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Above all else, I'm sure she would love to read some human books... Apart from that book called Twilight.

A group for those of us that like to see Twilight Sparkle x human shipping. You know since Twilight Sparkle is absolutely adorable. What's not to like? She's smart, beautiful and has a heart of gold.

Feel free to start adding your favorite Twilight x human romance stories. Unicorn Twilight, Alicorn Twilight, Dusk Shine and any other fan made reincarnation of her are welcome.

There are three folders: Everyone, Teen and Mature. Please add each fan fiction to the correct folder.

One rule: Troll fics and rape fics are not allowed. This group is for the Twilight Sparkle we know and love. So, she must be somewhat in character. The more in character the better.

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How am I only now finding out about this group? :pinkiegasp: Though I must say, I'm glad to see my two Twilight Sparkle stories are already among this group's story collection. :twilightsmile:


Thanks very much!
Since the new week dawned
A new group has spawned
In New Groups it was added
To gain the deserved credit
For fresh it was, indeed
The new group, oh so sweet

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