• Published 31st Aug 2020
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"Little Pony" - ButterscotchFTW

Second chances are often times a rarity. Yet, when some higher power decides to bestow one upon you? You tend to make sure it isn't wasted.

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Chapter 35

Author's Note:

I got in the writing mood and wrote another chapter. The dead hours of the night really do get the creative juices flowing.. and keeps the sleep deprivation at bay. :]

Mother was as devious as she was exhausted. Or atleast that's what she says, I doubt it. Despite how much I love her, I cant help but call complete Cap here. Because as soon as we made it to the house she unlocked it without even taking a look at the keyhole. Whenever I was tired and got home I always fumbled the keys, but got better at handling them as I always imagined zombies or some sort of demons coming at me whever I tried unlocking the door. Good times..

But anyways. Mom was just suing the exhaustion as a cover to cuddle and that was that, which I really wasn't opposed to cuddling and stuff. But she really didnt need to make an excuse like this, I wouldn't say anything if she was feeling like being lazy.

Mother was quick to make it up the stairs and into her bedroom, completely ignoring my own bedroom that stood across from hers. Disposing me into the very soft and comfortable bed, she made her way out into the hallway and down the hall. I could hear her footfalls stop and a door opening and closing. Ah, bathroom.

I was also quick to dismiss that and roll over a few times on the bed. Dont judge me, if you were tiny you would do the exact same thing I was doing. The bed felt massive to my tiny body and I was taking advantage of that. Despite all of the tell tale signs that mother was planning something, I continued with the smothering of my body on the blankets.

Until I was rudely interrupted by mother being a sneaky ninja all of the sudden and ambushing me. Yelling out a "rawr" and making me fucking jump. I did not squeal, all I did was jump and got slightly frightened at her sudden appearance. But after the fact, I was immediately scooped into her soft and fuzzy embrace as she jumped onto the bed and plopped me down onto her stomach.

I gave her a small frown to compliment her devious and shit eating grin. This only added to her flame as she giggled and bent her head forwards, placing a kiss upon my nose. I felt my face flush and my arms were immediately up and trying to cover my face, number one because I was blushing, I never blush. Number two, because my nose was my weak spot. At least it was when mother got like this.

Though she was quick to move my arms away and pressed her nose against mine, effectively nuzzling me.

"M-mother!" I said in defense.

"Whaaat?" She said innocently.

"Cant I show my adorable foal that I love them? Oh so much?" She cooed.

I couldn't find myself able to say no to that.

I simply sighed and rested my chin on her chest. Closed my eyes and simply said "I love you mom."

She acquiesced. "I love you too sweetie"


Princess Luna found herself staring at the very annoying door of the child who'd completely thrown her and her sister of their dream. It made her feel a multitude of things and made her say a multitude of words to her sister, who just took the situation and its outcome in strides. Acting all nonchalant, when she clearly can tell that Luna is very angry at the situation and at the child. Although the hate for the child themselves was made up of many many annoyances she found herself listing off when she first encountered their door. A bead of sadness came with the anger, layered underneath it like a perfectly decorated cake, the icing appealing and looking rather delectable. But in truth, when. She would take a bite into it, it would give way and dissolve into a bitter and melancholy feeling.

She wanted to help this foal and get to the bottom of the problem with the changelings specifically guarding him, this is why she was more upbeat and deep into the idea. While her sister is as interested and concerned with the foals well being herself, she finds it very very annoying that Celestia would try to downplay it. But with her teeth already straining underneath the force of her grinding them back and forth, she opens her mouth and sighed heavily. Walking closer and closing the distance between her and the door, the chains ever prevalent. Though with a much thicker lining than she remembered, it seemed as though the child hardened his defenses.

That was another reasons why he intrigued her so much. Was the fact that he was seemingly aware of his dreamlike state and willed everything in his dreams, even doing a feat that many would dream of! Overpowering both of the princesses mental prowess and throwing them off like limp sausages!

No. Not like sausages, what was she thinking? She narrowed her eyes and rubbed at her stomach, agreeing that after her excursion she would get herself some sustenance. Maybe a sausage or two. It did sound good now that she did think about it.

But there wasnt time to think about those delectable little pieces of food, it was time to force her way into the child's heads and force him to- she stopped herself. That was rather intense, even for her. Those days were behind her. Instead, she would make her way into the dream and convince the child into giving her answers. Also possibly reprimanding him for disgracefully throwing a glowing blade at her and figuratively killing her.

She realized she was going to deep into things and was just giving the door a very hard and intense look. Shaking her head and focusing back at the task at hoof, she placed a hoof onto the metal chain wrapped tightly around the door and tugged at it. Just barely being able to lift it up for just a moment, feeling the overwhelming and surprising amount of density inside of this mental construct. She was impressed and felt her growing curiosity with this child grow, ponies weren't usually able to pull feats like this and successfully repel seemingly Godlike beings. Maybe the occasional lich or at times a necromancer, but the rarity of those two being around was slim to none. For she swiftly took care of them long ago.

She was getting off topic once more. Not noticing that at her touch a reaction occurred and the chains suddenly pulsed, causing her to take a step back in surprise. Tilting her head as a black substance creeped it's way out of the door and stated culminating tight in front if her, curiosity was taking charge and she decided against readying her horn. Watching as the substance shaped into a rectangular object, with the substance swirling and starting to thicken. Her eyes then widened as the black color faded and was replaced by a bright white rectangle floating in front of her. She was ready to inspect the object but was stopped as letters started to form, or rather write themselves onto the surface.

It finally finished writing out the character before moving downwards and drawing a small circle with a line through it before dissipating.

She shook the surprise and went to inspect it, lighting her horn and trying to discern what exactly this black substance was made of. But there was nothing she was able to pick up, for it was all muddle and hard to discern. Yes, she could sense that it was magic at foot. But what type?

This would've been what fully caught her interests if not for her instinctively reading what was written. It made her gasp as she read it out loud.

"No girls allowed?! Especially those that are so tall that everyone has to look at them... refer to bullet points below. No big and tall ponies with wings and pointy horns!?"

She reached up and touched her horn before pouting. It was not that pointy! She had only stabbed her enemies mercilessly with...ah, she sees the contradiction.

"Bah! This foal cannot undermine the ruler of the night! Overseer of dreams! I am Princess Luna destroyer of evi-oh!" Rearing back on her hooves she started.

When she opened her eyes and dropped back down to the ground she stared as the door was now slightly opened. The chains hung limply on the ground and the no girls allowed sign was no where to be seen.

But she took this as a win. She had obtained entrance to the foals dreams once more and she intended on getting what she wanted. Stepping forwards and into the dream realm she expected an expansive black void that she'd have to traverse for a while like before, but was taken back as she was met with an enormous wall. Looking from her left to her right she could not see any end to this wall, her confusion suddenly peaked as a loud metallic noise was heard.

She snapped her head back forwards and was able to witness four individual pieces of the wall suddenly slid open. Four openings were what she was left with, the last one to the right was even darker than the rest.

She was currently confused. More than she had been since her other visit with the foal, what was this? An entrance to a labyrinth of sorts? Why was he making it so hard!

She felt frustrated and reared her head back and casted a spell intended to collapse the constructs in front of her. Only to be surprised as it stood strong, a single scorch mark lay where her magic had impacted and she was stunned.

"What? T'is impossible. None have been able to persist whenever I cast that spell.." she muttered to herself.

She sighed. It seemed as if she was going to have to play along with this child's play, no matter how strong it seemed. No matter how intentional it seemed, nor smart nor calculated. He was a foal at the end of the day, a simple foal with a great control over their own dreamscape was no match for her. She walked these planes far longer than he has, persisted longer than the thought of him even came to mind.

But why was she so powerless in this situation? They were but a child. This was all but impossible.

"Faust my sisters name.." she cursed before walking towards the path with the most light emitting from it. Stopping just in front of it and peering into the narrow hallway, where some twists and turns were able to be seen. So her hunch of this being some type of labyrinth wasn’t far off, yet it was intriguing. This was such a fortified construct. Something that not even the smartest child should be able to even mentally comprehend.

This was anomalous. This was unnatural and she would get to the bottom of this.

So she sucked in breath and stepped into the narrow hallway, taking a few steps before being startled by the metallic noise once more. Snapping around, she witnessed as the exit slid shut and she was left inside.

With nothing left to do. She started forwards.

To be continued...