• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 9

Here I was looking like a corpse on the living room floor, of course, I was once again finding myself with absolutely nothing to do. Going to the Wonderbolts flight show was the only interesting thing to happen this week, and I still had four more days until the weekend. Which would also leave me with nothing to do, sometimes I find myself reconsidering this whole homeschooling thing. But since it's more convenient for our situation, I'll keep my opinion silent.

Not wanting to fall asleep for the umpteenth time, I pushed myself into a sitting position and glances around the room. Teaching up to the top of my head, I felt the slightly oversized goggles I was given, and immediately an idea was forming in my head. Looking over to where the kitchen connected with the living room, I eyed the counter which was equally lined up with and a good distance away from the kitchen table.


If I moved a few things around I could quite possibly convert the moderately sized house into a very fun and "death-defying" crash course, could be fun. It could also give me a reason to be using the goggles given to me.

"Could be fun..."

Without me even noticing I was now standing in the middle of the room, I gave a glance up towards the clock just above the fridge and nodded. I would have five hours to practice tice flying and about an hour to put everything back.

I could quite possibly even try to attempt those moves I saw the Wonderbolts pull off, though not the dangerous ones. Or were they all dangerous to a pseudo child like me? Well, I wouldn't find out until I tried.

So for the next hour or so, I zipped around the room trying to rearrange the furniture and flipping chairs over as to create a makeshift ring. The couch cushions would be strategically placed at the end of each and eleven obstacles, to guarantee me a soft landing. That's if I didn't lose control over myself.

I also found a decently sized black pillowcase that I tied to a wooden spoon I found in the utensils drawer, how I made everything stick together and not fall over? Magic.

I'm kidding, mom just had a lot of duct tape and I took advantage of it.

"Soo.. what to start o- oh! I almost forgot!"

Before I even started, my thoughts immediately drifted towards something that would compliment the goggles I was wearing. Turning on my heel- do horses have heels?

Turning around and quickly running down the hallway and taking a left into my open bedroom, I looked around before approaching the bedside table. Standing on my hind legs and reaching up towards the drawer handle, I pulled backward. Teaching my head in and clapping down my teeth onto some fabric, once I had it in my grasp I pushed the drawer closed and let myself fall on my back.


I quickly shook it off, thanks to the childlike vitality I was rocking, and stood up. Dropping the blue fabric onto the floor and looking at it, it was the wonder bolts costume if you didn't catch on.

Which did a question to my mind now that I look at the piece of clothing, or rather costume. What size of clothing was I exactly? Seeing as I have never worn clothes as a pony excluding that shirt Aurora gave me, I never got the chance to check the size tag on it.

So with a twinge of curiosity, I bent my head downwards and took a look at the tag, creasing my eyebrows as I read off the bolded in letters.

"..made in Ne-Neighpan.. what the hell?"

It was always funny to hear my childish voice say vulgar things, though besides that. There was a pony version of Japan here? Then that must mean that they have ramen here, and if they have ramen here then they have anim- no wait. These ponies haven't grasped the technological advancement that is television than which means there's no animation. Without animation there's no anime, that sucks.

"Well.. that's slightly disappointing"

Though I realized I was getting sidetracked once again and shook my head, I should head to that library sooner or later. Letting my eyes focus back on the tag, I scanned all the fine print before landing on what I think was the size.

"Fillies small... huh?"

I'm pretty sure I'm the opposite of that... but I'd imagine it doesn't matter seeing as the size differences don't come into play until I'm in my teen years. Nonetheless, I'll still wear it, I think my inner monologue has cost me precious flying time.

So I shook my head again and moved to find the zipper for the costume.


After falling over and hitting my nose repeatedly, I finally was able to successfully get this costume on. Who knew trying to wear clothing as a four-legged animal would be so hard?

So without further ado, I was now standing atop the kitchen counter with my wings spread out. I gave another look over the little crash course I meshed together, a little bubble pride welled up in me. I swear I even felt a tear run down my eye.

"Well then... let's do this!"

I then got a running start and jumped off the counter, catching myself in the air and continued forwards with the momentum. Leaning my body to the left as I narrowly scraped my side against the chair I set up, stabilizing myself and flying towards my next set of obstacles I took a second to flip the goggles down and on my face.

I successfully flew clean through the ring I set up and decided to try and do a barrel roll, or at least something along the lines of it. Keeping myself steady in the air as I continued with the forward momentum, I banked harshly to the right and witnessed my vision blur before it returned to normal.

"Yes! I did i- OOF!"

My celebration was cut short and I immediately slammed my body into a wall, the speed I was going at helped add in the extra pain I was currently feeling. Letting out a small groan as I comedically found myself stuck to the wall, before slowly sliding down and falling onto my back.

"Ah.. that hurt.."

I stared hazily up at the ceiling for a few moments in a daze, I raised a hoof into view before reaching down and touching my muzzle. Immediately recoiling back and hissing in pain, that was most likely going to leave a mark. Note to self, don't start celebrating too early while you're performing a barrel roll at high speeds.

Now, I'm going to lay here for a while before getting to cleaning things up. So while I closed my eyes, I didn't take notice of the door opening.

To be continued.

Author's Note:

Stuff is going to happen, just give me some time to write it down.