• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 38

The two sisters sat in a comfortable silence as the morning sun was brought to a halt by princess Celestia, who was enjoying a cup of tea with her eyes closed. While across from her in a rather disorganized state, her younger and much darker sister sat with a shaky cup of coffee in her hooves. The night's encounter with the child had left her suddenly not as inclined to fall asleep or head back into the dream realm once more.

Along with not being a morning pony by a long shot, she blinked rapidly and snuck a glance at her sister. Bright white and elegant Celly. Prim perfect and quite possibly monstrous behind all of that. Just watching how she drank the tea as If it was nothing made her twitch back down to her own cup. Her perception of her sister was quite literally broken and replaced with whatever else was formed inside of that foal's dreams.

She shuddered before setting her cup of coffee down. Clearing her through before blatantly asking from across the room.

"Sister, if thou were a monster using the skin of a pony.. thou would tell us correct?"

Celestia froze and coughed in surprise as her warm tea went down her throat too rapidly. Placing a hoof against her chest before setting down her cup of tea she looked up and gave Luna a confused expression.


"Would you?"

"I-I don't understand the que-"

"Heresy!" Luna screamed out abruptly.


Now that all the excitement had died down and the two of us were left with a rather quiet and uneventful morning as of right now, I found myself mindlessly walking up and down the halls and rooms of our newly claimed house. It was a lot nicer and more spacious than the one we had to quite literally leave in the dust back in Canterlot. I guess that's just a plus.

Mother was busying herself in the bathroom doing whatever this world's version of women do in there. It honestly didn't seem to change with the opposite genders extended use of the lavatory.

Why did I use such a big brained wording for the bathroom? Because I'm bored. Which Is something I find myself being a lot these days, with the lack of going to school or a dead end job dragging me down. Two things I'm grateful that I no longer have to do right now but still. It's like that moment of college where I graduated and was like 'well. What the hell do I do now?'

Not like finding a job was any easier. Every friggin resume I would turn in would not be accepted because it seemed like I was writing it in a way where it was too personal. Like, what?

But anyway, no more of that bland adult stuff. I've had quite my fill of it.

"Aight. Time to get into some mischief...or not" I said before immediately pouting in disappointment. Sure the house was furnished and all that jazz, but it still lacked a lot of things that made it fun to do back in Canterlot.

Ugh. Screw it, back to adult thinking. Or at least something like that, being an adult sucks.

I spread my wings and hovered over to the couch in the living room and dropped my body on it, quickly flipping over onto my back and staring at the ceiling.

What to do, what to do..

What I would give to have my phone here with me. Or maybe something that actually played music, I always listened to something while I was critically thinking or just randomly scrolling through my phone back on earth. Sure I could just sing my own music, acapella was nice, but most of it would include me using some profanity and or skyrocketing into some sort of soprano.

Y'know, now that I have the whole idea of music in my head I might as well sing something, which is very contradictory to what I literally just said not even to seconds ago. But, there's no one else here who can testify against that!

Anyway, What good song could I sing that wouldnt warrant any shocked reactions from mother dearest. Or maybe even a rap of some sorts, preferably one without as much profanity as modern day rappers like using.

Hm. Disney? Maybe. There's a lot I can list but that would just further my indecisiveness. There's also a lot I want to do but I'm limited. With my voice still being as childish as it is and also I've got no way of actually making it sound better. I doubt I could play a guitar with a hoof, much less a drum set. Though on second thought..

I'm getting too ahead of myself. This was just a little segment I was going to do to quench some boredom, and with all that thinking I think I've found what I'm going to be singing to myself!

Why didn't I think of it earlier? Broadway is a massive source of musical entertainment and in recent times, well.. as in before I died. There were alot of musicals gaining popularity and recognition.

So why not start my day off with the ballad between two people on different sides of the political spectrum. While one is not quite very forthcoming with anything he believes in, and the other is quite literally vocal with every literal thing he does. Its basically the driving force behind his character.

Right, dope. Sucks that I'll have to play two characters at once, but it'll be fun nonetheless.

With renewed excitement I lifted myself up into a sitting position before spreading my wings and hovering over the couch once more. I brought a hoof to my chin before smiling. Reaching over and grabbing onto the few pillows on the couch, I ceremoniously dumped them all onto the floor before dropping onto my hooves.

I quickly gathered up all the pillows and pushed them towards the center of the room before haphazardly stacking them up on each other. With the last plow in my hooves, I positioned it to where it was standing instead of laying flat like the others. I took a step back and admired my work. It was a pillow person, it wasn't necessary to make but it would make it alot easier to go through the motions of the song if I imagine the pillow as the actual opposition.

But enough of that. Onwards with the show.

Turning around and walking away from the pillow person I created, I turned back to face it just a few feet away and went to remember how the song went.

Quietly muttering the lyrics to myself to see if it sounded right.

"How does..hm...adve-" I quickly shook my head. It didn't sound right because it was the same song, yes. But it was the deleted draft of the official version of the song.

After a few moments I nodded. I think I got it this time. Quickly turning back around for the full effect I took in a breath before opening my mout-

"What are you doing sweetie?" A sudden female voice spoke and subsequently startled my ass.

"Sweet Jesus! Ah- oh, y'know.." I recovered from the sudden shock and turned around to look at mother. Who had successfully snuck up on me like the ninja she is, which is probably what she's smiling about right now.

She strode over and closed the distance between us with her long legs and then bent down and picked me up off the ground. Giving me a look over before bringing me close and nuzzling my face. It was abrupt, but I didn't mind.

"Aha I can never get enough of you sweetie." She said with a giggle before focusing her attention back on the pile of pillows. An eyebrow raised in confusion at what she was seeing.

I answered accordingly.

"You see, I was trying to sing a duet. Because I was bored.. soo. I made an imaginary pony out of pillows so I could sing both parts and not sound awkward." I said with an innocent expression.

She let out a small hum before asking. "Oh, was it another one of those little songs you come up with?" She asked with intrigue, obviously referring to when I took advantage of my new vocal cords and sang all those Disney songs.

Which wasn't that far off from what was actually going to be sung, since Disney practically owns everything these days..

"Yeah, you could say that," I shrugged.

To be continued.