• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 15

Author's Note:

Thanks again to FunkyFresh for the editing!

I find it slightly funny that no matter how much sleep you get, you still end up feeling really really tired the next time you wake up. Like, what’s the point of sleeping. If you’re just going to end up waking up even more dead tired than before! Because it seems like everywhere in the universe, this rule applies to all- that actually does bring up a question. Is the pony world in a different dimension or planet? Reality, or alternate reality? Does the doctor exist in this world? Wait, would that mean that these ponies have their own doctor who? I-

Nevermind that, I’m getting too off topic. I should do this more often, seeing as apparently when I wake up dead tired in the morning. I have these philosophical conversations with myself that try to figure out the world and all the happenings that it lets run wild.

So for now let’s focus on the topic at hand. Spitfires chest fur is insanely soft, just to clarify if you couldn’t already have observed the extreme exhaustion it brought me when I decided to crawl up and onto her stomach.

“Enjoying yourself kid?”

Speaking of the pony named Spitfire, I had failed to notice her already having been awake and staring down at me. Of course I only knew that because I tilted my head up to stare deeply into her eyes, in a child like way of course. I went to give a response but found myself letting out a very long yawn, watching her eyes slightly crease and her smile widen.

As my yawn came to a stop, I felt my eyes water and blinked them away. Which was still odd to me, I never figured out the science in why our eyes water when we yawn. Funny because it must be something so simple and I so happen to know everything complicated, yet still find myself scattered when it comes to it.

Though in other news, Spitfire was blushing. Being the person I am, I immediately decided to start off my part of the conversation with that. Maybe in the form of a perverse joke, she seemed like the joking type so she might see where I found the humor in it.

“Do you get off to kids opening their mouths wide or something?”

“---Wha! No, I-”

Her response was to immediately deny it and try to stutter out a coherent response, all the while I tried to stop the urge to laugh welling up inside of me. Don’t look at me like that, you’d laugh hard as hell if you found yourself in this specific yet unlikely position. Nonetheless I found myself simply pushing upwards and onto my haunches as I looked down at the still flustered Spitfire, which was odd. I presumed that someone of her stature wouldn’t elicit this certain response. But on the other hand. Anything is possible, and this was a world full of ponies akin to the care bears.

“Relax, I was joking.. Really I expected better from Mrs. “where’s my kiss?” I grinned.

“Alright kid, you wanna play like that?”

Hold on her voice changed, immediately flipping on a dime from her original flustered and struggling disposition to a more serious and possibly militaristic tone? Did this place even have a military? Also, if this place has something like the Blue Angels wouldn’t it mean that the Wonderbolts would be a part of the chain of military in this world?

So many questions today, so little time to answer and comprehend them.

I blinked and turned my attention back to Spitfire, now with a devious grin sported on her face. She simply stared back at me for a few seconds before I realized what was happening, in the corner of my eyes I could see her arms lifting and moving to encase me. Should I call them arms or just hoofs? I'll go w- my eyes widened and I acted from there, snapping out of my inner thought and unfurling my wings. Quickly pushing off from the wonderbolt and into the air. Leaving her to simply catch nothing but air as I flapped my wings plaintively just above her, though feeling my adrenaline slightly spiking on the inside.

“Darn it!”

I didn’t have long to even come up with a remark because she just as quickly rolled herself onto her stomach and unfurled her own much larger and experienced wings. I blinked before halting my wings and letting myself fall, watching as she soared over with a burst of speed and gasping. Of course since I was paying attention to her drifting that curve like it was nothing I fell on my back, letting out a small noise of surprise from me before getting back up.

“Stand still so I can tickle you!”

She immediately told me her plan, which was something of a recurring theme with these ponies. So easy to predict-

“Oh shi-”

I was pressed by even more rapid movements of Spitfire and threw my body to the right and narrowly missed getting caught in her grasp, taking the moment of her crashing into the bed and letting out a few curses to run.

By run I mean. Haul ASS.

I ran out the door and hooked a left, running down the rather spacious hallway of her house and letting my head turn back around from where I ran.

“Cease your resistance!”

With that I continued running. Feeling a slight bubble of excitement mixed in with something else, I didn’t really know how to explain it. The excitement felt a bit out of place and slightly.. Chaotic? If that made sense. Or any sense that I could pull off. Clear and concise thoughts while progressively being chased by a very fast mythological creature.


Apparently trying to outrun a wonderbolt can only get you so far, I was currently watching the captain of the Wonderbolts in slow motion as she dive bombed me. Her arms wide open and a rather malicious intent radiating off of her. Taken with a grain of salt, these ponies could not pull off a threatening look at all. The closest thing to maliciousness was those changelings, even then I could say that they were somewhat cute. No matter how much it pains me to say that it was true.

No in all seriousness though, time really did seem like it was moving in slow motion. How do I know this? It was because I was already on my feet and she was still about five feet away, in a prime pouncing position. Also with her arms noticeably moving slower and leaving behind a contrail of some sorts, totally honesty here. I don’t know how or why this is happening. All I said was something along the lines of “Stop!” and everything took a grayer tone, which was something I was now noticing. I don’t know exactly how I even missed that in the first place.

I took a few steps forward completely unbarred by the thing that was affecting the old 'human torch' over here, I glanced around up and down her body and noted how they were acting and what they looked like. This was very interesting, something I would have to very well try to figure out later. For now I had to seemingly unfreeze everything.

Question was, how was I going to do that?

I tried touching her yet it only proved to slightly alter the position in which her foot was in. Slowly yet still in the stream of constant movement. I had an odd sense of familiarity with this whole situation.. Oh yes, I felt like QuickSilver! Wait. Did I secretly have mutant powers and just now found out I could go super speedy fast?!

I stopped myself. If I were going about a million times the speed that the whole planet was going right at this moment, then why would I have needed to say stop? That just makes it seem like I had the power over tim-

I could stop time.

Give or take. Not quite super speed or quantum break levels but it was up there.

“Funny all I really had to say was stop- wait!”

“I gotcha now!”

This here fellas is why I call myself a scatter brain. Time seemingly jolted back into life and I was immediately enveloped into the death embrace of Spitfire.


After suffering through the unholy act of being tickled for about half an hour, no lie. I was tickled for half an hour straight, all the while being subjected to the Speedster making a joke out of it.

Though now I was currently resting my tingling body on the very nice couch that she had in her living room. She was sitting just on the other end of the couch looking down at me with a contemplative look if I could make it out correctly, I was upside down so I didn’t know whether she was thinking or just staring at a bug on the wall.

“Maybe I went too far with the prolonged tickling..”

I wanted to agree but knew I sort of did deserve it, for the jokes I made back upstairs in her room.

“It's fine.. Just a little jaded..”

“Right well.. Uh, I’m not sure what to do now”

“You could make food or something.. Kinda hungry after all of that”

She nodded and hopped off the couch, turning and looking at my form before she looked hardened. I raised an eyebrow at the sudden shaded look.

“Now I have a very important question for you..”


“Pancake or waffle..”

“Uh.. either or I guess”

She sighed.

“Just like your mother” before turning back around and walking over to the presumably kitchen, I simply shrugged. They were the same thing after all.

“Alright then..”

With her now in the other room I started thinking once more. If what I did back there was some sort of newly discovered power. Then why did it take so long to show up? I for sure have said the word stop about a million times over the course of my four years, plus those nine months inside of the stomach of my pony mother.

I took a moment and shuddered at the thought. Never again.

So with a grunt, I rolled over and accidentally slipped off the couch.


Though thanks to child like powers, I was able to push myself back onto my feet just as quickly. Albeit shaky from the tickle fest earlier.

"Now I wonder if I can just say st-"

I stopped my own train of thought when the hairs on my back raised instantly, a slight sense of foreboding came over me and I turned around.

Oddly enough it wasn't anything. So I shook my head and turned back around, focusing back on what I was doing.

"Today has been very interesting to say the least.."

To be continued..


The Queen found herself standing at the base of her throne looking at the very empty ground before her, eyes creased into a very annoyed disposition. Her drones were late. They were completely behind schedule when it came to her plans, they should've captured the colt by now and brought him back to her. What happened now?