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Scootaloo has a secret. One that she's been hiding her whole life, and after the royal wedding has no choice but to share.

Apple Bloom has a secret. One that she's been hiding for six months, and is still terrified of.

Sweetie Belle has a secret. One that she's been hiding for... well, she doesn't know how long, and is looking for answers to.

So what happens when three not-ponies find out their friends aren't ponies either?

Well, one thing's for certain: they're going to have to come up with a new name for their club. Hopefully one better than the title.

Cover by Crimsion Ink

First few chapters edited by metallusionsismagic, AppleTank, and the last few chapters edited by Crocoshark, Bahamuttone

Featured May 30, 2015!

Chapters (26)
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So, BlankBloom, Scootaling and Sweetie Bot?

I love this; a very tongue-in-cheek yet genuine take on the fandom's version of the crusaders; I look forward to seeing where this goes.

Interesting. I have to admit that I've never read the ghoul story and I've never heard of Scootaling, but you explained it well enough that it wasn't distracting.

This is awesome so far! Great idea. Guess I have another idea for drawing! :derpytongue2: Can't wait for the next chapter! :yay:


Unless in the show they get their CM this would become their reality (execpt for the robo/bug/zombie thing) :applecry:


Hmm. very interesting premise, though what I'm most curious about is who Scoot's mom is and why they fear ghouls...


That was fun. But how do you explain green dapper! Smooze?

THis story is great, only one problem. The coverart is very misleading because it show extremely broken-hearten CMC.

Yes, but it's also the only pic on the internet with BlankBloom, Sweetie Bot, AND Scootaling. If you know any alternatives, I'm all ears.

At first I thought this was a remake of a very simular CMC story. Hopefully this one lasts longer. (Actually it already is twice as long.)

Any one know what M.P.S. is referring too ?
Machine pony systems?
meta programing systems?
something something systems?
aaannnd thats all i got

...Could be good for foreshadowing. Ya know, racism and stuff. Diamond Tiara that bitch could probably get a kick outa this. Tease them into this?

Or she could piss her nonexistent pants. Either one works.

Love the story!

We still don't know if androids dream of electric sheep, but apparently equoids do.

Interesting things going on here. I'm in. Let's see where it goes!

I have no idea how to feel about this story. On to chapter two!

6034152 I don't exactly understand the green Smooze either. But, in the My Little Pony Movie (1986), Smooze was purple and covered everything he touched in ooze and made them unhappy. I liked the purple Smooze, but the green Smooze was definitely a little better to the show.

A part of me wants to complain, but I know I'm not the first to come up with this idea, I definitely won't be the last, and Curiosity Maintenance Crew has been stalling for... way too long now anyway. Besides, this is actually pretty good writing.

Greetings, I'm Anemptyshell.
I'm glad someone finally wrote this story, lel, I have literally had this idea in my head forever. Good on ya, I look forward to greatness.
I doubt you'll disappoint.

Story of the Blanks! Lol, nice job with that. No idea about the MPS. Metal Pony Solid......lol. Mare Pony Specimen? Military Police Shocktrooper!? Eh, I got nothin'.


what I'm most curious about is who Scoot's mom is and why they fear ghouls...

Probably the Queen of her hive since she said 'Perhaps some other queen has encountered something' when Scoots asked about robots.
The author made it pretty clear that the changelings and ghouls are either at war or are just natural enemies.

Aaaaaaaall of the references!!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!!:heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:

She was meet with a pair of nodes.

Should be "nods".

Magical Pony Surveillance?
What? We have to be getting the information to make the show somehow.:moustache:

So, a ghoul, a changeling, and a robot walk into a bar...

Mechanical Pony System is something I think would work.

Some nice world building here. I love your explanation for how the flutter ponies became the breezies and why ponies take care of them now. And tying the changelings in with the Smooze was a great idea.

My mom said I was definitely born a normal pony (not that she said how she knew that)

Well, I'd think she'd know considering she gave birth to Sweetie Belle. You don't generally give birth to something made of metal.

6034819 I've heard of Scootabug, I've heard of Sweetie bot. I have not heard of Apple Ghoul... mind directing me to the possible origin of that idea?

6034968 something something something The Aristocrats!

Story of the Blanks fangame
Basically Applebloom enters the Everfree and finds a village of ponies.
Ponies who turn out to be Cursed Undead Blankflank ponies.
If she doesn't escape, she will become one of them.

Also "applebloom blank" in google image search will suffice.

Wait... does this mean Scootaloo's mom can literally make food filled with her love for her daughter???? Because I bet that tastes awesome! And I suggest the Crusaders go as their true forms for Nightmare Night and see if Luna might be able to give some answers to questions they have. Oh, and they need to surprise Diamond Tiara in their true forms, scare the bejebus out of her, and pretend they're testing out Nightmare Night costumes. Even better if Apple Bloom 'looses' her head for a moment and then speaks while it's lying on the floor.

I think the MPS is some kind of electro-magical pulse.

6035084 Apple ghoul. Smells with Fallout 3 for miles.

Well this is cute, and weird, and soooo intriguing.

This chapter itself would be a great one-shot.

The ghouls head fell off, the changelings said 'ow', and the robot clanked and knocked the bar over. You'd think at least one of them would have seen it.

This is off to a roaring start. (The roar is laughter.)

6035084 Fairly certain it comes from the horror flash game, don't remember its name though, but the base of it was just like the story she told.

I love the reference to "Story of the Blanks".

Mechanical Pony simulator
Magical Pony Simulator
Mind Partition System

NEXT CHAPTER! We find out Babs Seed also has a secret! Turns out she's a SPACE ALIEN!

6035161 Fkin... why ppl with that grimdark shiz... Thanks, looked up. Glad to help understand the story, a little pissy bout the dark theme. *sigh* well its a good read so far, continue

6035224 couldnt help it. the imagery was there

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