards and grabbed me from my perch on Spitfires head, instead she opted to set me down atop of her head. Spitfire let out a few chuckles of her own before clearing her throat and gathering both of our attention.

“Pfft. As if...but anyways guys, as much as I would love to stay here and just chill with you guy. Which I really do want to do mind you, I still gotta do my job as wonderbolt captain and do all the boring things required of me.”

“So here.”

She unfurled the wing on her right and pulled out a golden key with her mouth then stepped forwards and prompted us to take it, so that’s what I did. Reaching over the top of mothers head and grasping onto it with my tiny hooves, she let go and I brought it close to me. Though with all this I had a question on whether or not we’d be seeing more of her, but was granted that answer because mother spoke on it before I could.

“Does that mean we won’t be seeing much of you again?”

She shook her head a few before responding “The opposite actually, I just gotta follow up on my report, talk with the princess’s again and then check up on how the guys are doing back at the academy.. Yaddah yaddah, anyways I’ve only got to be there for a few days and then I’ll come back and hang with you guys alright?” lazily grinning at the end of that statement.

As mother and her started talking again, I completely tuned it out and focused on one part of her statement, she said she was talking to the princesses again. As in, she must’ve already talked to them. About our predicament? Most likely. Ugh, I’d rather not deal with anything related to royalty until i’m at least at the age where if I start going on about political commentary, it won’t draw curious eyes. Let’s just push aside those worries for now. I just want to focus on one thing at a time while we have a semblance of peace around us. So I turned back into the conversation just as soon as it ended.

“Then it is settled.”

“Yep, that's the plan. But hey, before I go let me just show you exactly where your new abode is.”

I pined at the idea of Spitfire taking off and leaving us on our own to find where this new mysterious house was, but shrugged it off and focused on the fact that I missed a good portion of the conversation that these two were having. I frowned and turned around on mothers head, then sliding down the length of her neck and rested on her back instead. I let out a sigh and simply resided waiting until we got to the house, looking down at the key in my hooves I started mindlessly spinning it.

“Tired honey?” Mother suddenly asked, I blinked. Did I sigh out loud?

“Exhausted actually.” You would’ve thought all that sugar earlier would’ve kept me up and going for much longer. Though I guess being mentally exhausted was a different thing entirely.

“Why don’t you just fall asleep squirt? It’s been a long week and the two of you are more than deserving of some sleep.”

"Seems as though the milkshake did the opposite of what I expected.." I heard mother mutter in relief, but I couldn't find it in me to try and retort. I was just suddenly tired.

That time it was Spitfire trying to coerce me into falling asleep, which was sounding more and more appealing the more I thought about it. I looked up at the sky and was confused as to how the sun was already appearing to be setting, it was bright daylight just a few moments ago. It seemed like the world wanted me to fall asleep at this point, so who was I to try and deny that?

“The next time you wake up, it will be on a nice and comfy bed.”

I grinned and shifted around on mothers back, inching forwards and allowing myself to be covered by her hair. With that I let my eyes close and simply focused on the sway of movement as we made our way.

A yawn was released and I was out.

To be continued.