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The Gelatinous Battle of Vibrating Rhythms · 8:25pm Jun 17th, 2015

The Great Mighty Poo vs. The Smooze

Greetings, This is Anemptyshell,

Battle number 4, welcome to the battle of goo-ish monstrosities. Who would have guessed that the mighty blubbering bowel baritone would come against the oozing gold gobbler. Today the first crossover battle will begin. :moustache:

The GMP verse 1
You choose to challenge your superior, what a poor decision for you
By the time this fight is through, you'll know the name, The Great Mighty Poo

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1898874 nah, tis cool brah.

Thank you for joining the Sphinxes group!

Thanks for the fav!:moustache:

Thanks for deciding to fav Pony's Sympathy.:yay:

:twilightsmile: Thank you for favoring A minor variation :raritywink:

:ajsmug: And... :rainbowdetermined2:



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