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I unsubmitted my one rather large story because I'd rather not have that hanging above my account like a Sword of Damocles, despite how clever I thought the title was. I won't name names or link links, but it's all in the Wayback Machine archive of this account if you're curious, had previously bookmarked the story, and/or just wanted to re-read the thing.

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Comment posted by KvAT deleted Aug 30th, 2023

Like the absolute madman you are. Honestly, finding you in the comment section of a story is pretty much a pseudo seal of approval

KvAT #10 · Apr 27th, 2022 · · 2 ·

Well, I had a massive nostalgia for the fandom so I binged the crap out of this site's works and made sure to comment as often as I can.

Also, you might already notice it, but in case you haven't: the majority of titles you can find me in this site are either Humans in Equestria stories or stories that focuses on Changelings. If you really found me everywhere you look then we have similar tastes lol.

EDIT: deleted outdated info.

Ok I don't know how you do it but why do I see you every where

Nice reference, very hard country to play though.

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